Everything Wrong With Teen Titans Go! To The Movies
Hey. You probably skipped this movie. This Teen Titans Go! To The Movies thing. But it was awesome, hilarious, and awesomely hilarious. You should watch it.
But also, it has sins. Like every movie does. Duh.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Taylor Morgan
    Taylor Morgan

    this video could have been short just say everything

  • blue Two
    blue Two

    Somehow this got a higher score on Metacritic and Rotten tomatoes than Joker did. Why

  • Mike Rohrssen
    Mike Rohrssen

    Throwing the Waynes back into Crime Alley should've been a sin off because they do it with such glee

  • Sans Memes
    Sans Memes

    *A L F R E D. T H E. M O V I E*


    Yo just stop 🛑 being so such a bummer and of course it’s unreal ITS A FREAKING CARTOON

  • Mark 4 Black Bess
    Mark 4 Black Bess

    Add 5 million sins just for this thing exsiting

  • Natalia Washington
    Natalia Washington

    Why would they stop Batman’s origin I mean without him Robin wouldn’t exist???

  • Bravo Tango 7274
    Bravo Tango 7274

    6:06 Here’s where you’re wrong: *they are toddler titans*

  • Genaro López Soto
    Genaro López Soto

    The DC fans defending this: iTz a pARodi.

  • Red Terror
    Red Terror

    I hated this movie burn it with fire.

  • Lebogang Mogale
    Lebogang Mogale

    I cant believe DC went to the pinnacle of Including Marvel in thier movie

  • Jireblade

    what isn't wrong with this trash fire of a film?

  • Plague Plays Games
    Plague Plays Games

    1:43 why is this such a good line

  • Virtual Bison
    Virtual Bison

    Everything wrong with The Teen Titans Movie. Everything.

  • ttpandapllayer321 thebigboss
    ttpandapllayer321 thebigboss

    The title: everything wrong with teen titans go the movies Me: ah shoot here we go again

  • Radioactiv 39
    Radioactiv 39

    Robin does have superpowers he’s a leprechaun

  • Amar Mahato
    Amar Mahato

    This guy has a problem with every single movie/series😂

  • いぇいぇ limão
    いぇいぇ limão

    "Everything wrong with teen Titans Go! The movie" *proceeds to play the entire movie*

  • DodoWithACamera

    6:57 im giving this movie a sin because it is such an overused thing to say the kids these days dont know what vhs or casset tapes are that im pretty sure everyone your taking about knows because they say they dont know do often

  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    I loved the lion King parody it was. So funny I couldn't stop laughing

  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    I love green lantern and Deadpool but Ryan doesn't

  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    It was better. Than the movies the original teen titans made

  • lance arcadio
    lance arcadio

    another sin:in the chase scene the flash goes the exact same speed as everyone else

  • R Al
    R Al

    This movie so so bad!

  • The mask
    The mask

    Slade sounds like Gary from final space

  • The mask
    The mask

    They would of been safe if they never made a movie

  • King Kaiju Zimdor
    King Kaiju Zimdor

    Thank you for making this, I really hate teen titans go, I rather go watch the classic teen Titans then fucking teen titans go

  • Kolbe Le
    Kolbe Le

    its in the age of cartoon network in which things are half assed

  • whiterun guard
    whiterun guard

    0:33 also knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee. knee.

  • Unlucky Ace
    Unlucky Ace

    wait how did they outrun flash?

  • Flynn Da Beast
    Flynn Da Beast

    everything wrong with teen titans go to the movies everything the end

  • Cameron Fucinari
    Cameron Fucinari


  • Mobile Gaming World
    Mobile Gaming World

    I and my siblings loved the movie


    I'm surprised that this video isn't longer

  • Dose of De’Ja Rose
    Dose of De’Ja Rose

    My childhood-

  • Random gacha BOI
    Random gacha BOI

    I would give this 1 million sins just for being a thing

  • Chris Winkler
    Chris Winkler

    Remind me again, WHY was this made? Eighty-four minutes of absolute Hell :P

  • Perla Bañuelos
    Perla Bañuelos

    This is a movie based off of teen titans nothing makes sense so stop ruining everything

  • Perla Bañuelos
    Perla Bañuelos

    Stop ruining everything

  • I am a gamer And I'm proud!
    I am a gamer And I'm proud!

    Another about the Martha scene Batman’s parents are dead

  • Daniel Quintana
    Daniel Quintana

    Didn't the teen titans (the original one) already had a movie? This movie ignored this fact and centered the plot around that they didn't... Ding

  • leo Trejo
    leo Trejo

    Ngl this movie is pretty good if u high

  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams

    You gotta do a video on the crossover movie now

  • master noob
    master noob

    i dont care if i dont give the sins but im adding 1,000,000 sins because they decided to make this bs instead or teen titans season 6 (the original one)

  • That Fat Scout
    That Fat Scout

    Why is Robin Doing

  • Samuel Lasky
    Samuel Lasky

    surprised you didn't talk about how their plan for getting rid of aquaman in the past was literally throwing a six-pack ring into the water casually murdering an infant

  • unconquerable_slime

    Slade is the best villain in the 2008 teen titans

  • Rebecca Michael
    Rebecca Michael

    Worst CN movie.

  • Pokekid Challenges
    Pokekid Challenges

    There should be a emoji stabbing this movies logo


    3:56 bcuz it’s a HOT dog duh ;v

  • Lucas_blue_cow

    1:16 when you pause at the wrong time be like:

  • Laurens & Philip Grimskullgamer
    Laurens & Philip Grimskullgamer

    The only CinemaSins I agree with wholeheartedly

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    I am the better hero

  • The Axolotol
    The Axolotol

    “what the f*ck would Robin be doing at 4:28 am!?!” Me watching at 4:28 am “I don’t know what?!?”

  • BinhG-Rated Ho
    BinhG-Rated Ho

    I got a Cartoon Network we on this: Which either means Cartoon Network agrees with the video or they thought it was kid friendly which it isn’t

  • Animus WOF Gurls
    Animus WOF Gurls

    One thing you forgot to sin- At 4:57 there’s the dude Robin stepped on outside the theater. Yet even injured this badly he had time to get to the ER, take several X-Rays, get casts, and get back to the theater.

  • Caleb Kasey
    Caleb Kasey

    Re title this: Everything is wrong with Teen Titans Go and I’ll be fine

  • Jakob Castillion
    Jakob Castillion

    It's not a rip off dead pool to rip off deathstroke

  • tanner cole
    tanner cole

    9:54 "The Return of Slade" flashbacks. Please cancel this show. NOW

  • Mr.Matronic

    For my like 5 years of watching Cartoon Network I never noticed that raven had a non proportionate body.

  • MusicIsMyLife

    Hey so Nicolas Cage ended up being Superman after all! Lol!

  • Enderslayer2910

    Is anybody going to mention the fact that he called a scooter a skateboard

  • Dylan Cox
    Dylan Cox

    Did Jeremy really call Batman’s scooter a skateboard

  • YellowFlare

    Has anyone else notice the marked out YOUNG JUSTICE on robin the movie


    9999999999999 sins for this movie existing

  • NovaMations388

    I'm really happy they put Stan Lee in there.

  • Dhakshayani Ramalingam
    Dhakshayani Ramalingam

    Do Teen Titans vs Teen Titans GO!

  • Gabrielle Vanderwolf
    Gabrielle Vanderwolf

    If you come to Christ yes there is Hope for you🕊 Jesus Christ is our living hope, God promised us a savior and a way to have eternal life Titus 1:2 (KJV) In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; He gave us that very promise and savior and Hope when He sent Jesus to us, Jesus defeated hell and death and sin, we can be saved by him and have eternal life 1 Peter 1:3 (KJV) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. whatever type of sin has entangled us. According to the Bible, God’s forgiveness is available to the Liars, fornicaters, Adulterers, Deceivers, homosexual just as it is to the adulterer, idol worshiper, murderer, and thief. God promises the strength for victory over any sin to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ and place all faith in Him and repent of their sins and trust in God for their salvation (1 Corinthians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Philippians 4:13)and He shall save them.

    • Andrew Kind
      Andrew Kind

      Fuck you Fuck your bible and Fuck jesus

  • Lukas Erickson
    Lukas Erickson


  • you never saw brian trust me
    you never saw brian trust me


  • Siddharth Shenoy
    Siddharth Shenoy

    Little Gamora: "What's wrong with Teen Titans Go! To The Movies? Thanos: *"EVERYTHING"*

  • Ruhan Chakraborty
    Ruhan Chakraborty

    I am a fan of teen titans

  • Anarchy Time
    Anarchy Time

    Everything wrong with dogpile: The movie

  • King Cookie
    King Cookie

    More like teen titans go to hell fuck i hate this movie

    • kachigga my bigga
      kachigga my bigga


  • Comidiyan

    this movie makes me wanna fucking murder myself

  • Jose Pereira
    Jose Pereira

    Me: Watching this movie as a 5 year old. Dad: What the heck are you should me watching marvel movies and then he sees Stan lee :/

  • Tea Kay
    Tea Kay

    This movie exsist Sin Counter: To infinity and Beyond

  • Mega Boi
    Mega Boi

    Inaccurate you should have sinned every second.

  • Park's Random Stuff
    Park's Random Stuff

    Why does this feel like a reference to Super Mario World? 14:14

  • London

    Robin: finally a movie about ME The anouncer: T H E CAR

  • tomiczek

    Kill it

  • Lorraine Gifford
    Lorraine Gifford

    Deadpool is an slade knock off

  • Fiona Kay Reid
    Fiona Kay Reid


  • Emmett McCarthy élève
    Emmett McCarthy élève

    i hated this movie and the teen titans overall. now dont call me boomer for this, but it is stupid. it is just fart jokes every 5 seconds and is bad. what happen to good cartons? it's all trying to connect with kids but failing horribly or just bad fart jokes.

  • S.l dubs
    S.l dubs

    Every think wrong with Teen Titans go in general 1.000.000 sins

  • a Kazuichi Simp
    a Kazuichi Simp

    i despise teen titans go.

  • Irosour N' Freinds
    Irosour N' Freinds

    The real thing wrong with this movie, is that it exists. Actually, the problem is that the show exists, and Teen Titans was canceled.

  • Jean Starnes
    Jean Starnes

    “Giant deadpool knock-off” Slade was made before Deadpool I’m adding a sin to this video

  • NeptunGaming

    cringe and annoyingness are my foresight into the future

  • sansmaster3345

    At least Nick Cage was Superman.

  • Lao Elly
    Lao Elly

    a bonus sin: green lantern does NOT have brown skin in the movie and I had to laugh sooo hard when sin 34 at 5:08 happened

  • Fronnie x_plays
    Fronnie x_plays

    Everything wrong with this Channel

  • Hard bass is Bad ass
    Hard bass is Bad ass

    i hate this show so much i cant even watcha sinning video of its movie

  • Andres Jimenez
    Andres Jimenez

    Sad to see all these superheros go to waste in "Justice League Dark Apocalpyse"

  • Z tv
    Z tv


  • Bass Fishing13
    Bass Fishing13

    You should make a video with everything wrong about fantastic four it’s just like the whole movie

  • Pranav Anand
    Pranav Anand

    You missed a sin: WHY IS ROBIN WEARING PANTS?

  • HyperZoneYT HyperZone
    HyperZoneYT HyperZone

    6:29 Probs Doing starfire 😏😏😏

  • eat kids
    eat kids

    Bruh this is make believe

  • Vance Neumann
    Vance Neumann

    Wouldn't Robin disappear if Batman never existed?

    • milopop

      why would that happen?