Everything Wrong With Birds of Prey In Harley Minutes Or Less
Birds of Prey is a pretty fun action romp, but for some reason, people stayed away from it in theaters. Regardless, it still has sins, as do all movies, so we did what we do when we do what we do.
Thursday: Early 2000's action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Connor Weir
    Connor Weir

    You don't take a sin off for Black Betty, how dare you

  • Crimson Moon
    Crimson Moon

    This movie was boring as shit...

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Chris East
    Chris East

    As someone who have seen plenty of bad handwriting turn unreadable, do to a drunken stupor. I can confirm that some people do indeed seem to write half fine one second, then trail of into just a squiggly line the next as if thinking about a word made them have a stroke.

  • Zeldagirl

    I’m glad you enjoyed the fighting choreography because that was definitely something I loved. Especially the scene in the jail with all the water, it was so pretty

  • Rue Kennedy
    Rue Kennedy

    It's gotten to a point where whenever I watch a movie I give the "role credits" or the "you should see this" and then do a ding noise and confuse everyone I'm watching the movie with.

  • Ezboogieplayz

    just watching his video makes me rethink all the movies and point out all the little mistakes LOL

  • Sunny_On_Pandora

    I cringe and look away for a little bit every time i see those broken and distorted legs.

  • Jay Stringer
    Jay Stringer

    If you don’t like this movie you’re a sexist

  • Kami Kelly
    Kami Kelly

    Cassandra did recognize canary, she was just pick pocketing random people and she was just explaining why she pick pockets people

  • Risky Bitness
    Risky Bitness

    The first thing that really struck me when I watched the trailer is how boring and generic the character designs are. These characters all have really cool designs in the comic books but they couldn't come up with something that fit the tone of the movie without sucking the life out of them? It doesn't help that all of the "birds" are so... tiny. Right? They all look so small. I know that they're women and we shouldn't expect them to be linebackers but they would feel more powerful and believable as badasses if they cast some women that *look* like they can kick your ass.

  • Jusuf Ramadhan
    Jusuf Ramadhan

    Bad movies if you see the joker as reference

  • BeautyoftheBeast

    The scene where Harley shoots up the police station is showed through her mind. Of course she's using real bullets and smoke and the glitter is real blood.

  • Egg

    i just realized that harley quinn is smarter than me by a long shot and that makes me sad

  • NeonCatx 4
    NeonCatx 4

    I honestly love this movie

  • Kristian Gensler
    Kristian Gensler

    8:41 They probably wrote the script before they cast the actor, black canary is a white woman typically

  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams

    The plot was... Not good. But the movie was a fun experience and the fight scenes were awesome.

  • Happy Toaster
    Happy Toaster

    this was the first DC movie I couldn't even finish. that's saying something

  • Brennen Lobitos
    Brennen Lobitos

    Did anyone hear the Billy the Puppet from Saw laugh doubt it

  • Peachy LPS
    Peachy LPS

    Nah I still love it

  • Jack Milligan
    Jack Milligan

    Surprisingly not a terrible movie

  • Thurston Bell
    Thurston Bell

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this one's fantastic

  • 11 24
    11 24

    What the song in the begining?

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    He complains about things being stupid in the movie, meanwhile I'm here like "you're watching a DC film, what did you expect?"

  • Manwithmoney69 Yt
    Manwithmoney69 Yt

    did anyone else realize it says everything wrong with Birds of prey in Harley Minutes or less?

  • luis arias
    luis arias

    Harly minutes? Never heard of those

  • Taoky Haku
    Taoky Haku

    Is a stupid movy. Harly is not like this. I know in comic wen she broked up with joker she becomed more bad ass. In this movy made her a joke.

  • John Fungo
    John Fungo

    Most of the sins presented here are invalid, like HQ calling Joker as Mr. J and Zsaz's scars as the number of kills. These are canon in the comics. The ones about littering, Roller Dummy, etc. were obviously shown for humor.

  • Owen J.
    Owen J.

    God feminism is cringe

  • Pepper

    nice vid

  • Cyfen

    There’s something about watching a sick Kermit the frog criticising movies that interests me

  • Michael Newman
    Michael Newman

    Minor objection: Scars showing the people he killed cliche - It is literally part of the Victor Zsasz character in DC comics since his first appearance in 1992. To not include it would have been a sin

  • israel blackwell
    israel blackwell

    Things wrong with this movie: The fact the movie ever got made

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe

    I'm surprised he didn't say "That's racist" when Harley bit a black mans hand, in the little musical she had.

  • Pablo Naranjo
    Pablo Naranjo

    just like the actual movie couldnt stand to finish watching... sin

  • Jacoby Dodge
    Jacoby Dodge

    This movie wasted a completely awesome Batman villain. Black mask is nothing like this in the comics anyhow. He's one of my favorite villains but this movie just ruined it.

  • Jacoby Dodge
    Jacoby Dodge

    where is batman during this whole movie anyway?

  • tea time
    tea time

    Alternate ending: *Sal the sandwich guy takes over the town while Harley is doing that bullshit with the mask guys*

  • Maximillian Sonnen
    Maximillian Sonnen

    How many "sin points" do you get for being self-loathing enough to be a male feminist?


    This movie sucked all modern liberal propaganda movie do. Anti-white all this is about

  • Lindsay Sliva
    Lindsay Sliva

    Love this movie!!

  • Aaron Silver
    Aaron Silver

    Her accent...a sin...ding!


    Cinema sins came in clutch with movies I’d never pay to watch

  • Dubstep Mc BOSS
    Dubstep Mc BOSS

    Harlem quinzel is he comic real name is it not

  • Chris

    Saw this last night and was disappointed. It had such a weird tempo to it, having the fight scenes break up the slow parts and then going back to the slow part.

  • Chevy876ix

    14:27 "He's a beaver. Damning things is in his DNA" Bruh XD

  • Andreas u L
    Andreas u L

    When I watched this I felt like I should be ashamed for being a man and I don't even know why lol.

  • Dean Winchester69
    Dean Winchester69

    I would put explosive Cannonballs In my shot gun at the precinct fill them with a little glitter and laugh as I blow their head of in clown Colors

  • Project-Pokèmon

    Wait....obi wan kenobi is in a bad movie?... impossible

  • Ian Hand
    Ian Hand

    Is it just me or is every movie centered around girl-power kinda terrible. Remember the Ghostbusters remake?

  • freddyfazdude94

    Surprised the jigsaw laugh didn’t earn a sin

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell

    Harley and the crew are great but the story was not that great still I give credit to Margot Robbie for the look and great portrayal of the character Harley.

  • LEGO Bruhman
    LEGO Bruhman

    You can tell he dreaded watching this

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    15:29 This should’ve gotten more sins because the movie focuses far too much on just Harley Quinn. Even if this was meant to be an origin story to lead into(what they probably hoped would be) several sequels, it failed badly.

  • Timere Cephas
    Timere Cephas

    The question is what do you have against olive garden

  • Phizlls

    Everytime I see a girl with a hog nose ring it screams stay away lol cringe

  • realspido

    I was wondering why Netflix put this movie on so soon... hyena food it is.. 👎

    • Jacob Fleming
      Jacob Fleming

      Wait it’s on Netflix?

  • Meechy Sosa
    Meechy Sosa

    ...how did she vote for bernie felons can't vote add another sin

  • Nisha Bhat
    Nisha Bhat

    Nothing. The answer is nothing because Birds of Prey was literally the best DC movie I've watched in years

    • Jacob Fleming
      Jacob Fleming

      Except for Joker

    • Eric Whitney
      Eric Whitney

      That’s not really saying much when almost every DC live action movie over the past 2 decades have been flops. The Nolan Batman movies are by far the best of the 2000’s, but even Batman is already getting rebooted again.

  • dirttowater

    Does her accent bother anyone else?

  • Naga Harley Quinn
    Naga Harley Quinn

    This movie exists. It's just another Hollywood attempt at making a feminazi movie

  • TheRiddick27

    Dude, it's the ridiculously charismatic & f***ing GORGEOUS Margot Robbie, so cumming too easily is not exactly optional. And Hollywood, please stop with the "woke" movies & movie making. I just want to be entertained, not lectured by hypocritical multi-millionaire lefties who have no clue what real life is like!

  • Genisay

    .....way too much. This movie was 90% terrible.

  • KStephenson

    My goodness, this was the Captain Jack Sparrow and Deadpool love child nobody ever wanted. Obtrusive, ugly, and only saved by the sheer amount of fun Ewan McGregor was having.

  • The Possessed
    The Possessed

    Unreliable narration should be 2 sins

  • Rhys Causon
    Rhys Causon

    Didn’t put the things together until the “scars to show how many people you’ve killed” sin, I just thought Victor was a generic right hand man... not Victor Zsasz.

  • Maddie Quinn
    Maddie Quinn

    It's really annoying when you sin things you know nothing about

  • DC Long
    DC Long

    This shitty movie is like a reboot of the original shitty movie only with the same actor who acts completely different from the first iteration. The fact that so many people love this movie proves.....i cant even at this point. Just sucks.

  • Blake Underwood
    Blake Underwood

    I swear u not I went into this theatre sat thru 30 mins and walked out.

  • Hunter Fiske
    Hunter Fiske

    This movie deserves at least 50 sins for talking about the joker but not having him in a single damn scene

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams

    I hated this film

  • Dovakota

    Everyone talking about how this movie wasted. Zsasz. It also utterly wasted Cassandra Cain. A character who's been Batgirl, among other names, and a longtime Bat Family character demoted to Harley Quinn's sidekick.

  • Jay Fran
    Jay Fran

    5/10 it was a nice movie to watch. Didn't like how they ruined such interesting chacaters. Black Mask barely felt like a villain, Cassandra is meh but it was a good laugh.


    What ever happened to the classic red and black. Also, Ewan Mcgregor is a great black mask and the only good thing about this movie

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson

    0:18 Quentin Tarantino disagrees, and his movies are way better than yours, "Harley".

  • Noel Root
    Noel Root

    Honestly some of the "sins" are good points especially the weapon choice in the police station that is Harley personality a 100% and if you actually look you see a cop reach for there gun but harley gets him first

  • Chasie QuinnZel
    Chasie QuinnZel

    Don't get me wrong I love your vids but YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO DIS MY HARLEY

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN cs getin fuckin FANCY with their editing since i last seen it

  • William Wishnia
    William Wishnia

    3:54 The Batman movie from 1966 does this so much more

  • Dylan Morales
    Dylan Morales

    I love how the cop was in Pineapple Express it makes me laugh watching her here

  • Smash2099

    Harley Quinn: says I’m Harley freaking Quinn in every commercial for this movie In wweland: Seth freaking Rollins’ got freaking triggered to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the reasons he changed his name to the messiah Seth Rollins XD

  • Maddie Hatter
    Maddie Hatter

    I laughed way too hard at that beaver joke

  • MrsLensherrr

    Victor Zsasz isn't played by Anthony Carrigan *ding*


    I can’t stand this video, not because of the sin counters but I can’t stand the 5 seconds scene fragments of the movie included in this video, reminds me how shit the movie was

  • Rebecca Flood
    Rebecca Flood

    Honestly, the one thing I don't like about this movie is the way they treated Cassandra Cain's character and made her to be someone else entirely.

  • Brevin Carter
    Brevin Carter

    Based on his voice,he is so done with something...idk what it is but it’s something

  • Krissy Baglin
    Krissy Baglin

    Why didn't the intoxicated guy move his legs from a slightly awkward position to lift up from in the 1 second harley was in the air for. Must be a sin

  • Not a Meme
    Not a Meme

    peeps *sin*

  • Not a Meme
    Not a Meme


  • qbot

    15:56 I gagged so hard I puked glitter

  • Nicholas Youngblood
    Nicholas Youngblood

    U forgot to sin the fact that harley Quinn was never an official member of birds of prey in the comics. let alone the leader of the group.

  • Dorian Green
    Dorian Green

    This movie sucked and it looks like the costume designers said, "Let's put Harley in the ugliest outfits imaginable."

  • Daniel Eckert
    Daniel Eckert

    He has a personal vendetta against Olive Garden

  • Colin Wilcox
    Colin Wilcox

    Y'all are really getting stingy putting this many ads in your videos. Your subs deserve better

  • CatMom Of2
    CatMom Of2

    It’s bad that our narrator asks if Ace Chemicals has a bunch of black cats around it and all I can think of is, “oh no, I hope they didn’t get hurt!” You know, instead of the whole luck thing 😉


    Remember kids don’t litter u might get sinned for it

  • Fabio Spasiano
    Fabio Spasiano

    This movie depicts all men (exception for the burger guy and the mafia boi that rescued Hunter as a little girl) as backstabbers, monsters, sexual predators, stupid incapable morons and opportunists. *I smell feminists.*