Everything Wrong With Frozen 2 In Delayed Sequel Minutes
Frozen was fine--Wreck it Ralph was better! But Frozen 2? We only got Frozen 2 because Frozen 1 made so much money. (Sigh.) But I guess we better count the sins in Frozen 2, now that it's a thing.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Carlos Mattessich
    Carlos Mattessich

    10:03 The first thing that comes into my head when I want to race in Minecraft

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    Cinemasins: "Everything wrong with Frozen 2" Me: "This movie shouldn't exist"

  • PS Arc
    PS Arc

    1:40 Dude! DUDE! You did not just go there...

  • Otters and Dragons
    Otters and Dragons

    The reason a horse represents water is because in Greek mythology Poseidon the god of the sea created horses. Why they would put Greek mythology in something Scandinavian nobody will ever know.

  • Anice Rana
    Anice Rana

    8:15 LOL. that sound from "lord of the rings"

  • 21st century sloth
    21st century sloth

    Why did you not give it a sin for the fire lizard looking and acting so much like Toothless? 10:46 you should have removed a sin because she is holding the reins properly, instead of just hanging on

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr

    Movie sin tally: 110 On "Some things never change", it seems like Anna has romantic love for Olaf. Here are samples of the lyrics that suggest that: Yes, some things never change, Like the feel of your hand in mine Some things stay the same , Like how we get along just fine Some things never change , Like how I'm holding on tight to you

  • Tobias Pramono
    Tobias Pramono

    Elsa : this forest is beautiful Vietnam War Veteran : WHAT BEAUTIFUL?

  • clonetrooper576

    My biggest issue with this movie is that she does end up saving the town from being washed away, let's excuse the physical reason why it isn't possible I believe it is a bad lesson for children. The previous Annedelle people comitted basically genocide on the North-whatever people, and the lesson of the movie is even if you do all that you won't receive any punishment. that's what I got from it. For all accounts they SHOULD have let that town wash away to really let that emotion bake into a child's mind.

  • Andito Keshavamurthi
    Andito Keshavamurthi

    this is 18 minutes--i know nobody dont want a know it all. :/ Let it go, is not-a-good look here. AS NOT CRINGE?

  • Yamassaka San
    Yamassaka San

    I think that the water spirit being a horse has something to do with the kelpie, a cryptid from a folklore I don't quite remember, but it's kind of basically a horse shaped spirit that lures people to lakes to drown them, hence why it attacked elsa

  • Carlos Marquez
    Carlos Marquez

    Bro fire salamander was right in front of you

  • Queen of Riddles
    Queen of Riddles

    Me about halfway through the film when they find out Elsa and Anna’s mum is Northuldra: *alright, mic dropped, film done, let’s wrap this thing up*

  • God

    5:50 Bro 😂

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  • Carlos Marquez
    Carlos Marquez

    Fire spirit is a cute lizard No it Is a fire salamander Comedy achived

  • Carlos Marquez
    Carlos Marquez

    The wind rages no fire no water the earth is next And thus the planet just ceases existence

  • Aj Magbanua
    Aj Magbanua

    wow this is all true it dosent make any sense fuck you frozen

  • Bianca Skye
    Bianca Skye

    8:33 me after holding a fart for a long time then letting it go like elsa

  • Gemattack

    Would you like to no more? FUCKING SPACE BUGS

  • Nugget e
    Nugget e


  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    1:39 I love this guy's sarcasm

  • Moltenchocolure

    You forgot to say,"this movie exists."

  • 10th letter
    10th letter

    0:35 Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Long ago the four nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

  • Ana Tediashvili
    Ana Tediashvili

    Bruh i wached this and i loved it

  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith

    To answer your question from about 0:44 the Greek god Poseidon created horses from sea foam so they probably drew from that.

  • CubesAndCubes •
    CubesAndCubes •

    Cause Neptune was the god of the sea and horses 🐴

  • Lawrence Zhang
    Lawrence Zhang

    frozen 2 = discount avatar

  • PerfectAlibi

    Elsa is a SNOW Queen, NOT an Ice Queen. She's very nice and friendly like soft snow, not cold and hard like ice. ^^

  • Hot babe
    Hot babe


  • Amy Wolff
    Amy Wolff

    him: why does a horse represent water? me: and why does a lizard represent fire?

  • Jad Jawhar
    Jad Jawhar

    i was forced to watch this with my sister in theaters and i wanted to die

  • PickYourPoison

    14:38 Just the fact that it’s a dark empty ocean here and that she’s slowly sinking towards the bottom is terrifying. Not because Elsa would drown, just cause that ocean is horrifying.

  • DemiGodish

    Horse represents water because according to Greek mythology, Poseidon the god of the sea created horses

  • RJ Hollenbeck
    RJ Hollenbeck

    Has anybody noticed that Frozen 2 is basically Avatar the Last Airbender. The four spirits are basically the the four elements and there's one creature for each one. On top of that even though she doesn't master all the elements Elsa ends up being the spirit in the middle of all of them. Elsa is the "bridge" between the humans and the spirits, exactly how Aang was. I call shenanigans!!

  • Julia Schell
    Julia Schell

    3:52 I can relate to that.

  • Cameron Fucinari
    Cameron Fucinari


  • veliki pavel
    veliki pavel

    Hi gave the picture to that woman BUT was holding Anna's hand ...

  • Jacob Bates
    Jacob Bates

    When i saw elsa training, thought she was going to be a powerful sourcerss fighter person. Why would i expect that from this movie

  • Pokepunk lilwillamp
    Pokepunk lilwillamp

    The horse represents water because kelpies or water horses from Scotland water horses are things like Nessie

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This the end movie Disney Frozen II 2020 DVD

  • Ryan Zedd
    Ryan Zedd

    Sticking together is what good waffles do. + Seven chipmunk sitting on a branch, Eating lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch. + Happy Birthday. LOL

  • wannka god
    wannka god

    A horse represents water because posiden created hores(aperrently)

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman

    i liked the songs in this one more than i did the first one but i was kinda confused by this one

  • Ashlyn Seymour
    Ashlyn Seymour

    Plz do war of the wars

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    "why does a horse represent water?" it is called a knokk it lives in the water they try to drown you, you have to tame then for them not to drown you

  • Molly Grimaldi
    Molly Grimaldi

    When olaf died i cried more than ever

  • PhntmThf

    So who wants to explain the mythological background behind the horse representing water

  • 5A11 Chu Annabelle
    5A11 Chu Annabelle

    Go big or Go Home

  • Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Umbreon

    En I thought he was going to say avatar rip off for earth fire air water (and a sea horse is what they were saying for water)

  • April Brown
    April Brown

    Well technically sin 48 is wrong because there's a type of light called sonoluminesance which is caused by imploding bubbles in water imploding bubbles can be caused by exiting the water with sound or doing things like shooting it like when you shoot ballistics gel you can see a flash of light in slow-motion. The light be it is very dim and a ten thousanth of a second long flash but if enough of these bubbles imploded light emission could be possible. Edit: No one realy understands why this happens but its truly interesting. Edit 2: many of these implosion over time can even chip away at steel so if these reactions were happening enough to cause sustained light everything would probably be voilently exploding and it would be very loud.

  • The medival trainer Dawson
    The medival trainer Dawson

    Water is a horse because Poisiden made horses in Greek Mythology

  • adrianw427 cortez
    adrianw427 cortez

    the snow glow because the wind moves the bio luminous Essene concentrating it to make it glow

  • Bobby Akina
    Bobby Akina

    Sometiomes things just don't make sense in this movie.

  • Bobby Akina
    Bobby Akina

    Elsa shut up its freaking midnight.

  • Bobby Akina
    Bobby Akina

    the movie is predictable and cliche. There are times where songs just come out of nowhere. after 12 seconds.

  • HyperOmar10


  • nejra kozlic VII1 Aleksa Santic
    nejra kozlic VII1 Aleksa Santic

    I wished Anna had fire powers Not only elssa has powers thats unfair XD

  • Clayton Wilhorn
    Clayton Wilhorn

    Poseidon made horses

  • Treemaster

    1:43 I died for 2 seconds


    This is how many times he said “dam” | | V

  • royal dragon
    royal dragon

    Poseidon created horses, thats why they represent water

    • royal dragon
      royal dragon

      @Death Wish :3

    • Death Wish
      Death Wish

      Yup yup I read that once :D

  • George Colford
    George Colford

    Dude 5:48 is making me die to laugh.

  • PenguinPlays

    the reason that the horse repersents water is that the greek god posiedon created horses and he is the water god.

  • Rebekah Christie
    Rebekah Christie

    Actually in mythology the water spirit is normally represented as a horse or a person riding a horse

  • Icy Fries
    Icy Fries

    omg i hated frozen 2 but i loved the first one

  • Brandon Heaton
    Brandon Heaton

    The voice is her Mum. Duh! Not just a guess, the writers even say. Also, while you are right about a lot of plot holes some you have mentioned here aren't really "sins", it seems you just don't get it 😁

  • Marrow Gaming
    Marrow Gaming

    “EMOlaf” ‘Random teenager dies of laughter’

  • Dekubethememe

    Btw dude the horse is water element because in greek mythology Poseidon created horses out of ocean foam to please Athens. Poseidons the god of the sea

  • edddy - is - human
    edddy - is - human

    Me watching the Olaf dying scene in the cinema: The 18 year old in front of me: LOL

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    Olaf::At least they have their parents! *Their parents are dead.* Me in the theater: **silent wheezing** Also I almost choked on a peanut M&M


    Some Girl Gonna Mad As Shit

  • Samantha Rickey
    Samantha Rickey

    Water, Earth, Fire, and Air? hmm... **AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER THEME STARTS PLAYING**

  • Virginia Greer
    Virginia Greer

    "Let this be a lesson to all of us that singing is forbidden." On March 12, 2020. This line was like a week ahead of its time.

  • ovatar ong
    ovatar ong

    Elsa is literally katara

  • Miss Miyoko
    Miss Miyoko

    Since when did frozen turn into avatar the last air bender

  • Bekah Bastien
    Bekah Bastien

    horse equals water because Poseidon allegedly created horses

  • Mary Hanusin
    Mary Hanusin

    he just single-handedly called everyone on twitter snowflakes 🤣

  • Caroline Araujo
    Caroline Araujo

    "Why does a horse represent water" that's a common representation in mythology. Poseidon, the God of the seas and water was also known as the father of the horses. It's believed that he taught humans how to tame horses.

    • Funtime Candy
      Funtime Candy

      True, except this movie was based on Norse mythology, meaning the horse is a kelpie which is why it tried to drown Elsa.

  • James Fuerza
    James Fuerza

    Sin 5 SEA HORSE

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard

    The horse represents water because in many ancient myths, the sea gave birth or sired horses. The celts had the kelpie, Greeks had hippocampi, and that’s only the most famous of mythical equine water creatures. There are tons of other examples. Humans have compared the ocean with wild stallions for millennia.

  • Jamie_Jewel

    How DARE you sin Lost In the Woods!?!?!?

  • Neula Verde
    Neula Verde

    In less than 17 minutes or less. Me:*Checks vid* Hahahahahaahaha

  • Serasia

    I remember when these used to be two minutes, then five or so minutes. Now they’re around twenty or more. We really are spoiled.

  • Ash Brea
    Ash Brea

    The Nock is a part of legend and is VERY MUCH a water spirit.

  • jJacobthird233 studios
    jJacobthird233 studios

    Did they really have to make a Avater: The Last Airbender Reference??

  • Jager

    Alright let's all be honest who went back to check if he said convenient wrong lol

  • soup frog
    soup frog

    ya know, cinema sins is great and all but just imagine “anime sins”

  • WatcherX 101
    WatcherX 101

    Olaf: flurrying away My sister: mr. stark I don’t feel so good I slapped her I few times

  • Gasoline Shuriken
    Gasoline Shuriken

    Y’know, for a know-it-all, he did *not* realize salamanders are legit, actual fire thing.

  • Trash Beetle
    Trash Beetle

    The main thing I hate about Frozen 2 is that it is similar to my own story. My story is basically: girl hears a voice, meets a boy who also hears it, the world was made by five gods, the boy and girl try to find the source of the voice and find a sixth god, they find the actual source and it's a siren, and so on. The reason I hate it for that is because I designed my story BEFORE Frozen 2 came out and I was really proud of it, BUT THEN I SAW HOW SIMILAR IT WAS TO THIS FRICKING FILM and I KNEW that people would think THAT MY STORY IS A RIPOFF OF IT!!!!!!! So... yeah. Basically, this film ruined my story so I can never publish it.

  • pharmer73

    Basically frozen 2 is bootleg avatar

  • AccurateMemin


  • Jack Sugarcube!
    Jack Sugarcube!

    I think we can all agree that frozen 2 seemed purely an aesthetic movie. Visuals were gorgeous, songs were great, character designs were put in slot of effort, the rest seems like it has to have a third movie just to make sense. I still feel like the movie is pleasing to watch if you don’t watch it logically and just watch it just to watch it. I still like it and the first one, I like the first one for its story and how iconic it was and the second one I like how it’s so pleasing to the eye and I like how it’s existence gave content creators more inspiration and motivation for their own frozen content. Not that I don’t feel infuriated at all the plot holes, dang it Disney give us an explanation movie or just tell us! Even some animated shorts, just answers! 👏

  • Ms. Lunarbug
    Ms. Lunarbug

    So basically, this is a ripoff of Avatar The Last Airbender

  • Annabelle Cho
    Annabelle Cho

    Um, extremely annoying cinemasins guy? You have done THREE movies that have to do with Greek mythology. You should know the water spirit is a horse because the god of the sea created horses. STUDY UP, DUDE! Oh wait, no, you can’t. You have too little brain cells. But seriously, some days I hate this guy, other days he’s my fav UZloadr.

  • Ju Galaxy
    Ju Galaxy

    Frozen 2 is SO mediocre Olaf is annoying as FUCK, worse that himself in the first movie, Kristoff has no purpose on that shit, Anna has almost NO screen time and SHE DESERVES SCREEN TIME, SHE'S A BETTER CHARACTER THAN ELSA!! The story is just an excuse to make a sequel and there's almost no effort on it. All the new characters AND ALL THE SONGS are forgettable. DISNEY DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW HOW ELSA'S POWERS WORK, THEY'RE JUST PULLING EVERYTHING OUT OF THEIR FUCKING ASS AND SCREW IT Great video 👍

  • life with kat
    life with kat

    the horse=water thing may be a reference to poseidon, but that is the wrong culture thought i think there are fae creatures that are horses that are water-based

  • Hudson Buchanan
    Hudson Buchanan

    The water horse thing is probably from Greek mythology. Poseidon made horses.

  • Eddie Jonson
    Eddie Jonson

    1:44 what did I just hear? Lmao