Everything Wrong With Call of the Wild In Fake-Looking-Dog Minutes
The Call of the Wild is a pretty average film. Let's forget that the story has already been filmed before... this is just a bland retelling that doesn't bring anything new to the table EXCEPT Harrison Ford. And he's trying less here than he did during the "still in carbonite" scenes in Return of the Jedi.
But even beyond the fake-ass dog, this movie has sins, dude. LOTS of sins!
Thursday: Comedy sins
No movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • koool dud
    koool dud

    they didnt add the gore from the original novel +10 sins to sum up

  • Kai Evans
    Kai Evans

    Harrison ford at his prime: pilot alongside a furry alien Harrison ford at the end of his prime: adventurer alongside a kid named mutt Harrison ford in dog's purpose: old washed man with dog Harrison ford with brearh of the wild: hehe wolf friend Takeaway is i think Harrison Ford likes dogs

  • xgentis

    The dog look so fake, it's distracting.

  • Triops Studios
    Triops Studios

    As soon as I first saw the trailer in cinema I hated that dog. There's zero weight in him, it looks just like a computer model except of a real dog.

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    Why do the dogs look like they belong in a video game from 2010?

  • Jessyca Zander
    Jessyca Zander

    I have never read the book of this, and I knew that the dog was CGI. But that made me somewhat relieved since the dog wàs basically tortured the whole movie. Actually, all the dogs were, like whipping them when they were too cold and tired to move and basically clubbing Buck in the first 15-20 minutes, as a dog lover, it upset me a lot. I'm surprised that I managed to make it through the whole film breathing heavily and my heart pounding out it my chest. (That much talked about scene in John Wick induced a nervous breakdown. I had to plug my ears.) I knew that visual effects and intelligent dogs could easily do it better, and I know that it's just a movie, but still, it was hard to watch. That aside, Harrison Ford was a brilliant actor in this and Dan Stevens played the bad guy role to a T. Karen Gillan was perfect at standing there and not going all Nebula on him. (If you know, you know.) The ending was beautiful but sad, so in short, I was an emotional wreck the whole time. That's my input.

  • Wicus _Auc
    Wicus _Auc

    11:55 GOLD🤣

  • Malidictus

    Dogs look fine. Get off the "CG BAD" train already.

  • Joshua warren
    Joshua warren

    I will say about 100 of these sins were deserved. A few cheap sins but a lot of favorite moments. Great vid

  • Case E
    Case E

    Fun fact: they used a real dog to make a CGI dog

  • Hercule Herold
    Hercule Herold

    2:51 as a German He said it!MEINE KAMERADEN AUF NACH BERLIIIIIIIN!

  • Squidward Tortellini
    Squidward Tortellini

    5:17 yes.

  • Kahele Loo
    Kahele Loo

    Cinema sins would be perfect at cinema sins

  • Cryo.T

    Honestly, the original book was just really good ngl the movie is ok though.

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    GO F*** 2019'S CATS OR SOME OTHER MOVIES THAT ARE NOT F***ING SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    WHY THE F*** ARE YOU RUINING THE F***ING SAD MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • supershinigami1

    the books do matter though

  • 49 Days
    49 Days

    For anyone who is interested (probably no one,) the author of COTW, Jack London, was not originally an author by trade. He was a guy that actually took part in the Klondike Gold Rush and really saw many things he put in the book. To me, this adds a level of authenticity that made the book that much more interesting and emotional

  • 49 Days
    49 Days

    They really should have kept it more true to the book. It wouldn't have been a kids movie at all, but I definitely would have watched it. COTW is actually a really good book and it made me feel things, unlike this movie

  • Cole Dedhand
    Cole Dedhand

    Damn this movie looks bad.

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays

    Also you've got CGI Dogs, just make the CGI dogs talk and you can make due without the constant narration. Also, think about it, if the dogs can talk then we know why they understand English! Does it sacrifice some realism? Yes. But having the dog give Han Solo a look like " You serious? " before opening the door with dramatic flair to take his liquor out of there and the fact that they're poorly cgi'd in the first place, those things already killed realism.

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays

    100 sins for Fox not being a thing anymore, it's been Fox for over 37 years, let's let it be FOX! I hate change, change is stupid.

  • Darren Z
    Darren Z

    This movie is apparently so boring that not even Cinema Sins can make it interesting.

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan

    Why the hell is Hal the antagonist toward Buck and John? He wasn't necessarily evil. He was stupid and soft, just like his sister and brother-in-law. Also, SPOILERS Why is he even still alive? All three of those idiots died when they fell through the ice. Dragged the poor sled dogs except for Buck down with them. Is it because they didn't want to show an antagonistic portrayal of indigenous people? Well, just give them some back story and/or a valid reason to be an enemy of John Thornton! But having it be Hal is just stupid. I actually won't protest the romance between Buck and the wolf because I can't remember if it ever specified in the book if the wolf Buck befriended was male or female. So, I can accept that. But, all the same, I'm glad I didn't spend any money to see this movie

  • W0LF R0GUE
    W0LF R0GUE

    Do not compare this to War Horse. I love War Horse - favourite movie - and they used a real horse and had a compelling story and didn’t look fake as shit

  • fbmitachi ripdareal
    fbmitachi ripdareal

    Should've had bucc narrate for himself

  • fbmitachi ripdareal
    fbmitachi ripdareal

    Should've just been an animated movie dog to CGI out

  • Ronald V
    Ronald V

    Yeah, I felt this was a whole lot better then the none emotional animals in the 'live action' Lion King. I enjoyed this movie very much.

  • DarkBlueGames

    I like most of the videos, but sometimes J is really on point and he cracks me up with his comedic timing 4:48-5:02 🤣

  • Ahmaditya Irsyad
    Ahmaditya Irsyad

    Did anyone notice the A113 at 3:20?

  • Mike L.
    Mike L.

    10:25 must've been filmed on a set, in which burning wood wouldn't be a good idea. Still a bad effect though.

  • Emily Craig
    Emily Craig

    I was so upset when they announced that the call of the wold was going to be made into a movie ... and rightfully so, it seems. There is no way to make a movie from the mind of a dog without it being to quiet and boring or geared to children. And there are no humans in the story that follow the entire plot; all characters but buck are transient and depart the story at some point so this movie has very little resemblance to the book.

  • TofuDaTurtle

    Wait, this isn't the movie with the city lion going into -madagascar- Africa to find his father

  • Atlantis

    Surprise Phoebe

  • TheGamingAngel

    I cried three times during this movie, is that normal? AND I STILL DON'T KNOW IF OLD GUY IS DEAD OR NOT.

  • Andrew Abate
    Andrew Abate

    Im stupid as hell bruh I thought the dude behind the dog in the thumbnail was bill from l4d

  • Lauren Altorfer
    Lauren Altorfer

    4:14 uhh... that dog was in the book and was bad why would they discard that main part of the book

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    That dog did that white wolf DOGGY-style.

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    9:35 -- You're not gonna sin the dog for throwing away the big nugget?

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    Jesus, the fakeness of that dog makes my teeth and gums hurt!!!!!!!

  • Rusty Kinks
    Rusty Kinks

    If CinemaSins had asked what's good about this flick then it would be a non-existent video. Honestly if someone wants to take a book and make a film about it; THEN BLOODY WELL FOLLOW THE STORY!!!

  • Kyle Haupt
    Kyle Haupt

    This movie is pretty much if War Horse and Balto had a baby and made this

  • D W
    D W

    THE best UZload channel of all times...thanks

  • Savi Kelly
    Savi Kelly

    The worst part is that the dog makes the humans look cgi sometimes.

  • Varun Chadha
    Varun Chadha

    Everything Spoilers!! Wrong Duh.. With?

  • Meredith Walton
    Meredith Walton

    I actually cried at the end of the movie it was so sad

  • Panda Uchiha
    Panda Uchiha

    It took me half the video that Harrison Ford was a character in this movie

  • Panda Uchiha
    Panda Uchiha

    Dude they should’ve hired the people who made chihuahua to animate the dog

  • Aaron Mcsorley
    Aaron Mcsorley

    I don’t get why they say the dogs look bad or fake this movie will always be a favourite for me and is a classic. I loved the movie

  • Bartosz Sikora
    Bartosz Sikora

    I'm sinning cinema sins for calling an impossible boar a warthog.

  • Elless 42
    Elless 42

    Why is this made to be a damn kids movie?! The original book was BRUTAL

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane

    My 82 year old dad loved this movie. So it’s a win in my book.

  • Harrison Littrell
    Harrison Littrell

    20th Century Studios SUCKS! Bring back 20th Century FOX!

  • Dan Bruechert
    Dan Bruechert

    Man this movie is so boring I can’t even make it through this video

  • Amel Bougrouz
    Amel Bougrouz

    Free birds any one

  • The Untitled Random Junk
    The Untitled Random Junk

    Disney: *renames 20th Century FOX into 20th Century STUDIOS* *Everyone disliked that.*

  • Garrett Harbron
    Garrett Harbron

    More of a nitpick than anything else but wild boar aren’t native to Alaska, and feral hogs weren’t introduced until the 80’s. It’s not super important to the plot but that scene really bothered me for some reason, couldn’t they have had them hunt a caribou or a hare instead?

  • Felicat

    I kinda wanted to see this....now I don't have to suffer that awful CGI dog. Honestly, there is a long standing tradition of using real, usually shelter rescued animal actors, and THIS is the movie that opts NOT to do that?

  • XueKaihua Studios
    XueKaihua Studios

    I 100% ever the part about Buck being the size of a small horse

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    Personality, I didn’t care much for the dog’s acting, it felt a bit forced.

  • Mike The Tyke
    Mike The Tyke

    Actually White Fang is pretty much the opposite of Call Of The Wild.

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6

    This movie is just red dog redemption

  • registered prick
    registered prick

    Now you have to do everything wrong with Marmaduke

  • registered prick
    registered prick

    That dog looks awful

  • Eldanogrande

    Sinning a movie with Karen Gillen in it and only showing Karen Gillen once for like a half second and from a distance where you can't even see her face is DEFINITELY a sin.

  • Little J
    Little J

    do the Movie Going in style (2017)

  • john waynespacey
    john waynespacey

    So I thought this was a regular movie but it turned into how a dog helped Harrison ford stop drinking

  • Васил Шивачев
    Васил Шивачев

    13:27 this..is...MY...BOOM STICK

  • Ethan Boucher
    Ethan Boucher

    Its a awesome movie

  • Ethan Boucher
    Ethan Boucher

    Seriously how dare you

  • Josny13

    0:24 Yoda, is that you? 8:12 @CinemaSins Don't tell me what to do!

  • LukaTisus

    Ok but IRL those wolves would have slaughtered Buck and had him for lunch.

    • shooterDisease

      Buck in the book was fucking huge and killed a moose he was so big. I think I remember that the first wolf he encounters and guides him to take up the call is smaller than him. And it was a male wolf.

  • Daniella

    Here for the HP reference 😂. LOVE this channel.

  • MrStrangeSensation

    Thank you so much Cinemasins. You made the decision never to see this movie very easy for me. I was thinking "I know the dog looks fake but maybe it's still a decent movie". No. I'll never watch this movie. Roofio dog made sure of that.

  • Ann Davis
    Ann Davis

    He doesn't know how much it takes to make and run a movie.

  • Mini Feebas
    Mini Feebas

    on the topic of dog movies, maybe balto is worth doing

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka Cola

    Speaking of War Horse, are you guys ever going to review War Horse?

  • F&D gaming
    F&D gaming

    when was the dog last fed passed this point 4:32?

  • Wyatt Despain
    Wyatt Despain

    everything wrong with this channel in 30 minutes or less

  • Zachary Margala
    Zachary Margala

    wait but what about that website dedicated to dogs dying.

  • StevePiPi Productions
    StevePiPi Productions

    2:39 Is it bad that I laughed so hard at this part The noise he made combined with the immediate sin was enough

  • Aniko Desil
    Aniko Desil

    Needs another sin for the poorly depicted Alaskan day/night cycle per season.

  • claire erfe
    claire erfe

    I liked this movie, But I respect your opinion on the movie and you have some good points

  • Adrianna Sebastian
    Adrianna Sebastian

    I agree the dogs were fake af come on its 2020 they can train dogs but I love the movie

  • Chicken boi lol
    Chicken boi lol

    I died when he said but this dog is f**king albus Dumbledore

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson

    I have a hard time imagining the dude behind cinemasins being an animal lover. "Oh sure you went and got the ball but everyone always expects you to get the ball and it's literally just becoming a cliche. I'd give you 10 treats if you just took the ball and chucked it in the lake but noooo you bring it back because that's what we all expect and you're PANDERING. SIN!"

  • Foxyhowl Animations
    Foxyhowl Animations

    CinemaSins! i saw you did not sin the heck out of "The Queen's Corgie".

  • Yee ItsTanGo
    Yee ItsTanGo

    CARLITO’s WAY .... please 🙏🏾

  • Carbon Cross
    Carbon Cross

    Lol timber wolf.. that dog, that man are both digested.

  • Carbon Cross
    Carbon Cross

    you sure he didn't write it 3 times.. I wonder if he wrote Balto as well

  • Traveller281

    Funny you would do this one. A thought crossed my mind just a few days ago of what was that movie called again with a dog named Buck set in Alaska with a lot of sled dogs. And what do you know: it actually wasn't this one, I have never seen this. I saw the animated version of this story as a child. Based on your description of this movie, it might be better that way too.

  • SyxToes


  • DominoSqd CT-4040
    DominoSqd CT-4040

    3:52 A big part of the book was Buck forcing tribute and becoming dominate, not sharing XD

  • DISnut

    Came for the logo critique, stayed for the rest of the sins.

  • UntilTimeFalls

    I'm slightly triggered by the way this man pronounces Boba Fett...

  • lil s
    lil s

    movie: *begins* somewher in the crowd: *Ding* me: *gets cinemasin flashbacks* also me: *For FuCkS SAke* ....

  • weapon2000x

    Jeepers creepers 1-2

  • cameron alexander
    cameron alexander

    whatever breed of dog buck is supposed to be is not what anyone ever imagined buck to be. the idea of him being a German shepherd was because its one of the few breeds that would be accepted by a wolf pack.

  • The Frugal Videogamer
    The Frugal Videogamer

    So... did they basically remake Balto with CGI animals instead?

  • ScientistCat

    The only redeeming part of the movie, besides the wonderful soundtrack and lush landscapes... is the scene where the entire sled team slips back on a slope. The camera pans to show off Buck alone holding it in place, shoulders bulging with muscle and quivering. I found it was an excellent visual of the book’s description of the scene, locked in place with paws planted deep and muscles taut.