Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker In Force Minutes
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Well here we are... we've come to the end of the Skywalker saga. And it's... pretty confusing. It's a blend of fan service, tying up loose ends, and giving the finger to The Last Jedi. And it has LOTS of sins. So we counted 'em.
Thursday: Comic book sins you forgot about.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Drakov Beats
    Drakov Beats

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (deep breath) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • blow_smokk uchoke
    blow_smokk uchoke

    "I just do what the cocaine tells me" My life story

  • Samuel Min
    Samuel Min


  • Hymedude

    How come Leia couldn't just ask ghost obi wan or Yoda where Luke was.....

  • NotPeterParker

    Yes, everything...

  • Talrog307

    Adding another sin for the fact that tie fighters/interceptors dont have hyperdrives. Edit: Adding another sin for the fact that Disney owns star wars now.

  • Mary Sherrill
    Mary Sherrill

    It's Disney, they can recycle their McGuffins how ever they choose.

  • ZiroTheHero

    0:05 everything wrong with, spoilers. Duh...❌ everything spoilers wrong duh with ✅

  • Manny Sierra Jr
    Manny Sierra Jr


  • k1ll4r b33
    k1ll4r b33

    This film sucks and makes ashamed to be a star wars fan

  • Tony__Stark Iron__Man
    Tony__Stark Iron__Man

    On your left 23:31

  • Ed Bartlett
    Ed Bartlett

    8:28 in star wars battle front 2 they have a force jump but thats just a theory a game theory

  • Ed Bartlett
    Ed Bartlett

    5:00 this is among us

  • Jaime Sutton
    Jaime Sutton

    That kiss should’ve broken the sin counter

  • Joshanaut

    You're shorter than i expected

  • cheyreviews

    No one knew that Anikin was Vader. Everyone thought that he was killed by Vader, Obi-Wan and Yoda were the only people who knew. Luke and Leia decided not to share who their dad was with anyone except Han, Cheque, C3, R2, and the other main characters. Very few people actually know.

  • animshels

    Cinemasins missed a sin for when Jannah shoots down a fighter with a bow and arrow.

  • Kirk the Notation
    Kirk the Notation

    Are we not gonna sin the fact that despite being redeemed in the eyes of the force, and being the closest person to Rey in said force, that her essential twin and love interest Kylo Ren didn’t get a force ghost in the final scene but Luke and Leía, two people who were arguably less impactful as teachers to her of the force, got one? Also, HE”S A FUCKING SKYWALKER BUT YOU LEFT HIM OUT

  • Declan Kristan
    Declan Kristan

    That is mustafar

  • kaaiitlin

    i saw this movie in gold class and accidentally ordered a cocktail at 9am but by the end of the movie i really needed it

  • Valtarr


  • Lucia Quinn
    Lucia Quinn

    21:04 in the scene where Kylo falls down that hole if you listen closely in the movie you can actually hear him say "ow" like he did the other time he fell

  • Servant of God
    Servant of God

    here is an article about how Rey is “made” www.google.com/amp/s/www.fatherly.com/play/emperor-palpatine-wife-rey-grandmother-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker/amp/

  • Leydi Danzy
    Leydi Danzy

    h3h3 podcast

  • C T
    C T

    Disney,,,JJabrams,,Kathleen,,MarkHamill and esp SW hating Harrison Ford will never be forgiven. ~Fact~ Harrison refused Sequels under George Lucas,and only did TFA if Solo dies..FU HF!! I never even saw this movie and have 140 W books on my shelf and 6 storage bins filled with SW crap. Every single thing about this is so beneath the EU aka Legends...

  • Backinblack Bunny
    Backinblack Bunny

    They should have set this series like a century past the return of the jedi if they were gonna make them so radically different

  • peter tuann
    peter tuann

    that many Star Destroyers would take a crew of millions, take decades to construct that many ships, take the resources of entire galaxies, how could you recruit a millions soldiers in secret? build 1000 ships bigger than aircraft carriers in secret?

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    Maybe the one that made the blade didn't use cocaine but that green stuff in Jabba's hookah. 14:36 Yeah, but their ship technology has been seriously downgraded, and their senses with The Force keep getting worse then spiking before getting worse again. 14:49 So, they've blown up like 2 solar systems of planets now. And with this technology, what's the Galactic Empire's goal? Blow up every planet in the galaxy and then go to another galaxy and do the same thing?

  • Life4YourGames

    When he raged about Kylo smashing the wayfinder: I felt that 😂 Easily one of the best cs videos ever made xD

  • majed tabbara
    majed tabbara

    0:33 the without me reference 😂😂

  • TechnoDelta

    "awwweeww" I think was the best reaction.

  • Boy# LLAMA.#•exe
    Boy# LLAMA.#•exe

    A HOLOCRON A LIGHTSABER Disney: *no , Its a laser sword and a way finder*

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter

    Well...what exactly were they supposed to do for Lewis’s character after Carrie’s sudden death?

  • Donnie Ward
    Donnie Ward

    “My programming forbids me from translating it” CinemaSins/literally anyone watching who isn’t a 12 year old: GOD.DAMMIT

    • TheUsernameYouDidntExpect

      Not to mention: "My programming forbids me from impersonating a deity" "Just do it, C-3PO" "Okay" I guess this is just a different kind of "my programming forbids"...

  • Trevor KInder
    Trevor KInder

    “Reggie Jackson” most people don’t get it but it is hilarious

  • Lord Fallen
    Lord Fallen

    Everything is wrong with Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker.

  • Richard Cantin
    Richard Cantin

    22:09 - Cinema Sins subverting my (our?) expectations...

  • Maciej Wolski
    Maciej Wolski

    12:14 - All I wanna say is: if Rey would be left handed, they wouldn't find s$%t this way.

  • jbrisby

    "That's just lazy writing". Lazy writing is a path to many abilities some consider to be...unnatural.

  • Jimma Jam
    Jimma Jam

    all things aside, there shouldn't be 2 sins for only having 2 wayfinders... sith rule of 2

  • Esther Sazo
    Esther Sazo


  • Villads Kvistborg
    Villads Kvistborg

    Another thing I hate about the sequels is that now no one knows of Anakins story the last person that new of his story was Luke and possibly Leia. And not to mention that Rey is not a fricking skywalker she is taking a name of a legendary dynasty not for some people who kissed a skywalker. No as far as everyone is concerned in the galaxy darth Vader is a monster not what he actually a manipulated hero that was blinded by love and then brought back and redeemed by his son. The sequels are bullshit just a cash grab for Disney. And before anyone says I am sexist for hating Rey one of my favorite characters is Ashoka tano so just shut up.

  • JackAttack

    But the Palpatine force lightning thing was hella cool.

  • Mimsy

    21:25 wait what? why did something covered by a sheet disappear?

  • Mimsy

    15:38 I just realized that Rey looks like she should be in Assassin's Creed.

  • Mimsy

    I feel like these movies are equally good as they are bad. Ignoring the originals, these are pretty exciting and interesting movies with a great cast; each actor, at least the leads, seem to have great chemistry with each other. If you looked at these movies as completely independent from Star Wars (and obviously the connections to the main trilogy would have to be ignored), they're not terrible. However, these movies *are* directly connected to the main Star Wars series and thus suffers from many shortcomings.

  • Mimsy

    Shame such fantastic actors are wasted in this movie. Especially Daisy Ridley with this being her first movie, her breakout role.

  • S Grimm
    S Grimm

    The falcon actually has the AI of a pro Droid pilot and in reality han is actually a terrible pilot with the Droid doing the pro piloting.

  • tom beeby
    tom beeby

    13:00 or something, ren breaks it then she nicks his ship........ Wasn't that ship destroyed. Ray cut it in half in the desert. When ya boi said kylo survived that.... Makes sense yes!

  • twilight22channel

    That’s not Carrie Fisher.

  • WitherYT5

    This movie had its flaws, but the only reason it was not so good was because of the fact that it had to cover for episode 8. If episode 8 was actually a good movie, then im pretty sure episode 9 would have been a bit better since it wouldnt have to cover for episode 8. but lets just admit it, episode 9 was better than episode 8 in every way possible.

  • bahamutskingdom

    It is interesting. I have seen all of the Star Wars movies so many times.......with the exception of Rise of Skywalker. I saw it once, when it was released on video. I have not watched it since. I found nothing truly the end of times that everyone else found it to be. I actually liked the plausibility of Last Jedi bringing in new and fresh in a world of reboot/remake/fan jerking off shit being released. I think the hardest thing with Rise of Skywalker is pacing. Going even slower and more choppy than the original trilogy would have even dared. To me what destroyed the newest trilogy was the whole remake/reboot trend. Yes it is a fucking trend. A tired ass fucking trend that lends all they way to the toy isle. When I was 5.....fucking 5 years old (almost 40 years ago) I went through the action figure isle and saw He-Man, Transformers, and Star Wars. I am now 42 and seeing He-Man (More posable versions of the originals), Transformers (Looking a lot like the originals), and Star Wars (With an emphasis of the original characters). And let's throw Micro Machines in there since they just popped up from nowhere recently. Not one jack off asshole out there under 30 can seemingly create something NEW and DIFFERENT. "But we could NEVER top the films of old like Star Wars, Godfather, etc" And that is why you fail. The redeeming quality of Last Jedi, that I think will make it hold a lot higher than the other two was the NEW and DIFFERENT. It is what brought the prequel trilogy from the most hated, into a trilogy that is regarded as some of the finer works in Star Wars. I do not hold Disney to the fault of the last trilogy. They have done some severely fantastic work within the other franchises they now hold. I put this squarely on Lucasfilm. I do not put this on anything other than that..........and the safe space needing fanfolks out there who just could not fathom something new and or different. There should be a realization that as a small child Everything known in this universe was unveiled a movie at a time to us. The choke, then the ghost, then the moving objects across a room, Yoda, etc. We saw Emperor Palpatine for less than 30 minutes in the entirety of the original trilogy. No back story no nothing. And we took him right then and there. No issue at all. Did not gripe that there was a convenience of him, or why he died with less than 30 minutes of screen time and no substance (Snoke). We were just there enjoying the living fuck out of the movie. On my next vacation I am going to watch all 9 with no stop. That is what truly brought my appreciation of Episode I - III into the realm it is now. Perhaps the same will happen.

  • Optical

    CinamaSins: this movie is pretty average Also CinemaSins: Gives this movie one of the highest sin counts ever

  • yannacutestory

    I thought I had somehow fell into a Harry Potter movie during most of ROS. the bad guy gets incinerated by the hero reversing his power upon him, the hero is forced to watch how her friends are dying while she faces the big bad, the hero dies but is resurrected, the now good bad guy dies after admitting love (Adam Driver is the most Alan Rickmanest Alan Rickman since Alan Rickman, don't believe me? watch the fighting style compared to Robin Hood Prince of Thieves)

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Also way to piss on the established canon that Wookies do not care about medals and trinkets as long as they are helping those in need. That's why Chewbacca didn't take a medal in A New Hope.

  • Matteo Ayrton
    Matteo Ayrton

    “There riding, umm horse thingys on too of a spaceship” IM DYING

  • Genetic Spore
    Genetic Spore

    My son is an absolute Star Wars fanatic. We watched this movie at home. After it was over, he got up, and said "This movie sucked.". If a 9yr old is able to figure that much out, then there are more severe things wrong with this movie. Thanks Disney for killing a franchise. Could have gone with the Timothy Zhan books, but nooooo. Gotta do what heir Kennedy wants. If you don't it's off with your head.

  • Dudepool

    Gotta say, I called that "Rey is a Palpatine" bs way back when everyone was all "She's a Kenobi". Disney made Star Wars more predictable than my 18th playthrough of RE 4. Seriously, found a random chest I never had before, freaked out for like 5 minutes. Also, gotta love how they erased the EU, then decided to use the best parts of it, and utilize them very very poorly... At least in "Legends" the clone of Palpatine thing happened in an appropriate timeframe, not 60 years later...

  • Sky Bubbles
    Sky Bubbles

    Palpating coming back was a thing before the prequels in the comics as well as abeloth who would make a way better villain then palpating as she is literally the embodiment of the dark side of the force after the brother was killed Edit: they only made two because earth been made them and he was the one who made the rule that there can only be two with to avoid infighting between themselves. I’m sinning you sinning this sh*t. Any good Star Wars fan should know this sh*t Edit 2: palpating was a apprentice of darth plagues the wise who knew how two make babies with mediclorian manipulation and accidentally made anakin skywalker so you just are a dumbass who claims he knows sh*tabout Star Wars

  • Syafiee Sahidal
    Syafiee Sahidal

    Rogue Spear... Now that's a game i haven't heard in a long time.

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate

    God did only give Moses 1 copy of the ten commandments. Remember? There used to be 15.

  • obi wan
    obi wan

    it was a great movie how dare you diss on it. i dont like ur vids

  • adam99x

    So....nobody is going to talk about the 2nd millennium falcon @3:11? Did I miss something? Is there a reflection somewhere... like sky water?

  • Knight King
    Knight King

    U forgot to sin this movie for it's existence

  • Herb Dean
    Herb Dean

    Some of the lines in this... Bravo cinemasins hahahah

  • Captin Needa
    Captin Needa

    OK a lot of this stuff is explained in the comics and the book

  • racoon killer 7
    racoon killer 7

    Honestly Fuck this movie XD

  • Riley Kunath
    Riley Kunath

    I feel like 271 is too generous

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger

    I'm guessing most "star wars fans" are millenials because I hated the prequels like you do the sequels. :p Lighten up it's only entertainment, enjoy the ride. ;)

  • Minecrafter 0
    Minecrafter 0

    LEEEROOYYY JEEENKINS!! That killed me

  • Aaron Vallis
    Aaron Vallis

    This guy calls Anakin vs Obi Wan a let down but removes sins for the “Rey Skywalker” ending. Wtf

  • SCP X3N3
    SCP X3N3

    this movie should have 999,999,999,999,999 sins for hiw shit it is

  • Julio Jackson
    Julio Jackson

    Kennedy destroyed this franchise.

  • Logans Mcdonald
    Logans Mcdonald

    This ending is great yeah because it’s over thank god

  • Sal C
    Sal C

    When she stabbed kylo and saved his life she didn't die when she died and kylo saves her life he dies any sins for that

  • Daniel Cabe
    Daniel Cabe

    This is the worst movie ever made.

  • Matador Media
    Matador Media

    The most annoying part of the entire Skywalker Saga is how the Force never becomes balanced... that was the whole story! Rey should've ended up balancing both Light and Dark powers, while finally wiping out the corrupt religions of the Jedi and Sith. But instead, the Light and the Jedi just win; zero balance established.

  • ashley tripp
    ashley tripp

    Honestly, the novel is ten billion kajillion times better than the movie. Also, in the novel it reveals that the coordinates that C-3po said were actually where to stand so that the dagger would line up. I know it's still ironic that they are in front of the death star but still, it's something.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Let's be honest. The whole movie was a one big sin and a crime against the original 3, heck even the prequels.

  • Abdulkadir Yaprak
    Abdulkadir Yaprak

    12: 56 is beatiful

  • Adrian Marcell
    Adrian Marcell

    13:35 why after 77 is 180... ? Edit :178

  • Urassnface 1
    Urassnface 1

    "Skywalker. " 🏋🏻‍♀️ "Oh, how sweet darling. So you're Darth Vader's granddaughter?" 😬 "It's...complicated." 🙍🏻‍♀️

  • Katie Cooper
    Katie Cooper

    "Ah, right, cause rey knows parseltounge" -cinimasims 😂😂😂

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    How about *"Everything* *Wrong* *With* *The* *Kathleen* *Kennedy* *Trilogy* *In* *Laura* *Dern* *With* *Purple* *Hair* *Minutes* ??? The disappointment and hilarity would write itself!

  • Corroborating Evidence
    Corroborating Evidence

    Luke n Han's medals melted down to form Reys new lightsaber hilt.....opportunity lost

  • samrat Singh
    samrat Singh

    17:35 the best sin

  • Brian Waldron
    Brian Waldron

    22:14 oh screw you for reminding me of he saddest sene in The Never Ending Story

  • AlexanderThe Great
    AlexanderThe Great

    Boba Fett isn't a stormtrooper I'm sure a jetpack isn't something rare in the larger view of the SW world, but for our characters we follow who fight minions of the organization of the Empire/First Order it is something newm at least I can't remember in the OT or previous 2 films seeing a stormtrooper fly.

  • Andrew Knisell
    Andrew Knisell

    borderlands 3 trailer

  • skins4thewin

    Saying this movie is average is giving it WAYYYYY too much credit. The Last Jedi was FAR better than this shit. Yeah, I know I am in the absolute minority when I say that The Last Jedi was by far my favorite of the new trilogy, but hell, my parents agree, and they aren't Star Wars fans. That's the whole point tho, it's only Star Wars fans that hate it and that should be very telling. Cus it's not the movie that sucks, it's the whiny Star Wars bitches whining because things didn't go how they wanted or expected it to. The movie is actually good aside for that.

  • skins4thewin

    Dude.... What? The Ewok's were fucking adorable!

  • skins4thewin

    Funny how everyone forgets that it wasn't even them doing the whole Mind Transfer thing in the first place. Snoke very plainly states that he was in fact the one who was bridging their minds. In other words, they should not be able to do this AT ALL on their own.

  • Kalen King
    Kalen King

    jaiden animation

  • Thane Of Lions
    Thane Of Lions

    This movie was so boring that even you ripping apart its boring moments is boring💩


    How is it in every movie star destroyers got weaker and weaker and easier to destroy?? And everyone has force powers , come on with all the fire power that a million star destroyers have that small fleet could actually beat it really.. Where the fuck over did that other fleet come from fuck


    Well you know they now need two black men in the starwars universe, yes this shit is so lame and grasping at straws, Why do the sith need a map to tell them where the fleet is can't Palatine just force message kylo, how was it now sixth black magic when in the first it was tech. And how do they force transfer shit from plant to planet like a star trek trans porter

  • Jon A.
    Jon A.

    Personally I checked out of the movie when they dropped the horse things onto the destroyer. Honestly After they showed the whole fleet of destroyers i didn't really care anymore. It's like they thought there wasn't enough tension so they decided they needed more, and guess what they all are planet killers

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Electricshrock

    The prequels were a good story told badly. The sequels were a shitty story told with style.