Everything Wrong With Hellboy (2019) In Wasted Opportunity Minutes
Hellboy. It's a comic-turned-movie franchise that wasn't necessarily in need of a reboot. But we got one. And god bless him, David Harbour gives it his all, and he's great. But the movie around him is awful. It's got sins like you wouldn't believe. Just... watch the video and you'll see.

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Next week: Action sins and animal sins.
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  • angelo perri
    angelo perri

    I wish I could forget this movie exists and go back to only remembering Perlman

  • Parker Sherman
    Parker Sherman

    It was a decent movie though . . . . . .

  • LegolasTheGamer

    11:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    How you gonna sin a demonic gestation period?


    good news..there is sequel to that movie

  • PS Arc
    PS Arc

    Thumbs up for Buffy with AT4 anti tank missile.

  • Leah .L Nero
    Leah .L Nero

    "if my face could talk,it woul-" *Man,shut yo' bitch ass up*

  • Abdizur87

    God this movie was a chore to sit through. 😑

  • Anna K
    Anna K

    5th element is not silly-ass.. therefore 👎

  • Titan Hunter
    Titan Hunter

    19:00 Completely believable now that it's actually happening

  • Sue Flay
    Sue Flay

    If you give birth in hell the labor is atlest ninety years.😈🙅

  • ilusion

    wtf half of the ones that he says are bad aren't

  • Joseph Chambers
    Joseph Chambers

    This movie is honestly underrated.

  • Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D
    Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D

    Also just putting this out there. I love how the whole; “Man of God” being able to open the seal thing is also magic. Just because you pray to the “big man” (or big lady in some cases) doesn't mean you aren't essentially trying to make magic happen when you pray especially with special rituals as old school churches still study and practice.

  • Nicholas McLane
    Nicholas McLane

    CinemaSins is what plays in your head when you’re stoned and hyper focused on a movie and realize everything that’s wrong with it. No? Just me?

  • Dimas Naufal Pratama
    Dimas Naufal Pratama

    The CG, the editing cuts, the performance of the actors and actresses, and the unnecessary plot like alice backlash, baba yaga, and etc. Everything from this movie is so shit. It's so painful to watch, I want to unsee this movie.

  • T P
    T P

    flashboy sounds like a superheroe. Or a sextoy. Or both

  • Radical Jinx
    Radical Jinx

    "people are just walking around when there's a plague" ... sounding real familiar about now. turns out hellboy was right about the intelligence of humans XD

  • _ jeromethegreat
    _ jeromethegreat

    saw this for free after a screening of They Shall Not Grow Old when I worked at a theater. No joke, I fell asleep a little before they find out where merlin is and woke up somewhere close to the end. Imagine my surprise when I learn that there were 40 minutes left at that point. This entire time I figured I dozed off for like 5 minutes, turns out I had a pretty substantial nap.

  • sir. Phillip
    sir. Phillip

    i got a sin you forgot why was she eating children's hand and not adults hands? wouldn't it have more meat

  • Cast Bet
    Cast Bet

    Let’s all be honest the ONLY GOOD thing about Hellboy 2019 is the soundtrack. Also for the werejaguar why didn’t the guys clothes get ripped and stuff, but when he changes back his clothes aren’t ruined instead they are perfectly fine.

  • Ryanimal

    Sweet Deadwood reference

  • Moto Mortus
    Moto Mortus

    Ok HellWick just sounds like some kinda torture porn, and Wickboy seems like another terrible move that only netflix will show and get sued over again.

  • Hugh Caires
    Hugh Caires

    Ron Perlman was better.

  • hecc mcgee
    hecc mcgee

    They shat all over the original movies as a reboot truly

  • Danta Holt
    Danta Holt

    That's messed up. I never even checked this movie out because every1 said how much it sucked lmao


    this has to be the worst movie ever lmao

  • Nigh Darke
    Nigh Darke

    What was wrong with this movie is it wasn't the third installment of the Del Toro series and starring Ron Perlman.

  • Tay G
    Tay G

    Woahhhhh the fifth element is a classic !

  • Ty Adams
    Ty Adams

    I hear cinemasins in my head while I watch movies now, sinning the sins.

  • Student 43013
    Student 43013

    Freaking autoplay, this isnt thebirdman ...

  • Seems Legit
    Seems Legit

    Imagine having so many good actors and making a movie so fucking garbage

  • Meester Incubi
    Meester Incubi

    I don't mind the joke sins here and there but you flipped it on its head. Now the video is basically all jokes and when you actually do a critique I'm surprised. The majority of the fake critiques you do are just cringe inducing. I mean I get it, hell even cinemawins nearly went down the same path you have, would love to see you go back to being a legit critique channel. Every now and then I check out a vid or two in that vain hope but find myself sad again at the end.

  • General Draven
    General Draven

    This is better then the actual movie

  • clayton thompson
    clayton thompson

    At the end, "I can... By order of the Peaky fookin' Blinders!"

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    It’s funny how he knows that people have most likely jerked it to a few scenes and that he points it out 😂😂😂 love this channel😂

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    I love this film

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    What kind of person am I?

  • Jose Juan
    Jose Juan

    Man, i really had high hopes for this film, it could've been awesome! The material was there! ...only thing is that the writers saw the comicbooks and thought "What part do we adapt? There's this arc with Baba Yaga, this one with the witch and a bunch of short stories that don't really connect to each other... Ah f*ck it! All of it! We'll put every story in one single movie!"

    • Mopey Marmite
      Mopey Marmite

      The first hellboy movie wasn’t good but it was simple and fun. I didn’t see this movie but everyone hated it.

  • Mark Brigandi
    Mark Brigandi

    Kind of funny when you were mentioning the giant sneaking up on him- he also didn’t notice it’s, well, GIANT-SIZED shadow looming above him!

  • Sad Ken
    Sad Ken

    Watching this mid Covid, and Londoners really are wandering around during a plague as if nothing was happening....

  • zillailluhr

    I wish this would’ve been good :(

  • FrobergDK

    WHAT did you say about the 5th Element?! Dear GOD man!

  • ruuse542

    Laughing my ass off uncontrollably because of one line in the actual movie. "Walpurgis Night." If you know, you know.

  • SD'S Museum of the Weird Stripe X Gremlin's show
    SD'S Museum of the Weird Stripe X Gremlin's show

    Why is there a Nazi wearing 3D glasses at 4:52?

  • SMP2390

    There was gonna be a John Wick and Hell boy but due to COVID it's held until 2035.

  • Matthew

    No sin for the plane trying to land sideways? 3:59 I'm giving you a sin.

  • Caleb

    I’m sinning the thumbnail for covering the “every” in “everything”

  • Fiona Villareal
    Fiona Villareal

    14:17 I laughed....

  • J Alan
    J Alan

    Minus some messy CGI in places, this movie was awesome! A much better representation of Hellboy than the previous movies. It makes me ☹️ that everyone spends so much time bashing it all the time.

  • Mark Duarte
    Mark Duarte

    Is it just me or does the the snake chick with the blonde hair look exactly like lady gaga amd why does the commentator make a joke about it lmao

  • Darkchainzz

    One sin; Why in the absolute fuck didn't they just make the boxes 100% sealed in iron? The whole movie would've been basically pointless if they'd done that one thing.

  • HuskyCruxes

    Jesus christ they fucked up hellboy

  • Mithun Raj
    Mithun Raj

    Was looking forward to this movie...only to end up disappointed with everything.. It was lame really lame

  • Matthew Atwater
    Matthew Atwater

    I laughed at that line..so add 1 sin

  • zoomzoom491

    Anybody notice the stab wound in hell boys chest moves from the middle to the right pec

  • Riley Hall
    Riley Hall


  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright

    Nimue was a pretty cool person in King Arthur stories. She was Merlins friend and when she died she became the Lady of the Lake and guarded Excalibur.

  • No Name Elmo
    No Name Elmo

    Hey uhh.. i laughed at that “your fucking nuts” joke n the sin was never added sooooo.. yeah js. Lmao

  • John Allen
    John Allen

    I had no desire to watch this move so I figured I'd watch the condensed version here. Thanks!

  • David Sprinkle
    David Sprinkle

    Hey they should make a movie with John wick with hellboy but with Ron Perlman instead

    • David Sprinkle
      David Sprinkle

      As hellboy of course and Keanu Reeves as John wick

  • Lord Karasu
    Lord Karasu

    After he remade the sin counter after it broke its came back too powerful...even Jeremy can’t control it now.

  • Lord Karasu
    Lord Karasu

    They did that thing with alduin.

  • Covo Converged
    Covo Converged

    to be honest if its the same actor playing hellboy thats been playing him since the first movie he's still looks cool

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    17:20 Step 1 pick a screen. Step 2 look at the top left corner Step 4 Did you see it? Step 6 Yes Number 3 and 5 are missing. So what?


    Also, king Arthur in full plate armor. In 517 AD, roughly 500 years before the start of the medieval period.

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    I’m came pretty close to seeing this movie when it first came out(simply because Milla Jovovich is in it), but I’m glad my friend who saw it opening night and told me to wait! They should’ve just stuck with Ron Perlman and did a Hellboy 3!

  • FHM _
    FHM _

    Jeremy makes a pop culture reference

  • Aིiིrིbིrིuིsིhི

    To be fair... The people not caring and just walking around with a plague around seems really realistic in 2020... Kinda like foreshadowing.

  • Numinous123

    Here's the thing. The Hellboy mythology is so rich and densely packed, that you would need a TV series to explain it. A really bad movie isn't going to cut it.

  • Madison Nichols
    Madison Nichols

    The plague plot line is copied scene for scene from a show called warehouse 13

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    I thought it kinda badass ngl, thought it wasn’t Tom harbour fault for making a half ass hell boy. I really enjoyed the movie though if I look passed the originala

  • Nathan Camenzuli
    Nathan Camenzuli

    Nobody mentions the fact that the accept call button on the phone is different on both scenes smh 🤣🤣

  • bass wolf
    bass wolf

    Mabye at the end baba yaga talking to john wick 😱 mind blown you know in john wick their refer him as the guy who you send to kill the boogyman (baba yaga)

  • Useless Idiot
    Useless Idiot


  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    I feel like you should rescind that sin about people milling about during a plague cuz... Yeah...

  • Logn Bartlett
    Logn Bartlett

    At 7:20 hell boys abilities include Abilities Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, and longevity Accelerated healing factor Extensive knowledge of the supernatural Right Hand of Doom (which serves as the key to the End of the World) Innate capability to comprehend magical languages Immunity to fire and lightning and he can only be killed if he turns evil

  • Jess Connelly
    Jess Connelly

    That it was made was the problem😎

  • Mr Fudge Pump
    Mr Fudge Pump

    i haven't bothered seeing this yet, but if Milla gets her tiddies out (like every other film she's been in) then 2 sins should be redacted

  • Tristan Quemi
    Tristan Quemi

    In my opinion only

  • Tristan Quemi
    Tristan Quemi

    New hellboy trash compared to the hellboy and hellboy golden army

  • HarunGejmer

    Only good thing about this movie: Its not Men in Black reboot.

  • Rozzy V.
    Rozzy V.

    Hopper died, for this? And is the narrator the guy that did the voice for the dragon on Merlin, or am I hearing things?

  • Isacho 06
    Isacho 06

    .i wont lie, if theres anymovie series that makes me feels sick, its the hell boy series, and i dont know why

  • bethany turner
    bethany turner

    Trevor bruttenholm was born in 1916... he was there at the end of ww2... even if they changed his age for the new film and was in his 20s in 1944 he’d still be 94 yrs old someone please explain how both him and the lady hatton look the same in 1944 and 2019 my brain hurts

  • Volinkrien

    I actually haven't seen this movie but I know the source material. Didn't know it was the Wild Hunt

  • R H
    R H

    This movie actually IS a Hellboy/John Wick crossover ..... has everyone forgotten that they call him "Baba Yaga" ??

  • Eamonn Wright
    Eamonn Wright

    That joke about the plague having difficulty spreading to the EU because of Brexit-bureaucracy was great writing.

  • Eamonn Wright
    Eamonn Wright

    The first Hellboy I remember I had it on DVD (pirated of course) about 3 years at least before it came out in cinemas. Obviously I wasn’t the only one. Anyone else remember that?

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert

    Review The Descent

  • Kingston Wang
    Kingston Wang

    19:14 there no fucking way it look like covid 19

  • PilotSolomon

    I'm sorry but did no-one realise that he said the changling used the monks tongue when he really used the vocal chords, therefore, -1 sin

  • Pepper

    nice vid

  • Ron Bird
    Ron Bird

    plate armor in 500ad? 100sins for medieval MISSINFORMATION.

  • The Concern
    The Concern

    It’s me. I laughed.

  • Carl Goldman
    Carl Goldman

    Can’t believe they made another Shitboy movie SMH

  • Cryo Sound
    Cryo Sound

    Everything Wrong With Hellboy 2019? Y E S

  • Aidan Legler
    Aidan Legler

    the yes master to the sin counter was so funny! this is also the perfect movie for cinema sins since it is about a demon/devil

  • T Mo T
    T Mo T

    That monk tongue sin thing was so infuriating that I remember thinking "I hope cinemasins doesn't let this go unpunished" as I was watching the movie.

  • Gay bit gaming
    Gay bit gaming

    Actually if you read the books n comics you'll know why this did so bad they basically start mid season of a whole series that leads up to this which is so stupid that Hollywood just throws out movies for the die hardscn the originals are so confused they dont like the movie