Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games In 3 Minutes Or Less
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 1/8/13*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Did you love The Hunger Games movie? You probably read the book. Here are all the sins we found in the box office hit, The Hunger Games, recounted in three minutes or less.
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  • SzymczykProductions

    Imagine sitting next to this guy in a movie theater

  • PigsInSpace 99
    PigsInSpace 99

    Common, you guys could've done a better job with this one, what about the "good luck charm" she gives her sister then she immediately gets picked and then she gives it right back afterwards

  • Korrin Traska
    Korrin Traska

    Why only 3 minutes?

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Because this is an early video.

  • Mdriver1981

    Almost everything wrong with this video: 0:09: There is no correlation between the clap and the way someone wears their beard. 0:12: The fence hole in Jurassic Park was convenient, as it saved the protagonists' lives from those Triassic and Jurrasic beasts that were giving chase (that's who they were running away from, right? I haven't seen that film in years). In this film, however, the fence hole was most likely cut by either Katniss or Gale or both so they can hunt game and have solitude from their Orwellian, poverty struck village. 0:21: That's probably because they either entered the reaping together or possibly because Katniss arrived first and saw when Gale showed up. 0:23: To us, yes. But this series takes place a few hundred years into the future and humanity has once again changed their fashion tastes. 0:30: No, I'm pretty sure those are salutes for their Marie Antoinette looking capitol representative/reaper. Also, I've never seen a Brit flip someone off with their index, middle and ring fingers, left or right. 0:33: Haymich or Woody Harrison (whatever you want to call him) is their mentor because he was the only surviving District 12 victor. 0:36: His alcoholism was NOT solved. He continued to drink well into Mockingjay. 0:39: Those fire effects were NOT from 1995. 0:45: She climbed up there. A skill she acquired by pulling apples out of trees 12 hours a day. Her love of birds may have had something do due with is at well. She was also mastered in stealth, which allowed her to climb up there undetected. 0:46: Actually, it is (or was) entirely plausible that his family's bakery constructs (or constructed) fancy cakes because just like their cole and the goods produced in the other districts, were allocated to their betters in the Capitol. 0:54: I not even gonna touch that one... Some jokes just write themselves. 0:56: Haymitch probably did not know all the details of this year's Hunger Game arena until almost the last moment. But in regards to the general, consistent part of the area, such as the cornucopia, I guess he SHOULD have told them some things way before that. Perhaps his alcoholism is to blame for it, I don't know. 1:02: Since we don't know much of the shit the game makers are doing, it's probably unfair to make a comment like that. I'm just gonna jump ahead here before I get carpal tunnel syndrome. 1:32: Again, we only know a trifle of what the game makers are doing. 1:37: Haymitch is NOT their sponsor, as someone cannot be both a sponsor and a mentor. I think it's due to conflict of interest. 1:42: Again, Rue's skills were in climbing and stealth. 1:58: Because she was only in their field of vision for a few seconds. I think the slow-motion of Katnisses's bewilderment and retreat back into the darkness of the woods gives the impression she was there too long. 2:06: The cannon shots for Rue and Marvel happened off-screen. Probably when the scene was interrupted by the production control room shot. 2:08: The reason why Katniss was being reckless there was because her level of shock made her irrational for a number of seconds as she blamed herself for 12 year-old Rue's death almost as much as she put it on the spear-throwing Marvel. I'm not trying to break your balls here. Constructive criticism, that's it. If I wanted to break your balls I'd ask you to go get your fucking shine box.

  • brittonsux

    i hope this video is redone one day. its got so many flaws.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • James Hewitt
    James Hewitt

    I'm glad the 'ping' sound effect was removed.

  • Serene Feng
    Serene Feng

    You know you’ve watched too much CinemaSins when you screech “nArREadiNg” at the trailer screen. Also: it doesn’t matter if “Hey this info is in the book! Just read the book!” The movie should ALWAYS give backstory. They can’t just hope you’ve read the books

  • Jort Van den hul
    Jort Van den hul

    This is just salt I mean if you would sit next to this guy you would kill HIM

  • Glitching Link
    Glitching Link

    Wow, finally squeezed a movie within 3 minutes!

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @Glitching Link *watch It's not hard to check the date in the description.

    • Glitching Link
      Glitching Link

      @Dave Lee Geez! Chill, I didn't watched the 2013 version!

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Finally? This video was released in 2013, making it an early video, which his early videos were usually around this long. What's with this "finally" nonsense?

  • Hazard

    3:15 Is that a threat?

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP

    I saw this yesterday

  • Jake Boschen
    Jake Boschen

    The healing cream was only for fire burns, not spear impalement, idiot have you read the book?

  • Spring Boot Learning
    Spring Boot Learning

    This franchise really shined in the second movie... ...because it exposed a much more complex, deeper connection the denizens of the capital, the tributes that had won past Games, and the current contenders.

  • Skrubz

    53 sins? Someone must have enjoyed this movie.


    *get a cannon ready*

  • Red Imposter
    Red Imposter


  • Red Imposter
    Red Imposter

    Nice...it’s short........ keep it like that....

  • Eduardo Dell'Acqua
    Eduardo Dell'Acqua

    n° 5: and looking older

  • Turbo the Cat
    Turbo the Cat

    In just 3 minutes he made it look like The Blunder Games lol

  • Sofia’s Channel
    Sofia’s Channel

    “Will Smith’s daughter “ 😂😂😂 My fav moment

  • Diego Cj
    Diego Cj

    is that a guy from the boys in 2:05?

  • Mar-farr

    Wow 53 sins pretty good

  • I got memes, wanna see them?
    I got memes, wanna see them?

    0:53- "That's a pretty racist thing to say," LMFAO

  • Lilly G
    Lilly G

    it was a riot because Rue was the most needed because she saw the flag for ending. she was the most loved in the district because she was so sweet.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      When do the movies state that?

  • Olivier Morel
    Olivier Morel

    3 minutes wow thats pretty good I'm surprised

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Why are you surprised?

  • Kathy Garcia
    Kathy Garcia

    CinemaSins: Hunger Games- Under 3 minutes. CinemaSins: Divergent- Under 16 minutes or less.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Since they were made 6 years apart, what's your point?

  • exLeo birk
    exLeo birk

    Have you friccin read the book.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Maybe, maybe not. Why?

  • Kawaii kitty
    Kawaii kitty

    You know the lady using Holograms, She looks like seeder Prime

  • The LEGO Bean
    The LEGO Bean

    This guy REALLY needs to read the book

    • The LEGO Bean
      The LEGO Bean


    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @The LEGO Bean This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. So unless the sins are explained in the movies, the sins remain.

    • The LEGO Bean
      The LEGO Bean

      The movie doesn’t talk about a lot of things and he’s making the sons even though in the book it thoroughly explains it

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee


  • Anna Cavernelis
    Anna Cavernelis

    At this point, you are criticizing everything and you definitely didn't read the books or even pay attention to the movies and it shows....

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins the books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • Cameron Lemus
    Cameron Lemus

    Why did this man make a sin vid about hunger games it came out so long ago and he really made fun of thw characters faces like know some of them are kinda ugly but still that was rude

  • mackinzi elizabeth
    mackinzi elizabeth

    Okay, get it is a movie but can like we just talk about how even in the arena all the tributes after like a week still look like the just stepped out Seventeen Magazine's summer survival guide.

  • Sebastian

    He must have hated the movie, missed to mention so many plot holes. One thing, I don't get: why does the gang stack their supplies and surround them with mines that, when blowing up, take the supplies with them. Either they were unimportant to then, then Katniss achieved nothing or they were important than why set them to blow up? The mines were not exactly camouflaged either and all she had to do is shoot an arrow into the single guard and take whatever she wants. Rinse and repeat four times and she would have nearly won the game. Are we to believe that the game makers and audience let Peeta just stay hidden waiting out the hunger games? Why does the gang not kill Peeta roght after he led them to her sitting on a tree? And they all went to sleep that night? Falling asleep next to guys who need to kill you seems like a stupid idea anyway. About the second hunger games: So all fighters are ex champions. Hunger games only has one champion every year so the 24 champions should be at least span 24 years of hunger games. Where do all the young people come from then?

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the unlimited supply of arrows catnis

  • JourneyMan

    All these problems are solved in the book....

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • Siimply Kxiley
    Siimply Kxiley

    I’m dying

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie

    I don’t know my I ruin movies for myself

  • Machone !!
    Machone !!

    The reason they didn't want them to eat the berries is they would both die, leaving no victor

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Which would be fine, except for the dogs they sent right before.

  • Keith Price
    Keith Price

    All she had to do is kiss her two boyfriends and Boom ! Had them all whipped 😂

  • Makenzie Lewis
    Makenzie Lewis

    I love the Hunger Games it’s my favorite book & movie series of all time...but the whole point of the channel is to be nit picky and he’s not talking about the stuff he read in the book because they don’t explain it in the movie...just chill out Jesus😂

  • Amelia Rainey
    Amelia Rainey

    I’m sorry, but none of this means that anything in the Hunger Games is wrong. This is complete nonsense

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Then where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • -Zuri-

    Bruh this dude needs to read the books Some of this isnt a sin unless you read the books- get your damn facts right

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • -Zuri-

    "A forest wont put itself out" DUH ITS A FRICKING ARENA WITH CLIMATE CONTROL- Its in the story- not a movie sin.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Oh, right. They can easily control a forest fire after it starts. Makes perfect sense.

  • Daniel Pedroza
    Daniel Pedroza

    It is really dumb how the poorest district has a bakery where they paint hyperrealistic cakes. And its equally as dumb for that to be a protagonists strongest attribute.

  • Jessica Creed
    Jessica Creed

    I know this is "satire" or whatever but I really like this series and I'm a killjoy.. so.. 3. The fence is rarely on, it's not just that hole that's off 4. You can put your name in extra times in exchange for more food, and these people are starving 14. There's a (small) number of well off people in district 12, like the mayor's family and the peacekeepers 22. Wasn't that used for catching a squirrel tho? 25. It's obviously not real am I missing something 27. Haymitch wasn't her sponsor, the mentors organize the gifts the sponsors fund. That's why it showed him chatting it up with Capitol folks. 28. Rue is great at climbing trees because she worked at an orchard in her district. 30. Yes- tracker jacker venom makes you hallucinate your worst fears, Katniss's dad was killed in a mining accident and it traumatized her. 31. Yeah, it's because they're a hybrid of a wild bird and a genetically engineered one that was made to copy rebel conversations and bring them back to the Capitol's military like spies. Mockingjays only copy whistles and tunes because they're a hybrid of the full blown talking birds. 35. The cream for burns?? She doesn't get the cream she uses on Peeta's leg until later. Good luck using even that on a spear to the chest anyways lmao 39. As far as we know no other tribute has done something like that in the games before. Plus there's got to be a breaking point sometime. 44. Katniss is one year older than Clove, and Clove has trained for this. 46. NOT the same medicine, again 51. She shot Cato in the hand so he'd let go of Peeta instead of taking him down with him when he fell and was mauled by the dogs. 52. I'm sure they could have easily "deactivated" the dogs as soon as all but one of the tributes was killed, if it came to that. Hope I got all the numbers right lmao. Didn't do great w/this one

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    I had an feeling some of these sins were different than the original video. Still good tho

  • craig c:
    craig c:

    one of the actual sins was that it shows Cato killing the boy from 10 in the bloodbath but when Catniss wakes up from her coma on day 10 Rue tells her that Glimmer and the boy from 10 died between days 8-10 (plus girl from 4 in the books) so how did he die twice 🤨

    • Blake Walsh
      Blake Walsh

      Maybe because Katniss and Rue are unreliable?

  • SamSkrit

    How the hell is this 8 months old? This is almost an OG version of this channel

    • SamSkrit

      Ok I’m just blind then

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @SamSkrit Few of his titles say that. Though all his descriptions say something about re-uploads.

    • SamSkrit

      Andrew Miller it would say reuploaded like other videos

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @SamSkrit Why would the title change?

    • SamSkrit

      Andrew Miller title wise

  • Toni Turtia
    Toni Turtia

    3:00 Also also, that arrow should have pierced the hand, killing the hostage aswell.

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636

    Wtf this really was a 3min video was this done on the toilet lol

  • Nathan Rondeau
    Nathan Rondeau

    I disagree with half of the stuff he said but that's because I read the books and the books are more informative

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @Nathan Rondeau You can have an opinion, but it doesn't apply here.

    • Nathan Rondeau
      Nathan Rondeau

      @Dave Lee oh my freaking god god I know it's not book sins it was just an opinion though according to you I'm not allowed to have one

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • Glour

    Could only imagine why he is the only person who watches movies by himself at the movie theaters

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      When does he say that he's the only one who watches movies by himself at the theater?

  • Ellis Peters
    Ellis Peters

    Let’s say it easily - every sin makes sense if you read the book🤣😂

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins or CinemaAndBookSins. The books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • PopcicleReabornNursery

    Number one sin Killing my child rue aka fetus amandila

  • Surekha K
    Surekha K

    Mannnn how does this have 20 less sins than the terminator? The sentence should have been: the books were better

  • •Elisa CooK•
    •Elisa CooK•

    I never understood number 11.

  • •Elisa CooK•
    •Elisa CooK•

    "3 minutes or less" it's really 3 minutes and more.

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      It's really 3 minutes or less.

  • No

    0:43 I think that she was actually picking the dangerous/poisonous stuff 0:55 I bet he said “shadow” bc Rue was following Katniss 24/7

  • Elly’s World
    Elly’s World

    Ugh So lemme get this straight Rue gets stabbed but you think some healing cream will just magically mix that? So many things are wrong with this video! Maybe actually read and watch the series and try again!

  • phoneflipp

    nitpick nitpick one true "mistake" blah blah blah... nonsense... F you

  • Conner Schopp
    Conner Schopp

    so much wrong with this half of your points are wrong i'm so glad you have a much longer video on the wins channel

    • Conner Schopp
      Conner Schopp

      @Dave Lee um first of all what? second of all he does make win videos heres a link uzload.info/wiki/L8h3ri2WN_-IbviBlWtUcQ

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Then where in the movie are the sins explained? He doesn't make wins videos.

  • Adele Aslan
    Adele Aslan

    The hunger games is the thing that turned me into a fan girl

  • HowMeNoWorin whooey
    HowMeNoWorin whooey

    rushed video lol

  • I do Drawings
    I do Drawings

    He must’ve loved this movie

  • Cameron Cardello
    Cameron Cardello

    Dude should have read the books

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee


  • Brendan Artita
    Brendan Artita

    Liar it’s 3:18 seconds

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Except he didn't lie.

  • French Toast
    French Toast

    Take one sin off as katniss was going to shoot cato in the head but he would have pulled peeta down making both of them get mauled by mutts so the sin total is 52

  • Iagan Foss
    Iagan Foss

    This is so old lol

  • Birdsharna

    The book is better than the movie trust me. Also why the fuck did he not make any valid points about the movie? Should've read the book (:

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. Where are the sins explained in the movies?

  • Ro Stefan
    Ro Stefan

    3 minuts or less but its 3.18 :))

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Yet still sinned in 3 minutes or less.

  • NEWT A5
    NEWT A5

    Another one: Why did Katniss have enough time to pick flowers and decorate Rue's body before the body claw picked her up? The other dead tributes were picked up pretty quickly.

  • Ron Legend
    Ron Legend

    Does anyone know when CinemaSins is making a blockbuster movie of his own ? You don't because he can't. Need I say more ?

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      What about him not making a blockbuster of his own?

  • Najihah Wahab
    Najihah Wahab

    I have a question. If clove is so good at knife-throwing, why didn’t she just throw her knife while katniss was stuck on the tree? Why did they just decide to wait her out? And if they were so determined to kill her, why didn’t they try? They tried like what, three times and decided to wait instead? That doesnt make any sense.

  • Jason Underwood
    Jason Underwood

    the MJ Fox quip was uncalled for.

  • hungergameslol jenaya2010
    hungergameslol jenaya2010

    With the beries is because thay need a winner and if they ate them the capitol wont have a winnwr cause they both will die

  • hungergameslol jenaya2010
    hungergameslol jenaya2010

    Some of them make no sence

  • deepikashah72

    At least 40 of these scenes have a meaning to them and were clearly not meant for people like u to pull them outta context and then show them as a sin I’d watch the whole thing properly and I’ll understand it if u still haven’t then I’d stay stop running a scam of a channel

  • Ben Nagle
    Ben Nagle

    1:14 you didn’t have to do Michael j fox like that😭

  • Jason Wheet
    Jason Wheet

    I Hate when this channel leaves out obvious sins. What about when the guy stopped her from killing the deer? In a movie named Hunger Games. Smh

  • Shems Alkaaby
    Shems Alkaaby

    I think that there was neded more sins

  • FokkeWulfe

    I watched this movie. It took 3 sittings, 4 shots of bourbon, and however many days this movie goes on for, of wasted life. That's at least 3 extra sins right there.

  • Axel Helmer
    Axel Helmer

    Have you ever seen The actual movie or have you just seen a few clips?

  • Sullivan Okerlund
    Sullivan Okerlund

    that was quick did he not find that many sins?

  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken

    0:43 That’s exactly what I think every time I see that scene

  • Savase

    Half of this isn't true xd

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      Then where in the movies are the sins explained?

  • Bokocop

    0:32 are we gonna ignore this dumb bitch holding up 4

  • Naseebah J
    Naseebah J

    she didn't use the arrow as a distraction she used shoot it at his hand so that he wouldn't snap peetas neck


    U know what? U Are an IDIOT!

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      *you How is he an idiot?

  • Shy Dreameress
    Shy Dreameress

    The district 11 riots because they finally see someone acting humanly towards someone else in the arena.

    • Opulence

      Exactly. That’s why Rue’s District started the riot in the second book too.

  • Phoenix 11
    Phoenix 11

    I watched this a few days ago, and I’m thoroughly disappointed, it’s just weird and I was expecting something exciting, you also missed a few sins

  • Magiccatlover Gt
    Magiccatlover Gt

    ReAd tHe BoOkS

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee

      @Magiccatlover Gt Great. This is CinemaSins, not BookSins. The books don't matter. Where in the movies are the sins explained?

    • Magiccatlover Gt
      Magiccatlover Gt

      Andrew Miller Cuz the books explain everything :)

    • Dave Lee
      Dave Lee


  • Kevin Clark
    Kevin Clark

    Shamelessly low sin count on this one. Wonder who paid for that? +1000 sins.


    why yes, that is a dog. The finale is dogs. Awesome.

  • XxxZ4xxX

    This was so overwhelming ahah

  • meg devlin
    meg devlin

    Ehhh what uk hand sign needs three fingers to swear 😂

  • Webber 56789
    Webber 56789

    They need to remake this video, there’s way more sins than that

  • joosepgamer1 1
    joosepgamer1 1

    Hey cinemasins! You are a f#kc#ng s#ithead! Hunger games is like the best movie ever and you are making it worse you bitch!

    • Podróżnik z pustkowi
      Podróżnik z pustkowi

      This comment must be satire

  • ItsRelaa A
    ItsRelaa A

    Will smiths daughter because she’s black? Wow

  • Sam Valladares
    Sam Valladares

    Bruhhh when The Police started playing! 😂😂

  • Lucia Welch
    Lucia Welch

    i watched this to see if he wld make fun of the terrible film quality of poor choice of actors (*imo*) but he actually just made fun of the plot, which is the same as the books, which I like. (As he always does, idk why I didn't expect that) So I'm gonna go watch cinemawins now.