Everything Wrong With The Departed In Bahston Minutes
The Departed is f*cking awesome. Great acting, great suspense. It rules!!
But it's Oscar season, and The Departed won Best Picture, so it's kind of a theme pick. Anyway, here are the sins.
Thursday: More Best Picture winner sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • atomicdeath10

    I texted like Damon did in his jacket like that many times in High School. After learning to speed type on a flip phone it was actually pretty easy.

  • Fox Butterfly-Eden
    Fox Butterfly-Eden

    You didn’t give a sin for the inclusion of the bad cover of “Comfortably Numb”???? You deserve a sin for letting that slide

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    I’m sorry, I’m starting to think the directors are starting to fuck with cinema sins.

  • Jim Dalton
    Jim Dalton

    “Boston State Police”? Bostonchusetts? Plus Baldwins accent sucks and Marky Mark has shitty lines (both obtuse and abstruse) - probably came up with them himself. Cutting edge city kid banter? What a dink, give me an f’n break. But he’s done great things for the old hometown....not Baldwin sounds like he crossed a new yorker with an englishman..ha ha ha

  • NE One Here From
    NE One Here From

    This is Grade-A level tryhard shit.

  • Noir Orion
    Noir Orion

    5:43 - he's not asking DuCaprio if he'd "go back to school" because he CARES about him being in or out of the business, bruh. He's asking because if he goes back to school, he can use that degree to get a job (like Colin/Damon) has and further advance his (Costello's) own corrupt-ass agenda.

  • EOJ G
    EOJ G

    Libtards acting

  • meltz

    So lazy

  • CNep99

    The writing of this movie is a good example of how good acting can make one overlook that

  • Tony Hernandez
    Tony Hernandez

    I'm going to be 100% honest. I clicked on this video only to give it a dislike because I love "The Departed" so much. But I was hooked and laughing the entire time, great job!!

  • Let's Movie!
    Let's Movie!

    Honestly? You should have taken a sin off every time that Mark Walberg speaks in this movie! This said, for as much as I love The Departed I agree that is total bullshit that nobody in Costello's outfit figures out that Billy is the rat, and that the love triangle Di Caprio/Damon/Farmiga is really out of place in a movie like this

  • Shit Bitch
    Shit Bitch

    How is steak fries a sin?

  • Thomas Groover
    Thomas Groover

    How do I even know my own thoughts are real? Can you even see me? You're just projections of my subconscious. Wait, what subconscious? There is no...Hodor! Hodor!

  • Kat Will
    Kat Will

    Great film as well

  • Kat Will
    Kat Will

    This shit great

  • Hunter Wilder
    Hunter Wilder

    He skipped over Costigan’s death scene because he knew he would have had to remove all the sins if he didn’t

    • THE 53414
      THE 53414


  • BERTfilms EXTRAS
    BERTfilms EXTRAS

    Fav gangster movie

  • Tzipporah Gedlu-Dibo
    Tzipporah Gedlu-Dibo

    This movie was soooo disappointing

  • Rare Texas MixTapes
    Rare Texas MixTapes

    6:50 Leo Got Hit In The Face With A Toy

  • ryan hunter
    ryan hunter

    How do you have one of ur guys find the rat when you know one of them is the rat.

  • ryan hunter
    ryan hunter

    He’s exactly right about the social security number. He’s not pretending to be someone else. Never made sense.

  • Simran Deol
    Simran Deol

    17:04 you forgot interstellar bullshit matt damon

  • Abbey Weersing
    Abbey Weersing

    I love leonardo dicaprio

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    I also like the "Easter Eggs" Scorsese leaves in this movie... So apparently, there's an 'X' right before someone important gets killed in this movie. Like you can see one of those 'Xs' at 19:05 on the carpet before he gets wacked. And also, Im pretty sure Scorsese explains why the buliding w/ the golden dome keeps getting closer & closer... I guess it means that these characters, (Damons especially) keep figuratively, "flying too close to the sun" & the golden dome being the sun?

  • TheKillerDonuts

    6:49 blood was on Billy’s face from getting hit with that phone earlier in the scene. I always thought it was a neat detail that it started bleeding after

  • Sofia Howes
    Sofia Howes

    Nope, not this movie... It's a godsend!

  • Brad Goodall
    Brad Goodall

    "don't laugh this isn't reality TV!" is about saying that the situation is real and serious. Reality TV is fake, hence the situation ain't reality TV.

  • Mitsubishi Lancer evolution GSR 4b1t A.W.D.
    Mitsubishi Lancer evolution GSR 4b1t A.W.D.


  • i_Hackintosh

    I fucking love Jack overacting as a rat

  • i_Hackintosh

    The tension & paranoia of being undercover with anyone that could kill you at any second is so strongly expressed by Leo. I was shocked he didn’t win an Oscar still after this.

  • Dem Lem's
    Dem Lem's

    DANG, I was hoping my SUB would get your right over 9 million subs, and I would of felt special for 2 minutes lol

  • Mathias Fruhmann
    Mathias Fruhmann

    Departed - explaining why Boston is so racist

  • Etienne Erasmus
    Etienne Erasmus

    you're an idiot!

  • baby boo
    baby boo

    Thst dessert

  • Josh Cuthbert
    Josh Cuthbert

    What does Bill do to make him more valuable? He spells citizen right mate. That's all he needs to assist in Frank's criminal affairs!

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    Could you please just do rescuing with the champ

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ

    great movie

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega

    The worst scene in this film is Matt Damon wearing the number 10 Jersey when he's playing flanker

  • Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
    Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson

    Leo got blood on his face cuz that guy threw a toy at him! P.S. thank you for the cat hate sins!!

  • CLuv

    Wait...was there a "Matt Damon can't get a boner" sub plot?

  • JOE knows
    JOE knows

    2:53 " you've got one person out there" no. Actually, theres leo, the old guy who dies in Leo's presence, then Frank. Keep up

  • Jacoby

    I feel like I’m the only one who thought the rat at the end was icing on the cake rather than lazy symbolism. Like personally I found it satisfying, as if the universe is saying, “Look at Sullivan. He was nothing more than rat. Weak, dirty, can easily fall into a trap and die. And now he did. Rest in piece, asshole.”

  • Daddy G.
    Daddy G.

    Whenever someone dies in this movie there's a big X on the screen....... watch it and look, you'll see.

  • Nadir Rimouche
    Nadir Rimouche

    Jeremy's voice without the Birdman right after... so weird

  • Raka Mazumder
    Raka Mazumder

    The lady pulling her dog away from Sullivan was supposed to show how his past would prevent him from ever having a normal life

  • Julius Morgan
    Julius Morgan

    delahunt was probably framing billy to get the heat off his own ass. he didn't tell anyone because he was going to die and he figured billy was another undercover officer but kept the secret so billy could live. you're welcome

  • Muzic Loverr
    Muzic Loverr

    The sins for not liking cats. Priceless

  • K T
    K T

    Frank cares about trying to talk billy out of the life because he knew and respected Billy’s dad.

  • K T
    K T

    You’re 100% right about the elevator scene, someone would’ve spoke up.

  • K T
    K T

    Also, I hate to break it to you, but they didn’t yada yada the prison stuff, he would’ve gone to a county jail and normally nothing of note really happens in them.

  • K T
    K T

    I’m 40, from Boston, and fully got the Going my Way reference

  • djo lo
    djo lo

    6:49 he got hit by a plastic truck a second before that, CinemaSins sin counter: 1

  • Connor

    He dosent take at least one sign off for elevator scene

  • Keith Bittinger
    Keith Bittinger

    Why no videos yet for GoodFellas and Casino?

  • Dakota Harvey
    Dakota Harvey

    "So what's it like, finding yourself?" The foreshadowing in this scene where Colin asks Madolyn about "finding yourself" and then he soon figures out what its like to try and "find yourself" in an investigation, I never put those two together. Scorsese you're a genuis


    144: Dignamhad on long sleeves and shoe covers to keep evidence out of the scene. He also would have already had his hair inside of the toboggan he put on, a bandana...something.Hair in a crime scene can be gold for forensics.

  • mikeus69

    When text messages were multi pushbutton like Martin Sheens phone I could 100% send texts without looking

  • Tiernan Still
    Tiernan Still

    Whoa whoa whoa. Did you seriously just say no one would be able to type a text message in their pocket??? Don't you remember T9??? Didn't you live through 2008?

  • Alien Soup
    Alien Soup

    Add a few sins for how long it took Matt Damon's character to react to Mark Wahlberg in his apt, and waits for him to raise his gun, and just stands there. He should have thrown the groceries, and been out the door the moment he saw the guy. Poor reflexes for a cop.

  • Stockwell Santley
    Stockwell Santley

    That dessert is YUMMY!

  • Sameeh

    Casting :very sick Movie: full of suspense and great acting Overall one of the best movies

  • blinkzone1

    Why is Matt Damon so impressed with the gold dome building? What's so symbolic about it? Is it to remind him of the Vatican or something? Makes no sense.

  • blinkzone1

    This is great stuff and hilarious!

  • kryceksangel

    Anti conservative idiot

  • Manihot Esculenta
    Manihot Esculenta

    sixty four to one fourteen⁉️ you shouldn't have❗

  • Kathi Murray
    Kathi Murray

    You should sin yourself for that attempt at a Bahsten accent...lmfao....

  • sykopus

    Soooooo this narrator must have been born in the mid 90s or some shit because clearly he’s never used a phone with physical buttons to text before. I used to be able to do that shit while diving without ever even having glanced at my phone once.

  • Jill Austin
    Jill Austin


  • Danny Thompson
    Danny Thompson

    This is one of the best American gangster movies ever made.

  • Marwan Mowaffak
    Marwan Mowaffak

    Question: how does Dignam know that matt damon was a rat? did costello give him up when he said the phrase "I wouldnt give up someone who wasnt going down anyway"? did Vera Farmiga tell him? did she send dignam the envelope that billy dropped before getting killed? I watched this movie a thousand times and never figured out how dignam knew matt damon was the actual rat and killed him.

  • Jack Walker
    Jack Walker

    The fact that you sinned the opening narration is the biggest sin of all.

  • fIyingpeacock

    You must have never had to text with a flip phone. I could report everything you are saying here with a flip phone without ever looking at it and not miss a single punctuation mark......

  • Rei 89
    Rei 89

    why did the blood splatter from the side of Matt Damons head if he got shot in the forehead

  • Christopher Toole
    Christopher Toole

    He was in Jail not prison

  • Potato Almighty
    Potato Almighty

    Man you're really annoying, I couldn't watch two minutes of this shit

  • Jason Fitzpatrick
    Jason Fitzpatrick

    I was honestly expecting +100 sins for the rat at the end.

  • BlissfulWizar7

    Biggest hater of all time

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy

    The Departed is basically the Donnie Brasco story but with the Irish mob instead of Italian.

  • Devers

    3:24 THANK YOU

  • M N
    M N

    6:35 This can happen, it's called flashover. Used to be a firefighter.

  • The Child
    The Child

    You UN-sinned for NO-cats....SYN

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns

    Best movie cast ever

  • CliffJumpingProd

    weeeell, it was actually very easy to text without looking before touchscreen.. 9 individual buttons, all you had to remember was 3 letters per button, all in alphabetical order.. I mean you had to think about it but it was not difficult.. -1 sin..

  • Omia V
    Omia V

    stop sinning stuff you did not like from the movie you idiots..

  • Evan Peltier
    Evan Peltier

    You forgot a sin in the final scene, where it shows an OBVIOUS body double lying dead on the floor, and not Matt Damon. Ding! 🔔

  • yoloduran duran
    yoloduran duran

    I was surprised that this movie was so disappointing.

  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor

    8:29 Now that is a very good point!!!

  • brian belton
    brian belton

    just put the whole movie up, will ya? yous

  • MzNaeture π
    MzNaeture π

    La dee da 🎶 prison is fine 😂 hellnawww

  • mark merzweiler
    mark merzweiler

    After Queenan's death...I'm quite sure the Boston cops had no qualms about Killing Costello rather than arresting him.

  • Vincent Marcellino
    Vincent Marcellino

    Fun fact: Leo was having trouble being afraid of Jack for the role. So Jack came on set plastered one day. He lights the bar on fire and aims a gun at Leo while just staring at him. Gotta love Jack Nicholson!

  • BA Bosses
    BA Bosses

    i refuse to believe u didn’t take 200 sins off for “the world needs plenty of bahtendas!”

  • M N
    M N

    Here’s my question. If dingham and costello were working together doesn’t he already know that leos character is the mole? 🧐

  • Em R
    Em R

    Am I the one who got confused by the faces of Matt, Leo and Mark?

  • Young Sir Ren
    Young Sir Ren

    Do Everything Wrong With Crash


    This movie is great in many ways, but wtf does it really say about police? A whole paid department of dudes is just watching and recording a known gangster commit crimes. Apparently they have been doing this for years. They never arrest, never do anything no matter what evidence they get. The only explanation is the weak reason they are "building a case." At what point do you just cut your losses? The case is never going to be made! mean they even have cops go deep undercover, and they still never arrest anybody. The undercover cops just commit crimes too for no real reason and collect taxpayer $ in salary. The cops really just make things worse in this movie if you think about it. And the head gangster is an informant so will never be arrested anyways apparently. What's it all for? I always think this when I see this movie. Sorry just wanted to rant.

  • Sara M.
    Sara M.

    I can't believe you didn't remove a sin for the DiCaprio death.

  • Erin Toney
    Erin Toney

    The best part was the end. *chef’s kiss*

  • Catharsis

    Billy's watching Colin at the theater. Colin leaves. Billy follows. Billy gets a text...make arrest. GREAT now you tell me after he's left the theater and is waltzing down the alley.