Everything Wrong With Gladiator In 9 Minutes Or Less
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 2/19/15*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Another Best Picture winner to celebrate the Oscars. Another good movie that ends up having sins, go figure.
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  • Billy Lobdell
    Billy Lobdell

    Your April fools joke was 17 days late. There are no sins in this movie

  • Jay Kumar
    Jay Kumar


  • Webber 56789
    Webber 56789

    Another sin: back there, the statues weren’t white, they became like this over time

  • Webber 56789
    Webber 56789

    The biggest sin is the fact that the actual gladiators never killed eachothers

  • Yeratel84

    5:58 this sin makes no sense, as that moment serves to show that even though Commodus is the Emperor, he does not inspire loyalty in the army towards him, as it's shown later in the movie in the 1-on-1 fight between him and Maximus

  • Antonio Llopart
    Antonio Llopart

    1:52 he didnt want commodus to become caesar because that would mean he has ultimate power in Rome and would ultimately lead to Rome's demise. Him having power is bad, but him becoming Caesar would mean he could do legitimate damage to the empire. 5:02 why would he grant him his freedom when he "legally" owned one of the most talented warriors in the entire world and could become rich off of him, i mean he eventually gets proximo a trip to the colloseum and it is all due to maximus

  • paratatruc

    What about the fact that ( in Hollywood at least) , the emperor raised or lowered his thumb to decide the fate of the vanquished, not the winner?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Sanidhay Mishra
    Sanidhay Mishra

    this idiot just sinned symbolism. You have no idea how to make a good movie, do you?

  • Prentis Fort
    Prentis Fort

    You Good

  • Evan Hicklin
    Evan Hicklin

    Nice zombies reference lmao

  • Fireball 303
    Fireball 303

    There is everything wrong with gladiator but there is no everything great about it. Why? It’s a movie that needs good things .

  • Interdimensional Entity
    Interdimensional Entity

    CinemaSins: **Sins Gladiator** Me: THE SACRED TEXTS!!!

  • Eduardo Dell'Acqua
    Eduardo Dell'Acqua

    nº 83 Commodus did want to fight him in the Arena

  • Christian Knight
    Christian Knight

    Marcus Aurelius was NOT a moral man. his reign is characterized by incessant warfare and the persecution of the new religious sect of Christianity. Also ,Aurelius was not killed by Commodus and, in fact, Commodus would co-rule with his father from 177-180 AD and succeeded him without opposition; though he would prove to be in the group of some of the worst rulers Rome would have to endure and his reputation suffered further by comparison with his father.

  • IrishCarney

    8:27 Iconic image makes anachronistic mistake because draft animals prevented wheel-only ruts, a landscape feature that emerged only with the automobile. DING. Lindybeige goes into more detail uzload.info/fun/apepY2aasX9rzYk/video

  • Donna Naples
    Donna Naples

    Just drive to Spain and turn left at McDonalds, I died that was freakin funny.

  • Warlock Entertainment
    Warlock Entertainment

    one of the worst movies I ever seen

  • Vassal Of The Night
    Vassal Of The Night

    In first 3 minutes you over half the sins were pulled out of your ass, either without any backing, wrong at the base conception or simply they were jokes. Stands to show how good this movie was.

  • felipe neves
    felipe neves

    SCREW THAT. The CGI in Proximo scene was pretty dam good EVEN TODAY!

  • Kym Jacobs
    Kym Jacobs

    Nothing. There is nothing wrong with this movie. It's a masterpiece

  • mompernl

    You know that if a movie has less than a hundred sins, it’s a fantastic movie.

  • Dawn Shaw
    Dawn Shaw

    LOVE this CHANNEL ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Bradders -
    Bradders -

    7:51 i know you probably didnt know but the actor died during filming and hence they had to re use some of his footage.

  • East Side Doom
    East Side Doom

    5:29 MF DOOM mask

  • Lagoto Bluesummers
    Lagoto Bluesummers

    I watch this movie the other day and the only line that kept replaying in my head was "queer giraffe." LOL

  • Sean Boundy
    Sean Boundy

    Here are 3 more sins you forgot to add. 1. The Gladiators fighting with little to no training 2. The unfair advantages our hero's opponents had over him, which never happened in real life. 3. The audience not getting to express their voice on whether the loser should live or die.

  • Steve Block
    Steve Block

    Sometimes the frost makes the blade stick.

  • Wilson Mia
    Wilson Mia


  • f f
    f f

    Google Rufus zool?

  • Pannemat

    Re-upload? 0:49, Ah ...

  • Ebiegberi Adonkie
    Ebiegberi Adonkie

    Grabbing a sword's blade is called half-swording

  • rubbylee chaparro
    rubbylee chaparro


  • issamkholoud2009

    Is it not blasphemy to sin this movie

  • Tae Yoo
    Tae Yoo


  • Seth Wallace
    Seth Wallace

    Ah, Cinemasins finally got around to doing my favorite movie :’)

  • bongformer sluys
    bongformer sluys

    I still see the South Park version. En can hear him singing.... Making music making songs and fighting round the world

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer

    Historians would help you sinning this movie


    I am amazed that a movie named "Gladiator" didn't get a single gladiator fight even remotely right.

  • Cyber fish Tiko
    Cyber fish Tiko

    Gladiator is a great movie this channel must be blind i think gladiator is the best movie in the 2000 not just the 2000 but the best movie in history these f u c k e r s have no sense humour at all im disliking 👎🏻

  • Cyber fish Tiko
    Cyber fish Tiko

    This chanel must be blind nothing is wrong with gladiator s h i t brain

  • Legolas Greenleaf
    Legolas Greenleaf

    You don't sin actual sins? A gas can on a chariot or a crew member in jeans and a t-shirt and a huge camera in full sight?

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine

    Am I the only one that found this movie boring. I just watched it for the first time, and I really wanted to like it but couldn’t help but be bored throughout the majority of the movie. I don’t know . Maybe it’s because I watched the extended cut.

  • Lief

    Ever heard of half swording?

  • Viper Randoms
    Viper Randoms

    After watching Cinemasins for about an hour, I am extremely concerned for the emotional and mental well-being of this man.

  • D.C. Minor
    D.C. Minor

    What you missed is that Comadeous told Maximus that his son squealed like a girl when they nailed him to the cross.......yet his son was hanging from a rope😂. Still, this is my favorite movie ever.

  • Ragu inacan
    Ragu inacan

    The guy wearing blue jeans better be here.


    This is a very good movie

  • Daniel Hatten
    Daniel Hatten

    3:31-3:34 he is definitely wearing lace up boots! And you missed it.

  • Elliott Ellison
    Elliott Ellison

    I'm honestly surprised you missed the air compressor and tank when the Chariot rolled over

  • Juan Manuel Correa
    Juan Manuel Correa

    He shouldve sinned the fact that gladiators were being treated like slaves, which is false. A shit ton of money went into the whole gladiator business, and because of that, those men had luxurious lives, and were treated as valuable property from their respective owners. They had to be physically, and mentally fit for the games.

  • ohepi

    To suckle someone is to let THEM suckle off YOU so yes, the person would get fat off it, but anyway.

  • Mouldy Taco
    Mouldy Taco

    2 of the biggest sins u missed out haha and to any1 reading this comment ask if u wanna no cuz when i tell u, ul die laughing hahaha

  • Cheeky Lad
    Cheeky Lad

    The 4 regular are pratoran guard the best of the best

  • Syd The Kid
    Syd The Kid

    This is the best movie prove me wrong

  • Daniel Leca
    Daniel Leca

    Hey German kid... Go back to Germania

  • Svoon V
    Svoon V


  • Bilgehan Demir
    Bilgehan Demir

    actually this video needs a sin counter

  • Prasetyo D
    Prasetyo D

    dude got balls

  • Damon Ferrara
    Damon Ferrara

    Re: The surgeons sin, I think all these words weren't invented yet. Language fidelity isn't a strong suit for most dramas about ancient empires.

  • N P
    N P

    "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the armies of the North, General of the Felix legions, Loyal servant to the true Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Father to a murdered son, Husband to a murdered wife, **and I saved $5 dollars on my pizza with Honey**"

  • Julia

    fun fact: my latin teacher wanted us to watch a special feature of this movie about actual romans but we had a sub that day and she thought he wanted us to just watch the whole movie so we watched this and my teacher lost his shit when he found out the next day

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage

    Who knew, gladiator matches, were like soccer matches. Because, there’s be a riot somewhere, if someone lost. Lol And I can sense that!


    Dude you literally put sins even if a character breathes, this video is bs.

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian

    Ahahahaha Rufus Sewell

    • I I
      I I

      the dislikes lmao

  • Jennifer Brewer
    Jennifer Brewer

    They called the character Commodus, but they WROTE him as Caligula.

  • sunshine88

    Gladiator is a great film. What are smoking? Lol

  • Jerome Mcmillian
    Jerome Mcmillian

    PLEASE do the boxing version of gladiator,please.

  • Alistair Watson
    Alistair Watson

    Hey German boy go back to germania.

  • Fernando VILLARREAL
    Fernando VILLARREAL

    An Aussie

  • Max Johansson
    Max Johansson

    The only sin of this movie is the lack of historical accuracy. Rest is just pure Gold.

  • Zebulun Garner AKA SwoleYogi
    Zebulun Garner AKA SwoleYogi

    Watching Joaquin in this, and comparing it to joker..... DUDE IS PHENOMENAL. Also, check out the sisters brothers. Awesome film with Joaquin in it as well.

  • MrNoki972

    Yes! Thank you! I thought I was crazy when I heard one of the Pirates of the Caribbean's theme in Gladiator.

  • James Felten
    James Felten

    Horses know the way home, should not be a sinned.

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris

    3:07 Are we sure it's Spain? I know he's a "Spaniard" but are we sure they rode to Spaid from Germany or just the part of Italy in which Maximus lived.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett

    This is a reupload.

  • The Alcohologist
    The Alcohologist

    It’s a sin to sin this movie!

  • Luke Ernst
    Luke Ernst

    5:11 his army is still on campaign, so it’s pretty much impossible for him to *be* recognized 6:19 a minor issue, but Maximus is only general of the Felix legions in germania, not the whole Roman army

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee

    Yo yo yo, y'all can't stand there. In his right hand was a man's worst nightmare.

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    Rufus sewell wasn't in anything popular until 2001 onwards, not the 90's. Maybe best to know at least something about movies when making smart ass comments about them. Plus your pronunciation of Ceasar was wrong. It's pronounced Keye-ser, as in Kaiser. C has a K sound in Latin

  • Meme McGee
    Meme McGee

    Cinemasins: are you not entertained

  • Turbo 86
    Turbo 86

    Well, the romans only built straight roads so they just followed the road for 3000 miles to maximus' house. Durr, stoopid 😝

  • Teddy Aldridge
    Teddy Aldridge

    4.42 look left camera visible and lady dressed in white and blue jeans. Extra SINS

  • Rhys Surgeon
    Rhys Surgeon

    I’ve watched a few of these now and a lot of what your points (sins ) are just complete bs. Grew out this channel

  • Pavlo Nazarenko
    Pavlo Nazarenko

    Please do “The Big Lebowski”!!!

  • Chris F
    Chris F

    CinemaSins doesn't know what "suckle" means. Ding !

  • John Kaitlyn
    John Kaitlyn

    The circle is called a threshing floor and it's how they rendered the grain from the stalk. Sin removed.

  • Daven Calkins
    Daven Calkins

    you missed the sin where Maximus obviously stabs the sword under his arm

  • Nathan LeClair
    Nathan LeClair

    3:51 and owners are still doing that shit to this day. Socialize the cost, privatize the gain.

  • RaiderRestlessTv

    Impossible! The Gladiator is a Classic!

  • ShortRoundOperator

    holding the sword and beating someone with a hilt was a thing, but it was done during the medieval era

  • Derek Pollett
    Derek Pollett

    5:02 to answer the question, unsure for the fat part, but happy depends on where

  • Rado M
    Rado M


  • Wizardpirate10

    The beginning is Skyrim's civil war

  • TollFree999

    I just realized that's where MF DOOM gets his mask from lol. 5:30

  • Rodr Vic
    Rodr Vic

    Yooo this guy missed the airplane that was accidentally filmed in the background😂

  • Doreenchen

    "Incest request"

  • Rees-Mogg for PM
    Rees-Mogg for PM


  • JonnyOpinionated

    You used to SIN continuity - what happened to youse guys? There is so fucking much in here! "EVERYTHING" Wrong with Gladiator!

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Liam Payne LIVE
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