EWW The Avengers
It's been so long since The Avengers came out, you probably forgot how little Iron Man and Hulk it had in it. And boy does this movie have sins.
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    BlueFurTails2828 (inactivo en vídeos por ahora)


  • smoshfan

    We wanted to forget this movie. We also really wanted to hate it since it was so horrible and only has 5% Rotten Tomatoes. We can't get both. But CinemaSins has given the movie the smackdown it deserves.

  • HarryPotter87

    Looks like a poor man's "Avengers" movie

  • fromchomleystreet

    What are the chances that two unrelated franchises with the same name, both based on 1960s escapist fantasies about crime fighters, would also both happen to feature a beautiful ass-kicking widow with red hair, martial arts prowess, and a penchant for black leather cat-suits, who works as spy? I think that’s what confuses a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the tv series. It’s not just the name. It’s the name combined with the fact that they see Uma Thurman in the red hair and catsuit, looking more like Black Widow from the comic book than Scarlet Johansen ever did.

  • Mike Hearns
    Mike Hearns

    I remember seeing this movie in theaters. I was very disappointed, until watching this Sins video. I couldn't stop laughing at all the MCU comparisons! Thank you for this.

  • Chris East
    Chris East

    Apparently UZload also fell for it.

  • QuarioQuario54321

    I would go on but it costs more than my salary

  • Dragz Entertainment
    Dragz Entertainment

    What movie is this?

  • Leif Andersson
    Leif Andersson

    The best joke is that the recommended movie by youtube is the recent avengers movie 😅

  • Ash H
    Ash H

    And League of Extraordinary Gentleman... not this.... was the movie that made Sean Connery rage quit acting???? 🤨🤔🤨

  • Kristof Somogyi
    Kristof Somogyi

    There was an ad for the Marvel 2012 avengers next to this video 😂


    oldboy / madmax

  • Karrde

    real quick i know nothing about this weird movie dont really care to but WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE BEARS???!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

  • Karrde

    and theres a Marvel Avengers movie promoted next to the vid xd

  • Karrde

    aaaand he had exactly two darts for both beard :P 7:00

  • Rainey Hayes
    Rainey Hayes

    Now how about "confusing" Blind Date the comedy with Blind Date the thriller.

  • superraysniper

    is thsi an actual thing

  • Alexi Johnston
    Alexi Johnston

    When I saw this movie in the theater I thought it was MCU avengers. I walked out a quarter way through. 😅

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    It shows the mcus avengers for me to buy or rent instead of this version

  • Seyed Shojaei
    Seyed Shojaei

    I cant believe u can make avengers 2 times

  • DarkBlueGames

    CinemaSins : New intro! now Longer (14 seconds of logos) AND over-stylized! . . . 6 Movie sin counter 7 Movie sin counter


    Poison ivy belongs to the DC universe 5,000 sins

  • Yo Mero
    Yo Mero

    Everybody trying to understand to joke, yet I'm here waiting for someone from Disney to make the movie Jeremy was narrating.

  • SylvesterFox007

    I love how Cinema Sins does their "April Fool's" prank. And I love them bringing some attention to The Avengers 1998. Much reviled, so underrated.

  • David Moses
    David Moses

    You do realize that this Avengers came out before the Marvel one, right?

  • Ya Boi Crispy
    Ya Boi Crispy

    This video is the literal definition of "Jeremy makes a pop culture reference"

  • le stabby
    le stabby

    is this after civil wars?

  • Nade Coles
    Nade Coles

    This was the best thing Ive ever seen Cinemasins do. Very clever!

  • Eddiward Johnsiones
    Eddiward Johnsiones

    priceless lol

  • Jon Odaté
    Jon Odaté

    I love that most of these have nothing to do with the actual film. For those who don't actually know anything about the actual movie. It was adapted from a show made by the man who came up with the idea for Doctor Who!

  • Speedy Quick
    Speedy Quick


  • Drizzle Strizzle
    Drizzle Strizzle

    Someone please tell me what this movie is actually called, I know it's an Alril Fools joke

    • MegaSoulHero

      It’s actually called The Avengers. Not Marvel’s the Avengers though.

  • Christy Shultz
    Christy Shultz

    Oh God I remember this movie. I lost interest after 10 minutes maybe.

  • Kenpaci

    This is great so glad you were able to keep it up the whole time 👏

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Every time I click this on live tv in the past I was so dissatisfied that this wasn't MARVELS: The Avengers

  • JuiceExtraction

    I remember when me and my friend asked his Dad to rent the Avengers on demand and this is what we got

  • Dre Walton
    Dre Walton

    I'm glad the averagers came out not this one

  • Larry Bradley
    Larry Bradley

    Finally! Marvell and DC back together again for the first time!

  • Mark Behiter
    Mark Behiter

    I'm actually enjoying this

  • Spoder Jedi
    Spoder Jedi

    Ew, the Avengers -CinemaSins guy


    What was this movie about?🤔


      What a weird version

    • Schmack Badger
      Schmack Badger

      The Avengers?

  • Jeremy Breinig
    Jeremy Breinig

    You missed the milkman which was a version of superman at one point

  • Movies Comics
    Movies Comics

    The title gives me 'OMG cholesterol' vibes

  • Chance Colley
    Chance Colley

    Did EWW not realize that "The Avengers" was a British TV show remake from the 60's or was the entire point of this video to make MCU jokes?

  • Sam Pellerin
    Sam Pellerin

    I am very confused...

  • Jenna Foley
    Jenna Foley


  • Trillo 333
    Trillo 333

    This is the nerdiest you've ever nerded, channel, and with all my inner nerd nerding out right now I realize how much I nerded this! Nerd!

  • Clarence Reedice
    Clarence Reedice

    this whole video is just one joke stretched over 16 minutes.

  • TheFinalSmash

    Fun fact: this movie is the reason that Marvel's Avengers had to be renamed for the UK release (to Marvel Avengers Assemble).

  • SirOlrox

    Fact. Most of the commenters, weren't born when this aired.

  • Riana Serfontein
    Riana Serfontein

    Now THAT's how you make an April fools joke

  • Nerdy gaming
    Nerdy gaming

    I came here looking for copper........ I found gold

  • legalize homicide
    legalize homicide

    I only liked eddie izzard... That is all

  • Michelle Zumbrum
    Michelle Zumbrum

    My gawd, my crush on Jeremy Scott grows every video. T this one really makes my putter flutter.

  • Jodie Lynne Devine
    Jodie Lynne Devine

    The Avengers (Marvel) jokes got really friggin tedious after 2 minutes

  • Emily Fox
    Emily Fox

    Wait I'm confused. So it's this part of the MCU?

  • DevilJoJo

    This movie's so bad Jeremy had to make MCU jokes just to make this video watchable

  • Shiny ZygardeGamez
    Shiny ZygardeGamez

    I remember when I was on the tv I saw the avengers and so I clicked on it and this was the movie and I’m just speechless. I finally watched the **actual** avengers later on Disney plus. I still don’t understand wtf is this movie

  • Ed Cidade
    Ed Cidade

    Why couldn’t you judge this movie based on how awful it is, instead of attempting meta references to movies and characters that have nothing to do with the content of this movie? Hard fail on this one.

  • Josny13

    Took me half the video to realize what was going on. And only because I remembered the feeling of being fooled by CinemaSins twice before when I thought: "Okay when the fk are they going to show up in some stupid 1990 suits?". xD Didn't seem too far fetched that CinemaSins was going to talk sht about an old avengers movie, but since that would be unfair considering modern day filming, they were pretending to be stupid and that this was a new release. 2:40 Nothing like a soggy hat. 6:30 You mean Care Bears? 9:30 Whenever I hear that dudes voice, I can't help but think about that movie he played in.. Where, through a broken glass he sees some dude and sais: "Womac! Why am I not surprised, you piece of sh!t!" It was so epic.

  • Kingkhu Fowl
    Kingkhu Fowl

    Him removing a sin for that fight scene was so petty 😂

  • jericho hill
    jericho hill

    One of your best, bravo.

  • Denman Fite
    Denman Fite

    Took me until 3:30 to realize this was released on the first of April. -_-

  • Moody Chicken
    Moody Chicken

    At first I was like “haha marvel joke” then around 4 minutes in I was like “Jeremy is really fuckin doin this ain’t he?” 😂😂😂🤓

  • Ultima_Airplane

    Wtf is this movie

  • A-1 Animator
    A-1 Animator

    someone: *breathes* Cinemasins: WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Regulus Vizsla
    Regulus Vizsla

    at first I honestly thought this was some retro Avengers film I've never heard of XD

  • Chaos Knight
    Chaos Knight

    The consistent MCU jokes is insane. Kinda sad too considering the original version of THIS Avengers actually came out before Marvel's comic version. Oh wait, this was released on April 1st. Nevermind lol

  • Vlad-Serban Valean
    Vlad-Serban Valean

    4:12 Bruce is DC.

    • Schmack Badger
      Schmack Badger

      Idiot lol

  • Xurreal

    @1:40 Hey Look! A model of Flat Earth!

  • Gaming_Sarabia

    Son: mommy can we go see The Avengers? Mom: no we have The Avengers at home *The Avengers at home:*

  • Paul H
    Paul H

    The Marvel Avengers jokes got real tired after the 8 seconds.

  • Goku ok
    Goku ok

    I was about to say the real avengers is a god level movie

  • J Panton
    J Panton

    I know nothing about Marvel, DC, Comics, all of that.... this video was confusing as fuck.

  • KalligTheGray

    Well played, Jeremy. Well played...

  • Torian W
    Torian W

    I remember this movie, and I was surprised many other people did as well

  • skteosk

    This is an April Fool's joke? Okay, that makes slightly more sense but I still gave up watching in frustration after two minutes because the joke had worn out by then...

  • Hazel Dell
    Hazel Dell

    I do not like the new intro.

  • Irma Vep
    Irma Vep

    considering that it was an april fools sins vid it still makes more sense than the movie itself

  • Gail Shafer
    Gail Shafer

    It is not a Marvel movie at all.

    • MegaSoulHero

      He knows that

  • Gail Shafer
    Gail Shafer

    It's a non mcu movie.

  • N-Rage

    Waits 11 years for solo movie... schedule to be released in the middle of a pandemic.

  • Jumpy2x

    wtf kinda avengers is this lol

  • NothingToSeeHere

    " *EWW* " The Avengers Please tell me you get it

  • Felipe Gutierrez
    Felipe Gutierrez

    This is not an MCU movie or any marvel movie. Still, a pretty neat spy movie.

  • Beardsley McBeard
    Beardsley McBeard

    dude... this was way to confusing

  • Fl vd R
    Fl vd R

    Are you going to do a real EWW of this movie or is this april fools version the only one?

  • UrbanRose

    Misleading title I mean like everyone mistakes it for the ACTUAL avengers

  • Were1974

    ..now I want to see a Galaga movie now :/

  • Cornelius Schwarzenstein
    Cornelius Schwarzenstein

    Did you know that this Avengers started in 1961. 2 years before the other (american) Avengers?!

  • Brian Henderson
    Brian Henderson

    Terrible. Worst episode. Unwatchable. Do better, please.

  • Phoenix DuBravac
    Phoenix DuBravac

    My head hurts

  • drew cifer
    drew cifer

    One to many marvel jokes. They were funny at first but damn you do know how to over do it. Give yourself 100 sins.

  • Alexander948 Williams
    Alexander948 Williams

    I don’t know why but this him talking about the mcu while reviewing this dump makes my brain sad and confused.

  • Violet Edge
    Violet Edge

    They had to do something because this movie is booooring. I remember falling asleep while watching this when it 1st came out

  • Vincent’s Random Vids!
    Vincent’s Random Vids!

    If you guys are looking for the real Avengers video it’s uzload.info/fun/nIyMjZuxyah_yZc/video

  • Matheus Tran
    Matheus Tran

    I was expecting this to be some sort of porno

  • Austin Laske
    Austin Laske

    Bahahahahaha. Your April gags always crack me up

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Social Jarvis Warriors is brilliant

  • CrazyJayBe

    "Silly Walks" good one