Everything Wrong With The Snowman In 18 Minutes Or Less
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/26/18*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Well here is a movie. There's blood... a snowman... a Fassbender... some other stuff... we still have no idea what happened. We did notice some sins, though. Here are the sins of The Snowman.
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  • Destroyanad

    This movie is so damn boring it made the video about sinning it boring jesus christ

  • jope

    *'S N O W M A N*

  • Enexen

    9:05 amazing.

  • Pål Juliebø Osnes
    Pål Juliebø Osnes

    Bruh the book this is based on is nothing like the book. This feels more like fanfiction than anything. If you truly want a good experience i would recomend the book itself by Jo Nesbø. Not this crap movie.

  • iwatchkittenvids45

    I'm hearing a lot of British accents.... in Norway

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    "We're walking in the air!" Oops wrong movie.

  • GiDD

    Doesn’t like women getting abortions. Gives the women abortions.

  • a nuisance
    a nuisance

    🎵 this is the greatest snow 🎵

  • Brendan

    Harry Hole lol

  • Vincent Ferreira
    Vincent Ferreira

    The “I miss you” text is also green which indicates that she received the text from and sent it to an Android, but the “I’ll be home” message is blue which indicates iMessage, which can only be used on iPhones. Which is it, movie? Android or iPhone?! lol

    • ashycoconut

      Androids have white messages and either a gray or a yellow for the person sending the message, but yes, wtf is with the inconsistency

  • Cactus comedy
    Cactus comedy

    Wouldn’t the blood temperature melt the snow?

  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    I was hoping at the scoring the verdict would have been the "would you like to build a snowman ⛄" song Lolz 🤣

  • Quintin Green
    Quintin Green

    its 20 minutes not 18 or less

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato

    If this guy sins princess bride it will probly get one sin

  • Uno - The Official Card Game
    Uno - The Official Card Game

    So nobody is gonna talk about the title saying in 18 minutes or less but the video is 20 minutes long

  • Maeh


  • Goatzilla D2
    Goatzilla D2

    Bruh one more window shot for triple digits bonus sins

  • Cooper Watt
    Cooper Watt

    Its a Movie

  • NCS Duramirix
    NCS Duramirix

    I am from norway.

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes

    I got bored just by watching this CinemaSins video. This movie must be a massive turd

  • Andres Gonzales
    Andres Gonzales

    I still believe this movie was based off a Calvin and Hops comic where they fought off evil snow man with a hose

  • Dr. hmj Gaming
    Dr. hmj Gaming

    When the movie is so boring that even CinemaSins can’t make it entertaining

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson

    The Harry Hole series is one of my all time favorite book series. This movie was a kick to the nuts.

  • Solarfirez

    Do you think the company eventually starts to hear the bonus round dings..? or do you think shame is a good muffler lol

  • snail_oatmeal

    “18 minutes or less” the 20 minute video: 👁👄👁

  • Motomoto Thompson
    Motomoto Thompson

    Adding another sin bc Harry hole is smoking inside a place where your not alowed to

  • Faraz Iqbal
    Faraz Iqbal

    For some reason “Frosty the Snoozefest” just killed me

  • Crockyoin

    I would like to see the films without the sins or change them by wins, i dont know if that would be better or worst.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    THERE A LOT OF HEADS!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Kendall Ford
    Kendall Ford

    Why were there 99 goddamn scenes shot through fucking windows??

  • T-bone Angus
    T-bone Angus

    Dang, the bonus sin counter had more sins than the LEGO Batman movie. Really make you think

  • Alex LeDraggu
    Alex LeDraggu

    Man this movie mustve been really boring if I stop watching the CinemaSins 5 minutes into the video

  • Michael Fulton
    Michael Fulton

    10 To Cinima Sins Per Vid that says in 18 minutes or less ect. But is like 20 minutes

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will

    Proudest fap

  • Knooshood Karl-Konrad
    Knooshood Karl-Konrad

    Creepy. And I'm slightly snoozing away. One for the top 10 of most horribly boring movies of all time. I'm fucking glad, I didn't watch that crappy, not sappy piece of boredom.

  • Sol T
    Sol T

    00:26 As a homeschooling student, I can confirm that this is accurate.

  • D.O. Esquire
    D.O. Esquire

    I love the Harry Hole novels, but hated this movie. They're fully of cliche tropes, but still pretty good.

  • Username_Unknown

    Is ThAt A jOjO rEfErEnCe a pistol next to the sex pistols album in the anime sex pistols is the name of a stand

  • Rayner Wong
    Rayner Wong

    Never heard of it

  • Sly999

    Dude I almost always know what is happening in a movie even if I only saw parts of it from watching CinemaSins, but this movie screwed up so bad that a summary of it is comprehensible. I even *watched* the movie and I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT! This movie could have been great for sure if like the killer, motive, and logistics made any sense! Fuck this movie and the people who fucked it up so bad to make it as understandable as me trying to fucking write anything left handed! Go to hell! -1/5 stars

  • Christoric

    you never mentioned one sin at 2:28 the book's topic behind the gun

  • Stupid_class_ D
    Stupid_class_ D

    CinimaSins you Are too generus

  • DavidisAwkward

    Half of these aren’t even sins, just him saying what is happening and sinning it? Lol what?

  • LenaPlays 01
    LenaPlays 01

    7% on rotten tomatoes really makes sense now, yeesh

  • Jacob Chevalier
    Jacob Chevalier

    I doesn’t look that cold maybe like -20 or something

  • Conall Coats
    Conall Coats

    and then 40 at 5 min

  • Conall Coats
    Conall Coats

    first 4 minutes and there is already 32 sins

  • Bella Ludovici
    Bella Ludovici

    Holy shit leave it to Cinema Sins to have me rollin at 5am🤣

  • Sony Singh
    Sony Singh

    It is definetely not pronounced "holy"

  • Masai126 HD
    Masai126 HD

    I don't like the fact that its 99 and not 100 bonus sins

  • Randall Ho
    Randall Ho

    another sin would be the fish tank.It has a 'milky' colouration which means that there maybe a bacteria blood due to it not being fully cycled.And a filter isn't present.

  • Wolfishdash 321
    Wolfishdash 321

    Cinanasins: I’m gonna Laughs so much at “cold case” but I’m STILL F***ING SINNING IT!

  • alex5601 alex5601
    alex5601 alex5601

    Omg there was a decapataed head in this video why was I notwarned

  • Eat_ Donuts
    Eat_ Donuts

    why we in norway dont use gloves. in the dark ages we breeded (bred?) with whitewalkers, we feel no pain towards the cold. WE VIKINGS

  • Steel Bro
    Steel Bro

    He is so good at this somehow

  • ༒


  • viewer6726

    Did you notice that the body parts in the crime scene photo were arranged differently than they were in the actual crime scene?

  • Magnus Moseid Torjesen
    Magnus Moseid Torjesen

    2:45 Wrong, i live in norway and we would of pronaunced it høl. But since you don’t know how too pronaunce that, you come up with this bullshit about it being pronaunced with a y That’s at least ten sins

  • Joedon RamJoe
    Joedon RamJoe

    So... what killed who?

  • Nathan Knudson 2025
    Nathan Knudson 2025

    Wait did he just cut thru her skull

  • Kevin Steel
    Kevin Steel

    Coming this Halloween: The Table (bum bum buuuuuuuuuuuuuum!)

  • Armin Fekri
    Armin Fekri

    Wow, the actually managed to make a 'horror' movie based of a snowman

  • Jaron GD
    Jaron GD

    "everything wrong with the snowman in 18 minutes or less".......20 minute long video

  • fluffyshark89

    In the bonus sin counter he skipped 49

  • No.

    I was expecting the sentence to be "Frostbite" 😩

  • Fitz Williams
    Fitz Williams

    Deserves every sin

  • Orlando Costin
    Orlando Costin

    The scariest scene is 5:44. That's a BMW. ON SNOW! Oh lawd Jesus..

  • youtaughtmehowtolive

    You should have given sins for all the terrible CGI used, not just the greenscreening.

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg

    Fassbender's Poirot episode (After the Funeral) also has him waking up having fallen asleep all night on a bench.

  • Leri Lu
    Leri Lu

    Snowman, Arendelle, Matias.... I think that someone out there is going to be making a fan theory video linking The Snowman and Frozen 2 - oh jeez 😂😂

  • Pål Juliebø Osnes
    Pål Juliebø Osnes

    This movie gives the book no justice.

  • Dalylah Jane
    Dalylah Jane

    I never watched this movie when I saw the thumbnail I thought it would be about at snowman that came to life and killed people (as dumb as that’s sounds) but now I’m disappointed and confused

  • Jon Avenger71985
    Jon Avenger71985

    Why does everyone in Norway have a british accent in this movie?Consistency what's that?

  • Sophie N
    Sophie N

    Oof. My partner spent a year in Denmark and yes, it seems people in Scandinavian countries don't appreciate privacy (curtains). Eek!

  • Cricket Pickett
    Cricket Pickett

    That was true insanity how many through the window scenes there are. The whole movie was basically filmed by someone looking in the windows 🤦‍♀️

  • Nathan Hogan
    Nathan Hogan

    I cant believe how messed up Val Kilmer looks in this scene, it's like he got botched plastic surgery and trusted the same surgeon to fix it

  • TheLiquidKnight

    Super Mario? Should have used the Snowman song from Cannibal the Musical. ;-)

  • badiab jake
    badiab jake

    eww lionheart please

  • Carina 23
    Carina 23

    Oookay am I dumb because I though it was gonna be The Snowman as in that sweet film with no talking, just music and animation and the Walking in the Air song?

  • Allison LoneElk
    Allison LoneElk

    “Inspector Hole? I hardly even know... oh never mind.” I laughed so hard

  • Allison LoneElk
    Allison LoneElk

    “Like chicks and dudes are without their heads, for real.” Lol.

  • Katia Bostrom
    Katia Bostrom

    Please do "Everything Wrong With Tau"

  • COLZ

    hitting the woman on the shoulder with a snowball was pretty damn accurate...what if he missed?

  • Thomas Kvam
    Thomas Kvam

    This vid was funny but as a Norwegian I’m offended by the fact that when things happen in the film that are weird he just assumes it’s a Norway thing

  • Mikal Grey
    Mikal Grey

    6:17 the brown building was years after 2008

  • oreogamez

    249 sins *That's quite big, impressive*

  • Anthony W.
    Anthony W.

    I watch Cinema Sins videos to watch movies that I won't watch.

  • Chekl 27
    Chekl 27

    i thought this was about sinning the actual snowman on the thumbnail

  • Friccle__

    Im just gonna assume this is a whole movie of nothing

  • Somekidnamehannah 2.0
    Somekidnamehannah 2.0

    1:14 Wait what?

  • sweeticecream

    Me: sees the thumbnail My brain cells: this is a horror movie about a living snowman that could change pose when no one see it and could teleport

    • Pål Juliebø Osnes
      Pål Juliebø Osnes

      To be honest. This movie is nothing like the book it was based on. For a better experience i would recomend the book. Basicaly 94% of the sins in this movie is not in the book. It is much better at every thing, it is more intence and realistic. I to thought it was going to be just some creepypasta. However it is a realistic novel about the human nature and how mental sickness, bad parenting and a different moral view can make a normal man kill. It's not a horror story ment to scare you with some paranormal bullshjt but tell a good story that can take place in the real world. All in all this book is a part of a book series where Harry Hole is the main "protaganist". The snowman is the 7th book out of 12 (2019). If you like this book i would recomend Reading the other too.

  • Carl Cassidy
    Carl Cassidy

    Norway sounds very posh English village

  • wouter

    @ CinemSins An inside window? the hell is that? its just how windows look in western Europe..

  • Hill 16
    Hill 16

    Inspector Hole is the best innuendo ever

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee

    Hey @Nintendo look after that end credit music. Sin +50

  • roadiejames

    You had me at the great circle jerk of 1845, hey big boi.

  • NeoBranwen711

    The bonus round isn't nearly as funny now

  • Melissa2087

    This movie was SOOOOOOO boring

  • billy zane
    billy zane

    The gloves!!!!! drove me nuts all movie !