Everything Wrong With Spies in Disguise In 17 Minutes Or Less
I forgot ALL ABOUT this movie. I bet a lot of you did too. Spies in Disguise has Will Smith and Tom Holland and... a bunch of sins!!
Next week: Comic Book sins and late '90s action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Safoora Mazarei
    Safoora Mazarei

    the cage that fell made the noise when thor hit captin america's shield with mjolnir.

  • rachelle rewi
    rachelle rewi

    I enjoyed this movie with my dad

  • Rebekah Christie
    Rebekah Christie

    You know I'm going to add a sin to this video because you put a slow motion scene in slow motion

  • Bubbly Bi Demigoddess
    Bubbly Bi Demigoddess

    I’m surprised he didn’t sin the whole repetitive foreign language thing Tom Holland keeps listening to that is only used for that one gag near the end of the movie, that really seems like something he would sin. Not to mention he didn’t say Tom Holland once during the video but he said Will Smith several times.

  • Demon Dragon
    Demon Dragon

    5:53 every among us game

  • Ivy Tyson
    Ivy Tyson

    I like this movie a lot

  • abram morris
    abram morris

    imagine dragons is good know death metal that torture

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    I watched this and Dr. Dolittle on the same day Sweet Jesus watching two movies in one day is overwhelming honestly

  • Brady Does Stuff
    Brady Does Stuff

    My favorite part was the ah that's hot reference it made me smile

  • Teenage Playz
    Teenage Playz

    ears = walmart lucio

  • Lavenderfrog520 Or lav
    Lavenderfrog520 Or lav


  • Lavenderfrog520 Or lav
    Lavenderfrog520 Or lav

    I just had an ad called Jiffy Lube god why

  • Wolf

    Ehhhhhhh I was about to look up "Everything Great About Spies in Disguise." ;-;

  • M.E.G

    That headfirst thing through the roof brassed me off bad

  • Me talking about stuff With me
    Me talking about stuff With me

    What about Walter freaking sitting on Lance, that’s a sin, right? Like why was that necessary?

  • Mr Guy
    Mr Guy

    14 second of annoying cinema sins logos

  • hobbes the tiger
    hobbes the tiger

    I love this movie and this video alot

  • cullen hayes
    cullen hayes


  • Olivia hope
    Olivia hope

    I acctualy can't tell if you are being serious or not about Karen gillan not being Scottish...

  • Cadence Rainbow
    Cadence Rainbow

    14:47 you would be correct but can you please do a sin video on trolls world tour

  • HeroJesse

    I love purple fuck you for sining a purple sweater

  • bennie kovach
    bennie kovach

    Most sins ever

  • Thiago Alves
    Thiago Alves

    It is just me, or that fight scene in the building in ruins looks just exactly the church fight scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Mlg4life Jackson
    Mlg4life Jackson


  • Sans _5282
    Sans _5282

    “Shit just Went from 8 to 1317 to fuckin quick

  • Cammys Animations
    Cammys Animations

    So this has more sins than the emoji movie 5 minutes in

  • KCedric

    This is like Johnny English

  • Maeve Torrence
    Maeve Torrence

    Why does every bad guy except for the dude with the claw the claw have the exact same level of skill? Don't any of them have some sort of advantage in training? Where they just not trained at all?

  • Marriex Monton
    Marriex Monton

    This video is so Good that I'm gonna make it - 10000000 sins

  • jason Teoh
    jason Teoh

    8.06 my mother's sister had a goggle home and it only listened to her but for some reason it listened to me

  • lol human
    lol human

    I have a bad memory of this movie because when i was watching this in the cinema somebody had a seizure

  • bread

    Small lips small nose how does he breathe

  • Nightfall the Bloodless
    Nightfall the Bloodless

    Will Smith is an insufferable asshole in a movie cliche.

  • TitoGabo

    Is it me or this guy sounds like markiplier

  • Slayer Yt
    Slayer Yt

    This dude big brain he watches movies and makes money

  • BossKosmas 2009
    BossKosmas 2009

    The most sined movie

  • sam john
    sam john

    4:43 they have goggles that's all the protection they need

  • FlamingFox

    The thumbnail has characters just stolen from other movies, left to right: Cop from cloudy with a chance of meatballs Linguine from ratatouille The shadow man from princess and the frog (mixed with the critic from ratatouille)

  • Daniel Mitskinis
    Daniel Mitskinis

    Why is in basically every Disney movie the girls have big as eyes

  • Josiah Jeudy
    Josiah Jeudy

    Does he know that he has a long intro that he didn’t have a while back

  • Expendable Echo
    Expendable Echo

    He mentioned everything... But didn't say anything about how his hand was tiny as fuck?

  • It’s ya boi Yoda
    It’s ya boi Yoda

    1372 sins at only 4:05, WOW

  • Ritchie Reyes
    Ritchie Reyes

    the worlds greatest spy nobody would know about

  • Furry77


  • Spyrine

    I am in this video and I don't like it.

  • clavelhernan yahoo1345
    clavelhernan yahoo1345

    your forgot 1 sin how the heck did the drones even last a second without a big battery

  • Parker Kranz
    Parker Kranz


  • Parker Kranz
    Parker Kranz

    I thought this was a good movie tbh. And if you didn't like it thats ok.

  • Vbvol

    My name is Beckett

  • Stormy Sea
    Stormy Sea

    12:54 Walter was his name? his face is as good as new-

  • Nolan Meyers
    Nolan Meyers

    1,476. is that a new record?

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre


  • Jaxon Cooper
    Jaxon Cooper

    He has teeth as a pigeon

  • Drizzle

    Imagine Dragons? Did I miss something? Again?

  • Mr. Merlin
    Mr. Merlin

    Everything Wrong With: Everything Wrong With Spies in Disguise In 17 Minutes Or Less Its more than 17 minutes.

  • Larry Miner
    Larry Miner

    king kong vs godzilla 1962

  • Yeet yah Yeet
    Yeet yah Yeet


  • Mark Oskar Sähka
    Mark Oskar Sähka

    11:07 ESTONIA!

  • all might
    all might

    So... We are just going to ignore the fact that lance has human teeth? As a bird? I mean, am no Ornithologists (yes I got that off the internet) but am pretty sure that's not how it works

  • L 9! The adorkable
    L 9! The adorkable

    That other guy that was knocked out in the background....was a pigeon

  • Mustafa Pasha
    Mustafa Pasha

    Congratulations spies in disguise you have won the award of getting the most sins

  • Dustin Zacharias
    Dustin Zacharias

    Love the new animation

  • FallPhoenix18 Xo
    FallPhoenix18 Xo

    Am I the only person who saw Twice's knock knock when Walter was introduced?

  • Jacob and Donna Thompson
    Jacob and Donna Thompson

    Imagine dragons is good so f$ck you

  • Dr Dalmation
    Dr Dalmation

    Cinema Sins: 40 seconds of logos?! Ding Also Cinema Sins: Adds very long intro along with movie intro.

  • Dr Dalmation
    Dr Dalmation

    he adds 1000 sins for this helicopter scene and even then in Die Hard Bruce does the same thing but with a motorcycle, so how does a cartoon need more sins.

  • Legobrick

    I thought that he wasn't kidding about adding 1,348 sins and he would remove the sins but oh boy I was wrong

  • Holly Schwinn
    Holly Schwinn

    ....... why did you say "sounds like a scottish Karen Gillan".... SHE IS SCOTTISH. SHE WAS ON DOCTOR WHO????

  • Kadontae Brooks
    Kadontae Brooks

    Objective was the sub. Not Walter.

  • Raven Schofield
    Raven Schofield

    That is Karen Gillan and she is Scottish

  • Maria Botello
    Maria Botello

    Bull shit on tv

  • Dead Day
    Dead Day

    What happened to the credit sin That’s an every video because it’s always too long

  • Sylveon Eeveeloutionbros
    Sylveon Eeveeloutionbros

    He had to remember that this is a kids movie

  • Tippex

    This is the first time in modern cinema sins history where a movie went over 1,000 sins

  • AbdullaAnimates

    1,371 sins in 4 minutes this can only end well


    "Scottish" Karen Gillan Welsh people: *.*

  • Veronika Vartanova
    Veronika Vartanova

    How did "ooh, dat's hot!" not made the cut?

  • Echidna

    "so that's who Deep Throat was" If that's a Metal Gear Reference than I love this guy

  • theatricalman theatricalman5478
    theatricalman theatricalman5478

    good video cool video awesome video

  • Gabe A.
    Gabe A.

    I thought Wisconsin wasn't real?

  • The Fnaf Plushies
    The Fnaf Plushies

    Wow you just made the emoji movie look like avengers endgame

  • Clau Dion
    Clau Dion

    The snowman sin i think is not a sin its on purpose to show how great he is he created a snowman and knocked out a guy in 1 second

  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea Adams

    "The character that sounds like a Scottish Karen Gillan" ...Karen Gillan *is* Scottish.

  • Julian Thingvoll
    Julian Thingvoll

    Who else forgot how many sins he added in the beginning and then saw the last sin tally and chuckled a bit?

  • Shane Moore
    Shane Moore

    i think this is the most sins yet

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera

    Don't forget ready player 1 lmao

  • Christian Moosepayo
    Christian Moosepayo

    Dis guy can be a dick but he's funn

  • Mr YEET
    Mr YEET

    It's a kids movie, it's not supposed to be realistic and have no mistakes. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE NON REALISTIC!

    • Mr YEET
      Mr YEET

      @monny287 yea

    • monny287

      @Mr YEET Uh-huh. Right.

    • Mr YEET
      Mr YEET

      @monny287 no, just because i can and i want to

    • monny287

      @Mr YEET So you're coming to a video knowing it's going to be pointing out plot holes and mistakes and being nitpicky...and you're complaining because that's what you got?

    • Mr YEET
      Mr YEET

      @monny287 no

  • Google User
    Google User

    This movie had plenty of legit sins without the need to add sins just to add them.

  • Grug The pirate caveman
    Grug The pirate caveman

    Will smith: the movie

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter

    At the start of the car chase, Lance said "Activate auto drive" 8:15

  • Gamer Forlife
    Gamer Forlife

    10:06 dude I met them as a little kid before they were even a band that is not nice and besides do Tostitos hot pizza rolls that shit sucks so much I add 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to comment sins

  • Rayla 957
    Rayla 957

    10:03 I know you're just naming a random, well-known band, but c'mon man, Imagine Dragons is great and does not deserve demotion to meme status

  • Murni Bae
    Murni Bae

    SEXY SCENE いい話。。❤『 18++ 』❤ ➳➳ shorturl.ca/quicksexigirls උපාධි තාපය සහ මෙම කාරණය සමඟ මෙම පිකාචු


    my kid watched this movie and i hated the movie

  • spleens the cat
    spleens the cat

    I actually liked this movie, it had some good adult humor too.

  • Julisa Lev
    Julisa Lev

    This is the highest amount of sins a movie has ever gotten, this movie should be honered

  • Hiie Posti
    Hiie Posti

    11:08 can someone explain? i know it's a joke.. but estonia?

  • Siri Johnson
    Siri Johnson

    My step sister loved this movie so much, she married lance sterling in all the games we play. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Random Things Productions
    Random Things Productions

    I heard Dream Team and had a flashback