Everything Wrong With Midsommar In Bearskin Minutes
Midsommar is a movie that some people loved, some other people loved even more, and then a whole lot of people didn't watch it because a friend told them it wasn't for them. We honestly don't care if you loved it or hated it... we just count the sins.
Thursday: comic book sins
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Ady

    5:38 Find the bear.

  • Christian Cardenas
    Christian Cardenas

    Is this movie good?

  • Julia Bresnan
    Julia Bresnan

    WHY is nobody talking about the guy at 8:22 that just breaks the fourth wall for no reason. Who is he looking at? Why does he look right at the camera??

  • Susan Peters
    Susan Peters

    eww the croods 2013 november 17th

  • Singsong 13
    Singsong 13


  • R G
    R G

    I do hate this movie

  • Alyssa101

    the waco reference is about a cult lmao

  • Ashley Kasey
    Ashley Kasey

    Should have mentioned the whole “nature is breathing” thing. Because it helped us identify every time Dani was drugged. The flowers and other elements of nature would “breath” when she’s high telling us they drugged her and lied abt it.

  • D'angelo JacobHymenShits
    D'angelo JacobHymenShits


  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima


  • Trypanophobia

    cinemasins, ty for careing about us :)

  • Maksie0

    CinemaSins is still impressively dumb and unfunny

  • Elvira-Irina Reisinger
    Elvira-Irina Reisinger

    It had a very disturbing message, at least it was misleading some people into thinking that accepting the murder of "annoying" people is ok if it gets you somewhere in your own life.

  • Bailey French
    Bailey French

    me watching this BEFORE i watch the movie bc i’m too scared

  • Nyurie Isbal
    Nyurie Isbal

    ugh, they are not hipster couple. they explain that between the age of 18-35 the members leave and come back. most of the people in regular outfits are just coming back home for midsummer

  • tammy welch
    tammy welch


  • Suhail Hassan
    Suhail Hassan

    Psychology majors...ding! HEY.

  • Nonducorduco

    It's also more historically accurate to show the sex scene in that way because men were recognized to only give 1% of the reproductive processes so it was an incredibly female communal event.

  • Nonducorduco

    I think it's very interesting that Pelle tried to talk Dani out of her feelings by stating he too related to her, but later on when she's having a breakdown all the women gather around her and have this cathartic moment WITH her vs trying to fix the problem through relating when someone is having a meltdown (which isn't the time to try to fix an emotional problem).

  • jhjhjk jlkkj
    jhjhjk jlkkj

    The part where the camera shot the road from upside down and the eerie music really freaked me out. Honestly I almost started crying. 0_0

  • Aubri 3
    Aubri 3

    So I thought that midsommar only happened every 90 years....so how would there be a may queen from last year?

  • Briana Nicole
    Briana Nicole

    I know you couldn't... but her sisters suicide was HUGE to the reason they named her mayqueen.

  • Swap Nayak
    Swap Nayak

    The very first sin is the very first win in baby driver. The spoiler thing is a win

  • Phoebe Buffay
    Phoebe Buffay

    I feel like Dani was targeted, manipulated and made the May Queen intentionally.

  • agelina barde
    agelina barde

    the voice

  • magnusm4

    You didn't sin for nobody going "HOLY SH*T HE JUST KILLED HIMSELF THESE GUYS KILL EACH OTHER F*CK THIS I'M DRIVING THE HELL AWAY AND CALLING THE POLICE!". Seriously, there couldn't be a bigger red flag if even the sky turned red.

  • Uzoaku Amadi
    Uzoaku Amadi

    When I watched this movie I questioned my sobriety and I don't drink or do drugs.

  • Senua's Voices
    Senua's Voices

    Ah the wickerman was such a good movie

  • Sam Kitty
    Sam Kitty

    Probably the worst film on any genre, I have ever seen, and I'm an old man who sees 3 films every week. It had absolutely nothing going for it. Waste of money, and time. Last time I had violent, explosive diarrhea and couldn't find rest room was more fun... Heck, sliding naked down a long blade and braking with my nut sack would be more pleasurable.

  • Tank Simmons
    Tank Simmons

    Confusing. They have a picture of last years May queen but I thought the ritual was every 90 years.

  • Louise Hennessy
    Louise Hennessy

    Respect for adding the National suicide prevention number to the video

  • dannydsbucket

    good on you for sharing the hotline/website and looking your subs' mental health :)

  • adrian williams
    adrian williams

    This movie was stupid. Interpol would've been on the cults arse. It's clearly shown that the boyfriend can use his phone, so his pjone hade to ping off a cell tower.

  • Robert Carey
    Robert Carey

    Who narrates this? The hate is real, sounds like someone who had dreams that never came to fruition so diverted to...this?

  • Skippy

    Australians are also pretty damn good at pulling off an American accent undetected, pity it doesn't go both ways. Americans trying to sound Australian usually sound like a grossly exaggerated Steve Irwin.

  • dolphintattoogirl

    0:18 hey the winder landscape is gorgeous!

  • Jrod Jrod
    Jrod Jrod

    Watch it in .75

  • monroeward

    Whoever made this absurd video, SHOULDN'T HAVE.

  • Kadasberry11

    The tapestry 🤯

  • Laurie Witt
    Laurie Witt

    Thank you so much for adding the suicide hotline info

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    For my fellow veterans, if u r are in crisis, call the Veteran Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255. You can also text 838255, I have before, and it’s actually helpful.

  • Whitney

    I really just want to make a comment on how my ex husband was eerily similar to Christian. Just finished watching it. My ex was extremely unavailable, physical but moreso emotional. We've been divorced 3+ years but those feelings crept up on me while watching this film and my heart broke for Dani. It was a great film. Looking forward to Hereditary!

    • Whitney

      @Orhan Amin I know that. Im looking forward to watching Hereditary lol

    • Orhan Amin
      Orhan Amin

      We already did Hereditary.

  • lin

    Them: "they are our ancestors! Youre pissing on my people!" Also them: burning a big ass triangular hut that destroys the ozone layer

  • Baby Tato
    Baby Tato

    This is not a happy ending right? Its like her mind got broken. . .it's terrifying

  • Liam Booth
    Liam Booth

    Am i the only one that has a problem with the pronunciation of Daniel Tigre?

  • _FaithAndLove_ 02
    _FaithAndLove_ 02

    1:12 I'm happy to see you're making sure your viewers are safe and taking care if themselves

  • Nelle N
    Nelle N

    The “random people in normal clothing that we then never see again” are actually part of the cult. Like Pelle they go out into the world to study and try to find people to bring back home to sacrifice

  • Jank Paul
    Jank Paul

    I don’t need to watch this film again. Once was enough

  • Sara Katherine
    Sara Katherine

    The thing about this ending is that they wanna leave it like Dani is trapped there. But she’s still an American citizen, as were everyone she came with except Pelle. Dani May not have family anymore but i can assume the rest do, so they’ll eventually be reported missing. A trail will eventually be brought back to Pelle and the trip, so she will be rescued eventually. If she’s willing to go is another story, but I’m pretty sure she can’t live there if she’s not a Swedish citizen

    • monroeward

      Talk about being incapable of suspension of disbelief! Perhaps you should only read about mathematics?

    • monroeward

      Why did you even watch this??

  • Aidan Cameron
    Aidan Cameron

    I’m glad he put the hotline there for people who need it it shows me he cares about us

    • monroeward

      Bullshit. He was trying to be funny, and failed.

  • Michaelneiss

    I must watch this movie ... let it be only for new ideas on how to space up our next Midsommar family get-together. The clips shows so many 'ancient' traditions that -- for some reason -- only Hollywood seems to remember. :o) Regards from Sweden

  • Sandra Mattsson
    Sandra Mattsson

    The fact that that banner in the upside-down car scene says "Stop the mass-immigration to Hälsingland, vote for 'Fritt Norr' [tr: Free North] this fall!" just dawned on me...

  • Рози Роза
    Рози Роза

    No one is going to contact suicide hotlines because the police come to your house and take you to a mental hospital

  • tiredcat

    ty for the mental health advice. i do come here for the funnies, but it's great to include and genuinely not too intrusive

  • Duke

    This movie was so awfully bad, was expecting better from you CinemaSins... disappointed AND surprised.

    • Duke

      @monroeward you deserve a pat in the back friend, you posted a comment that made absolutely no sense, good job!

    • monroeward

      Stick with your gore-fests then, and leave the thinkers to others.

  • Jada Grove
    Jada Grove

    Watching the movie I didn’t notice his drink was darker but putting myself in their shoes in the moment I feel like I or someone would have or should have noticed

  • Time isoftheEssence
    Time isoftheEssence

    I’m throwing in a sin for the “ one token black guy friend “ cliche

    • monroeward

      But I missed Chidi!

  • Morgan Lillie
    Morgan Lillie

    He says it’s macrame when it’s a fucking mural.

    • Morgan Lillie
      Morgan Lillie

      monroeward no it’s a mural by artist Mu Pan: news.artnet.com/art-world/midsommar-art-references-1633975/amp-page

    • monroeward

      Tapestry. It's a TAPESTRY.

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven

    How shit the chick in this movie was sooo annoying and needy all the time like calm THE FUCK DOOOWN

    • monroeward

      Her fucking family just died, dumbass!

  • Paula P
    Paula P

    a lot of things youre counting as sins are just your opinion and thats a sin on itself

  • anitalake1

    This looks boring thanks for the recap so i dont have to wacth this shit

  • Roshan Thakur
    Roshan Thakur

    I don't understand why people like this movie. It is honestly the worst horror movie I've seen this year. Which part of this movie was good or scary? Someone just explain why do you even like this movie. It's just too bad of a horror

    • monroeward

      Stick to your f*cking gore-fests then, Philistine!!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Worst fucking movie I have ever seen in my life. I had to fast forward first half because it was just incredibly boring and the rest of it is just completely messed up and disturbing. WTF IMDB, 7/10? WERE YOU HIGH WHILE RATING THIS DREADFUL SHITE?

    • monroeward

      It's too smart for your stupid-ass, is your problem.

  • J. Ortiz
    J. Ortiz

    this movie gets so much praise, it was laughable at first then sadly pathetic at its end. The writer used Hereditary blue print and filled it with the depression of his break with his gf......and critics call it a master piece. Its lazy writing.

    • monroeward

      You're a fucking DUMBASS.

  • cosma

    protagonist is blonde! _diiing_

  • carmen the bookworm
    carmen the bookworm

    16:00 i laughed way too much at this

  • Branko Garza
    Branko Garza

    Bro u gotta take them at the same time bro

  • Blair Assani
    Blair Assani

    Christian was obviously not a good person or boyfriend but he was in a pretty tough position from the start

  • Mia Lo
    Mia Lo

    Did anyone notice the one pink flower on danis flower crown with the black middle part changing its size??????

  • Axyo

    1:00 Skip!

  • N T
    N T

    You removed sins because you thought the rape scene was well shot? Seriously? You take the time to talk about the suicide hotline at the top of the video but then later go on to praise a rape scene and contribute to the normalization of the idea that “men can’t be raped”. And then the comments on here “debating” that scene are disgusting. Coercion into sex = rape. Systematically drugging someone (on several occasions) to make them more agreeable = rape. The movie very purposefully framed the rape as humorous as a “reversal” of genre expectations when all it’s actually doing is playing into a handful of other disgusting tropes in the film industry surrounding rape. It was framed that he was “cheating” and “got what’s coming to him”. Condoning and advocating for someone’s rape isn’t a reversal or deconstruction of anything.

    • monroeward

      You're reaching. For what, I have no clue, but it's bullshit, sho 'nuff.

  • Hey Jamie
    Hey Jamie

    “...and there’s nothing that could change my mind, PERIOD.” I truly feel like your wit is so brilliantly subtle and quick that it is grotesquely under appreciated.

  • Cassy Snyder
    Cassy Snyder

    telling people that you do not care how they feel in order to show you care how they feel is a sin

  • Valerie Downing
    Valerie Downing

    “why does it matter if they take the shrooms at the exact same time”....mans has never dipped into psychedelics

  • SaDarius Manson
    SaDarius Manson

    Yo did they say Waco

  • Carlie Cole
    Carlie Cole

    I still haven't actually SEEN this movie- but- ive watched so many reviews & videos like THIS made about it by now that I kind of feel like I've seen enough that I don't HAVE to see it to know I would just regret those few hours of my life. (Whether it be for it's bizzare drug trip feeling of worthlessness, it's disturbing-ness factor that will never leave me, or whatever else... Yeah. I think I'm gonna pass on this one- so- thanks for making videos like THESE about said strange movies, that way I'm able to make TRULY well informed opinions with ACTUAL scenes from the film & expose regarding that helps me make my decision as to whether or not I want to ever partake in actually VIEWING the entirety of said movie! THAAAANKS, youtube channels revolving around film!!!

    • Carlie Cole
      Carlie Cole

      @monroeward ok that honestly cracked me up hahaha. Good point.... But, this guy really does these even for some of the all time best movies ever made and sometimes they're even funnier!!!! Or makes me WANT TO see them even more! (This movie just looked a little too weird even for me though. And not enough gore for the length!?)

    • monroeward

      Thinking for one's self is SUCH a burden.... smfh

  • Felix_but_not_kjellberg

    The disclaimer or whatever it's called for the hotline is nice and I'm glad he mentioned it not for me but people who do need it so thank you narrator that I don't know the name of because I eat apples and I'm an asshole

  • Robyn

    1:00 I appreciate this sin.

  • Kaylee Marinelli
    Kaylee Marinelli

    Watched this amazing movie with my friends, during the sex scene one of my friends laughed so hard he toppled off the back of his chair. Definitely made the moment more lighthearted. Also that face you mentioned was followed up by a quote from one of my friends “He’s staring at me too white” 10/10 movie

  • Herr Schmidt
    Herr Schmidt

    you lost me at "brilliant foreshadowing"...

    • monroeward

      So, you're an idiot, then?

  • Sinead Coghlan
    Sinead Coghlan

    Iagine how many people you saved by putting in that number. Amazing, Thankyou

  • Tonya Ring
    Tonya Ring

    1:00 in and this just became my favorite youtube channel.

    • Felix_but_not_kjellberg


  • VL Veteran
    VL Veteran

    How was there a picture of last years May Queen when the ritual only takes place every 90 years?

  • Sock Goblin
    Sock Goblin

    Ah yes my favourite amount of time... bearskin.

  • Andrew Gedge
    Andrew Gedge

    Genuine question: What part do they only do every 90 years? Not the May Queen bit, since Pelle references "last year's May Queen". Is there an Attestupa every 90 years, if so, what is the means for offing the 72 yr olds the rest of the time? The 9 sacrifices every 90 years, if so, what is the May Queen's role the other years?

  • Rachel Grace #FlightAttendantLife
    Rachel Grace #FlightAttendantLife

    What is very coincidental to me is that the most disturbing scene happened in the most BRIGHTEST light. The dive scene! I KNOW DAMN WELL NONE OF YOU WERE PREPARED FOR THAT 🥵 #ptsd

  • Pheee Cheekie
    Pheee Cheekie

    You know, the people wearing regular clothes @ 5:18 might just be the members that left and are coming back. Like Pele and his brother are wearing regular clothes.

  • Clint LaRoux
    Clint LaRoux

    The way they brainwashed Dani, the movie brainwashed us.

  • Raymond Cambaliza
    Raymond Cambaliza

    should have removed 5 sins for that 50 Cent “remix” you made these innocent people listen to

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    Now. To Some Real Entertainment. Bob Ross Never Painted Sadness. Phone ☎️ Directions. Cause we took their land. Literally Liberally. Nice. Rules Blow. CinemaSins Comment Section. Screw You Too. Rapping is Cool when done by You. Hipster Couples used to be the thing. Vikings Fans Hate this Analysis. Everyone is a .... Well you You Know. Rituals are something to be careful of. Lighten the Mooood when Death 💀 Is Near. Also Also Understatements. Ehhh ehh eh. We Are Rolling Now. Movie 🍿 Still Trying. Nothing stiffer than Morning Wood. Ask Your College Girl 👧 Friend. Geese Suck, always getting in the way. Nothing Else To Do but to Watch Swedish Porn. Never Gets Old. NGO. Are You Master of Your Domain??? King 👑 of Your Castle? K-Man will be out before they get the check. Now For The Champ. The Critical Drinker Destroys this 🍿 Movie. You Can Suck My Unwaxed Balls. CJ

  • Megan Daley
    Megan Daley

    Glad that you had the suicide prevention sidebar at the beginning 🙏🏼 that was nice

  • Ultra Owl
    Ultra Owl

    10:58 I see what you did there.

  • izzy

    this movie was great but im never watching it again, it was so fucking disturbing

  • Amanda's Music Box
    Amanda's Music Box

    I hated Midsommar so I'm not here trying to defend it by any means lol but referring to the phone rings, as a filmmaker, I've gotta stress: people have got to know that, as Hitchcock said, "movies are life with the dull parts cut out." So there could very well have been 5 rings or whatever, but we don't have to sit here listening to all of them. They just cut right to the answering machine to move it along. Same for the part where they walk from the yellow triangle.

  • ùwú

    this feels like a fever dream. also i’m glad he mentioned the suicide helpline. i watched that scene without warning and god was i unprepared

  • Ruff Rover
    Ruff Rover

    Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica

  • songbirdcosplayss

    I called the suicide hotline once and they put me on hold and that was funny enough to keep me going another day. (This isn’t even a joke I ended up just calling a psychiatric hospital in my state and talking to a social worker)

  • Mells

    When he called Josh Chidi I died

  • Marlayna Craig
    Marlayna Craig

    Cinimasins may be apple eating assholes bit they care about mental health ♥️

  • Melyssa Revilla
    Melyssa Revilla

    I had to slow down this video to actually understand this guy. He sounded drunk but more clear than at normal speed.