Everything Wrong With Bad Boys For Life In 22 Minutes Or Less
Bad Boys for Life. It's a movie, and because the first two were so long ago and the second one was so terrible... everyone just collectively decided to like this new one. And they were wrong. Here are all the movie's sins.
Next week: Caper sins and cartoon sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • happinesss2

    I hated the story of the love child bs... like wtf

  • King Reo
    King Reo

    What POS movie

  • Donny

    Was I the only one that wanted will smith to run off with the villain girl?

  • isaac chewning
    isaac chewning

    am i the only one that peeped the packers shade being thrown

  • Izzythedestryr

    I'm giving you a sin for not knowing that edward snowden worked for the nsa not the cia, bc f**k it. *ding*

  • Vinnie P
    Vinnie P

    I watch movies just like Cinemasins now thanks

  • Shy Brotha Speaks
    Shy Brotha Speaks

    They lost comms not because of Mikes necklace being ripped off. The bad guys were jamming the signal. Vanessa Hudgens character mentioned it. They still had access to the drone because that particular frequency was still available.

  • T3 Productions
    T3 Productions

    6:11 The Greatest Sin Ever.

  • A. Playa
    A. Playa

    This movie should've had like a thousand sins 😂😂

  • Martin Tedder
    Martin Tedder

    Remember "Bad Boys" 1 & 2? If you're interested in watching a movie without ANY of the charm, action or humor of those flics, I highly recommend watching Bad Boys 3! And if you're interested to dabble into the world of the most boring carchases in the world, all I can say is: "look no further!" Having an upset stomach? Not after you witness this dumpster fire of a plot twist! Your body will repel the popcorn out of your body in a way you will be calling a young priest and an old priest. Martin Lawrence said it best 10.000 times in the movie: "Aw sjiiit!"

  • stxlowen tv
    stxlowen tv

    2:49 foreshadowing i see

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    So Hollywood has to put in everyone that reaches celebrity status without starting on UZload or Dr. Phil or something because they think that's going to draw in at the box office? Sorry, I don't have interest in watching someone I don't have interest in at all, especially if they make their own music while constantly claiming a title that's defined as someone who plays SOMEONE ELSE'S music. 9:30 That made a comeback in the 2000s-2010s. 13:22 That short jacket bis supposed to conceal his pistol this whole time? He can't even reach to shake hands without it being exposed. 14:12 Zombieland, Zombieland 2, Ride Along, Bad Boys for Life.... See paragraph 1. 15:30 What, does Fair Use/Fair Trade laws not exist anymore? 16:31 "I think everyone from Jackass, The Dudesons and several across motorsports are all my kids..... They're crazy, like me! They're ruthless, like me! They're fearless, like me!"

  • jersey guy
    jersey guy

    I hated the end of the movie... This dude was a serial killer. Now they are going to let him work down is prison sentence

  • charlespace Monkey
    charlespace Monkey

    Laugh track killed me!

  • Paulafan5

    His son DID murder a whole whack of people, right? Cipher is still dead, right? No, it's fine... Mike can now guide his son as in the sequel they will completely forget the fact he murdered a dozen people. Didn't the same thing happen with Jason Staitham in the Fast and Furious films?

  • Balanar6236

    20:53 funniest bit in the movie. Hes missing 2 meters to rrach ceiling, but he sticks his hand through it, and right after you see how small he actually is hahah

  • Jason Harr
    Jason Harr

    Discount Bono @2:32 (Missed joke)

  • Kael2450

    I remember when the trailer for this came out and people saying wow Martin Lawrence got fat.

  • Tom Picker
    Tom Picker

    I'm so glad i didn't bother with this film

  • WolffPakFitness

    18:54 unkeepable promises 💀🤣

  • Ta'Shon Davis
    Ta'Shon Davis

    You really from Erie PA... so am I

  • Gaitho Mungai
    Gaitho Mungai

    Did everyone know reggie looked later photoshoped in the movie at the hospital

  • King Yex
    King Yex

    When he starts singing 😍

  • Fleato

    god im so fucking tired of seeing movies with the stealth drone... it's a fucking helicopter........ its loud, you dumb cunts, stop

  • lamont major
    lamont major

    Movie is totally shit🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Kalani S
    Kalani S


  • Anthony Combs
    Anthony Combs

    Thnx 4 sinnin this cuz dis shit was anotha fast n furious n da makin😂

  • Dem Lem's
    Dem Lem's

    Dang! Best eulogy ever at the end! Jay from the Wire

  • Nxxb Nxhdh
    Nxxb Nxhdh

    Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like

  • Bxbd Nddhdg
    Bxbd Nddhdg

    Love you

  • Dndh Djhđb
    Dndh Djhđb


  • Shaponja

    I’d have removed a sin for the “We fly together, we die together” scene in the plane lol

  • Swordterranean40

    "I regret nothing" in the outtakes worked perfectly there

  • Swordterranean40

    21:47 Never thought you would sing "Hot Girl Bummer", since it's such a recent song.

  • Van Man
    Van Man

    You forgot to sin the fact that the boyfriend (1:21) wearing Marine Corps Camouflage uniform in a civilian environment. Marines are the only branch to wear Cammies either on base or in a combat zone.

  • Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham
    Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham

    Yes you can unretire whenever you want, just ask Shawn Michaels who unretired twice, Ric Flair who unretired in 2010, Mick Foley who unretired 3 times, and Terry Funk who made it a cliche

    • Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham
      Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham

      @Paulafan5 only ones I think were kayfabe was Mick Foley's retirement in 2000 where he had one final match at WrestleMania that year, and not wrestle again after only being on screen as the Commissioner and special guest referee until 2004 where he had a feud with Randy Orton, then never again until 2006 where he faced Edge, Tommy Dreamer Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer's real life wife, and Ric Flair, then went somewhere else in 2008 until 2010 or so wrestling, and Ric Flair in 1994, Terry Funk himself kept losing Retirement Matches and returning since he was in his 40s at earliest, and he's currently 76 years old. Shawn Michaels was put into an early retirement due to a Casket Match in January 1998, after he had one match, at WrestleMania that year, he then retired for 4+ years before returning for one final match with sporadic appearances from 1999-2000, and managing the nWo earlier that year(2002), he then started being a full-timer again after having probably the best match of his life at that point returning to retirement in 2010, and 1-3 years ago wrestled one final match and not since

    • Paulafan5

      But did they really retire or was that just a storyline?

  • MR SCP
    MR SCP

    Bro same! Erie gang

  • Cliff D
    Cliff D

    Nice The Wire at the end.

  • K T
    K T

    Wow, Will cannot act like he got shot. Is this the first time he’s ever been shot in a movie?

    • Paulafan5

      Didn't he get shot on an episode of Fresh Prince? Can't remember.

  • K T
    K T

    Christ Will looks old

  • mike cafano
    mike cafano

    First movie sucked. And so does this one.

  • Jehuty 2009
    Jehuty 2009

    The only thing wrong with it is I spent that night with my ex watching an amazing movie. And she hadn't seen 1 and 2.

  • ellie taking a break from uploading
    ellie taking a break from uploading

    15:30 I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  • Gareth Braint
    Gareth Braint

    This whole film bothered me

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    Can you do rescuing the champ

  • Nekita Clark
    Nekita Clark

    Denzel did. Was a black driver/bodyguard for a cartel/official, but he didn't have an affair. What's the name of the movie? Had Marc Anthony and Dakota Fanning in it?


      Man on Fire?

  • Dwayne Wayne
    Dwayne Wayne

    This guy who is talking about the movie your a dumb ass you don’t get scripts. When you shoot a movie it don’t come out how you write it’s different when you shoot it you take out certain things and edit dummy it’s lot of stuff they took out that’s why it’s call deleted scenes they would have a long ass movie and google carry info dummy


      Do you know what this channel is? You F'N moron.

  • The Don Khalid
    The Don Khalid

    People are too afraid to admit this movie was ASS the script sucked

  • Precious Bre
    Precious Bre

    He didn’t John wick it he v for vendettad it 😊

  • Bris A
    Bris A

    Your full of shit in half these 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • &i _Prime
    &i _Prime

    Please one day make EWW “WNBA” 😅😅 can’t imagine 10:59

  • Lou Sirls III
    Lou Sirls III

    Dude be going in on movies I think are great, but the moment I hear these jokes, I start dying 😂🤣

  • Chris Dixon
    Chris Dixon

    I just watched the first bad boys and Mike said in that movie they’d been partners for at some years already

  • my praystation
    my praystation

    The badboy squad would make would make more sense.

  • One True Savage Gaming
    One True Savage Gaming

    🤣😂... but I still resent that haircut shaming. Sincerely, STL native

  • kaxn

    DJ Khaled is in this ? Well then, not even gonna bother pirating it then.

  • William Lee
    William Lee

    CinemaSins:”I’m from Eerie, PA” Not to be confused with Eerie, Iraq?

  • Frantz Clervil
    Frantz Clervil

    Can you do a retro cinemasins on grandma boy or office space I know you will have literally zero to sin

  • Shayne McCory
    Shayne McCory

    I love the bad boys series but this was more entertaining than funny. You could've put in Captain America and Hawkeye and got the same outcome.

  • Tod Gordon
    Tod Gordon

    This movies so bad I can’t even finish you sinning it

  • Dutch

    Omfg I love that dialogue cough cough sell OUT'S

  • Ananthu Suresh
    Ananthu Suresh

    that hot girl bummer parody to the end had me laughing my ass off

  • Dark Stuffing
    Dark Stuffing

    Sooooo..... I don't watch Cinema Sins. I didn't google anything about Bad 4 L. I watched it a day ago and this popped up. Fuck you and your spying, google. You don't even try to hide it.

  • Joedan Smellie
    Joedan Smellie


  • riccccccardo

    Why did the multimillion son never change his motorcycle every killing?

  • riccccccardo

    Still can’t get over how obese Martin Lawrence was to lazy to lose weight for they film thought he was still in his big mama suit.

  • Der Mic
    Der Mic

    ...don´t die...and that laugh xD

  • assembled 18
    assembled 18

    Captain Howard murder was all Isabel's fault. But remember she calls herself the Witch and the Witch has the ability to mind control and use people as their tool. She turned her son into a killer to attempted murder Mike Lowery (Mike wasn't trying to fight his own son because he's trying snap him out of it) but was revealed that Mike was his father the whole time and Armando knew that she lied to him. So killing Isabel was a justice for Captain Howard. During the deleted scenes which shows Armando questioning her mother that "Who is he" and she ignored it. So he knows that she's lying. This scene was set before the final showdown. uzload.info/fun/nIWlmWG6xX-jtaM/video

  • GBA Boxing
    GBA Boxing

    The fuck that button comment had me dying for some reason


    @16:00 that's john sally. 4 championship rings put some respect on his name lol

  • kurtis tharp
    kurtis tharp

    The outtakes of this CinemaSins video has the best part of the whole movie

  • Pomerlain89

    #35 A sin so bad, it doesn't even require dialogue.

  • Zarion Wildclaw
    Zarion Wildclaw

    One sin for Cinemasins for referencing The Mist. No one should ever reference that absolute abomination of thought.

  • jerry Reyes
    jerry Reyes

    awesome to see u sin a movie that i was a part of the crew!

  • e - vilmonkey
    e - vilmonkey

    6:04... RIP, Chadwick Boseman 😥

  • jaconxo7o

    The door to the crack guys room was broken into the first time but rita walked into a perfect door when her team came

  • Virtual Money
    Virtual Money

    you missed a sin at 15:23 for just the driver looking out of the truck

  • Robert Sepeda
    Robert Sepeda

    I thought it was Cedric the entertainer, not Martin Lawrence..

  • Corey Snoots
    Corey Snoots

    I remember watcmojo said that since not a lot of movies came out they had Will Smith winning the Oscar for best actor for this movie lol like really? This was his worst performance of the 3 bad boys.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    Huge bad boys movie fan. This one is the worst movie ever.

    • assembled 18
      assembled 18

      This movie has the better plot and twists.


    Yeah that math COMPLETELY fucked me up lol. Especially considering that you have to be a cop for 7 years before you become a detective.


    To be fair, it was his first GRANDCHILD. His job is what fed HIS children.


    The spirit of his father was a prisoner...

  • N-Rage

    This movie is so damn terrible.

  • Baronluigi

    It is never stated, but I always assumed that the first movie was set in 1995. If that so, It would contradict what happens here.

  • Yeung Suisse
    Yeung Suisse

    That was Michael Bay in that cameo? I thought that was Jackson Brown

    • Pomerlain89

      Yep, that was Michael Bay himself.

  • Tellminator

    What is the problem with Will Smith and Jaden Smith, I mean comon. He made two movies back to back where his son (who dosn't know that he is his father) tries to kill Will Smith only to find out Will Smith is his father, turn good and fight evil with Will Smith together. Geminiman and Bad Boys for life is basically the same movie...

  • Thomas Jimenez
    Thomas Jimenez

    Can’t believe he didn’t give a sin for Mike driving a Porsche on a cops salary. That’s a sin for you CinemaSins : sin counter 1

    • Thomas Jimenez
      Thomas Jimenez

      Pomerlain89 don’t remember hearing that in any one of the movies.

    • Pomerlain89

      That's actually not a sin. One thing all three movies have been consistent on is the fact that Mike's parents left him a nice hefty trust fund. So he's financially comfortable, even without his cop's salary. He drove a Porsche in the first movie, a Ferrari in the second movie, and now another Porsche. It's also how he can afford that top floor condo with open balcony.



  • Isaac Ortiz
    Isaac Ortiz

    another sin of shitty acting, when swayloe was being chased and falls off his bike, the scene where his bike is rolling you see him covering himself and moving completely to not be hurt and the next scene its like if he was knocked out like if that scene didn't mean anything

  • Siba Jack-Pama
    Siba Jack-Pama

    Is it really unlikely to have kids with a guy yoh went on a date with? Lol.

  • 1humanonthe3rdrock

    Martin-"Your family is fucked up!" And"Mike,you're the fucked up one!"

  • Killa Silverback Gorilla
    Killa Silverback Gorilla

    Movie is garbage....

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria

    So you assume rubber bullets can kill because of a show you admit isn't entirely accurate.

  • Malcolm Bennett
    Malcolm Bennett

    I never really liked the bad Boys movies and this one right here just Killed it 🤦‍♂️ Damm... 💯


    Michael Bay: **exists** Jeremy: You have committed *S I N*

  • Leon Stanić
    Leon Stanić

    I know the end of the world is near because of this movie.

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo

    8:48 that bubble in the front of the drone locks the camera for transport so you would either not be able to move the camera or damage the gimbal. Yeah another sin for realism.

  • Sport Focus
    Sport Focus

    fucker...u have to ruin my day with your singing

  • Mila Møønwalker
    Mila Møønwalker

    Am I the only weirdo secretly hoping that dudes voice would come in over the ads, and talk shot about them too?? 😂😂