Everything Wrong With Home Alone In 15 Minutes Or Less
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 12/22/16*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
After annual frequent requests, we decided to finally sin the original Home Alone. Unsurprisingly, we found plenty wrong.
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  • Bardh Asllani
    Bardh Asllani

    this video should have been 0 sec long

  • Carol Bappert
    Carol Bappert

    Chris says "Urophilia is hilarious!" He could imagine Kevin, when he's grown, getting Christmas cards from Buzz & Uncle Frank and throwing them away unopened.

  • ksm

    How dare you sin Home Alone

  • PrinceZuko

    Why didnt kevin just come out when the robbers were outside waving his shotgun adnnd yelling "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OR ILL PAINT THE SIDEWALK WITH YOUR GODDAMN BRAINS"

  • Haku and stuff
    Haku and stuff

    I-is he sinning home alone I can’t watch this

  • Tessa Hryniewicki
    Tessa Hryniewicki

    7:38 Keep re-winding to hear Kevin scream over and over again and soon it'll sound like a dying bird's mating call XD

  • Andrew Cool
    Andrew Cool

    this kid can do a genocide and somehow he will still make it funny

  • Steven Turnblade
    Steven Turnblade

    Kevin cleaned the mess from his traps up pretty fast.

  • Stacee Houston
    Stacee Houston

    lol i always thought the pizza guy was hot!

  • Wulf-Jäger91

    he cleaned up his jigsaw murder house but not buzzes room and then acts surprised when buzz screams at him

  • Rock Dallaire
    Rock Dallaire

    "And spends the next several minutes tripping balls" My favourite line from this channel

  • Flat Line
    Flat Line

    Thats a 25-30min drive with traffic. Four Lyft driver here. Its called Chicago style Driving !!!

  • Comron Fouladi
    Comron Fouladi

    Please do 3 ninjas!

  • Richy-J


  • L J
    L J

    You didn’t sin how they were drinking milk with pizza

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    Actually, the McCallisters do have a dog, it's just at a kennel as mentioned by Mrs. McCallister at the beginning

  • bcl vlogs !
    bcl vlogs !

    the battery back up on the clock thing is just so funny

  • SouthernDeerGracie

    So, Kevin called the cops from the McCalister house, right? Then why did the cops show up at old man Marley's house instead?.... EDIT: Near the end of the movie, Kevin runs to Old Man Marley's basement, right? Why is the basement flooded? And why the F*** is there water running from the top of the stairs, presumably coming from the kitchen, but when the kitchen door is opened and Kevin sees Harry and Marv there is no water on the floors. Things just don't add up. +2 sins. 1 for the water and flooding in the basement (unless that's where Marley keeps all his dead bodies underwater) and the 2nd sin for Harry and Marv threatening a young child. "I'll bite your fingers off one by one."

  • Mitchell Korac
    Mitchell Korac

    would not be last time Kevin ingested a heavy stimulant either

  • Jacob Sumpson
    Jacob Sumpson

    If you guys watch the film theorists then you know Kevin's dad is a mob boss

  • Hey You 96
    Hey You 96

    How long did it take him to clean the house afterwards?

  • Rebecca Dunne
    Rebecca Dunne

    Re the dog comment - at the beginning of the movie the mum is on the phone to a friend and she mentions that they are checking their dog into a kennel! But not many people probably caught that lol That's why there are doggy doors but no dog

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah

    Buzz looks like Rick Ashley if he was given up


    10:55 but the phone lines are down as we saw earlier

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      The electricity went out, the phone didn't.

  • Aaron Stenlie
    Aaron Stenlie

    your sins is now 100 million


    I would have something that most likely does he even realize a kid has a sword

  • Sloopy

    I’ve watched this movie like 15 times, but I’ve never noticed the fact that they threw away Kevin’s plane ticket

  • Ruben Thomas
    Ruben Thomas

    5:29 and an American Airlines DC-10 at that.

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee

    _This broke my childhood_

  • JohnDoeHedgegg

    This movie in a nutshell: The cameraman was with Kevin the whole time

    • Derek Lee
      Derek Lee


  • Corey J. Davidson
    Corey J. Davidson

    Marley looks like a creepy Jim Henson.

  • eMPhish

    6:30. My dad actually did this, except in a cardboard box.... and went out the window.

  • Bailey Wesley
    Bailey Wesley


  • Cancan Jaker
    Cancan Jaker

    Actually the movie did explain why Kelvin didn't go to the police. Initially, he is just home alone and since he is happy about it, he never report to the police. Afterwards, he "accidentally" shoplifts a toothbrush from a shop and in his 8-year-old mind, he believes that the police will catch him if he goes to them. Actually when you rewatch Home Alone, you pick up more and more details, which is one of the reason why people like rewatching it and is still a Christmas classic. It also explains how Marv and Harry get to know that Kelvin is home alone. They are robbing one of their neighbours when Kelvin's dad calls the house and the phone messenger picks up Kelvin's dad message explaining that they left Kelvin home alone and wish the neighbours can go over and check out on Kelvin.

  • Sylvester

    I want to play a game yeah wait did I just dress similarity to this and saw that would make sense where the traps are so complex

  • Mista Methylbrot
    Mista Methylbrot

    of course the score is amazing, it's from Pyotr Ilyich Freaking Tchaikovsky! and it was written for ballet, not for christmas comedy ;)

  • Tsuumee

    I don't think the car door was the thing that woke Kevin up. Probably that, and he sensed the bad guys approaching his house. But it IS strange that he didn't wake up earlier because of his noisy family, sensing they were about to leave, or no.

  • Mcplayer5000 // Minecraft Roleplays
    Mcplayer5000 // Minecraft Roleplays

    Damn they really did a video about Home Alone

  • S Lyons
    S Lyons

    Buzz is just Biff Tannen's nerdy younger brother 😂

  • Henry Stickmin
    Henry Stickmin

    2nd one: why the fuck would you trust ur son again

  • The Psyko
    The Psyko

    I gotta give you a sin, buzz clearly didn't believe it, they were fucking with Kevin

  • _Zyniex

    I have a feeling this person saw Everything wrong with mystreet from Aphmaus channel-

  • Ethacon

    15 minutes of "This Works".

  • Dan Dancer
    Dan Dancer

    Brah this movie is my favorite sooooooo screw you jk respect your opinion

  • robin sechriest
    robin sechriest

    The reason for the doggy door is because at the beginning of the movie when Mrs. Mccalister is on the phone she mentions that their dog is at the vet

  • BBQhenry

    "C'est raciste." Je suis mort :)

  • Landen Barten
    Landen Barten

    The triple one's we've all been waiting for!

  • Rycrafter

    UZload’s getting real comfortable with these 2 back to back unskippable 15 second ads

  • CC Gaming
    CC Gaming

    Well, can we agree though this is a Christmas classic

  • crazy- destroyer
    crazy- destroyer

    Title: everything wrong with home alone "No one liked that"

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy

    Tenenbaum... That name sounds familiar (bioshock flashbacks)

  • Jeffrey Suree Jamie
    Jeffrey Suree Jamie

    Family is half way into the pizza meal and delivery guy is still there, also delivery guy trumps police officer.

  • ISO-BanDit

    Just enjoy the movie 😐

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    This is a hate magnate

  • Naima Hervey
    Naima Hervey

    Random note: everything in Kevin's house is green and red so it feels more like Christmas

  • Misunner YT
    Misunner YT

    When is going to say nothing

  • Ben Hernandez
    Ben Hernandez

    The fact that he mentions John Williams genius in this movie makes me so happy. He is well deserving of his amazing job on film music.

  • sens army 2019
    sens army 2019

    9:11 want to add to that what if kevin needed to go to the bathroom

  • Max Thrust
    Max Thrust

    For the alarm clock you still have to put a battery in it, which probably almost no one ever did. I certainly never did. We never kept spares of those weird 9v ones so it wasn’t ever convenient enough to bother.

  • Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel
    Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel


  • The Rabbit HABIT Forgot
    The Rabbit HABIT Forgot

    0:58 That's just what being ADHD feels like. Motivation for something important? Fuck no. Motivation for something trivial? Fuck yes. --Source: I'm ADHD.--

  • The true seal
    The true seal

    Once, my family took a home vacation to Hawaii and left the hotel. I was going the bathroom and got left behind for 10 mins.

  • Evan :3
    Evan :3

    I Don’t speak a word of French yet I knew exactly what he meant when he said, “c’est raciste.”

  • Vik Sinha
    Vik Sinha

    A couple more: - Couldn’t Kevin pull off the toppings of another pizza? - They ordered only one plain cheese?

  • DelayAnimation

    Another sin: The Policeman when he knocked on the door, he didn't say something like "Police. Open up." Like any other Policeman would do.

  • Laroy Alford
    Laroy Alford

    I love this movie

  • UltraMicahGamer YT
    UltraMicahGamer YT

    There should be +8,000 sins for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Michael Gaudreau
    Michael Gaudreau

    Lights got law suits from the neighborhood karens

  • The Weird and the Wonderful
    The Weird and the Wonderful

    This movie happened cause the cop didn't want to do the work of actually looking inside the house and just assumes a mother calling from *France* would just be mistaken in how she's missing her kid. You don't call the cops from another country unless you made sure your kids' not there so......

  • Me Is awesome
    Me Is awesome

    Random fact: a s s h o l e is a bad word

  • Akash Persaud
    Akash Persaud

    10 years water cover world 10 seconds world gone

  • herbwilde

    11:32 they DO have a dog, the mother mentions it in a phone call at the beginning of the movie

  • Yuhan Wang
    Yuhan Wang

    Kevin should have called the cops right when he heard that the bandits would be robbing his house or stayed at church so at least he is safe. Like if you agree.

  • Tristan David
    Tristan David

    3:58 - I have the exact same alarm clock. If you don't actually have a battery in it, the battery back-up is completely useless. 4:03 - I think the power had just been restored a few seconds before that since you can see the guy working on the power lines across the street and the alarm clock is flashing "12:00" which means it only just came on less than a minute ago, which is why the doorbell was only just used. 8:05 - I think ONLY the McCallister house had its phone lines down since Peter is easily able to call the Murphy house that same day, but they were still out of luck since everyone else on their block, except for Marley, were also on vacation. 11:31 - Actually, in the opening scene, when Kevin's mom is on the phone, she says "No, we're not taking the dog. We're putting him in the kennel." right before Kevin jumps on the bed and she says "Hey, hey, hey, get off! Kevin, out of the room!" 12:03 - I'm pretty sure that besides Marley, Kevin's entire block was on vacation. The parties Kevin saw on his walk earlier was on a completely different street. 13:32 - Even though it's never specifically mentioned or shown, I'm pretty sure that Kevin shares a room with his brother, Jeff, which is seen at the beginning of the film when Kevin says "I don't know how to pack a suitcase. I've never done this once in my whole life!" The room has a bunk bed, which I presume both Kevin and Jeff sleep on, and the desk that's in the background is the same desk that Kevin lays the battle plan out on later. He was only sent to his room the night of the milk incident because he was being punished and because there were relatives over who may have taken his bed.

  • Matt Whisner
    Matt Whisner


  • Marcus Carbonaro
    Marcus Carbonaro

    6:59, yeah that’s true

  • TheCrypticMan

    "mom's valium supply-" *i'm sorry, what? valium supply?*

  • One3rdNinja

    Soggy door: Kate mentions putting the dog in the kennels when she’s on the phone as Kevin jumps onto her bed.

  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • Jon Champion
    Jon Champion

    you forgot a sin he called from his own house wouldn't the cops at least check the house where the call some from. was it we got he bad guys so lets not check the house where the call came from.





  • AAA Gaming
    AAA Gaming

    the battery backup stores memory not power the dis play

  • Lil tenorboy
    Lil tenorboy

    “What’s buzz worried about? He’s 14 years old and look like biff tannens nerdy little brother” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb

    I want a Home Alone/Die Hard crossover movie.

  • a speedingdrunk
    a speedingdrunk

    I went down a staircase on a bread crate, and totally got air when I hit the bottom. I landed so hard I bounced about 3 feet in the air, so it is plausible with the sled. No way he kept all his forward momentum if he bounced though.

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost


  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Is awesome the Cinema Sins

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Cinema Sins Rocks

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost


  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Super duper super funny and funny

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Love to binge watch Cinema Sins

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost


  • A humanist potato
    A humanist potato

    Just call the cops you little psychopath

  • the movie guru
    the movie guru

    Whenever I watch this movie, I always have to skip the pizza dinner scene. And I think you guys know why....

  • Intactbjörn

    How many people do you know that actually put batteries in their clock for the backup? Especially since they usually required 9-volts, which were one of the most expensive kind. No ones gonna pay the 90s equivalent of like $8-10 just to put batteries in something that they'll just forget to do/won't even up bother doing when they get home. The batteries will just sit in a drawer, and then one day when you actually need a 9-volt you'll be like "Oh, hey! I actually have some." but then when you finally go to use them they're missing and you can't find them anywhere, even though you swear you just saw them yesterday and out frustration, you just go waste another $8-10 on a pack then when you go to put the extra one in the drawer the ones you were looking for earlier are miraculously now there.

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    CinemaSins I love you that said all alarm clocks say battery backup, i am 38 years old I have never put a battery in a goddamn alarm clock f*** that noise I ain't got batteries to waste on alarm clocks

  • Cadence Rainbow
    Cadence Rainbow

    “Kevin screams so loud he breaks the fourth wall” Me and my brother: lol 😂

  • TydalRave23

    I’m adding 10 sins for the mother reuniting with her son. All Kate does is just is stand 6 feet apart and grins. No stereotypical mother running to child and accidentally chocking them to death while ugly crying about what a horrible mom she was for leaving him behind cliche. Which a actual mom would do. Kate doesn’t do this and I get people react differently in different situations. But I didn’t see any type of attachment to Kevin in this scene whatsoever. F#*k it. 100 sins

  • Can a guy get 1000 subs
    Can a guy get 1000 subs

    Why you shouldn’t neglect your children