Everything Wrong With The Wizard of Oz
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  • Jessica Pendleton
    Jessica Pendleton

    Good video. You pointed out a lot of visual things I never noticed. On the part where the munchkin "thoroughly examined her", I was reading something about problems people have with The Wizard Of Oz, and one person pointed out that you can feel someone's pulse in their ankles, just like you can in their wrists. So, he was checking to see if she had a pulse, which makes sense. And as for the Scarecrow, the reason she said she would "miss him most of all", is most likely because he resembles the farm hand she's closest to in Kansas. Sorry for being kind of "matter of fact". I just thought that people who read the comments, and you yourself, might like to know that. Again, good video.

  • Virginia Clark
    Virginia Clark

    Thursday 22nd October 2020. I love The Wizard Of Oz but why can't you play "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"? R.I.P Judy Garland. You will always be Dorothy. :) Virginia Clark.?! :( ;)

  • Gamer Freddy And gang
    Gamer Freddy And gang

    Well that was super short Cinema sin video

  • Red88Rex

    Margaret Hamilton was a teacher in real life and apparently very kind and yet she played one of the best villains of all time!

  • • Salty_Alix •
    • Salty_Alix •

    Did Y’all Know That The Actor For Dorthy Actually Had Many Problems When Acting The Scenes? Comment What You Know- ✨

  • SitDownBeHumble

    “'A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others'” Honestly... that's one of the worst quotes I've ever head. Still loved the movie!

  • SitDownBeHumble

    I agree with CMaria13, after watching it as an adult I realized that the whole "lesson" of the movie is to not run away from home, appreciate what you've got and not to look past your own backyard (which isn't the best lesson in itself, to be honest), but the ONLY reason Dorothy ran away from home was to save Toto! I mean who can blame her? And to be honest, her family doesn't treat her all that well considering the fact they don't listen to anything she says and during the tornado they didn't wait for her to enter the cellar before locking themselves in.

  • Jared Jams
    Jared Jams

    Do willy wonka

  • Citra the Potato chip
    Citra the Potato chip

    The biggest sin is how they treated Judy she was forced on drugs and 80 cigarettes a day and was also molested. They put her in tight corsets and binded her breast with tape

  • Cameron Jacobs
    Cameron Jacobs

    Pardon if I'm wrong but Geppeto is a woodcarver, not a tinsman.

  • Shadowbird5768 Official
    Shadowbird5768 Official

    Fun fact the witch's flying broom stick exploded in a high altitude in the surrender dorrothy scene

  • Shadowbird5768 Official
    Shadowbird5768 Official

    F###ing geppeto forgets everything

  • Shadowbird5768 Official
    Shadowbird5768 Official

    Follow the yellow brick road

  • i.luv.anthonyx on insta
    i.luv.anthonyx on insta

    Did you know... the snow caused cancer, the lions costume was too heavy for him to handle and caused him to have a heart attack, a munchkin hung themselves (WHICH IS LEFT IN A MOVIE SCENE), almost everyone in that movie died shortly after because of the mistakes, the witch caught on fire and got EXTREMELY bad burns and suffered bad burn injuries and died a while after, the tornado is a sock. Yeah... not a good movie

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      You're an idiot.

  • Shauna Lewi
    Shauna Lewi

    F***k you I HATE YOU

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Calm down, bitch.

  • Maeleigh Randolph
    Maeleigh Randolph

    You realize you left out the fact that someone hung them self’s on set and all the men were being inappropriate to the actor of dorthy

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Yeah, that didn't actually happen.

  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • Jorge Lobo Dos Santos
    Jorge Lobo Dos Santos

    It's more child-like. But younger people might be scared of the flying monkeys.

  • Joep Voorter
    Joep Voorter

    Oh come on Cinema Sins. With your capacities your could've easily given this movie over a 200 sins but you didn't because it is considered su h a classic and we all just forgive the fact that it's outdated as **** because it's The Wizard of Oz. I'll add 10 sins for that

  • JessTube

    The biggest sin is that there was a munchkin hanging himself in the background of a scene that they edited out in the remastered version

    • JessTube

      Ken Hollis i know now

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Nope. Myth.

  • Jazmyn Davidson
    Jazmyn Davidson

    Dont forget the fact that Toto got paid more than all the actors, the tin man ended up in hopital due to the intoxication from all the paint put on his face, the lion is made from real lion skin, the munchkins were abused on set, the munchkin molested dorothy and worst of all a munchkin hung themself on set and they didnt take it out of the scene so you can clearly see his dead body swaying between the trees.. This movie is fucked up if you ask me

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      You're just parroting bullshit you've read.

  • shawesome shclll
    shawesome shclll

    You forgot the fact that this movie is basically one giant d&d campaign.

  • The Sammurai Rat
    The Sammurai Rat

    What's limbo?

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Limbo, supposedly, is the state between death and the afterlife.

  • jjohnston94

    0:52 because she's a miser; it's Kansas, so it's flat, so riding a bike is easy; there's no traffic.

  • Reuben Young
    Reuben Young

    I watching this late but he seems so much calmer and quieter than he is now

  • Tracy Chermansky
    Tracy Chermansky

    Wow even He can’t criticize the Wizard of Oz🤣

  • Ed Strivelli
    Ed Strivelli

    The commentators voice sounds familiar. I think he does bible criticism videos. But who cares? fFucking this fucking that. Can't anyone say anything without using that word. Regardless we are supposed to suspend belief in fiction.

  • mashuganah vinny
    mashuganah vinny

    Miss Gulch realized how silly her request was and just let it go.

  • Niko Orellana
    Niko Orellana

    There’s nothing wrong with it

  • Rochelle the Potato god
    Rochelle the Potato god

    *me only watching this 6 months later because the lass who plays dorothy died this day* nOICe-

  • Hi Chicken
    Hi Chicken

    Ur fucking kidding it’s the wizard of oz u bitchy fuck

  • e d
    e d

    One of the first movies to feature vertically challenged people of color.

  • Cre Henge
    Cre Henge

    So according to the wizard of OZ your worth is determined by likes?

  • Jono Fancett
    Jono Fancett

    You forgot to sin the fact that the wizard says he will take a trip to the upper stratosphere, when hot air balloons travel in the lower troposphere

  • Aelric Kofoid
    Aelric Kofoid

    In the book the by L.Frank Baum the 4 of them see oz in an individually different form Dorthy Sees him as the head from the movie .The scarecrow sees oz as a cloud of smoke. The tinman sees him as a beautiful girl and the lion sees him as a half bear half tiger animal . There is also a spell on the wicked witches hat that she has to say to summon the winged monkeys and the emerald city being emerald is only an illusion because of glasses they are required to wear. Another difference is that the tin man the scare crow the lion and all received brain heart and courage made from potions by oz.The reason why the scarecrow gets a diploma the lion a medal and the tinman a clock to look like a heart is because there was not the technology to make special effects to have them receive those things in the the movie the same way the characters did in the book.

  • Alice

    galinda is actually the worst. look into the pre-lore in wicked :)))

  • Shavar Campbell783
    Shavar Campbell783

    Scarecrow should apply for a job at cinemasins

  • Gene Autry
    Gene Autry

    What great films that era produced. If you like 30’s and 40’s films, you should watch my westerns. They are very beautiful and inspiring films.

  • Gene Autry
    Gene Autry

    Well, I think they said,” Follow the Yellow Brick road”, so many times to add effect. You do have a point though.

  • dpsamu2000

    Faulty good witch bad witch logic again. Bad witches can be pretty but good witches can't be ugly. Moral; Don't be fooled by a pretty face. 3 sins on you for that one. A tin ax man wouldn't chop down apple trees. 2 sins for not knowing that and for not knowing what a lumber jack does. It was explained why the witch doesn't kill for the slippers. They're magic. She would be killed doing it. She tried already. 2 sins. The good witch could just tell Dorothy there's no place like home. Dorothy had to figure that out for herself as the witch explained. 2 sins. Another 3 sins for being the dude stuff has to be explained to even though you sin for explantions. That's 2. The third is because of dudes like you we all all have to sit through explanations in movies. The wicked witch of the west doesn't know she's vulnerable to water. She doesn't need to eat. She doesn't need to drink. But the monkeys, and guards do. 1 sin for that. The good witch is a bitch because she knows a girl who runs away from home because her foster parents won't fight the rich bitch who bribes county officials to allow her to take her dog doesn't trust authority figures who tell her to go back home? 3 sins for that one. One for calling a good egg a bitch. One for not seeing why Dorothy doesn't trust authority figures, and one for being someone who doesn't trust authority figures yourself. Make that 4 sins because you expect others to trust but you don't. Total 17 sins. A record. Sentance; Stuffed with fresh straw, and ripped apart by flying monkeys.

  • Rosey the gamer Perryman
    Rosey the gamer Perryman

    What about the hanging munchkins on the tree bro

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Urban legend. 100% not real.

  • Elizabeth Merrill
    Elizabeth Merrill

    Honestly he should’ve added 20 sins for the unsafe conditions for the actors were in.

  • Nogg

    Movie completely forgot about the quadlings and dainty China people in the south... it’s like they just read through half the book, and said “that‘a a rap”...

  • {Kai.lani.Kawaii}

    She was sexually assaulted by the one of the tiny people and the tiny people got away from putting their hands under her dress

  • Daniel Cordova
    Daniel Cordova

    how is this not more popular. it’s literally my favorite ever

  • Mr. Brick Reviews
    Mr. Brick Reviews

    Anyone else pissed beyond belief after seeing this?

  • welltoucansamatthatgame

    5:11 Should have had a sin for how terrible this lesson is.

  • C Perry
    C Perry

    When she fell asleep in the field of flowers they were poppies she was drugged kind of dark

  • Rat Lady
    Rat Lady

    Your voice is much nicer then other white guys

  • Rollie Grant
    Rollie Grant

    Why didn't we get several "roll credits" sins for "were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz"?

  • The Dank Dark One
    The Dank Dark One

    You forgot something, something off set the terrible abuse of Judy Garland the tin man the cowardly lion and the scarecrow the actors of those characters were rude and mean to Judy because they thaugt that she was shining to bright and was better than them they put her on drugs that would keep her awake at long hours of the day which fuled her drug addiction which lead to her death and her mother was abuseve and they are the true sins...

    • T6 KR
      T6 KR

      @The Dank Dark One Haha you're welcome! Glad to help😊 In case you want sources, here's where Judy compliments the actors and where she interviews Ray Bolger. uzload.info/fun/ZX2Xq6q-sW6tyZM/video uzload.info/fun/ZmaLoJbct5h1tZM/video There's also a book called "Wizard of Oz 80th anniversary companion" that has positive quotes about Judy's experience on set

    • The Dank Dark One
      The Dank Dark One

      @T6 KR wow you wrote alot there and I congratulate you for having so much dedication to telling me the truth and thank you for opening my eyes to the truth and also thanks for the long but respectable comment and thanks for taking the time out of your day to speak and spread the truth...

    • T6 KR
      T6 KR

      Sorry that was a long comment, I just wanted to get that out. I admit though, whilst I have found out that a lot of the rumours are questionable, a lot of bad things still did happen to her. Her mother especially was abusive and her life was cut short 😢

    • T6 KR
      T6 KR

      A lot of people spread these unproven remours around. Please look further into it. For one, no the male cast weren't abusing Judy Garland. People believe this because she mentioned once in an interview that she was blocked by them whilst walking down the yellow brick road. She said it in a goofy tone and laughed about it with the audience, no one thought that was a joke or at least an exaggeration. But whilst people focus on that, no one pays attention to when she said that they were "very professional men" and that she was good friends with Ray Bolger for years later (he was even invited over to her show). Also, the whole drug thing is exaggerated. People say they put her on drugs like as if the film makers were intentionally harming her. In reality, she was taking barbituates (which technically is a drug but so is Panadol). The barbituates were prescribed to her. Years later they were discovered to be bad but no one knew that at the time.

  • Julia K
    Julia K

    Has no one realized that there was a huge tornado before Dorthy got knocked out did it just...disappear and leave her house unharmed

  • Dave Dugan
    Dave Dugan

    There was totally a hanging munchkin in the original.

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      Nope. Urban legend.

  • TheNotverysocial

    Were this same video done today they would have added a bonus round, or sinned things they personally didn't rather than total inconsistencies with the story, padding it longer than it is. They need to do The Wiz.

  • will griffin
    will griffin

    Surprised you didn’t mention this, but the whole monkey army has literally Miles apart from each other when then fly and some are even on the very edge of the screen how the hell were they planning to get Dorthy 4:41

  • Natoya dangerous_bass
    Natoya dangerous_bass

    5 sins for the snow being pure asbestos.

  • Virtuous

    Not to mention... tin doesn’t rust

    • TheNotverysocial

      @Virtuous I have owned and read the book well before I knew this film even existed.

    • Virtuous

      TheNotverysocial sounds like a presumption

    • TheNotverysocial

      No, but his iron joints do. Elbows, knees, and jaw.

  • Professor Bonk
    Professor Bonk

    3:55, all of the snow, along with a lot of other things on the set, were made from asbestos

  • Larry Ibarra
    Larry Ibarra

    Interesting that he makes fun of the Scarecrow's failed triangle theorem in the outtakes but doesn't actually sin it.

  • The Peaches
    The Peaches

    2:22 This is easy to answer! She bathes in milk and drinks milk.

  • Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Here's a Sin that's not Snow pesticide

  • Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    0 sins this 🎥 was a classic 😒 😥

  • Dana Quinn
    Dana Quinn

    toto should turn in his dog card hahahah!

  • Virginia Clark
    Virginia Clark

    Sunday 15th March 2020. My parents saw the film "Judy" last year in 2019. Have any of you guys seen it? I haven't but I've heard it was based on Judy Garland aka Dorothy Gale. :) Virginia

  • K P
    K P

    Love this, but I must mention.... A: “With the thoughts you’d be thinkin you could be another Lincoln if you only had a brain” He does not live on earth. Why does Dorothy think he knows who Lincoln is? B: I get he scared her dog, and I might have done the same if he scared mine, but what was Dorothy THINKING when she immediately slapped the lion instead of, idk, grabbing Toto and her friends and running and hiding? Think about this Dorothy, what would’ve happened if he WASN’T cowardly? Your two good friends would be having, what I like to call, a funeral on the yellow brick road C: does Dorothy not know that it is rude to call one friend your favorite in front of your other two friends?

  • ImJustEcho

    5:53 Actually, Sort of. I heard somewhere that there was a deleted scene that was a supposidly a reference to the relationship between Dorthy's relationship to scarecrow or who scarecrow represents ; Hunk. What we didn't see in the finished film were scenes at the beginning, where Hunk and Dorothy are having a conversation which alludes to the true nature of their relationship and where Hunk is tinkering with a windmill-like invention of his. We do, however, hear Auntie Em make a reference to the deleted scene when she scolds Hunk, saying "don't think I didn't see you tinkering with that contraption of yours." Is what I read somewhere. In the end I think that one simple line was a reference to a lot of things, whether it has connections to a scene that never made it, lost to time, or even was simply a small line that was added on later for unknown reasons that one particular line always holds a special place in my heart and always makes me cry.

  • James DC
    James DC

    2:39 - Dorothy's Ruby red slippers can apparently disguise themselves as black work shoes at will

  • Luh Mayo
    Luh Mayo

    1:37 is actually goddamn hillarious

  • Kat M.
    Kat M.

    U should do return to oz next ...

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley

    Ever since CinemaSins began the most requested thing has been to meet you guys in public so I can gut you while still alive

  • just a random dragon on the internet
    just a random dragon on the internet

    I feel like the wizard of oz 2: return to oz would have MORE sins just saying

  • Benjamin Johannes Sánchez
    Benjamin Johannes Sánchez

    6:57 GOLD!

  • Arts Veiman
    Arts Veiman

    Well now you stepped on it...now you have to do Return to Oz.. you have doomed us all.

  • Zack B
    Zack B


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    LOL THAT'S WITCHIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • The Owl Lover Videos
    The Owl Lover Videos

    No, but the scarecrow is the boyfriend of the wicked witch and helped fake her death so they could run away together.

  • Spencer Grilli
    Spencer Grilli

    I think this has the lowest sin count of any movie so far

  • Arielle Greer
    Arielle Greer


  • pavelow235

    Surrender Dorothy!

  • Kyli Gray
    Kyli Gray

    Please, please do "Return to Oz" (1985)!

  • Robert Kelliher
    Robert Kelliher

    I gotta give it to you guys that was a beautiful production a new way of looking at the film without discracing the performers. Good job.

  • Patricia Kelly
    Patricia Kelly

    So Dorothy is hungry for apples. But she doesn’t get thirsty once for water? Bro she’s skipping running and screaming

    • T6 KR
      T6 KR

      That's so true 😂 but it's implied that the movie was all just a dream anyway. But if it wasn't a dream, I'm guessing she probably would have gotten water when they were freshening up at the Oz city

  • Jennifer Stine
    Jennifer Stine

    Am I the only one who wonders where the salmon brick road goes?

  • Majel Navarro Bamberg
    Majel Navarro Bamberg

    HAHAHAGAGAHAHHHA it says eww the wizard of Oz it so funny

  • Jangler333

    or maybe Judy Garland had a great voice. She would win all the BS talent shows on TV today.

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    The witch was a moron 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    This crap freaked me out as a kid 😂

  • IAmTheOh


  • Satan Official
    Satan Official

    A sin for anyone outside in Oz and not carrying an umbrella for just-in-case. Flying monkeys, you know. MUCH worse that pigeons flying overhead.


    What?! U TAKE THAT BACK!!! >:(

  • Kapro draken
    Kapro draken

    Where were the hanging miget in the woods

    • T6 KR
      T6 KR

      That's been debunked already. Plys generally, Cinema sins focuses on the movie itself, not the rumors behind on set

  • CLuv

    That's a right triangle you idiot

  • I don't know
    I don't know

    Whenever I think of this movie all I can think of are those brothers arguing about if the good witch is a princess

  • Akawaio Girl
    Akawaio Girl


  • bikerjon1

    Herring makes a bad axe. Took me ages.

  • NY

    Thanks you've helped me to watch the movie in 7 minutes, I've got all the main points already.

  • teddyo 2
    teddyo 2

    The real sin is that this movie was originally populist propaganda

    • ImJustEcho

      Way to ruin a classic, I'll never look at it the same. 😂

  • Raj kishor Sahu
    Raj kishor Sahu

    5:29 that is Oz the great and powerful