Everything Wrong With The Invisible Man In 14 Minutes Or Less
The Invisible Man (2019) is freaking awesome. Creepy, intelligent, modern... what more do you want?
Regardless... or... irregardless... we still went looking for sins and found some, like we normally do.
Remember, no movie is without sin; which movie's sins should we count next?!
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  • Booker Jones
    Booker Jones

    The only one of Jeremy's sins that popped into my head watching the movie was, how's Adrian going to explain being alive once he gets everything he wants? I guess someone that rich could set up a scenario where he was fake killed by nefarious characters for some reason.

  • Yes


  • TekyoStudios

    didn't know he was wearing a invisible suit

  • Jyles Morrell
    Jyles Morrell

    There is only one thing that makes me feel both tom and Adrian were going after Cindy at the end of the film. Cindy sprays one invisible man with pepper spray which makes him fall into the table. Then Cindy immediately runs out, but somehow there is another invisible man in the hall way waiting for Cindy.

  • Hamster Smash
    Hamster Smash

    i liked this movie

  • Samie Ducky
    Samie Ducky

    I watched this movie last night and was complaining about all the wall scenes. I looked to my buddy and told them there has to be a Cinema Sins on this. I was not wrong. But so disappointed you didn't say anything about all the walls we had to keep looking at during the movie.

  • Matt F
    Matt F

    It always frustrates me when someone has an outlandish theory, but is true and actually what is happening, but they insist on telling their friends and family before they can prove it. It’s a tired trope, and makes the person look crazy, even though they are usually vindicated somehow in the end. Like pointed out here, why go to it was the dead boyfriend right away? Even if you’re sure, you have no proof.

  • Hydralisk

    The movie sucked but not for the reason this video says.

  • Kerstin Gatsche
    Kerstin Gatsche


  • Mike Lowrey
    Mike Lowrey

    I love this movie the suit is awesome and Elizabeth Moss was perfect for this role.


    Which movies have had the most sins removed?

  • Jose Diego Delgado
    Jose Diego Delgado

    i didn't like this movie because 1. they revealed the best scares in the trailer 2. the plot twist was predictable as hell 3. it had nothing to do with the 1933 film (I know the title doesn't suggest a remake but I really liked that movie lol)

  • Deyla W
    Deyla W

    You were so on point!!! This movie was TRASH!!!

  • Mario Williams
    Mario Williams

    13:04 Well, there are at least three suits, right? The two that Adrian and Tom used, and the one Cecilia stowed away in Adrian's place. I wondered when I watched the movie during the chase scene after he attacked her in the asylum how Tom was able to get to the cop's house so fast. Wasn't Cecilia right on his tail in that SUV?

  • Mario Williams
    Mario Williams

    I just saw this movie tonight, and I LOVED it. Elizabeth Moss is great, as always. But I certainly agree with the sins in this movie lol

  • Metsman 23
    Metsman 23

    My biggest gripe with the movie was how Elizabeth Moss went about the phone in the attic thing. Instead of being like "hey come here" and showing the guy that Adrian's phone was in the attic, she went up to the attic instead which pissed me off

  • SpacePaul Memes
    SpacePaul Memes

    Why doesn't the invisible man not have a shadow he's not really invisible he's just displaying shit with cameras

  • Steven Nogaro
    Steven Nogaro

    How does John Cena here not accidentally bump into someone or get heard or attempt to take over the world?

  • Katrina D.
    Katrina D.

    Gave an instant “like” for discount Isla Fisher.

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter

    I adored this film. I think Elisabeth Moss was a main reason - she is an incredible actress with young Meryl Streep vibes

  • joshfactor1

    but one thing still doesn't add up. she knew the cameras were rolling and that's why she had to act surprised upon walking in and seeing him dead. but the cameras were still rolling when she let down her facade, right? so did she suddenly just forget they were there? also, where would she have even gone to put on the suit where the cameras couldn't see her?

  • Crab b
    Crab b

    This movie didn’t deserve 91% rotten tomatoes

    • SpacePaul Memes
      SpacePaul Memes

      This is a recap go watch the movie until you give a opinion

  • jake s
    jake s

    The thing about your channel is that you don’t appreciate the movie as a whole you break it down to it’s simplest mistakes

  • Red88Rex

    I'm so glad narcissistic abuse is so out in the open and attempting to be understood. This movie did it PERFECTLY.

  • Bad Baby Bunny
    Bad Baby Bunny

    U really came for one of my fav horror/thriller movies 😂😭

  • Baboon5

    Writers should watch some CinemaSins a little to avoid mistakes.

  • JesseShortFor Jesse
    JesseShortFor Jesse

    The last minute was my favorite

  • JesseShortFor Jesse
    JesseShortFor Jesse

    You had me at hello "aeughhhh!"

  • Ms UltimateCringe
    Ms UltimateCringe

    Okay to answer the question at 7:00, older houses tend to need you to use a step ladder. My house is built like that and I always thought it was just a british thing but it’s just in general an older house thing

  • RandomCitizen

    Definitely 3 suits The one she hid The one Adrian wore The one his brother wore This is shown when one gets pepper sprayed and magically appears in front of her so unless more bullshittery was occurring there’s 3 suits

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.

    No sin for some guy smashing a car window with his fist like it was nothing?

  • • Salty_Alix •
    • Salty_Alix •

    Honestly, Who Saw The Movie Countdown? If You Didn’t Then, Guess It Wasn’t As Popular, But...I Thought It Was Scary As Hell- Maybe Point Out Anything I Missed That Seems Stupid?

  • Christina Hagen
    Christina Hagen

    Y’all need to do eww “the nutty professor” now that you have that clip in here

  • Tk the ghost
    Tk the ghost

    imagine having the ability to be invisible and you use it to stalk your ex

  • MrChickin Man
    MrChickin Man

    You can tell that he had a pretty hard time sinning this movie when there were 5 f*cking sin-offs in the first 2 minutes

  • KJcally03

    11:45 I’m surprised you didn’t point out the fact that her hair and clothes were dry after being drenched from rain at the hospital

  • Xazyv

    I usually try not to watch these unless I've already seen the movie, or I'm not interested in it in the first place. This one was the latter and it's the first video that made me wanna watch the movie itself

  • Sam Chamberlain
    Sam Chamberlain

    This is the only cinema sins I have seen that is under a hundred sins

  • Kris Lynn
    Kris Lynn

    This movie totally pisses me off. I just watched it. First of all, where is all her blood from stabbing herself in the shower with a pen and ripping down? There's effects from doing shit like that whether you like it or not. Continuing.... She wouldn't just magically be free from the psych ward or prison just because an invisible man showed up dead in a living room. She literately killed that dude while about to face charges for murder from her sister. She'd be in jail awaiting trial and that's a guarantee. Her prints were on the weapon with dozens of witnesses seeing her there with a knife in her hand with the body, an email saying she wanted her sister dead from her email account and you'd have to actually hope that there were cameras pointed at the exact location and that time with sufficient video quality. Captain "I'm a cop and I can be anywhere" would certainly not be allowed to have his visitation with her due to his relationship with her, the sister, etc. and then later as a fact that you know... There's literately a dead body in his house with her as the killer. That's so far in to the conflict of interest realm and there's no precinct in any western country that would ever allow one of their officers that privilege. If by some magical scenario she got bail and could actually pay it, she would definitely be unable to contact Adrian and her dumb ass cop friend. She would be watched like a fucking hawk. If she contacted that police officer friend... straight back to jail as that would be a guarantee break of her bail conditions. Same for Adrian. Any contact like that after would implicate her in the later "suicide" of Adrian. Furthermore she shouldn't even be there on any footage on camera. It would immediately put her in jail. Captain "I'm a cop with illegal wiretapping and contact with a murder suspect" assisting in a crime would be in jail and would also be implicated as the established history and what-not as mentioned before. Then she acts like she's leaving the scene? She called fucking 911. Leaving the scene is literately grounds for them to arrest her on suspicion and captain accessory to murder with her she'd be right back to jail and would auto-implicate her two cases of manslaughter and murder in a "lol you're so fucked" kind of way. Also, side-note, the literal genius with optics doesn't realize that a suit of his is missing? He doesn't think, "Hm... A lot of time has passed and I haven't checked up on my suits since she visited my place. Hm... My brother just died... With a suit on... I better get my ducks in a row for this police raid coming to my house to find me kidnapped, wait... There's a suit missing and I know she didn't leave with it.. Lets check the house for where she would of been when I confronted her in the only place I knew she was hiding... The closet." Fuck this movie.

  • The New Kombatant Gold
    The New Kombatant Gold

    Not to mean or anything, but I think Sydney was pretty dumb to think Cecilia hit her, when she was kinda far from her. That's like one of the parts in the movie that made me mad. Also, the part where Emily dies, is kinda stupid; how tf is that knife's motion like that? Also, I was thinking: HOW THE FRICK IS AT MACE GONNA BE EFFECTIVE WHEN HE HAS A GOSH DARN SUIT COVERING HIS BODY!?

  • Vanessa Engineer
    Vanessa Engineer

    Can you do everything wrong with hollow man

  • Yoav2 Levanon
    Yoav2 Levanon

    *+300 sins cuz invisible suit WILL STILL INTERFERE WITH LIGHTS and cause SHADOWS*

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy

    Yeah, people can hack e-mail accounts.

  • DaOrientalGamer

    I saw this movie 10 minutes ago I was pissed off by alot of stuff like how she just doesn't move when the guy has paint on him or when the cops were getting beat up and she had a fucking gun right next to her

  • Zach Charbonneau
    Zach Charbonneau

    why can't anybody make good movie without fucking it up?

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    Not only was she able to control the knife in his right hand but she was able to keep his left hand firmly on the table so that he completely was unable to move. In that actual scenario any rational person would shift positions, try to stand up or use their opposing hand and arm to gain control. But the rest of his body remained totally still. He didn't yell or anything. In the restaurant scene when he made it appear like she sliced her sister's throat it was very quick and done in one swift motion. But when she makes it look like he slit his own throat there were clearly several seconds of struggle between them. I mean I liked the movie but c'mon.

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    Why is the dog still living in the house? If no one lives there, who is supposed to be taking care of this dog? That is a huge missed plot point. If the dog is still living there then there must be a human being there taking care of it. Why is this never addressed? Also, she takes the shock coller off the dog when she runs away, signifying the dog is free to run also. It also suggested to me that her ex was abusive to the dog, right? What's the story with this freaking dog?

  • Steven Bennett
    Steven Bennett

    Wasn't a wire tap, as long as one person agrees to have a wire on them they are legal, wire tap is when they tap into your phones which does require a warrant but your allowed to legally record conversations you have with people without their consent *ding for one sin*

  • Astino Rahul
    Astino Rahul

    Loved John Cena's performance in this movie.

  • KelseyRainbow

    Really? No sin for her legitimately saying “I was just a small-town girl who....bumped into you at a party”??? WHO TALKS LIKE THAT LMAO

  • Danielle

    I hated this movie!! I’ve never been the type to pick movies apart but this one was just ridiculous! I was pissed at how bad this movie was.

  • Graham Maio
    Graham Maio

    Discount Isla Fischer 😬

  • Maria López
    Maria López

    Lol Scooby-Doo comes out of nowhere at 14:44

  • Tyler Sparrow
    Tyler Sparrow

    When you do Uber they don’t tell you the drop off point until after pick up the passenger...........sin removed


    Adrian is just a lunatic to, Cecilia in this film nothing more than that.

  • Chuck Earls
    Chuck Earls

    7:08 that legit scared the shit out of me

  • Ciaran Racing
    Ciaran Racing

    This must have the record for most sins taken off

  • That80sGuy1972

    Speaking as someone with horrible vision, I saw at least as many plot holes in this movie as CinemaSins did. Last two times I dealt with an intruder when home, I turned out the lights as I moved about. The familiar sounds change when people are around, head happens, there are ground vibrations, etc. People who have great vision who tend to be night-blind because they are addicted to super-bright light tend to ignore most things totally obvious outside of mere vision. When I am looking for someone hiding from me, I tend to close my eyes to "see" better. Don't take my word for it... try it. Your brain shifts sensory power to everything else immediately. Maybe I'm part of an oddball minority. Immersive 3D never ever had a VR effect on me. I can also relate to virtually blind people better than people of my vision or better. Most of my... personal issues... are more touch based. My eyes work, just badly. So I can tell you that you sense your environment far better than a 1st person or 3rd person video game character. You WILL notice this "invisible man" and notice him a lot, so will everyone else, should he do what he did in the movie.

  • Unknow Knight
    Unknow Knight

    14 sec of intro

  • Carlos Elizondo
    Carlos Elizondo

    Sins the original

  • pauldareason

    wow i cant wait till birdman rips this one

  • zahire Coates
    zahire Coates

    im so glad i seen this movie before covid because i would have been mad as shit. shout out to everyone who is fighting 2020

  • SovereignKillz

    6:23 Come on CinemaSins, don't you think he'd just destroy the cameras if she tried to set any up?

  • iamthemaxx

    Removing sins from this HORRIBLE is a sin. You are no longer worthy of being a channel I subscribe to.

  • S McD
    S McD

    Totally respect the sins you took off for Elisabeth Moss's performance. She is freaking AMAZING.

    • Rebecca Bradley
      Rebecca Bradley

      It’s a shame she’s a crazy Scientologist

  • Christian Satine
    Christian Satine

    I couldn't understand why Cecilia didn't show James the photos of her and Sydney sleeping on Adrian's phone. What happened to Adrian's phone? Ceclia cut her wrist in the hospital. But when she is dragged along the floor palms downs, there is not a drop of blood. Ceclia cannot leave the scene of a suicide death because it is considered a crime scene. James was like, whatever. Do you, boo. Lol! This movie is great but the obvious blunders mentioned in the video and others prevent it from being a classic.

  • Anthony Friend
    Anthony Friend

    I just assumed the brothers had a lawyer good enough to charge her with insanity Serving no jail time more ridiculous things happen in movies

  • Pepper

    such a good movie

  • K Swiss
    K Swiss

    Disappointed you missed so many things that were sins. And what’s up with all this new pandering to females now

  • Mooparr

    The Invisible Man is pro choice the movie

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    If I had an invisibility suit, I'd be pranking my class on the Zoom class and stealing candy

  • The_eye_which_sees_within

    Terrible script. But it's amazing how good an actress can be in acting like she's being watched and stalked when she's a member of a cult.

  • magic unboxing
    magic unboxing

    tbh i don't know why the lady just didn't throw flour on the invisible man. i mean if she did that and call the police she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

  • Timothy

    The house I live in has two trap doors like that to get into upper storage spaces and the one I lived in before had the same thing as well as the house I grew up in. So yeah. Having to use a ladder to get into a door in the ceiling to the space above really does exist. Not all of them have those attached ladders with a string or rope.

  • 246kisses

    If that was me and I found out I was having that psycho’s kid I’d have that thing terminated as fast as humanly possible

  • StandardBlanket

    what's wrong with going to the second floor of your house with a step ladder to enter the attic? that is in my house literally lol

  • LLowfatstegosaurus

    14:12 the I Know What You Did Last Summer "What Are You Waiting For" never gets old

  • lucas lobo
    lucas lobo

    I guess for context... do people really think this movie was that great? I, personally, thought it was awful, the moment when cecilia's sister dies totally ruined the movie for me because it felt extremely out of place and fake... but my opinion doesn't rule the world so...

  • Ben Mendeja
    Ben Mendeja

    This video is much better than the movie itsself😂

  • Neltaxis

    Garbage movie. Can't even watch your video : it reminds me how I hated this movie. Incoherent script everywhere. And the main actress is boring and very bad.

  • Mr. Ashtastic
    Mr. Ashtastic

    13:48, she didn’t kill him

  • Mothra Stewart
    Mothra Stewart

    When she poured coffee grounds on the floor I'm like "what if he the floor is lavas that shit?"

  • Cøney -
    Cøney -

    why didn't he just kill her.

  • Michael Moezpoor
    Michael Moezpoor

    This movie had potential, and the acting was great, but the decisions some characters make are straight brainlet moves. Like Emily immediately thinking her sister hates her. And especially in the asylum hallway scene, why the hell didn't Cecilia take one of the guards' guns and shoot Adrian when he was taking aim at the last guard? Plenty of time, non-moving target...just ruined it for me

    • E J
      E J

      @FlameSupreme not to mention she was already resigned to fight back and stabbed him which is much more intimidating than shooting at a distance

    • FlameSupreme

      @Pain Exotic it’s not human psychology it just didn’t make sense how that scene went she was a good amount of distance away from the action so it couldn’t have made sense for her to be able to do damage like that also CAMERAS and there are other security guards watching them so like I said before that scene made no sense with all that in place

    • Pain Exotic
      Pain Exotic

      because you obviously don't understand human psychology. Imagine thinking humans are perfectly rational in high stress situations. There are guards knocked out and dead around you from a guy you are TERRIFIED of you expect someone to be perfectly rational?

    • FlameSupreme

      Like frfr I would’ve been like she couldn’t have taken down that many guards and plus they were cameras and they were still trying to detain her while the other guards were getting fucked up and she’s like 10 feet away from it happening like that whole scene made me mad 😂😂

    • Michael Moezpoor
      Michael Moezpoor

      @E J Exactly

  • Big Jigz47
    Big Jigz47

    9:57 thats the one dude from the 2k19 prelude

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins

    The real sin is how Miss Moss can make some ugly cry faces.

  • thedumpsterarcheologist

    When you are curious about the a movie..but don't have 2 hours...I just watch a Cinema Sins video

  • battlefront gameplay
    battlefront gameplay

    Tony stark* hey who stole my invisibility suit

  • CrimsonViruz

    Missed a sin..... at the end of the movie. She slit his throat in the invisible suit, then change back fast as in just a few minutes. It should take a lot longer considering she has to put on her heels, and make sure her makeup doesn’t get ruined.

  • lickthismiff

    I know everyone loves this movie, but I think it would have been so much better if it had been kept vague, and it was left to the viewer to decide if it was an invisible man, a ghost, or just Cecelia losing her mind with paranoia. They literally gave away the supersuit in one of the trailers.

  • Go Bucs
    Go Bucs

    Every house I have owned (4) needed a ladder to get into the attic.

  • 44 Dom
    44 Dom

    I went to the theater and I was barely focused on this movie at all. I was focused on the female on my lap. So thank you sins

  • Msthieu Marin
    Msthieu Marin

    Lamest use of invisibility in movies,... Like serioisly a cheezy horror ... Why not make the invisible man movie about someone who turn invisiblenand have to deal with the fact no one can see it and he start robbing to make money but then start to do good

  • Gabby Diomand
    Gabby Diomand

    Tbh just throw paint or a blanket over it and stab it

  • atomicmrpelly

    3:20 - yeah they got "don't use water" right, but you shouldn't use a fire extinguisher either. You should smother it with a wet towel. But the very first thing you should do is switch off the gas, which neither of them did! Extra sin.

  • Yellowsnow69420

    Never even searched Adrian’s place after sending a whole swat team there. “This looks like the same suit that the invisible killer used. Better just leave it where I found it.”

  • Don MelMel
    Don MelMel

    I think you actually liked this movie

  • TheWeirdOnes

    3:57 jeremy sin off instead. that scare was the costume the invisible man wore in the original movie. shame on you for not realizing

  • FBI Gamer
    FBI Gamer

    I'm putting a sin for saying 14 minutes or less but you guys made me waste waste 15 seconds on unskippable ads and that extra 48 seconds

  • VeronaKate

    One sin should be added to how did she cut his throat and take off the suit so fast in time to scream and call the cops ? Thats some Superman booth or flash speed there .