Everything Wrong With The Book of Eli In 13 Minutes Or Less
The Book of Eli is a post-apocalyptic movie about the search for The Bible. Denzel Washington stars and Gary Oldman is the villain, and it's SUPER watchable and fun. But it does have sins! So we counted them.
Thursday: Horror franchise sins that don't make sense.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?!
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  • H3vonlyH3ll

    I fucking love this movie

  • calvin013

    That wouldn't be hilarious.

  • King Judah
    King Judah

    Eli is not blind in the movie...lol 100 sins for your channel for misleading your subscribers.

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip

    Yes there is a handgun that holds 17 rounds it's a Glock 9 mm..... Called a Glock 17 and if you were going to find a weapon in a post-apocalyptic world something as common as a Glock 17 would probably be it also 9mm ammo is also extremely common and would be probably one of the last calibers that you would be able to find

  • Vision Sion
    Vision Sion

    "Cheddar Bob is about to shoot himself in the leg all over again" 😂😂😂

  • scoobydoo316us

    Religious mad max

  • Mr. Jish
    Mr. Jish

    "You cannot smell age, I've tried" *'Old people smell' intensifies*

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    The gun was a 9.

  • VHS Tacos
    VHS Tacos

    FINALLY this movie gets some type in f love! This movie rules hard.

  • Jacob Lawton
    Jacob Lawton

    Glock 17 with a 17 + 1 capacity has manufactured at minimum 5 million pistols, not including the variants and other similar model that are often used by American police, military, and civilians

  • Rodzilla

    *ambience +1 sin for misspelling

  • SasquatchyCowboy

    Actually 17 rounds is the average ammo capacity for 9MMS full frame simi auto pistols, which is what he was using. So that's a win for accuracy

  • Games Until Dawn
    Games Until Dawn


  • Vinvandle

    "Is there a handgun that holds 17 rounds that isn't automatic?" *Laughs in 33 round Glock mag*

  • kaio oliveira carvalho
    kaio oliveira carvalho

    The last movie sin's irony is perfect.

  • Mario Williams
    Mario Williams

    9:04 I gotta sin your sin here. Lol.... Nuclear radiation from a war would dissipate in about two weeks. That is the time when it is safe to walk around without radiation sickness after a nuclear explosion. The ultraviolet rays of the sun would cause some danger, but radiation wouldn't. Love the rest of these, though lol

  • M. R.V
    M. R.V

    i swear this guy adds sins for no reason lol

  • Wulf Hogan
    Wulf Hogan

    Fun fact: cat oil really does work just as good as chapstick 😺

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    So nit picky. Dude probably has never just sat down and enjoyed a movie.

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams

    You sinned this one too much. This is a banger

  • Court Arnold
    Court Arnold

    Is that Mario's joshi at the end?...well done😆😆😆

  • TheGamingLOL16

    If im right Eli Got a message from god then he was un blinded then told to go west with the bible after that when he went to alcrataz(or smth) he got blind again cuz his mission was done

  • TheGamingLOL16

    Ay No Ads

  • Alexander Isaev
    Alexander Isaev

    I dont think he was blind.

  • Julius Mason
    Julius Mason

    Are there guns which hold 17 rounds in the magazine? Yes! Can the HK45 he’s using in the scene hold 17 rounds? No!

  • Noah Guy
    Noah Guy

    Sooooooooo... the movie is AWSOME change my mind

  • YeOldeOgre

    Mad Max Blurry Road 😂 that's some of the genius that makes me LOVE this channel!

  • Nf Real
    Nf Real

    That would be fucking funny 😝😂😂🤦

  • Joe_breezyjr

    I didn't think he was blind, I thought he just knew braille....

  • Eduardo Goncalves
    Eduardo Goncalves

    I thought the movie was decent but it turned out he was blind it completely made no sense how someone can be so efficient that he can shoot a gun and know where people are to actually hit them. I didn't know he was Daredevil, I mean not even Daredevil can compete with this guy.


    He doesnt need to be blind to read brail Idiots

  • Low Temper Moto
    Low Temper Moto

    Uhhh, the Glock 17 can carry 17 rounds.

  • eldritchBat

    “Is there any handgun that holds 17 round magazines without being automatic?” Has he never heard of the Glock 17? I thought it was common knowledge. Shit, even my crappy Smith and Wesson SD9VE Holds 16+1 rounds. People who don’t know shit about guns shouldn’t sin them, imo

  • Jing Cadiz
    Jing Cadiz

    My name is also Eli.

  • Stark Parker
    Stark Parker

    Repo Man is without sin.

  • Javanese Soren
    Javanese Soren

    3:53 go ahead and sin Rango then

  • CIA

    Ive been waiting for this

  • mudokin

    I would say he was just legaly blind, like only able to see shaped and forms, or periferal vision, that kept him from reading normal books, so he had to read braile. Since the world seems to be very bright, it might have helped his condition.

  • EricTheKartoonKing

    Idk if I'd call this a Christian movie.

  • Phenex Al
    Phenex Al

    Fun fact: Eli was blind before the war and after finding the bible and hearing God's voice he regained his sight until his task was completed. This is why he did things a blind man would do and could read braille and also why his eyes were normal at the start of the film and clouded at the end. 😁

  • SpicyCringe

    If god is fake the bible is the best selling fanfic

  • DarkGhost 01
    DarkGhost 01

    Pretty much every full size handgun has 17 or more rounds. They’re not that rare.

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    6:16 For the son of a preacher, funny that even the preacher disregards Yeshua's teachings to pray in secrecy because your prayers are supposed to be a secret between you and God and that those who pray in public band such are the Pharisees. But, you know, these days the Christians prefer to follow the teachings of the Pharisees since it's better to condemn Yeshua than to follow him. 7:00 Ruger American Compact holds 17+1. But is that what Eli has? No! He uses the crossbow, sawed-off shotgun and Heckler & Koch HK45 - .45 ACP, which has 10 rounds for HK45 and 8 or 10 rounds for HK45C, so he reloaded once or twice for this fight.

  • Magic Jackson
    Magic Jackson

    He really killed cheddar bob because he saw him kill those travelers a few scenes back..

  • Dare Master
    Dare Master

    Out of all of this sins you counted in this movie I only counted about seven or eight that were tangible and and somewhat relevant to what you were trying to project barely tangible at that Yup your feeble attempts at counting sins on this movie or shall I say constructive criticism are fading greatly Like for instants how could the scenes of him walking through a desert with cut slow motion scenes be a movie Sin please explain because to me it helps project to the atmosphere of the movie yet you count it as a movie sin 🤦‍♂️come on man that’s what movie making is all about the story and the atmosphere good actors and a good storyline so after thorough examination of your criticism of this movie or shall I say counted movie sins I only found eight without further ado you fail my good sir🤔👎🤦‍♂️.....Not to say that some of your other movies sin counts were not good because others were but you just failed on this one you can take this comment with a grain of salt if you wish I am just stating what I observed from this one....Oh and before you go and say I’m just a book of Eli fan boy you’re wrong Sir I think this movie is just OK but nothing to Write home about I am just pointing out how inaccurate some of your movie sins are. I know this is a old movie and a old review but hopefully your accuracy has been refined By now I will be checking up on your more recent videos UPDATE! I take back what I said about the old review I just noticed it was two weeks ago So I take back what I said earlier your accuracy sucks

  • Mr.T-Sprinkles

    I've seen that reference and I love it, because she fucking not only goes across the lake once, but like two other fucking times.

  • Jamarr Hawthorne
    Jamarr Hawthorne

    That my name

  • zee

    You're lame

  • ʝʋstíɳ χ
    ʝʋstíɳ χ

    My understanding is that "god" granted him temporary sight for his journey, thus why he can do things that require sight, and thus why it shows his sight get hazy at the end.

  • IndyGamerTag

    My Sig P320 full size has a 17 round mag outta the box. Not considered extended either. Not gonna say that’s a sig because it’s moving to fast but it’s big enough to be one for sure

  • Azimuth630

    “Is there a gun that holds 17 rounds?” Yes - Glock 17 , holds up to 17 + 1

  • Julien Walden
    Julien Walden

    That would be hilarious? I don't know; how funny is Mormonism to you? LOL. . .

  • Darpan Dahal
    Darpan Dahal


  • cid v
    cid v

    I could never get over the premise. this is why, Obviously, if there was a God, the 2nd coming had happened, with the nuclear meteor war. which means God and his boy Jebus ain't coming back, to earth. So what good is a book, any book, other than for toilet paper. The bible states/says after the 2nd coming God will never be back to earth, something along those lines. Which makes this whole movies premise, a lie.

  • challengecompleted55

    C'mon now. Almost every compact and full frame pistol from 40 S&W down to .380 can hold at least 16+1.

  • x1tach1x

    How many times do you watch the movies when you do the sins on them? I've always wondered this

  • Wyn Williams
    Wyn Williams

    He ISNT BLIND he was but got his sight back before the movie starts then loses it again right at the end so thats a sin for movie sins!

  • Ewan Turner
    Ewan Turner

    He is not blind!

  • Ian Tusa
    Ian Tusa

    Is there a pistol that has 17 rds and isn't automatic, yeah most 9mm hand guns... ffs people how can you watch so many movies and not even try a little.

  • Shawn Parks
    Shawn Parks

    At the end, was this mocking Joseph Smith and "The Book of Mormon"?

  • Lil Musky
    Lil Musky

    Sig p320 has 17+1 round mags, but the gun eli uses looks like a usp .45 that has 12+1 capacity.

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous

    for all it's flaws and just straight dumb plot holes & mediocre writing. Denzel can make any semi bland/uncreative film into something worth a watch. Definitely hard to find a bad movie with Gary old and Denny Wash playing the lead roles.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson

    In no way was he blind!!!!

  • Lynn Ritchie
    Lynn Ritchie

    my taurus g3 comes with a 15 and 17 round mag, I have a 20 round one backordered -1 sin LOL

  • Jim Heeren
    Jim Heeren

    God, I hated the end of this movie, Seriously a fucking BIBLE in the most Christian nation on earth. Seriously why do some christians feel they are prosecuted. I get is this is the kind of shit that gets Mike Pence a hard on. But gaddamn this movie is bad

  • Din Djarum
    Din Djarum

    One important bit I want to mention here I noticed last week after seeing the film for the (between 5th and 8th) time. Who. The. F***. Threw. The. Bookbomb. ? The four players in the house are downstairs. Lined up in their positions in the living room. From what window was the bookbomb thrown? Then next view of players in the living room, they are all in their original positions from last shot. No sign of movement. Who threw the bookbomb?

  • Atomic 3
    Atomic 3

    I genuinely like this movie

  • 2X Randy
    2X Randy

    Just click info stop seeing ad to skip adds.

  • chody

    6:54 The Glock 17 is like the 2nd most common handgun in the world, the most common being the Glock 19 which has a shorter grip/standard magazine. The 17s' standard capacity magazines hold 17 rounds of 9mm. To be fair the gun in that scene looks like an HK45/USP/Mk23 or something similar. Those are all usually chambered in .45 and would therefore hold slightly fewer rounds in a standard magazine.

  • Devonte' Bane
    Devonte' Bane

    Snakes on a plane

  • 94auwing

    "Once upon a time, Jesus, Zeus. Jellybean farmer , dropped a deuce. " still laughing.

  • Devaughni. C
    Devaughni. C

    lol I was dyeing at 14:30

  • JAD's MV's
    JAD's MV's

    Old cinema Sins: "This scene makes no sense for x,y and z *makes funny joke about it* DING. New cinema Sins: "Let's just point random shit out then ding it right after we make a joke" And I'm not even mad about it.

  • AgnotologyTV

    glock 17 in 9mm has 17+1 capacity. mag holds 17 plus one in the chamber. Still a sin for not making full use of capacity.

  • Reeve Savage
    Reeve Savage

    well if that's Dumbledore and Madame Maxime...then there's Sirius Black....

  • Soren Sharp
    Soren Sharp

    I've never seen this movie, but it seems genuinely amazing.

  • Samos900

    Was he taking a shot at Mormons at the end there? 😂

  • Samos900

    Glock 17 holds 17 rounds. Double stack 9mm is pretty compact!

  • RJ Flores
    RJ Flores

    Glock 17 holds that many rounds, but I don’t think that was the gun he had though

  • trev sla
    trev sla

    He USED to be blind, the flash gave him vision

  • Bigtrek34

    At the end the book should read The Book of Eli not the King James version. 10 sins.

  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • Lamont Cap Thompson
    Lamont Cap Thompson

    It’s gonna be a lot of sins off because this movie is the shit

  • alex thelizardking
    alex thelizardking

    Carnegie represents Catholicism. One interpretation only. Eli represents Protestantism. Everyone can decide what the book says.

  • Nate Garcia
    Nate Garcia

    I would love to see a perfect movie for dude. 0 credits, can't do/say the same thing twice, have to tell you everything from the beginning and end 3 seconds later, has to be quick and short and to the point. Lol truly boring movie

  • Geoff Rogue
    Geoff Rogue

    The line, "Is there a handgun that isn't automatic that hold seventeen rounds magazines?" doesn't make sense at all. Are you trying to differentiate between semi-auto and full-auto while also trying to imply that semi-auto handguns have smaller magazines than full-auto handguns? That's what it seems like was going on. Seventeen rounds is a fairly common magazine size for guns that shoot 9mm. That being said, I won't fault you too much. The gun used in this scene is the H&K HK45, the magazines for which hold ten rounds.

  • Maelstrom8

    This one was a reach. Most of theses ?sins" were just his thoughts on the scenes. Not actual cinema sins at all.

  • Thozzak The Dragon
    Thozzak The Dragon

    I dunno how to tell you this, CinemaSins, but a glock 17 is both semi-auto and holds 17 rounds.

  • Tittums McSprinkles
    Tittums McSprinkles

    Wasn't there a scene where he fed cat meat to a rat? That should earn a -1 sin.

  • Raymond Luxury-Yacht
    Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    I'd leave those 2 sins on for the long takes. Have you seen Children of Men?

  • Jake Pipes
    Jake Pipes

    Please do Starship Troopers

  • genius2012

    Most Glock 17 (the full size 9mm) come standard with 17-round magazines. Springfield XDm in 9mm come with TWO 19-round magazines.

  • RlCb official
    RlCb official

    “Someone’s been doing their sword drills” dawg, I did sword drills, love that reference man😂😂😂

  • X XXX
    X XXX

    I watched this movie and never realized he's supposed to be blind. That's 100 sins right there for bad story telling... or maybe me not paying attention.

  • It’s a Hounon Hootenanny!!
    It’s a Hounon Hootenanny!!

    Lots of guns have 17 round magazines.

  • KBD KingBlackDusk
    KBD KingBlackDusk

    Glock mags can take 33 bullets and 1 in the chamber... But Eli doesn't have a Glock... Looks more like a barreta m9 which is 15 in a mag.... Meh

  • bi5hup 115
    bi5hup 115

    I thought he only knew braille because his wife was blind or something like that

  • Tyler Flora
    Tyler Flora

    I've always kind of wondered if Eli isn't actually blind the entire movie. After the shootout where he gets shot and losses the Bible, he also losses his glasses. And if you recall, he asks the blind woman "were you blinded in the war, or by the sun after?" So I've always wondered if THAT is when he goes blind. He losses his glasses and is blinded by the sun thereafter. You'll also notice, throughout the entirety of the movie before that point, his eyes look fine. But after he gets shot and losses his glasses, in the ending scene, you see his eyes are now glossy, indicating he's blind. And if he WAS blind throughout the entire movie, they would've glossy like that throughout the entire film, but they aren't.

  • mohamed bettayeb
    mohamed bettayeb


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