Everything Wrong With Angel Has Fallen In Absurdity Minutes
Angel Has Fallen is the third in the "has fallen" series, and each keeps getting progressively more insane. And more sinful. Gerard Butler likes making absurd, sinful movies.
Next week: Animal sins & comedy sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • YZF-R6 Rider
    YZF-R6 Rider

    You missed a sin. After mike took the one officers uniform, he radios "Alll units, 11-99, we have a gunman outside of the ER" The sin here is how in the hell did no one over the radio NOT recognize Mike's voice? 25 sins added to CinemaSins for not recognozing the sin in the movie.

  • cdanielr

    Say what you want. This is a great movie

  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks

    Honestly, after saving the president's butt TWICE, the very idea that the FBI, or whoever, would even consider the main character as the prime suspect is laughable. After watching the first two "Fallen" movies, I turned this one off once the drones started. I already knew where the movie was headed and it wasn't worth my time to watch. The man was an international hero and the producers thought: "Hey, you know that hero that we've spent the last two movies crafting? Lets make it so that no one believes him and that he killed the president after saving presidents twice in the past! Genius!" Worst movie of the decade based on premise alone.

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    2:19 I couldn't read that clear enough. She's reading a book/magazine called Modern Nursery what?

  • King of random thoughts
    King of random thoughts

    7:48 on that note rip wilford brimley

  • BAN idiots NOT GUNS
    BAN idiots NOT GUNS

    3:39 oh maybe there not attacking the president and killing the randos is oh maybe because THEY HAVE GUNS IN THERE HANDS AND USEING THEM!!

  • Fleato

    theres only 3 things wrong with it..... that the same shitty movie has been made 3 times

  • مصباح تبسي
    مصباح تبسي

    I see Mike's fight not like a fight of Olympus and London has Fallen

  • مصباح تبسي
    مصباح تبسي

    The third sequel is a worst the second (London) is the best

  • مصباح تبسي
    مصباح تبسي

    You forget something, In the end of London has Fallen Mike had a son not a daughter and in begining of Angel she became a girl "Lynn" her name for Mike's dead friend

  • your local ONI operative
    your local ONI operative

    Jesus Christ they need to stop falling

  • FokkeWulfe

    The fellow they cut to put Morgan Freeman is, was Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey's President.

  • Marcel Gardner
    Marcel Gardner

    4:41 In a VAN!! Down by the river!!

  • The Asian
    The Asian

    Everybody wants to be like Mike...

  • DJShadesUK

    14:52 They didn't cut "some guy". They moved Recep Erdoğan (President of Turkey), who was originally standing next to Putin, to the left of Donald Tusk (then President of the European Council) in the second row, and actually cut Theresa May (then Prime Minister of the UK) who was originally standing next to Tusk. +1 Sin for Cinema Sins.

  • joshua lotion
    joshua lotion

    This movie was so bad I couldn’t even watch the cinema sins for it

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini

    Next up! Paris has Fallen!

  • 鄒厚德

    Cold war

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage

    What was the point of putting a female protagonist in the movie... when later...she gets killed? Stupid.

  • CLuv

    Did Jada Pinkett get plastic surgery then become a boxer?

  • Robin Elia
    Robin Elia

    Petition to get this youtube channel banned? My guy must live a madly depressing life making these dead videos about some of the greatest movies out there. Love how out of the 100-150 sins in a movie about 5 of them are real/justified and the rest is "ohhh ummmm let me just add 50 for the fucks of it". Absolute joke of a person!

  • Scott Paterson
    Scott Paterson

    Okay... I'm with you fellers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert McNearny
    Robert McNearny

    I watched the first movie, and wow, it was bad. Then I watched the second movie. That may be the worst decision I have ever made. I did not make that mistake a third time

  • lankyeric

    surprised you didnt mention that he jumped through that hole during the training session, and yet when he walks outside its clearly a single story building

  • K T
    K T

    Wilford Brimley. RIP.

  • K T
    K T

    Wasn’t it the VP in the other White House Down movie?

  • K T
    K T

    Why does the govt have Mikes DNA on file? Umm, questioning Banning and his wife would fall under Patriot Act shit, no reading of rights necessary.

  • K T
    K T

    Oh god, I thought Piper Parabo was out of HWood. God she’s one of the worst. Activist actors should all be banned.

  • UrmomlovesGoats

    "whatcha doin dir" totally got me.... lol love that show.

  • Zane Fitzwater
    Zane Fitzwater

    he's a law abiding citizen, CinemaSins you deserve a sin...

  • AMagicProduction

    @ 1:35 Cinemasins just took a shot at literally one of the best rides at Disneyland... smh

  • Deadlesssedg 56
    Deadlesssedg 56

    Isnt this called Olympus has fallen

  • Baronluigi

    As soon as they introduced the " long known old friend that Mike has not seen in years", I knew that he was going to be the main villain. A similar thing happens with the " politician who looks a nice guy".

  • Deminus

    You missed the sin about paint guns not producing any kind of light, and those guns are flaring like they have incendiary rounds.

  • scorpiomaj27

    Piper Perabo, remove 1 sin. 👌👍

  • Thomas Suarez
    Thomas Suarez

    Everything spoilers wrong duh... with

  • Ryan Ng
    Ryan Ng

    It was fun at least it was better than London Has Fallen. Come on, i know it is predictable but hey we can just treat this franchise as a mindless entertainment. It was not even boring, you should go check out It Comes At Night, it will bore you to death.

  • TheScholesie09

    14:53 upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/2017_G20_Hamburg_summit_leaders_group_photo.jpg They did many weird things in this shot, they replaced Erdogan, Turkish president with Morgan Freeman, but then removed Theresa May, UK Prime minister, so they could put erdogan back in? the fuck?

  • wg davidson
    wg davidson

    This movie was even worse than Geostorm.

  • Rich Zytko
    Rich Zytko

    Very entertaining, but you got to lose the beeps, they are very distracting. Also you can cut out some of the vulgarity as well that’s not necessary you could do better

  • Robby Bobby
    Robby Bobby

    I enjoyed the first two movies, but definitely not the third. You make the main character a badass hero who saved the President... TWICE. Now in the third, they all of a sudden question said hero's loyalty and whether or not he would actually betray the President. BULLSH*T!!!

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis

    My question is, are the other two movies previous to this connected? If so, logically that would throw out the fact that he had nothing to do with the attempted assassination. Not to mention what the narrator said in the beginning

  • Malidictus

    Hold on... How is the Vice President declaring war? Wouldn't he need congressional approval whether he was an "acting" or not?

  • TheTroll Mastah
    TheTroll Mastah

    I thought it was Olympus has fallen??

  • nathan haas
    nathan haas

    I actually liked this movie

  • Tildesare Cool
    Tildesare Cool

    12:00 hospital IT here. this is nurse complaining after that many crashes is realistic. Except she's telling someone and it's not 9pm on a friday night. _subtract a sin_

  • Passiegames One
    Passiegames One

    It is pretty sad that you can guess who the bad guy is just by knowing what the points of the vp are. Thats after 30 min already

  • Toxic Hitman
    Toxic Hitman

    You skipped over the attack scene where the SWAT guys had Secret Service and Police on their flak jackets

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    In all reality they wouldn't be using paint guns atif this is supposed to be legitimately special service or special forces training there either using live ammunition similar to what's used in all training exercises at the kill house for the SAS cuz yes that is a real placeall exercises in there they use live ammunition the stuff they actually used to kill people and they would either be using live ammunition or sim roundsmeaning there is literally no difference in the firearm between what they use for training and what they use in the field which obviously has some advantages also sim rounds they may not pierce the skin and kill someone but they will hurt pretty much as bad as being hit by a bullet

  • One Buc
    One Buc

    One thing inaccurate about this movie is if the Vice President were to do something like this I don’t think they’d just arrest a sitting VP like that, I’m sure they would be a process like maybe they’d get impeached but I know they just wouldn’t be arrested like that without an impeachment process.

  • Glass Fílìppeé
    Glass Fílìppeé

    The beginning legit felt like bloodshot 100%

  • Dylan DuBose
    Dylan DuBose

    This movie was so bad and boring lol horrible end to a trilogy that already started subpar so that's saying alot

  • Justin Holmes Realtor
    Justin Holmes Realtor

    I was soo confused. I thought i clicked on everything wrong with gone in the wild, and turned the phone sideways.

  • Tankanator9

    at 14:50 if you play it at 0.25 speed it sounds like hes drunk

  • Slam Rahovart
    Slam Rahovart

    The I have spoken in the audio out takes killed me

  • BDG Warren
    BDG Warren

    Everything but the fight with his dad (Banning's) and the final fight is incredibly questionable

  • Poindexter Flex
    Poindexter Flex

    Is that Jada Pinkett, or someone wearing a Jada Pinkett mask? Looks like something out of MIB.

  • Donovan Ulrich
    Donovan Ulrich

    Novi PD arrests people and occasionally forgets to read them there miranda rights Most cops today are the law, cuz they lie on there reports any way Who are the cops gonna believe? And that’s why they don’t like civilian witnesses, cuz a civilian has noting to gain in a report. The cops reputation is on the line each time

  • 110David

    Just watched this movie and I knew I had to watch this video. The amount of sins I could count was insane.

  • saraythunker tree
    saraythunker tree

    good movie

  • Wade Thigpen
    Wade Thigpen

    Someone help me out cause I think I'm going crazy. Years ago a video was made about all of the shit that would go wrong in an attack on the white house like we see in Olympus Has Fallen. I cannot find this video anywhere and I don't remember if it was CinemaSins or Film Theory who made it. I pretty sure it got taken down for ... reasons. 🤷‍♂️ Has anyone else seen it?

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey

    We got ourselves a fugitive😂

  • Fallon Davis
    Fallon Davis

    So Gerard Butler changed wives?

  • BSiebo217

    I watched this entire video and realized I haven't seen this movie. Oh well

  • angelstar260

    Love this

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    Pinkett was one of the worst parts of this movie 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • P Rod
    P Rod

    I'm literally addicted to CinemaSins every single time I watch a movie I have to get on UZload and see if you guys have sinned it.

    • Joe Master
      Joe Master

      I'm afraid to admit that I'm doing the same here.

  • VoiceofGrima 117
    VoiceofGrima 117

    Being surprised that the Vice President was the bad guy is like being surprised Mysterio was the villain in Far From Home

  • Josny13

    Worst thing about this movie is tainting Morgan Freeman with the first 4 letters of america's smelliest dump. 13:30 This looks exactly like 5 guys walking past a green screen... wait. 15:00 Because 1: They're ashamed of the real president, as they should be. 2: To pretend 'murica has good relations with Putin such that they can stand side-by-side at a 2017 G20. 2:57 Fake news. 4:25 F*ck off lady, I'm in a hospital. Also, you owe me a lawyer. 9:00 But how is c4?! Bought at a f*cking yard sale?!

  • Josh Nunya
    Josh Nunya

    White House down is better Even the villain was better and I don't remember his motive

  • Josh Nunya
    Josh Nunya

    3:15 Camp David is where the President golfs so even in real life they waste money

  • Madeline Waddell
    Madeline Waddell

    I actually liked this movie:(

  • Arctic_Blue_Fox

    Don’t you love it when you can predict the plot of the movie immediately from the first scene

  • WildTiger119

    So add a sin for not doing the buddy system. They did the buddy system in john wick 2 and look what happen

  • Lightn3ngCat

    Do one on all of Mel Brooks work. Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety, History of the world pt one, Robinhood: Men in tights, silent movie, The twelve chairs, To Be Or Not To Be, Young Frankenstien, etc...

  • Starfish Prime
    Starfish Prime

    0:55 stairs??

  • John McNamara
    John McNamara

    Can you do Everything Wrong With Hamilton

  • Blaine W
    Blaine W

    This movie was awesome!

  • Turnip


  • Tr FCC ieff g Ttf bi gc
    Tr FCC ieff g Ttf bi gc

    Nice video

  • Nompumelelo P
    Nompumelelo P

    Halo cinemasins could you please do a apolycapto not sure if I'm spelling it right.

  • Chaotic Phoenix
    Chaotic Phoenix

    That whole last scene was for comedy and making fun of the people who do it

  • michael

    Mike Banning could have single handed ended the Viet Nam war on his own....

  • michael

    Can wait for Mike Naaings next mission.... New York down, Banning fights, all alone, every soldier on earth.

  • bhanu pratap singh chauhan
    bhanu pratap singh chauhan

    U forgot roll credits when the news guy said angel has fallen

  • salzkuu

    Honestly I love this trilogy, and I’m not ashamed. I think it’s mostly cause I like mindless action and Gerard Butler 😅 my biggest issue with this movie that always bothers me is how quickly everyone turned on him, like immediately they’re like “there’s this evidence that immediately points to you even though you have the skills and knowledge to do this without getting caught? And I’ve known you for years and don’t think you would ever do this? You must have done this then, arrest his ass!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lawrence Christopher Barizo
    Lawrence Christopher Barizo

    I don't understand why the paintball guns have muzzle flash.

  • miro ciglan
    miro ciglan


  • Angelo Zen Studios
    Angelo Zen Studios


  • Andrew Otteson
    Andrew Otteson

    Please do The Big Lebowski

  • Ernesto M.
    Ernesto M.

    7:48 This guy has a hubting rifle with an enhanced scope as protection, not to mention his trigger discipline, and he cant even hold steady.

  • Dangerous Freedom
    Dangerous Freedom

    What a terrible “film”

  • GodzVessel23

    "You tell 'em Mike. Everybody knows you're a law abiding citizen." Great callback to a MUCH better movie.

  • MUSTAFA Cisse
    MUSTAFA Cisse

    2:34 Is no one going to talk about Morgan Freeman being the president?

  • Draco Padilla
    Draco Padilla

    Holy shit I'm not lying, I didn't even know there are 3 of these movies. Shows how shitty they are.

  • Jamiara Patterson
    Jamiara Patterson

    Can you do the halloweentown and twitches movies

  • Solemn Solace
    Solemn Solace

    The cinematography is horrible in this movie and the editing is horrendous and the camera is way too close to see anything. This was one of the worst movies technical wise I have ever seen, this and taken 3.

  • HazoINC

    Did anyone else dismiss this movie at first thinking it was a repost?

  • Emerald Vision
    Emerald Vision

    You would have an absolute field day with the Fairly Oddparents live-action movie with Drake Bell as a 23 year old Timmy Turner.

  • live from the 717
    live from the 717

    11:40 I did not watch any of these films but if this scene is supposed to take place in PA then it has a flaw. In PA we don't have front plates. Those look like our plates and there would be no need for them to be located on the front of a vehicle.