Everything Wrong With The Lion King (2019) In The Circle Of Minutes
Here is a movie that flat out didn't need to happen. It does not improve on the original, changes very little, and is an overall empty experience. Also it has sins.

Thursday: Holiday sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Krafty Kitten
    Krafty Kitten

    it's a thing they doo-doo

  • Krafty Kitten
    Krafty Kitten

    the bug pushing poo is called a scarab beetle

  • Elizur Bamidele
    Elizur Bamidele

    I love the John Oliver reference 😂😂😂

  • Abdullah Ibne Arif
    Abdullah Ibne Arif

    1:41 i think both said "that" at the same time

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon

    Hi Asshold fuck trying your are heat you Antertys graces yers come leo Sarttras love my wife Star wars HOBIS🔴🌖🇾🇹🇬🇷♀️🌌☀️♈Jess course DOMINDS🔴🌒🇬🇷🇻🇮♂️🌌⚕☀️♈Thomas McMahon look for this not gat because can be turst you

  • Cam Danahy
    Cam Danahy

    1:30 close your eyes and listen to mufasa and that’s literally darth Vader

  • king DEZ
    king DEZ

    at sin 97 he fogot they're lions they would hear better *ding*

  • TimK

    Did u know this movie is actually the highest grossing animated movie. It made 1.657 billion

  • Coco Pearl
    Coco Pearl

    Effing Racing Stripes!😂😂😂

  • Baron Von Grijffenbourg
    Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    Everything about this movie angers me. They purposefully went and changed everything that made the original compelling. This movie can fuck right off.

  • Being Sarcastic
    Being Sarcastic

    Having trouble remembering why 2019 was so miserable??

  • Zacky 326
    Zacky 326

    17:07 Lions have good hearing tho

  • Dennis Mukoya TV
    Dennis Mukoya TV

    17:34 That line "Watford wouldn't beat Liverpool" most certainly did not age well...

  • Rosey Bella
    Rosey Bella

    100 sins for the fact they wasted time, money, and voice actors talents making this movie and 100 more for the fact I wasted my time watching it.

  • flux freeze
    flux freeze

    this guy acctualy got 300 sins in the titanic in lesse than 7 mins and got 100 mins for lion king

  • Chris Ankomah
    Chris Ankomah

    Scar’s actual name is tapa scar is his nickname

  • Innocent O.
    Innocent O.

    17:33 yes it could happen. Aston Villa just did it 7:2 to Liverpool because Liverpool called them names 🙄

  • ethan newton
    ethan newton

    Missed sins, the lionesses would've killed Scar if there was a food problem, Nala and Simba would be related, all the lionesses would be jumping Scar's bones, Simba would've been eaten alive by Scar and if Simba was able to live of of termites then his teeth would be in shit condition.

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

    What's going on with Disney?

  • galaxy

    This is why Disney should just leave some animated movies alone

  • Antonio Damiao
    Antonio Damiao

    Can you feel the love tonight But they were singing at day

  • CaritaHearts

    “This exists” should’ve counted for 20 sins

  • kiya for life
    kiya for life

    When he says he’s in 2019 in the world is on fire because of evil. What is the world now dude?!? It’s 2020 and it hasn’t come to ashes yet! Honestly at this point I’m thinking I would prefer that!

  • Nathaniel Owusu
    Nathaniel Owusu

    "Don't we eat the antelope?" Me: That's a Thompson Gazelle.

  • AkumaHime

    So this is terrible. James Earl Jones doesn't sound nearly as enchanting as he did in the original. Even he sounds tired and done. No life in it. I don't blame him. He's amazing, just you can tell there was no point in this remake

  • oceancurl

    Scars original name translates to trash, you'd jump at the first opportunity for a nickname in that sistuation too.

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan

    The Beyoncé song was unnecessary imo.

  • Pixie Souter
    Pixie Souter

    From what I read in the 200 or so cartoon style books that came out not long after the original movie, Scars name was Takka, I dont remember how he got the scar or why everyone started calling him Scar though.

  • kAtt

    Are little secret... Uncles! XD

  • Noah’s Ark
    Noah’s Ark

    Im gonna get a lot of hate, but I like the remake 😔

  • Usama Khurshid
    Usama Khurshid

    Maybe simba pulled out a few times... Thanks for ruining my childhood

  • Echo Bravo
    Echo Bravo

    Should have removed a sin for the CGI Rafiki absolutely beating hyenas with a stick.

  • Baleigh Brisbon
    Baleigh Brisbon

    "This movie exists" PREACH BOI!!!




    2:41 dream talking to Georgenotfound in dream smp

  • Nidnoms

    i personally guarantee that James Earl Jones had much more fun Reprising Lord Vader then he did Mufasa, like he probably wasn't even trying cause he knows how stupid it is to make a 97% shot to shot remake of a classic

  • Jake Stan
    Jake Stan

    This video was made on my birthday

  • Ju Galaxy
    Ju Galaxy

    This "new version" of Be Prepared should be counted as 100 sins Yes, Disney, I won't fucking forgive you for dishonoring this song Ps: 7:56 read the books, Scar's real name is Taka

  • Yong Sheng
    Yong Sheng

    the lions are just drunk

  • Isaac Orina
    Isaac Orina

    I blame cinemasin for that Liverpool loss to Watford 😂

  • MDOD _Gaming
    MDOD _Gaming

    Tbf an average healthy Lion can take on up to 15 Hyena's by himself, so Mufasa's fight with the Hyenas ain't too unrealistic

  • t v
    t v

    Funny you mention the fighting capabilities of Simba, 'cause I just watched an episode of _Community_ where Troy asked, "I've been in a fight. Have you?"

  • Doopity Boopity
    Doopity Boopity

    Honestly, this just makes me want to watch the original.

  • YoshiPrime

    Why dont any of the Male Lions have ball sacks in this movie?

  • AccurateMemin

    12:38 "Also, OMG it's a big rolling a circular giraffe turd with the tuft of lion hair in it!!!!! Hahahahaha." Felt that.

  • Locust775

    Also... the realism makes the characters expressionless.

  • Locust775

    It felt like the movie just droned through it and went through the motions... never stopped to let i breathe.

  • Cassius Devlin
    Cassius Devlin

    I uhhh, I regret seeing this in theatre

  • Mnrr.6131

    You and nostalgia critic would get along well

  • Riku Wisteria
    Riku Wisteria

    You forgot to point out that there was a third cub earlier in the film, and they never named the third cub. That's the worst sin next to not naming all the lionesses.

  • AngelWingsYT

    fun fact: scars birth name was taka or trash :) they named their son trash

  • Jlmaendl Jlmaendl
    Jlmaendl Jlmaendl

    scars real name is Taka witch means trash.

  • Hey Fixit Pop Pixit
    Hey Fixit Pop Pixit

    Can you feel the love tonight is in the day time 😤

  • Zoe

    "Everything the light touches is our kingdom" Vague and immeasurable sure. Also, what about shadows? Do you sometimes own stuff and sometimes not? What if it's a light or shadow you somehow created yourself?

  • Excuse You?
    Excuse You?

    20:29 idk what this is from, but it made me laugh so hard

  • Legion Iscariot
    Legion Iscariot

    These Disney remakes are pointless, but damn this one is even more pointless.

  • Edna Hollis
    Edna Hollis

    The song “Spirit” is from Beyoncé’s rendition “Black is King”

  • Danielle Digou
    Danielle Digou

    Scar’s actual name was Taka, it meant Garbage. So yeah, I’d go with the nickname, too.

  • Chamali Kodikara
    Chamali Kodikara

    Who is here after they announced that they are gonna make another one of these.

  • Nathan Barr
    Nathan Barr

    Jeremy: "This change back feels instant" Me: Did you watch the original? It IS instant.

  • emx7890

    I feel like the sin for the hyena's riffing and fucking around is a little unfair, given that they were basically the evil Three Stooges even in the original movie, so it wasn't as if the movie makers changed up their behavior. If anything they were *more* serious in this version, since there wasn't any of the physical comedy the original had

  • JJtoob

    Moonlight is actually pretty bright, and that's also a lion, so that night vision doubles the ability to see his own reflection.

  • Tairlisis

    It's our little secret... uncles... LMFOOOOOO

  • Kaia Coleman
    Kaia Coleman

    Love remakes.


    They its 2019 and the worlds on fire line aged well

  • salman sallu
    salman sallu

    Simba pulled out sometimes😂😅🤣🤣🤣

  • donut worry
    donut worry

    I lost it at "AAH! Twilight baby! Oh, it's just Simba."

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    8:00 First published by Grolier Books back in 1994, the official release includes a story called A Tale of Two Brothers, which explores the life of a much younger Mufasa and Scar. Of course, Scar wasn't known as Scar back then, and instead, he went by the name Taka.

  • Smol Chinchillas
    Smol Chinchillas

    I could appreciate this movie without the voices tbh. I have to admit it looks astounding, but the voices.. The voices are so flat they ruin the whole thing.

  • AnnAerB Jones
    AnnAerB Jones

    Lol no you did not just say aslan?... Im dead sorry

  • Moonspirit10

    This was more fun to watch than the movie

  • Mary Harrison
    Mary Harrison

    People make puns about PEOPLE. But, no lions don't make puns about lions... ... or anything else. Because lions don't talk.

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry

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  • Frej Sommer Clausen
    Frej Sommer Clausen

    cinemasins should watch the tv show (animated)

  • Luke Marlow
    Luke Marlow

    "This movie exists."

  • dirttowater

    I’m just gonna say it, Beyoncé’s voice acting was a major cringe. She really can’t act. I said what I said

  • Landedstar 12
    Landedstar 12

    I actually enjoyed this movie

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    Add a sin because the lionesses do the hunting, not the males.

  • Charles Nottingham
    Charles Nottingham

    Rafiki: He's alive! I'll show him to you! Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

  • Charles Nottingham
    Charles Nottingham

    6:38 "This hyena" is Ed f*ck it! You are stupid!

  • Icy_Rayne

    I kept laughing at "Aslan?"😂

  • Dudepool

    Not only did they not get Jeremy Irons to voice Scar, Disney didn't even bother asking him... Just another example of them fucking up my childhood...

  • Paul Cornum
    Paul Cornum

    2:58 live action: **"mufasa" and "simba" get trampled to death by elephants**

  • Kamikaze Kirk
    Kamikaze Kirk

    'can you feel the love tonight'.... During the day

  • Marshmallow Mountains
    Marshmallow Mountains

    I know it's weird thing to say, but like, seeing these super realistic male lions with no testicles is super weird.

  • AH1010

    17:37 this is amazing

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart

    8:10 Scars real name is Taka (I believe Taka means dark 0-0) Also i really hated the new Lion King so much...It even made me cry because The Lion King was my childhood and seeing it like that made me really upset :(

  • A

    No sin for "no-genitals-having wild animals" ?

  • CatMuto

    Honestly, I have no clue why Disney is making these live-action remakes. Yeah, okay, they wanna make money. Just re-release your damn animated movies! Trust me, it'll COST LESS to re-release them, in comparison to the money you'll make.

    • Sleepy Roo
      Sleepy Roo

      Honestly tho. We already know the plot in the animated movies, so why waste time and money remaking 'em into live action? We already know the story like ?? I honestly don't see the point :/

  • Dwayne Greene
    Dwayne Greene

    😂😂Aannnd Leonard!

  • 2023 Brayden Langford
    2023 Brayden Langford

    I'm starting to think i'd rather welcome the COVID-19 pandemic than to deal with all this hate for the disney remakes, i mean look at it this way the remakes are not replacing the originals. The originals are still around and disney doesn't make the remakes for the money, they just want to experiment with modern-day movie making tech. The remakes making so much money is because, well, it's Disney. Every movie they make earns millions in the box office

  • David Basnight
    David Basnight

    Beyonce. That's all I need to know not to watch it.

  • Some Rando
    Some Rando

    For some reason, Scar without the darker coloring and menacing eyes is just NOT the same. Instead of looking menacing he just looks SAD.

  • Cat Calico
    Cat Calico

    The Pride Lands in this movie looks totally dull and lifeless, not worth to stand up and fight for. Why bother? Just like the rest of the movie

  • TooLateToTheStory

    Scars original name was Taka. Which translated basically means trash. Which is probably why he went by Scar later.

  • Adnan Karout
    Adnan Karout

    Watford beat liverpool 3-0

  • Paul Kneidel
    Paul Kneidel

    12:50 he knows that’s an actual big right they didn’t make that shit up

    • Paul Kneidel
      Paul Kneidel

      Pun intended

  • Caroline Giles
    Caroline Giles

    My god this remake looks tragic.

  • moose

    "I'm alive right now, in 2019, and the world is ON FIRE" 2020: Hi!

  • aDropofAmber

    Holy crap someone else remembers Meerkat Manor!