Everything Wrong With Air Force One In 15 Minutes Or Less
Air Force One is a '90s action movie that sees President Harrison Ford square off against Gary Oldman and Russian bad guys that have taken over the plane. It's fine. You'll enjoy it. But it has every bit as many sins as you think it does.
Next week: horror sins and sins of a classic.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Jay H.
    Jay H.

    90's grammar Nazi. Floppy disc should be floppy disk. Duh! :)

  • Joe Tanner
    Joe Tanner

    That non-copywritten background music needs three sins.

  • Joe Romero
    Joe Romero

    Discount home alone. I thought the same thing when I saw that guy

  • niteshmurti

    don't watch this video while drinking a beverage

  • Izana Hoshijiro
    Izana Hoshijiro

    Jeremy sins something he likes. Jeremy makes a popculture reference. Jeremy notices something on screen Jeremy sins something he doesn't understand, which is NOT a sin of the movie.

  • Grant Hedley
    Grant Hedley

    I have had it with these mutha ******’ snakes on this mutha ******* plane Damn it, wrong movie!!

  • Richard Dupuis
    Richard Dupuis

    'EMP pulse' is kind of redundant. 1 sin.

  • Jason Blalock
    Jason Blalock

    8:40 Hey, is that the Wishmaster? (google google) Holy shit, it IS the Wishmaster. Neat.

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore

    The CGI crash is at least worth a hundred sins!

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown

    Ha, Ha, Ha,,,,Ha, Ha...."It's like 2 stormstrooper trying to jerk each other off.." LMAO!!!!

  • TheDarkGammers

    They need to make Everything wrong with topgun

  • Coire Jones
    Coire Jones

    IT"S CAVILL! 12:08

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • gbonkers666

    Its all in the press release issued by Boeing when they first introduced the plane. This is America...not Facebook-land.

  • gbonkers666

    You should cinema sins yourself...you know nothing about how bullets work.

  • gbonkers666

    How do protect the plane moving several hundred miles per hour....because there is something called a low yield nuclear bomb which radiates light and and electronic pulse (both of which travel the speed of light)

  • babscabs1987

    She pronounced nuclear wrong, she said new-kyu-luur when we all know it's pronounced hip po pot a mus.

  • mentor397

    You should do a video about Heat (1995) with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.... and a lot of other people - Val Kilmer, Danny Trejo, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Xander Berkeley, Jeremy Piven, Henry Rollins, Hank Azaria, Wes Studi, the list goes on and on and on and on and...

  • susan owen
    susan owen

    Please lend your voice to the #endsars movement in Nigeria The people are being killed by the government

  • KingPNW

    Runways have auxiliary power units, no extension cord needed.

  • James Vargas
    James Vargas

    14:30 Oh wow, I must've missed that part. Lol.

  • Ryan Kay
    Ryan Kay

    Gibb's motives were a plot hole. Movie would've been just as good if the Russians had a Boris GoldenEye hacker generate the fake IDs.

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking

    You can actually see shades of what people think attract them to Trump. Goes off script during speeches. Gets his 'political' staff's panties in a bunch. Indulges in cheap and poorly tasting food stuffs such as McDonalds and Bud Beer. Pretends to care about his family. Yup, a regular lovable every man. Yes, I want to probe into your back end.

  • Hannah Ganske
    Hannah Ganske

    The Monty python joke 🤣

  • Kelly B. Smith
    Kelly B. Smith

    Tallen Rickurry LMAO

  • ariel films inc
    ariel films inc

    No commen6s on the F-15 pilot sacrificing himself Also would NOT the terrorists be able to track the cell phone Harrison was using on the plane?

  • Diamond King
    Diamond King

    How did the terrorists find Gibbs and plan the whole thing in only 3 weeks?

  • The Golden Goose
    The Golden Goose


  • Zeekie TV
    Zeekie TV

    PLEASE do Mother! It’s so confusing

  • demi glas, plus 4 a.lovely lady
    demi glas, plus 4 a.lovely lady

    I think you meant 11.5 grams of cocaine, 11.5 milligrams is almost nothing

  • Zac Kacey
    Zac Kacey


  • Palora

    Erm, most planes don't fire bullets anymore, they fire 20mm cannon shells when they're not busy firing missiles, you can't armor an entire plane to resist that and still expect it to fly.

  • Joe Iacovino
    Joe Iacovino

    Joke's on you CinemaSins, Trump literally ordered a malt during a password-only intelligence briefing...

  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz


  • Scott Symons
    Scott Symons

    Sin #13 I think they’re implying a faraday cage on the plane? which is hella not bulletproof

  • Mona Leigh
    Mona Leigh

    I'm guessing the lady giving Oldman the tour of AF1 would also have known how to pronounce nuclear instead of saying nukular...though it is a problem many people seem to have, just not in movies.

  • Vladislav_Aleksandrov

    I’ve waited 4 years for this one. Thank you lol

  • Valerie Fedion
    Valerie Fedion

    Off-topic 90s Nostalgia, I want to see you a CinemaSins review of City of Angels

  • Daraix

    here is one Everything wrong with Rock a doodle

  • Prince_of _Media
    Prince_of _Media

    Can to sin Tokyo Gore Police, please. It's good but, damn I just have to see you thoughts on it.

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore

    How is it that Cinema Sins has NOT covered Spaceballs yet?! It's seriously asking to be covered!

  • Peristeronic

    What happened to animation sins?

  • Craig Newman
    Craig Newman

    Here’s a “sin” that this film and most films in general make: When the General says that the President is a Medal of Honor “winner”. You don’t “win” the Medal of Honor or any other military medal/citation. This isn’t the Olympics or the Academy Awards. It’s not a contest. You “earn” the Medal of Honor and other medals.

  • HectorJW2007

    All sins should be removed just by having a Jerry Goldsmith score. And the biggest sin is for CinemaSins for removing Goldsmith's music and putting some crappy generic music. uzload.info/fun/eGyNnHjSj6-qmmA/video

  • DerpyBerb

    12:27 Holy shit! Lol!

  • DerpyBerb

    3:50 He knows too much! He’s onto us! Pull the trigger! pull the trigger!

  • Spaghetti

    that 'pilot' they had would not be able to hit a tanker and refuel. That is crazy difficult and I doubt he had the experience to do it.

  • R G
    R G

    Do the Cornetto trilogy

  • Mark Strouthes
    Mark Strouthes

    Worst. Movie. Ever.

  • donteatmeplease iamscared
    donteatmeplease iamscared

    you need to make one of 'the duel' by Berd. I would love to see that. make another channel called youtube sins or something but you NEED to make a video about 'the duel' series. it would be awesome and I would love to see it. also it should get -3497234756349856394756374956789346597436597843655649576497856346578932465973846598437659748365 sins if you make a vid on 'the duel' by Berd

    • donteatmeplease iamscared
      donteatmeplease iamscared


  • FreakyFilmZ

    Yall gotta watch mystery men ....Really good movie ....(old but a classic )

  • Andris Majors
    Andris Majors

    Elya Baskin are born in Latvia Riga.

  • Brent Granger
    Brent Granger

    12:43 - The song they are singing is called "The Internationale," but with the Russian language lyrics. The song is very common in socialist and communist societies, so your name of "National Anthem of Commies" is correct. The song is also heard in the original "Red Dawn" film.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson

    Th3 birdman sent me

  • Amit Zinman
    Amit Zinman

    3:02 She does look like she used up some of the coke onboard.

  • Randomhubuser 9
    Randomhubuser 9

    Can you do the goofy movie next I heard you were running out of ideas

  • Tito Coleman
    Tito Coleman

    We need Everything Wrong With Over the Hedge

  • kingizo

    Omg !! 😂😂😂 Sin #90 is sooo Funny Clever 12:26


    Recommended video idea: Everything wrong with *Shin Godzilla* in _____ or so minutes.

  • S1ICK

    that plane crash doesnt look too bad for the times

  • Jonathan Gates
    Jonathan Gates

    6:57 “You don't 'win' the Medal of Honor. You're awarded it, for conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty.”


    ... it's labelled in massive letters 'Air Force One' - then again, I'm sure someone suggested there were 2 or 3 'Air Force One's'?

  • Chanel Coleman
    Chanel Coleman

    Just had a Harrison Ford movie night yesterday. So good timing.

  • redsoxu571

    I'm pretty sure that this movie's entire pitch was "Air Force One gets highjacked and President kicks ass and growls 'get off my plane'". Also, sins for the bit on bulletproofing and pulse shielding being part of the classified info? Surely the reason that stuff was in the script was because it's both true in real life AND the coolest unclassified information about the plane that was available at the time. After all, if it were classified the screenwriters wouldn't know about it, and for them to be able to share it meant that it could be shared. There had to be some interesting tidbits that approached classified without actually being so!

  • Dedagamer00

    Challenge: CinemaSins makes a minecraft animation and us subscribers Sin it! Like so CinemaSins can see!

  • BloomsburyBuddhist

    Silencer on the roof? Is that the same roof with the unicorn, the break dancing dodo and the 7 cylinder hand gun?

  • ThePlatPotato

    You should do Mr. Right!

  • Xbilix

    Do an everything great about love and monsters its a pretty good film the CGI Not the best but its ok

  • Timothy Hoffman
    Timothy Hoffman

    I woud like to see a compilation video of every asshole eating an apple sin!

  • Kratoscallofduty

    This is what Die Hard 2 should have been, except McClane was protecting the President. Instead, we got a messy PoS film.

  • Alexis Sim
    Alexis Sim

    If possible could you review the trolls world tour

  • Dawn Nightinger
    Dawn Nightinger

    I feel like if this ever happened to Trump, not only would he not do all the badass stuff but he'd actually thank the Terrorist for rescuing him from boredom.

  • Tech Fun creation
    Tech Fun creation

    www.blogger.com/blog/posts/2837089508657359605 if you want to know who is father of english language .

  • adam adam
    adam adam

    Imagine if they suddenly made a movie WITHOUT a single sin...

  • Cameron Cullen
    Cameron Cullen

    Would love to see a vid on you least favourite movies

  • XxPhantom1xX

    Can you do a video on "Unfriended Dark Web"

  • Memoocan

    You seriously still need to turn down the DING! effect 5 years later. Headache inducing GET ON IT :P

  • Julio Zam
    Julio Zam

    This movie was awesome ! Love it to this day

  • David Jeffrey
    David Jeffrey

    **cinemasins fkn sucks** 😷🧨

  • Alex Reilly
    Alex Reilly

    I've never watched or even wanted to watch this film. Still dont wanna.

  • Kriss25 Toku
    Kriss25 Toku

    Can you do croude

  • J. MaBob
    J. MaBob

    Is "Mellow Yellow" the states version of Mountain Dew? 😃

  • SirBlizzrd

    Do everything wrong with 2020

  • Fahim Siyal
    Fahim Siyal


  • Joe Fergy
    Joe Fergy

    What’s with all that random piano music? That definitely wasn’t in the movie

  • Darth Kyber
    Darth Kyber

    Do re-dos of your shorter sin videos

  • CMDRFandragon

    Gah, you dont sin that obnoxious crap when they try to land at Rammstein? Yeah, thats probably the dumbest and most unbelievable portion of this movie.

  • Daniel Neal
    Daniel Neal

    Please do Romeo + Juliet (1996) and give it all the sins

  • Cdestroyer21

    Another thing is the "AIR FORCE ONE" is NOT one single plane. Any plane can be Air force one so long as it can protect the president and serve as a long distance craft

  • TanofComatoes

    Do John Carpenter's The Thing already bums.

  • Harry Tryess
    Harry Tryess

    Mello Yello?! Excuse me good Sir....Jolt cola is THE official soft drink of the elite hacker!

  • hood antics4K
    hood antics4K

    You make me feel bad for liking half these movies😂😂

  • nintendoboy17

    This film helped inspire two of the best levels in the N64 classic, Perfect Dark.

  • Ariel Dombroski
    Ariel Dombroski

    Should do League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Heard Connery hated acting in it so much he retired after filming it

  • midus0013

    I want to see that Garl Oldman screaming one word super cut.

  • Mason Wenger
    Mason Wenger

    Can you do lights out, I know it’s kinda old but still it’s a great movie with quite a few mistakes

  • Sean Boundy
    Sean Boundy

    I didn't like the movie at all.

  • Peter Katona
    Peter Katona

    Willie Garson played Lee Harvey Oswald in Quantum Leap, not Elya Baskin (from Spiderman). www.imdb.com/name/nm0308606/?ref_=tt_cl_t4 And Dean Stockwell is in AF1 so that's another connection.

  • Phantom Aviator
    Phantom Aviator

    I want a movie where the President goes to visit a third world country, said country tries to take him out, then he goes full on Rambo and duel wields AA-12s

  • FullMetal Goblin
    FullMetal Goblin

    2:45 EWW guys says "...EMP pulses." *Ding

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Scamazon Prime
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