Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
You probably forgot most of the third live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Like... did you remember the time travel? We didn't. Anyway, this movie has many sins, so we counted them for your pleasure.
Next week: Food sins and comic book sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    I never really liked this one as much as the other two, but it still has Turtle Power!

  • Prodigy Of Rock
    Prodigy Of Rock

    Everything wrong with TMNT III - The movie exists

  • anothaninjaguy

    Scared me twice! First I thought he was gonna take a sin off. THEN I thought he was taking ALL THE SINS off! Phew, you can't do that to garbage like this! The pun was funny though.

  • thepoohsmurfking3d

    why does he sound drunk??

  • Holmes Huddle
    Holmes Huddle

    Jim Henson work for the first Ninja turtles puppets was Excellent and perfect ....What the hell happened ???

  • Amazing Meat balls
    Amazing Meat balls

    I don’t know what’s worse. the new Mulan movie or this one because they’re both very similar.

  • Sue Flay
    Sue Flay

    Didn't know they made a third movie,now I'm glad I didn't.

  • Zachary Massey
    Zachary Massey

    Instead of shoehorning the Ninja Turtles in a samurai film, what if TMNT III had Dimension X and the Technodrome instead of Ancient Japan? Villians being Super Shredder, Krang, Foot soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead, and Slash instead of Norinaga and Walker. Would that sound better?

  • therealCamoron

    The poster for the film says they're in 1593 but the movie says they're in 1603. The comic book adaptation also says 1593.

  • MegaHoro

    Michelangelo has better luck saving people from burning buildings than Tadashi

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    TURTLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Douglas K
    Douglas K

    I just noticed, 6:06 look at Spinter's movements, at the 10 second mark it suddenly plays Spinter's animation in reverse to fit the length of his dialog. THIS is why Splinter's animations looks so wonky, they just have him randomly flap and gesture without any consideration of what he's actually saying and try to somehow make it work in post-production. Incredibly sloppy!

  • Ethan Berger
    Ethan Berger

    So, we just ignore the fact that Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat 1995 is the one who hit Mikey in the shell with his plastic sword. IDK if it is actually him but it sure as hell looks like him

  • Big Mo
    Big Mo

    Why add 14000 sins when it’s already 0 ????

  • Bronze Cinema
    Bronze Cinema

    What do you mean the whole movie is wrong

  • Ketchup

    I swear to god if I get one more ad

  • Olkv3D

    Hahaa. ~ AoL Time-Warner.

  • Daniel Gagne
    Daniel Gagne

    And the biggest sin of all: Having a movie with the name of a great arcade game but giving us nothing from it. They could have at least given us Prehistoric Turtlesaurus!

  • j johnson
    j johnson

    There was a turtles 3!?

  • Gari Taylor
    Gari Taylor


  • Alja Zaplatar
    Alja Zaplatar


  • Yeung Suisse
    Yeung Suisse

    That Don King joke opened my stitches

  • Ragalo100

    12:56 Seriously? You point that now?

  • Eric Rhodes
    Eric Rhodes

    How did I love this movie so much as a kid?!!! It's almost unwatchable!!

  • Forsaken 1
    Forsaken 1

    No the smart people are trying to figure out how the pyramids where made... If you as me i think the past magnetic fields earth had , played a big part in it cus now we only got 2 of them there was more in the past.... wouldn't you agree

  • Noah Reyna
    Noah Reyna

    How come the ninja turtle movies got shittier each time?😂


    He laugh and put 14,000 cents

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    Türkiye'deki Siyasi Partiler

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    Türkiye'deki Siyasi Partiler

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  • L Tune
    L Tune

    My childhood movie ruined in 20 min and 53 sec 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂

  • Mikey

    No Judith Hoag *ding*

  • Dirk B
    Dirk B

    Everything wrong with TMNT in a few seconds. Its made.

  • elote05

    Everything is wrong about this one

  • Truth Stalker
    Truth Stalker

    5:00 - 5:11 *_It IS super easy! Barely an inconvenience!_* 🧐

  • 查理導演

    I use to love this movie

  • HellFire Gaming
    HellFire Gaming

    Sin 1: this movie exists

  • Scott Pousson
    Scott Pousson

    You sir need to watch your mouth papa John's Pizza is delicious 😋👌

  • ren and stimpy & over the hedge yes boj and dead no
    ren and stimpy & over the hedge yes boj and dead no

    This video is funny

  • Bogart Williamson
    Bogart Williamson

    17:14 - What did he even say that made Jeremy lose it?

  • Janson Olson
    Janson Olson

    Man I hate your videos. Your reviews are flawed and you lack humor.

  • Rhett Butler
    Rhett Butler

    13:38 his inner leftard comes out.

  • Nathan Tran
    Nathan Tran

    its entire existence is a sin

  • R G
    R G

    the third one was a overkill...1 and 2 was a classic.

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    you assume I don't know what a sword hitting a turtles shell sounds like but I do and that is not what it sounds like

  • Acerthorn

    3:38 Also, does this mean that Kenshin is now wearing a bra and panties?

  • Turnip

    Lol wtf, play sword fighting IS fun. That IS being a kid. They're even laughing. This always bothered me even as a kid

  • badiab jake
    badiab jake

    eww lionheart please

  • sixshooter500

    "Turtle Boners" There's an image.

  • ssdfguardianl42

    Any other guy concerned about being suddenly teleported into a pair of womens panties without the time to adjust your package?

  • Mr. WhiteMan
    Mr. WhiteMan

    Bro Tmnt in time was totally accurate! 🤣

  • that_randow_boi

    Somehow not the most sinned video

  • Mark

    I thought I never saw this, but I totally did. Be careful with weed, kids.

  • Adrian van der have
    Adrian van der have

    Only error in your man hole part was that it’s not an entrance to the main city streets. So it’s worse for them lol. There’s another tunnel above that entrance as it’s introduced in turtles 2


    Got to give you 500 sins for saying y'all never got anything wrong, you you referred to Dick Grayson as discount Robin bruh.. 🤦🏽‍♂️


      @Turnip I know

    • Turnip

      It was sarcasm/humor. He knows they've messed up before.

  • Goddess of RANDOM!!!
    Goddess of RANDOM!!!

    But on the scroll it was Kappa not the turtles. It was just a coincidence that there was four of them

  • Sonicmaster047

    Damn, biggest sin counter I've seen since Home Alone 2.

  • Vineet Honkan
    Vineet Honkan

    Please do the three pack underwater movies from 1989...Leviathan, Deepstar Six and The Abyss, starting with Leviathan...there is so much there especially with our good friend Robocop as the captain...

  • Intactbjörn

    Turtles obviously don't want to kill or gravely anyone but still carry bladed weapons.


    these turtles' dead giant eyes look terrifying

  • Marc E.T
    Marc E.T

    17:17 No "he survives this" sin?

  • Lisa Lamb
    Lisa Lamb

    Laughed so much at 17:20 with Jeremy that I had to change undergarments. Best counter since Home Alone 2.

  • Taka Etono
    Taka Etono

    It sure wasnt the strongest. but what ya gonna do if you already defeated the greatest foe they have? TWICE! Really shows they did not plan ahead and the expectations on depth and storyline back then werent that high. freakin 90s, guys! Also... the fucking PARENTS were complaining so much about the violence pictured in part1, they were forced to reduce actual combat scenes to a bare minimum. Insane fucking 90s.

  • KillahCell

    It was a sin just coming out.

  • Blank

    The less said, the better- James Rolfe.

  • Marc Moretti
    Marc Moretti

    If only they could have afforded apples over plums

  • Tad Acuto
    Tad Acuto

    "Jeremy pads the sin count" ex-machina in a new way: remove all the sins, add so many that the counter breaks, re-boot and add 14,000 sins. Hey, Jer? If you were black, you'd object to the Don King joke, and since you're not black, you should shut your woke SJW virtue-signalling ass up.

  • Sam Tipton
    Sam Tipton

    This movie was SOOOOOOOOO HORRIBLE

  • Decency 2
    Decency 2

    Fun fact, samurai had been using guns since about the 13 century and even though the katakana is an iconic weapon of the samurai they had other weapons (also had multiple weapons on them most of the time), katakanas were too large to use properly so there was a smaller blade used for indoors fighting. Also samurai had access to weapons designed for piercing armour so tue shells would have no effect and there were actual ninjas active (assassinating) during this time period. And last but not least that wouldn't be the king he world be a warlord, and Japan never had a king or queen they had emperors and empress. Talk about bad research Im basically saying this film lacks any historical accuracy for the period as samurai specialised in verious melee and ranged weapons that were determined by the samurai's preference and skills, but they did get the foot soldiers right.

  • Christopher Lawson
    Christopher Lawson

    I personally didn’t like this movie at all, but this was fun to watch lol

  • Tyler Metz
    Tyler Metz


  • Jay Nicks
    Jay Nicks

    I really hate it when people refer to this as Turtles in Time. STOP CALLING IT THAT!!!

  • Michael Swärdh
    Michael Swärdh

    I always thought that the "king" as you call him was played by Toshiro Mifune, I was sooo wrong....

  • the beans Art & Music
    the beans Art & Music

    Ah, you are going to *love* this! UZload was advertising TMNT 3 for sale/rent during this CinemaSins episode. Perfect timing!

  • darklordojeda

    Wow a Today's Special reference. Deep dives. Love it.

  • carver Augustus
    carver Augustus

    Lmao that captain marvel comparison was spot on

  • vizthex

    I think this is the only movie with a sin count that ends in .5

  • Franz Marquez
    Franz Marquez

    still the best arace game ever

  • Banzan Buddhist
    Banzan Buddhist


  • Ricky

    The turtle costumes from the first two movie were much better

  • Cam Farr
    Cam Farr

    Watching now, I still liked this movie better than 2. They turned Shredder from a badass into a live action badass/cartoon hybrid. But your sins are on point and I still consider the classic episode "Legend of Koji" to be an apology for this movie. But for a rebellion movie, it was pretty good despite the obvious problems with the Turtles and Splinter's designs and mannerisms. Oh, wise Splinter... how we miss thee.

  • Night101

    Seeing the rising red sun made me hear the "Aaaah Tsubenyaaa" from Lion King in my head!

  • therackstar

    Nice rock a fire reference!! 😂

  • Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster

    time key is a masters of the universe rip off much seem to rip off krarete kid 3, suites are jaring compared to the first two movies. On the plus side there were some great pop culture refferences you may have missed and all the orginal cast was back. thumbs up over next mutation.

  • Cannon kids
    Cannon kids

    ninja turtles three is my second least favorite film of all time. the first is that awful woody woodpecker movie from 2017

  • SoLoMoN DaViDSoN
    SoLoMoN DaViDSoN

    You know, some people say that this shitty movie is still better the Bay versions...but HOW though???

  • Billy Jaspe
    Billy Jaspe

    Everything is wrong with this movie How the fuck do you mess up Donatello this bad? He looks like he's in his late 60's

  • Cool Dude 876
    Cool Dude 876

    New intro Looks Good

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto

    I fookin love this movie!

  • LOV

    I hate the way leonardo and donetellos eyes look, they look more cheesy than the first 2

  • UHFStation1

    The Don King joke was good. You don't add points for that.

  • TheTaintedWisdom

    12:21 - I would refute that statement by saying that it's not that high of a bar to clear as just about *anything* is better than Papa John's, but I haven't had their pizza since their douchebag CEO got fired so I can't say for certain.

  • Glenn Bradley
    Glenn Bradley

    Dude u dide all the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies u did gladiatior but u didnt do bravheart? How can u do such a crappy set of movies. Then such a good movie and not do braveheart

    • LiviaSmivia Productions
      LiviaSmivia Productions

      Why are you letting your toddler run your channel

  • ShadalooCV

    11:53 April's Rolex is on her right wrist but in the next shot it's back on her left wrist lol

  • Joe Suchy
    Joe Suchy

    Man I enjoy this guy’s comedy but he always says dumb political shit

  • Almar AZL9S
    Almar AZL9S

    6:37 He's mad. 9:38 LOL! I can't help it when he adds so many sins on one part. 14:17 Nice one CinemaSins. 17:11 What the f*ck?!

  • horzagiar88

    Well those legendery Turtles were Kappa, Ninja Daemon Turtles...

  • MurderMostFowl

    30th anniversary of TMNT movie watch party with Judith Hoag. uzload.info/fun/fZarinizlKd73mA/video

  • Nermiachaos

    Raph “What are we doing this for?” Don “For Money” Mikey “For Pizza” Leo “Because we didn’t get the script before saying yes”

  • KS Mongeau
    KS Mongeau

    the remake was a joke ...