Everything Wrong With Big In 18 Minutes Or Less
Big is a classic comedy film and one of Tom Hanks' most famous performances. We love it. But it still has sins, so we were compelled to count them.
Next week: Animated superhero sins and something else I forgot.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Prometheus Unbound
    Prometheus Unbound

    R.I.P. Penny Marshall. You were so much more than Laverne.

  • Mark E Kar
    Mark E Kar

    that shirt is NOT racist. 1 sin off!

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • DeathGold511

    Is it just me but doesn't Susan look a lot like an older Millie Bobby Brown

  • Rand B
    Rand B

    5:00 European date style would be December 9 ... error perhaps

  • pyrotechnic5254

    This vid is stupid. No more. I'm gone.

  • KP Nuts
    KP Nuts


  • punsiella

    i have never seen the principal’s office the entire time i was in high school...

  • Madison Legg
    Madison Legg

    0:18 why is this a fucking sin

  • The Wizard of Croagz
    The Wizard of Croagz

    The Burbs

  • mrplatink


  • Bro

    I've seen people in uploaded clips of this movie insisting that Susan should go to jail for sex with a minor. AKA a grown man in his 30's with a happy-go-lucky outlook and an an immature mind who she had no conceivable way of knowing was a kid just days ago, and need I emphasize that she ONLY had her way with him WHILE he was an adult, and never did anything inappropriate to him after realizing the truth? It's already ridiculous that an adult can go to jail for consensual sex with a minor who lies about their age and certainly looks mature, like being almost eighteen and reassuring you with a fake ID and all that they're really of age, and acting like there's no problem. But saying someone should go to jail for sex with an adult who happened to just be a minor magicked INTO the body of an adult when the other person had no way of even knowing about this impossible magical transformation is a laugh, and all said accusers are surely guaranteed a one-way ticket to burning hell for demonizing Susan when she didn't do a damn thing wrong.

  • thedumpsterarcheologist

    Reel to Reel players are sought after by Audiophiles looking for pure analog sounds...rare tapes are now worth hundreds of dollars....the hiring manager was ahead of his time, not behind the times...one sin off the total count and given to Cinemasins for having bad taste in audio playback machines...;) Love this episode though...sin removed.

  • Joey 9
    Joey 9

    Oh the blasphemy!

  • Cristián Calderón
    Cristián Calderón

    8:11 can someone explain me why is that racist?

  • Perry Light
    Perry Light

    I knew right away there was gonna be a Toy Story joke at the end😄

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      PLOT TWIST: Andy replaces Woody with one of the MacMillan toys

  • Ethan Guy
    Ethan Guy

    Big is such a good movie

  • namwens

    Had to bail on the "he's grown up" quote from the movie. In this context it's so cringe worthy.

  • Jagger Staley
    Jagger Staley

    When you remember that all the sex was between a 30 year old woman and a thirteen year old boy. Those are things Josh will remember for the rest of his life.

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester

    The movie is saying it is ok that a grown woman can molest a young man and get away with it.

  • Jaxon Gaglio
    Jaxon Gaglio

    I love this movie an I do agree with what your saying what about anyone else

  • IDI iNAHu
    IDI iNAHu

    Does anyone know wat was on his shirt that was racist I couldn’t see what it was

  • Mahen Tahen
    Mahen Tahen

    12:51 did he just hannibal lecter his way into a sin

  • Tim Dahl
    Tim Dahl

    I love your doing this to 80's movies where so many didn't have any logic whatsoever or a very bad thing was glossed over by a sweet story. Do Overboard please! The tale of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome.

  • RedHeadKevin

    11:53 I always wonder who lived below Josh. I'd be pretty pissed if some manchild moved in upstairs and bounced on a goddamn trampoline all night.

  • RedHeadKevin

    10:57 Have you ever been to a big office party? People get WASTED and often hook up with people they shouldn't. 11:53 So, she went home with a guy, tells him she wants to "sleep over," and then takes her for a completely platonic bounce on a trampoline while drunk. Of course she looks confused.

  • RedHeadKevin

    Fun fact: Mr. Baskin disappeared from the movie because they had a tiger nobody knew about, and Mrs. Baskin had some demons...and sardine oil.

  • RedHeadKevin

    10:08 Takara thought of Insecticons way before Hasbro did. Dinobots, too.

  • RedHeadKevin

    6:38 Social Security numbers are 9 digits, so if he had 6 there, he was missing three. So your math is wrong. *ding* I'm more concerned that the guy who translated "oh, uh, twelve" as "0-1-2" didn't mishear him as "oh, oh, twelve." or "0-0-1-2." *ding*

  • RedHeadKevin

    "I wish I was big" Next morning, Josh woke up to be the same 3'11", but he weighed 800 pounds. or Next morning, Josh woke up to be 39 feet tall, crushed against the walls of his house and his room, folded like a Chinese gymnast trying to rob a casino. or Next morning, Josh woke up to be 1 year older, 1 inch taller, and 5 pounds heavier. You gotta be a little more specific with your wishes, kid.

  • Tami Lambert
    Tami Lambert

    To be fair, I loved baby corn when I was a kid.

  • Joshua Corcoran
    Joshua Corcoran

    You missed a sin for the crib of his baby sister being in HIS room. What kind of asshole parents would put the baby in their son's room instead of their own? That kid is gonna be waking up her brother all hours of the night and messing up his sleep, grades and future. If the house doesn't have enough rooms, they should put the baby in the room of the people who have the responsibility of waking up to take care of it anyway...unless of course they are terrible parents who expect their other kid to do all of that

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      I grew up around the same time and that was not that uncommon...

  • XxxSteeltitanxxX


  • RileDawg

    Sorry, Jeremy, but I can't let you get away with referencing someone walking on the "surface" of Jupiter. That's a sin...

  • Dan Finnegan
    Dan Finnegan

    When I saw this video was made I was like “I really hope he takes off at least one sin for the piano scene.” Not disappointed; thank you.

  • TrumbullComic

    I'd TOTALLY forgotten that Josh had a dad in this movie. Maybe he was magically transformed back into a kid while Josh was an adult? That'd explain where he was for most of the runtime.

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv

    Due to the unusual circumstances of Josh once he went back home his life was by no means back to normal.I mean his parents would be superprotective,he'd be questioned by the cops not to mention the fact that he missed quite a bit of the school year and from now on he's gonna be 'he's the boy that got kidnapped/do you think they did stuff to him???'.He's not gonna go back to being a regular kid.Not to mention the last part he already worked for a living got a taste of how to be an adult but now he's forced back into being a kid.Its actually fucked up.

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson

    I've said this once and I'll say it again. If this movie doesn't make you CRY, you probably don't have a soul.

  • Mutt Mizzle
    Mutt Mizzle

    Yu really said thats basically how kids in new jersey are taught to talk from birth? Tell me you only joking ? You really jus made me unsubscribe from ya channel

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson

    How do you miss Barry Sonnenfeld as the DP as a sin?? Jan DeBont, former DP, as the Speed director, should be sinned, too. Andrej Bartowiak as Jan's DP on Speed directed Romeo Must Die... well okay no sin.

  • Will Komocsar
    Will Komocsar

    CUBBIES for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Sciara
    John Sciara

    When Josh asked what's a marketing report, instantaneously I thought the same thing, Being There. Chancy Gardner.

  • FA QUU!
    FA QUU!

    House of 1000 corpses, devils rejects & 3 from hell!!!!!!

  • joeybruh916

    @ 12:51 “No no no you were doing fine, you had been courteous and receptive to courtesy, you had established trust with the embarrassing truth about miggs, and now this ham-handed segue into your questionnaire tut-tut-tut it won’t do” Hannibal lecter.

  • remote games
    remote games


  • Drakorex

    Ok, now do Cuties

  • ACWells13

    'Paul Rudd' I laughed out loud

  • Penny Loafers
    Penny Loafers

    They should do a sequel called "Little" and have present-day Tom Hanks make a wish to be young again.

  • Tony Coln
    Tony Coln

    3:47 From what I hear...he still would ask Cynthia out.

  • Lee Scales
    Lee Scales

    I was wondering when the FG Robert Loggia reference was going to show up

  • Laceykat66

    7:25 - Um, Capital Record Club offered reel-to-reel options well through the 1970s and I deserve one sin for knowing that.

  • Scott Brainard
    Scott Brainard

    Please do the Truman Show!! Upvote this so Cinemasins will see it if you agree!

  • PerversionTV

    Talking about taking a step on Jupiter, when you know that Jupiter's a Gas Giant and you can't step on it. DING.

  • scarlett o'hara
    scarlett o'hara

    0:34 surprised he didn't sin the fact that they used the "kid says his fantasy OUT LOUD to no one in particular" cliche

  • Funk Yuns
    Funk Yuns

    he is wearing a shirt with a native american and this is racist ? i have never gave two thoughts when seeing another race wearing a white person on their shirt . enough of the identity SJW politics already

  • Eddie Jones III
    Eddie Jones III

    18th sin: I shouldn't have laughed at that, because that's a serious issue, but just the thought process of everything seems kinda funny at first glance...Ooorrr maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor.

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt

    So this movie concept always raised so many ethical questions for me. Are the pedophile laws constructed around age or who just looks young? Because he has the mentality of a child. And if they are about mentality, then persons with mental disabilities should never have sexual relations either. So...many...questions...

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      So does that mean Jenny molested Forrest Gump when she asked him to cop a feel on her breast?

  • KouriRyu

    Elizabeth Perkins looks uncannily like Millie Bobby Brown. Or vice versa, I guess.

  • Major Gear
    Major Gear

    Greece must be proud of Tom Hanks.

  • Owdeez Strauz
    Owdeez Strauz

    you wont see any Tom Hanks pedo jokes on this channel 9:55 Big ben is NOT a building, it's the bell inside.

  • DevengerKott

    Has anyone else notice that Elizabeth Perkins is an adult version of Millie Bobby Brown, a.k.a.Eleven from Stranger Things?

  • Raina

    Man, John Heard really got the role as an asshole in this movie... I had almost forgotten about that.

  • Robert King
    Robert King

    "500" sins for a family movie making it okay for the fact that, a grown woman did basically rape a kid. >

  • Quixote

    Food with a simple raw number? You obviously didn't game in the 80s.

  • Isaac Wale
    Isaac Wale

    I still loved this film

  • Daniel Gwozdz
    Daniel Gwozdz

    8:30 - I wouldn't be surprised to see a piano painted on the floor at a toy store. In the 80s tho I would be surprised if it made sound when I stepped on it, even if I'd seen it in front of me.

  • MFDOOM1415

    91. Have you seen Big Trouble? How many F Bombs did that drop and avoid an R?

  • Devon Lott
    Devon Lott

    10 years old heh try 8 lol

  • Sj Baem
    Sj Baem

    That actress playing Susan and Millie Bobby Brown look alike. Also young Tom Hanks was a snack.

  • Sabrina Hill
    Sabrina Hill

    “Surface of Jupiter”?

  • Samuel Black
    Samuel Black

    Shes kissed his head. 24 hours ago that meant something different😁

  • Forte cloud
    Forte cloud

    Wtf is up with all these ads

  • Shawn Parks
    Shawn Parks

    I would have taken a sin off for the "I get to be on top" joke.

  • Timothy Cox
    Timothy Cox

    The story of Carni was hilarious and I need to hear the rest

  • Vannah B
    Vannah B

    What do they use to find all these movies???

  • MemphisTiger

    I would LOVE for Hollywood to make a movie WITH the guy who does CinemaSins ridiculing every ridiculous plot hole, cliche, etc. That would be awesome!

  • AS

    Isn't it ironic as fuck when I watch this movie last week then I go onto cinemasins to see if they covered it then a fucking week later boom it's on the channel

  • baby boo
    baby boo

    Why was the shirt racist

  • Jon Bastian
    Jon Bastian

    Ah, the 80s... the last gasp of the white patriarchy thinking that anything they did was cool, even if the movies pretended that old white men were the villain. While those movies were all greenlit by old white men.

  • Mr. Psycho
    Mr. Psycho

    project power

  • The Black Dorothy Zbornak
    The Black Dorothy Zbornak


  • Dat Guy Films
    Dat Guy Films

    Josh looks like Todd Howard

  • Mikeshakez

    That whole part where he sins the "He's a grownup" confused me but omg did I laugh

  • James Bowden
    James Bowden

    About the drinking, here in Mongolia my school had a teachers / workers only party and they had the vodka being handed out and drunk while on the bus on the way to the party location. The chief prize for performance was something that had alcohol in it.

  • Maaike Janssen
    Maaike Janssen

    The sequel could have been, that he knocked the grown woman up and that he needs to find a way to be a 13 year old father with an adult mom. 😅

  • Kylo? When??
    Kylo? When??

    Jeremy sins something that he likes about the movie cliche

  • Cole B. Ryan
    Cole B. Ryan

    Everything is wrong about this movie. #hollyweird #pedogate

  • Robert Scannell
    Robert Scannell

    Ew your second cousin? Why didn’t you hook up with your first cousin? If your gonna bang your cousin it might as well be your first. Go BIG or go home. Pun intended.

  • Robert Scannell
    Robert Scannell

    Nobody invites you to parties anymore. That’s why you don’t go to parties anymore. Because nobody likes you Jeremy.

  • Robert Scannell
    Robert Scannell

    Did he just sin friends? What an asshole.

  • Tony Palermo
    Tony Palermo

    Josh went to GW. "Did you pledge?" Which fraternity? Why would he ask, GW isn't that Greek a school. But it's still funny nonetheless.

  • 111danish111

    were /wər/ Learn to pronounce verb second person singular past, plural past, and past subjunctive of be. used to hypothesize about something that might happen. a·gree·ment GRAMMAR the condition of having the same number, gender, case, or person.

  • Maximilian Dorge
    Maximilian Dorge

    10pm on a school night at 13 is late in the US?

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      Yeah we definitely had to be home by then. I think parental standards are for earlier times now then in 1988.

  • bee

    I loved big

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith




    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      Chris Smith I can’t help but be pedantic!

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      Chris Smith You’re right that “Nothing in Common” is a dramedy. However, the film still leans more on the drama, and was a far cry from broad comedies Hanks previously starred in such as “Splash”, “Bachelor Party”, “Man With One Red Shoe”, “Volunteers”, and “The Money Pit”, therefore my point still stands!

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      Chris Smith True. If anything “Every Time We Say Goodbye” was more of a *straight drama,* but of course, I don’t blame you for not knowing about it, since it got pulled from theaters after a week, and has pretty much become a blip in the radar: m.uzload.info/fun/a4audoWq1pKfsGg/video

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      @Beethoven’s Fidelio fair enough. I think nothing in common was at somewhat a dramedy. It starred Jackie Gleason so my feeling was it was at least supposed to be in the comedy realm. Look at the posters for it. Same with Punch line. It had some dramatic parts but was also marketed as a comedy.

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      Chris Smith *buzzer goes off* WRONG! Actually Hanks’ first dramatic film was “Nothing in Common” (1986). Hanks also starred in the romantic war drama “Every Time We Say Goodbye” (1986), which came out four months after “Nothing in Common”. However since neither of those films were critically nor commercially successful, Tom Hanks went back to doing comedies like “Dragnet”, “Big”, and “Turner & Hooch” until he starred in “Philadelphia”, which not only was a success, but also helped him make the transition from comedies to dramas.

  • DiGiTyDarKMaN

    "Paul Rudd" that killed me.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Goodbye Mr Spaulding is from the Natural. (1984)

  • Jakob Bauz
    Jakob Bauz

    I like it when you deliver a sin in the condescending manner you show around 12:51. That suits this program very well and is pretty funny. Do that more from now on please. Edit: And the face of the boy (16:35) should have caused a sin removal. It's just perfect, honestly; not because of her but because it illustrates the age difference and that he's awkward as a teenager about that girlfriend talk.

  • Annissa

    Oh yeah, Tom Hanks likes em young & now he’s in Greece where they don’t mind that sickness🤮

  • Kathryn Mo
    Kathryn Mo

    I have seen bits and pieces of this movie, but not the whole thing. Sadly, I think it's a great SPOILER!!! 😂😂😂