Everything Wrong With Candyman In 18 Minutes Or Less
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Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Okay, I'm gonna stop there. Here's a '90s horror movie with an upcoming remake. It has scares, bees, and sins. so we counted... the sins. We don't count bees around here.
Thursday: '90s action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • B1Slee

    “I hear ya lookin for candy man b*tch!” I loved that line lol

  • Goat man Comics
    Goat man Comics

    2041 ww3

  • dbsommers1

    Tony Todd was awesome in this, as he usually is. Even when in a cameo he emits a presence. Some great sets and shooting. Downside: as was mentioned, there were some screenplay issues and inconsistancies.

  • Black Entertainment History
    Black Entertainment History

    White guy reviews a all black movie lol

  • Casual Cas
    Casual Cas

    Cinema sins advertising? that’s a sin.... Ding!!!

  • sleepbaby17

    I don't know why I am watching this smh... I cannot say this movie's name, read it, or even hear it. I literally get fear chills everytime it happens.... I am 34 yo. Saw this movie when it came out, and I've had nightmares about it ever since.

  • Robin Morrison
    Robin Morrison

    This movie terrified me as a kid!

  • Chris Li Loia
    Chris Li Loia

    I went to William Paterson in NJ n there were actually old lockers in the hallways of one building... they were all not being used but they were there... maybe that's one of the reasons they call Willy P "the high school on the hill" lol

  • Lord of Allusion
    Lord of Allusion

    Maybe Bernard Rose figured out that making movies for Hollywood is the equivalent as having a richer child tell another child how to properly eat Fruit Loops while never have eaten Fruit Loops their entire life.

  • alldayagain

    No removals for the hypothesis she went under?

  • Ricky Springfield
    Ricky Springfield

    "Look in the mirror and say his name five times" "Tommy? Tommy. Tommy tommy tommy. How's the peeping"

  • mattirzz mattimus
    mattirzz mattimus

    Do EWW 1990s Nightight of the Living Dead...

  • Amaterasu

    I strongly enjoy the term, "Candypeople"

  • Joshua Molina
    Joshua Molina

    The "candyman" who comes through the mirror and kills Ruthie Jean is the bootleg version that beats Helen's ass in the shitter. The movie makes this fairly obvious...

  • child of magikarp
    child of magikarp

    a door is just a wall hole with a lid

  • Kayla Faith
    Kayla Faith

    @CinemaSins, the legend that the lady at the end became was Blood Mary. She was the creation of a new urban legend. If you say Bloody Mary in the mirror like this: "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, where is my baby?" She will appear. That's why the baby was a significant part of the movie and he told her she was the one at the end. THE MORE YOU KNOW. . .🌠

  • turbohusque

    This movie is a cinematic suppository. The intro to Siskel & Ebert nailed it on this one: "I laughed, I cried, I kissed five bucks goodbye."

  • Bernando Silva Jr.
    Bernando Silva Jr.

    Ooh, I can't wait to see B1rdman tear you a new one for this

  • Java Joe
    Java Joe

    He lost me with this one. When the lady called 911, she told them something was trying to come through the walls. It was the killer on the other side of the wall that separates the two medicine cabinets trying to break in. That's what she was explaining when she pushed through her own medicine cabinet wall. edit: Her thesis was trying to discredit urban legends as well but she wanted to research people and their belief about them. And the killer of the woman in Cabrini Green was a person that called himself Candyman.

  • batchagaloopyTV

    bobbett actually didnt do porn they had a dick stand in they basically just used his face and name.unfortunately i learned it from a Ron Jeremy interview about the making of uncut -john wayne bobbet

  • Samurai Nelson
    Samurai Nelson

    Love how they make a black horror movie with a white lead and still a black girl for the side kick????

  • L456 TaterTot
    L456 TaterTot

    Can’t get through one Cinemasins video without a lecture about how “racist” America is. I’m so sick of it.

  • Zen Hydra
    Zen Hydra

    The Philip Glass soundtrack also elevates this movie to epic levels. It is my favorite movie soundtrack of all time, and someday I will spend a stupid amount of money for someone to make me a mechanical music box which plays Helen's theme.

  • Occam’s Razor
    Occam’s Razor

    1:05Sooo am I the only one to notice that Billy (Ted Raimi) looks like a White Tony Todd😳

  • JigInsane

    Jeremy: are you going to do any actual police work? Me: it's chicago bro, and concerning Cabrini green. They did more here than in real life.

  • JigInsane

    So, i can't remember where I saw it, but a person said "you mean to tell me you're scared of a guy you need to ask to come and kill you?"

  • Jacqueline Callejas
    Jacqueline Callejas

    Regarding Tony Todd being a great actor...He guessed starred on Hercules (and on Xena as a different character) which I know has a rep as cartoonish BUT his character was an enslaved aging gladiator exploited for the thrill of the crowd, whose young innocent best friend (possibly lover) takes his place in a fight because Tony was badly injured in the previous fight, and the boy gets killed. His tears and pain at the boy's death looked real.

  • BladeArmorGinga

    See he said “Helen” into the mirror in order to spawn the potential of a comedy spinoff “Hellen Killer” the story of how hellen Keller looks to steal people’s eyes.

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green

    How did you not sin the fact that bees MAKE honey, and doesn't ATTRACT them. Smearing honey on him would be more likely to attract ants, not bees. This is something I have asked myself this since I was a kid, and my sister and I were talking about just a few days ago. So I'm sinning YOU Jeremy, for not pointing this out. 🛎️🛎️🛎️

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    There’s this medical old practice that may or may not be real called the mellified man, where someone eats only honey before they die and then after they die they are submerged in honey and preserved. and then many many years later you take that honey mummy thing and eat it and it is supposed to like cure you from any disease. so i suspect that’s what the people who killed candy man were attempting to do? cant think of another reason why.

  • Sama Poncho
    Sama Poncho

    Biggie Smalls, Biggies Smalls, Biggie Smalls

  • Mr. Ashtastic
    Mr. Ashtastic

    6:15, super cliche

  • Mr. Ashtastic
    Mr. Ashtastic

    That hallway is the hallway of a high school

  • XB0X

    Candyman always seemed like a ripoff of Bloody Mary

  • Milky Joe
    Milky Joe

    5 black men on to 1 white woman. You won't see that anymore in movies.

  • Christian Hafer
    Christian Hafer

    Tony Todd is great in Star Trek TNG as well.

  • Seamus Wellen
    Seamus Wellen

    Dead meat is angry

  • This is what happens Larry!
    This is what happens Larry!

    damn 3 times talking about your sponsor. o.O

  • pythonkatie K
    pythonkatie K

    Also you shouldn't give a baby honey before they turn 1.

  • Firerealms13yk

    Do a video on The Descent pleassseeeee?

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris


  • William Mills
    William Mills

    She would have been taken to a facility like Atascadero State Hospital. Here stay would have been more like Sarah Conner’s in Terminator 2 and not a facility that was basically a low level hospital where the doctor had private conversations with her. That would never have happened in a real hospital for the criminally insane. Those are basically prisons and there’s no escaping the facility like she did. Anymore then you could escape Chino State prison. Only in movies can people easily escape prisons and mental hospitals. She would have been given drugs for her instability and delusions to help calm her down and she would have fallen asleep. Just like they tried to give to Sarah Conner in Terminator 2. I used to work at Camarillo State Hospital in the 90s till they closed down. That was a low level hospital where patients roomed around in the courtyards, went swimming, had dances and went bowling. There was staff, but it was like 2 staff for 20 patients and some patients did escape, but there was no gate to keep them in and the couple of units that were penal units had stricter rules and more staff and no one escaped from them. She in this movie they thought she mustered her friend and became mentally unstable. She would not have gone to a low level hospital like it appears in this movie.

  • mr Q
    mr Q

    Never was a fan of this movie

  • Grace Joiner
    Grace Joiner

    Can you do three musketeers? Either version would be good.:)

  • Snap Dragon
    Snap Dragon

    Holy shit it's Joxer from Xena Warrior Princess

  • Cherry Pop
    Cherry Pop

    I mean...didn't he not kill her right away because she looked like the woman he loved and he wanted to have her in death with him not just....dead? *removes a sin*

  • G M
    G M

    Did not remember Ted Raimi being in this.

  • Topcliffe

    06:42 - What about a sin or two for the cliche of college professors being a bunch of snooty decadent bluebloods who regularly dine at the finest restaurants and mock everyone?

  • CNN Blackmail Support
    CNN Blackmail Support

    This movie scared me near to death. Not candyman, but if the name can change, I couldn't trust saying any names in any room with a mirror. Sure, its Helen at the end, but maybe it is Mike a few weeks later? What if it was a rapper named Gunna Snortdat? How many coke fiends would be dead?

  • Roulette

    Poor Ted Raimi getting called discount brother Sam T_T

  • Kizzle M09
    Kizzle M09

    100 sins just for this movie

  • Mark Compton
    Mark Compton

    NOTE: Tony Todd, had a statement in his contract that he got $1000 for every bee sting

  • Maddie J
    Maddie J

    I feel like it’s spooky that Jeremy hasn’t defenestrated the Garfield live action movie yet... sin it right out a window idk

  • Greyson Strachan
    Greyson Strachan

    The ad reads on this channel are perfect. Short, sweet, memorable, and they don't interfere with the video.

  • BloodRecon21

    Massively missed opportunity during the Candyman/Dracula bit. Count Chocula!

  • plu fan 2
    plu fan 2

    Kryce was first commet it was not that long

  • Accutronitis The 2nd
    Accutronitis The 2nd

    18 Minutes Or Less??? this video is 20 minutes +! I don't care that you added an ad... I'm just saying...

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    The who murdered ruthie jean headline is a true story about a woman being murdered in her apartment and the assailant broke in through the bathroom vanity of the vacant apartment ne t door to her own.

    • Jason Williams
      Jason Williams

      Correction toon her real name was ruthie mae McCoy, but it is where they got the concept for the film

  • Hellbound420

    Aw man, I thought the candy man would be made of candy :(

  • evilSWA - beyond pandora films
    evilSWA - beyond pandora films

    Maybe he has a thing for Helen!?! MAYBE HE HAS A THING FOR HELEN!? Did you watch the movie or just start making jokes right away?

  • evilSWA - beyond pandora films
    evilSWA - beyond pandora films

    3:01 confirms that yall like many others did not understand the movie. There are TWO candymen, the real one and the gangster who uses that legend as his identity. When the lady is telling her candyman story it is referencing the gangster that she later is attacked by. The Candyman legend is heavy in the Cabrini Green projects because no one knows the truth because BOTH truths are real. There is a gangster named Candyman who runs the place but he has taken his rep from the actual, real supernatural killer that shows up when you say his name.

  • Just Carter
    Just Carter

    I am the candyman with my username being candysday543

  • Tony Higgins
    Tony Higgins

    Great choice but still not Hudson Hawk?

  • Midtoker Marius
    Midtoker Marius

    Discount Sam Raimi is actually his brother Ted

  • Hokuto Tongi
    Hokuto Tongi

    Thank you for doing this. When you do the movies of my childhood they are doubly entertaining.

  • Xavier Avila
    Xavier Avila

    I hope Th3birdman tears into this one.

  • Ignacio Fuentes
    Ignacio Fuentes

    Commander Kurn...son of Mogh.

  • john jones
    john jones

    So no lying. How many of us stood in front of the mirror as kids and said candyman 4 times, but too scared for the fifth?

  • Kyan

    I love that Trevor Strikes Again reference!

  • John Summers
    John Summers

    What bugs me is that Clive Barker was so good but no one cares.

  • cook j
    cook j

    Do SandMan

  • cook j
    cook j

    Do People Under The Stairs please

  • Christian Satine
    Christian Satine

    I watched Candyman again last month after decades so seeing this video now is perfect timing. I think the film could definitely be remade into a creepier, sensible version. It has such potential.

  • ike eki
    ike eki

    iconic performance

  • Andrew Peckham
    Andrew Peckham

    2:30 umm I'm in college and there are lockers in the hallway. Only difference is you have a choice to rent one or not

  • Nate Betts
    Nate Betts

    What is this? Xander Berkeley week?

  • Shemicha

    Should check out primms hood video version

  • Milan Lukic Lundzi
    Milan Lukic Lundzi

    Yes. I would also liked if that song played at that time. 17:30 Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) Don't know what you got till it's gone. Don't know what it is I did so wrong. Now I know what I got. It's just this song. And it ain't easy to get back. Takes so long... 👉🎤👨‍🎤😂

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham

    13:55 no sin for the visible wires pulling candyman out the window? For shame!

  • Ellen L. Sandor
    Ellen L. Sandor

    this was great- thank you!❤

  • Arrow Head Productions
    Arrow Head Productions

    What happened to animation sins? What happened to abusing fnaf paradies?

  • Ryan Rowntree
    Ryan Rowntree

    Presumably the guys couldn’t use the original Philip Glass music due to copyright. But well worth a mention that the musical score on this film was epic.

  • Renegade2786

    Q: How to deal with the Karens? A: Tell them to say Candyman's name five times in the mirror.

  • paintrain

    Can you do the circle/circle

  • ShiroChan

    Wouldn't the husband be a suspect? She was locked up for murder in a mental institution and it wasn't long after he started redecorating with his mistress. I'd be suspicious of him.

  • Bryanna Jenkins
    Bryanna Jenkins

    You should do one at Gretel & Hansel

  • Eric Rosen
    Eric Rosen

    I'm disappointed that there wasn't an outtake of a bee scene with Chris Farley yelling: "Bees! Bees! Bees in the car! Bees Everywhere! God, they’re huge! They’re ripping my flesh off! They’re huge, and they’re sting crazy! Your firearms are useless against them!"

  • Gal Dvir
    Gal Dvir

    Candyman should have been called "The PAIN!"

  • Max's Channel
    Max's Channel

    Not the Candyman song in the end credits ? Buuuuuuh

  • Keely O'Really
    Keely O'Really

    You should have taken a sin off for the wonderful score this movie has

  • Enix

    Logos: Exist CinemaSins: *YOU WOT M8*

  • Chad, Don
    Chad, Don

    Uh oh... Birdman gonna smack him for the dishonest take at the end. They're paying their respects to Helen because they witnessed her trying to save the baby from the fire. "In a bid to feed his legend, the Candyman tries to immolate Helen and the child in a bonfire, but he is destroyed in it. Helen saves Anthony, but she is burned severely and dies. The residents, including Anne-Marie and Jake, pay their respects at Helen's funeral."

  • TheGraceCraig

    Honestly, horror movies don’t do anything for me now days. It might have to do with the fact that Candyman could come after me and threaten to kill me and I’d be like “Eh, sure why not. Let me have a cup of coffee first.”

  • CLuv

    "Random comment sins Cinemasins cliche" ding

  • Richy Rott
    Richy Rott

    Can you please consider sinning The Thing ? I think you’d have a lot of fun with the 2011 incarnation 🙄

  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • Ilya Kuryakin
    Ilya Kuryakin

    Tony Todd best actour playing creeps -100000 sins

  • Yung Reggie
    Yung Reggie

    @9:05 Did you have a mini stroke? 😳

  • Lesley RedRhody
    Lesley RedRhody

    Thank you, Jeremy: 9:26 - 9:45.

  • Chris Wincek
    Chris Wincek

    this movie sucks