Everything Wrong With Jumanji: The Next Level In 16 Minutes Or Less
Jumanji: The Next Level. It's not as good as the last one, but it's got enough fun you'll probably have a good time. Just don't try counting the sins, or you'll go blind like we did.
Thursday: Historical sins... kind of.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Ginger95

    As someone who’s pretty picky with movies and doesn’t really like corny family friends comedy, this was really fucking funny. Most of the sins are things that make the movie work. This channel just searches for shit in good movies as clickbait. Fuck this page

    • Ginger95

      Example: sprained ankle like a crippled limb in fallout

  • Johndyll cruz
    Johndyll cruz

    The camel survive the explosion 😂

  • aryanna

    Around 7:00 “how could spencer do blah blah without his grandfather (stone) seeing the girl) THATS THE POINT. He couldn’t: same with the first movie & (nick jonas) couldn’t move forward. Ugh SIN ON YOU

  • sarah jane aconley
    sarah jane aconley

    Could you imagine how annoyed they'd be if using your last life just teleported you back to the start of the game? 😂 it's never been confirmed what actually happens when the last life is used, they just kinda assume you die

  • Clifton Sargent
    Clifton Sargent

    “You dam hippie” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    "I gotta stop hanging around white people, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me." Spencer's white? Looks too tan for white. Look at these frames and tell me if they match Spencer's skin tone. Or any of those guys besides Fridge.

  • Ian Crane
    Ian Crane

    This is one of those videos where it seems like they just really wanted to be mean to the movie. I don't love this movie, but damn they went after this one HARD

  • sedrabrown1

    It is possible for Milo to say this at 3:46. Older black people do speak this way when they think they may know someone. Him think the name sounds familiar would justify his asking the question at this point.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    LEVEL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert _gaming
    robert _gaming

    Look down to look what is wrong with this chanel U fucking stuped this is amazing

  • kayru wijaya
    kayru wijaya

    8:47 someone never played gta

  • Jess

    6:33 haha, take a sin off will ya

  • Jess

    5:29 YES JEREMY THANK YOU!! FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT! I know it was only Bethany who was at the door but it could have literally been ANYONE, surely a guy who’s been in survival mode for over 20 years should know this right?

  • Game Deck
    Game Deck

    “These are impostors!” Among us players: “First time?”

  • ToucanO

    This movie epic tho😢

  • the nerf nerd
    the nerf nerd

    A perfect 111 sun count. Soooo satisfying.

  • Joshua Winters
    Joshua Winters

    When Are We Getting A CinemaWins Edition Of This?

  • randomfamguyhero

    You missed the suitcase from the 1950s

  • PNW Affliction
    PNW Affliction

    I like how they completely forget about who has how many lives by the middle of the movie. I imagine the original cut of this movie being like 5 hours long.

  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker

    8:40 You forgot to add a sin with the absolute anti-stormtrooper aim in which they killed all 5 protagonists in one rocket hit... Even though you showed the clip... Sin on you...

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    Bebe Neuwirth rocks.

  • Games met Wouter en Thijs
    Games met Wouter en Thijs

    8:05 that’s the same as in Welcome to the jungle, where Fridge said “he checked immediately”. You know what I’m talking about

  • lauraafjs

    It's in proper levels form. Like the old games. Its why i think this movie actually works well . It reminds me of Aladdin ( the Mega Drive game)

  • mickeypoo305

    Jack black playing fridge was pretty funny imo

  • Donny lee
    Donny lee

    Alan's wife

  • Radar 2112
    Radar 2112

    So close to 9mill

  • Supreme_Lord 169
    Supreme_Lord 169

    am i the only 1 who thought that the video game version of jumanji was a ripoff Greed Island?

  • Nicole Raheem
    Nicole Raheem

    Because of Cinemasins, I've been introduced to about 4 movies that I've never thought of watching or ever heard of. Like this movie and that movie with Oprah🙈😂❣️❣️💜I love this channel.

  • Axtive

    11:44 yeah I think u should calm down?

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts

    Perfect example of how badly a studio can fuck up a movie. Let a high school drama class write it and it would be so much better.

  • Derva Kommt von hinten
    Derva Kommt von hinten

    a video game where you can get a sprained ankle? are you kidding me? have you ever played assasins creed, atlas, ark or any role playing game where you can fall down from shit? you either die or get injured.

  • Derva Kommt von hinten
    Derva Kommt von hinten

    it just gets worse from here... wise words if there ever were some

  • RoxasRooGaming

    I'm actually thrilled a horse is a main character in a game, it has impact and importance because games now a days are all elves and goblins and human, its about time animals get to be chosen as character, exactly like cat people in most MMO games. I'd def choose the horse, the role too little.

  • Zachary Akram
    Zachary Akram

    Mad max jumanji road is a joke in the last movie sin and in this one and thats just lazy writing and thats a sin

  • Art's Life
    Art's Life


  • Shiro Kimminjungparkjeon
    Shiro Kimminjungparkjeon

    Ok hear me out. When Spencer killed Jurgen The Brutal in this movie, Jurgen's strenghts and weakness board thing popped up. That was not the case when the villain in the first movie died. None of the NPCs or bad guys on motorcycles have those boards, only the players. Which means that somewhere in the real world, someone actually died ( I'm assuming it was Jurgen's last life or else the movie/game wouldn't have ended) - Who was Jurgen's player? - If that person didn't play this game, who would be the villain? - Why was an actual person a villain in the first place? Did the game want someone to be killed? When Milo and Eddie fly up to show the jewel to the sun, everyone calls out its name. Eddie doesn't hear what they say and asks Milo; Milo neighs, and Eddie says: "Jumanji?" -How does Eddie/Ming understand the horse? Kevin Hart/Fridge only knows linguistics, right?

  • BotslayePlayz

    But this 17 minutes long

  • Zion Lezada
    Zion Lezada

    Nice new intro!

  • Plane

    Is that old Danny devito? I didn't know he was that old

  • National Paper Football League
    National Paper Football League


  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    They didn’t keep their voices in the last movie

  • lukedawg

    My sin is I watched it with my ex

  • The Opposite of Normal
    The Opposite of Normal

    I don’t care what you say this movie is gold and I’m going to glue your teeth to a cantaloupe

  • bananabuttersomethin

    No sin off for "Did I just...kill Eddie...by talking too slow...like he always said I would?" Best line in the whole movie.

  • Kratos Aurion
    Kratos Aurion

    You should sin yourself for not starting this video with “SEEE I TOLD YOU IT WOULDNT STOP THE SEQUEL

  • Bruce Blackwell
    Bruce Blackwell

    I was really annoyed that the old guys after 30 minutes still couldn't get on board with the fact they are in a game

  • Jessica J.W.
    Jessica J.W.

    Jeremy u missed out d part where d snake eat fridge...an the other 3 of them was right infront of fridge u telling me those mofos didn't see d mother f..... snake??

  • Carlos Schrader
    Carlos Schrader

    First movie was all Jack Black being a girl and this one was all Kevin Hart being Danny Glover. Apart from that they're both pretty shit movies.

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    Kevin Hart as Donald golver was amazing a laughed the entire time

  • Dank Tr00per
    Dank Tr00per

    everything wrong with cinema cins: jumaji the next level: just choose! is the game easy or hard in your head!? not a hater just pointing that out

  • MajesticGent

    This is the third sin video in a row, that I've watched, where the # of sins is 111. That is +1 sin.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "In what video game from the mid-1990s would they feature a scene where one of the characters makes out with a hot lady?" Questions that were never meant to be answered

  • TruOnyxfire

    How did you not ask about the bridges being suspended from ropes that stretch into the sky with nothing to hang them from? And Dwayne's impersonation of Danny Devito is horrible and sounds NOTHING like him. Hart's impersonation of Glover was much closer and would have even been a good voice character of its own.

  • Andrew Sternburg
    Andrew Sternburg

    And that’s a sin for thinking Kevin Hart is funny

  • Grygong555

    The acting of Dwayne, Kevin and Jack in this is absolutely fabulous, the film was soo funny 😂

  • animato YT
    animato YT

    I watched this movie in the theaters

  • Dark Nightmare
    Dark Nightmare

    I feel like that the game has reality warping ability. That would make a lot of sense. Like, the game actually gives you objectives and levels based on the current situation you and the other players are in.

  • Dark Nightmare
    Dark Nightmare

    What was that first sin? Was that a joke?

  • Clumzyonyt

    Every one saying Kevin was the best thing about this move but I was goddamn Dani devito

  • Kushagr Narayan
    Kushagr Narayan

    11:24 Me:Laughs in Metal Gear Solid 3

  • Hat Master
    Hat Master

    1:04 oh so it’s just dark souls

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly

    I LOVED the first movie but I can't make it though the second one because they COMPLETELY RUINED IT with the way they had Kevin Hart/Mouse talking!!! I can only make it to the scene where they are trying to cross all those bridges before I change the channel!!! EVERY TIME he opens his mouth I want to shove a rock in it and duct tape it shut so he can't say another friggin'word!!!!!

  • Ozzy J Studios
    Ozzy J Studios

    Cinemasins: have you ever seen a video game character get a sprained ancle? Who would want to play that game? Anyone who has played fallout: 🙄

  • carrie12212 Nothing
    carrie12212 Nothing

    This is the only Jumanji movie I watched it and I’ve only watched it once and it was a long time ago so I don’t remember it at all

  • VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]
    VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]

    11:47 I mean, they don’t want you to say “Roll Credits!” right?

  • James Pendle
    James Pendle

    And all those sins should then be removed for karen gillan’s stomach alone!

  • dimitris mpatsinis
    dimitris mpatsinis


  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Take sins off for devito

  • Emerald Krown
    Emerald Krown

    Ad 60 sins to the fact that Kevin Hart is now the Zoologist, even though Jack Black was the Zoologist last movie

    • bananabuttersomethin

      @Emerald Krown I literally watched the Cinemasins video for the last movie right before this one. Kevin Hart was the zoologist, Jack Black was the cartographer.

    • Emerald Krown
      Emerald Krown

      @bananabuttersomethin no he was the Zoologist

    • bananabuttersomethin

      No, he was the cartographer.

  • James Kolb
    James Kolb

    there better not be any physic breaking Bell Hueys in this movie....

  • LÄMP

    Are they not gonna sin the scene at the end were the games ostriches run through the street? " setting up a new movie with an end scene" cliche

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher

    Everything wrong with everything wrong with Jumanji the next level. Jeremy didn't see the movie! A hundred trillion to the 10th power sins

  • anothaninjaguy

    11:20 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Still an amazing game, sprains and all.

  • anothaninjaguy

    Jeremy really likes Leisure Suit Larry. Mentionted it in both of the Jumanji vids lol

  • Potato king
    Potato king

    While I was watching this video I saw a ad with Kevin hart coincidence I THINK NOT!!

  • Jesse Tyler Maloney
    Jesse Tyler Maloney

    10:24 a sinworthy Wilhelm scream

  • Grandi Liringis
    Grandi Liringis

    nle choppa shotta flow 2

  • Xelthos

    5th movie will be good too.

  • vaishali mathur
    vaishali mathur

    Has nobody else noticed this? If this was real, wouldn't the main 4 teens know who Alex looks like? JONAS was a pretty popular band at that point. And being a Jonas Brothers fan, well, I can say that they still look similar to that time... ANOTHER SIN BAM

  • Frick Chamber
    Frick Chamber

    So are we not gonna sin the fact that the villians name is same as pewdiepies minceaft horse....

  • Ray Spicher
    Ray Spicher

    Is Jack Black's Fridge impression racist? Because it feels racist.


    you got a good point in this video about the movie but I still like it

  • Cameron Tipton
    Cameron Tipton

    “Well if the Bridges start shifting then fridges geometry skill aren’t worth s*it” but in the movie fridge uses his geometry skills to navigate through the bridges proving they aren’t s*it

  • RommeeManuel

    Been telling friends that Dora the Explorer movie is way way better and funnier than this Jumanji. I get laughed at but then when they watch Dora they agree! If you haven't seen Dora give it a watch (fast-forward the first 7mins of it and enjoy a solid movie. It's everything Jumanji should have been!) 😂

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff

    4:09 that's part of the comedy, you idiot! The "rambling out man" is a fairly funny trope!😤😒

  • Exasperation

    Unrelated, but when Welcome to the Jungle played I got Megamind flashbacks skhdlshkd

  • Exasperation

    I just want to note how great a performance Kevin Hart did in this movie. Seriously, throughout the whole movie I kept thinking "Wow, Kevin Hart is really good in this movie." Don't get me wrong, he was funny in both movies, but I think he really nailed the whole "Impersonating Milo" thing.

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    2:03 sure, a black person says s*** like this and it's just fine haha funny and s*** but anyone else does and it's racist huh.

  • KirboTheSkeleton

    You missed a healm scream (Sorry if I miss spelled it)

  • keepmeposted25

    Kevin Hart is the best part of this movie. Good use of a sin off!

  • Spleens The Cat
    Spleens The Cat

    Man this movie is amazing Am I the only person who hasn't had movies ruined by cinema sins? Cuz I think I am

  • Ethan Nance
    Ethan Nance

    What’s wrong with her nose ring

  • James Mullins
    James Mullins

    I hated Kevin hart and the rocks voices. It got really tiresome watching them play old dudes


    CANT wait until the next jumanji that will maybe come in like 1 to 2 years


    Eddie: what were in a game? :o vjchffcycuu reeeee


    Does anyone know that spencers grandpa eddie is from matilda the rude dad in matilda lol


    Did anyone know that daffey was the evil guy from jumanji welcome to the jungle i think so yay daffey died


    Fridge we got to have eyes in the back of our- *snake eats him*


    Did anyone see all the way at the ending of jumanji the next level that the policeman touches spencer game so im 100 percent sure theres going be another jumanji