Everything Wrong With Just Go With It In 18 Minutes Or Less
This movie is not good. It's bad. It's a bad kind of not good. AND what's more... it has TONS of sins! So we counted them.
Next week: Early '00s horror, '90s action/thriller.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?!
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  • Jose Baez
    Jose Baez

    Bonus round😂🤣😂

  • Bethany Moody
    Bethany Moody

    I don't care, I love this movie.

  • Ryan Zedd
    Ryan Zedd

    Sin, You Missed A Sin. There is 212. In Hawaii final scene, Devlin says she drives a Honda, When I the beginning she CLEARLY DRIVES A CHEVY CRUZE.

  • Dani E.
    Dani E.

    This movie is so bad it’s hard to watch this video.

  • carlo vitanz
    carlo vitanz

    It’s a great movie but some sense just leave you like”uhhh.....”(granted it’s a sitcom)

  • Malidictus

    I really should know better than to keep watching sins of Adam Sandler movies. I'm sorry, Jeremy, but even you can't make this dreck tolerable. I enjoy the sins video, but when the underlying movie is this insufferable... No. Too painful.

  • Kugrox


  • Booker Jones
    Booker Jones

    Yep, sitting there in the theater during the scene where Palmer finds the ring, I went through a mental list of all the easy, innocuous explanations Danny could've come up with (I had "Found it on the street", not the driveway) instead of the idiotic lie that sets all the laboriously unfunny complications in motion.

  • Anna R.
    Anna R.

    You forgot to add 1000 sins for the movie having Sandler in it.

  • lord momo of the momo dynasty
    lord momo of the momo dynasty

    This guy has the absolute best delivery of his lines it makes it 10x funnier

  • Devlyn Husband
    Devlyn Husband

    This movie is not my favorite for obvious reasons

  • Joseph Cade
    Joseph Cade

    "There's never a good time for Merlot"? How about while eating Italian food, or smoking a cigar? 🤔😋

  • CatMuto

    Was that a TFS Dragonball Z Abridged quote at the end? XD

  • dirttowater

    I actually really like this movie for some reason. I’ve seen it so many times

  • Janli Gwo
    Janli Gwo

    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston must be friends bc they also make Murder Mystery which seems like a random project between old friends :)

  • Emerald Peony
    Emerald Peony

    This movie was adorable and hilarious. Idk what’s wrong with y’all. I loved the chemistry between Jennifer and Adam...

  • Stevan Salkic
    Stevan Salkic

    Do you think Netflix regrets making that deal with Sandler? Or do the movies actually bring in profit? But, who would watch them?

  • Jose Merino
    Jose Merino

    You missed a scene when that guy was eating the mango he ate it with the skin

  • mark hutchinson
    mark hutchinson

    people that complain about these movies are such morons (not cinema sins because that’s the satire of the channel) but they’re comedy movies was you expecting 10/10 spectacular cinema if the jokes don’t land with you don’t watch it it’s not doing anyone any harm i watch Adam Sandler movies when I’m bored cuz they’re fun

  • Vityotron

    God damn, Adam could teach a class on eye contact.

  • Alec

    Your title says 18 and you took 21 That's 3 sins for you sir

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman

    i love when these two have movies together

  • A.L

    I saw this movie and yes, oh yes, I wanted to place a sword in my head to stop the pain.

  • Tariq Rahim
    Tariq Rahim

    Today on Adam Sandler gets with a hot celebrity, but then falls in love with another hot celebrity, who isn't into him but falls in love with him because he's creepy, hilarious antics ensue, and it's all sprinkled with a dash of sexism:

  • Destiny Brockway
    Destiny Brockway

    Omg the yoshi song got me. 😂😂😂😂

  • Renate Crow
    Renate Crow

    15:18 Yay, im one of the four. I didn't need to mention this unimpressive achivment of mine but i did anyway.

  • Dr. Alexei
    Dr. Alexei

    Everyone: a movie has to get less than a hundred sins to be considered ‘great’ This movie: 211 sins Everyone: *whips sunglasses off* gee whilikers

  • PR0nQQb

    IDK when Jeremy became such a spineless snowflake, but damn this guy screams SOYBOY!

  • Alwaysme_T

    It would have been better if he got with Palmer because him and Jennifer Aniston makes no sense

  • Mike Toleno
    Mike Toleno

    Love your videos.. Please put the third period in the ellipsis after "DUH"! It drives this pedantic editor crazy.. (Or just remove one and make it a regular period..)

  • frostbite0707

    omg cinema sins watches DBZA!

  • William Mills
    William Mills

    It’s obvious you people don’t know comedy. All comedies use the low grade jokes. Like poop, because it brings the child out and you go that was about poop. Look at any comedy movie and they’ll low grade jokes like dumb and dumber the guy had chocolate bar (diarrhea) all over the place he posed himself in one scene, in Ace Ventura Jim Carrey, talks out of his ass. It’s all supposed to enlist your childhood. Shit in Animal House they had a scene where he pretended to be a zit popping. Low grad is funny and it’s always been used even way back in the day. Look at the Three Stogies, that’s low grad slapstick and it’s funny as hell. The movie “Just go with it” had a budget of $80 million and grossed $215 million. So he’s not an idiot when it comes to making funny moves.

  • Will The Angry Dudeist
    Will The Angry Dudeist

    Wow, there is a beach worth of sand in vagenes here.... lmao

  • Autumn-Alex L
    Autumn-Alex L

    Are we just gonna ignore the blatant giant fake racist/anti-Semitic nose he's wearing in the beginning?

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes

    The one thing that absolutely bothered me about this movie is that he could have said they were someone else's kid. Then, technically he wouldn't be lying, and two, there wouldn't be this horrible movie. Also, just say your wife died and NONE of this would have happened. But its Adam Sandler. I'm not surprised.

  • Eric S. Czernecki
    Eric S. Czernecki

    I will give the movie credit that they actually have the "family" take full advantage of his willing to do *anything* to make sure the plan works- the part you skipped where she actually feigns sickness and claims she might not be able to make it to the date, the fact that the salesperson actually gets on on it after seeing how arrogant he is (that "take the bag" means she should BUY it, not steal it), the fact that even the KIDS get in on it, squeezing a trip to a Chuck E Cheese-alike and a Pizza Hut, plus some serious bank out of him, and the son feigns crying that his dad never took him to Hawaii (and the daughter LITERALLY made it IMPOSSIBLE for him to say no by saying her acting class has her yell "DIE" anytime the word is uttered by anyone). All of that works for me, especially when it's a Sandler character. It's a damn shame the rest of the film didn't bother to match that level and instead just made it a filmed vacation for the cast (like how the "boyfriend" fakes that he is a german "cousin" or whatever because he is running from a loan shark, or whatever- I cared very little for him). And those "crossover" songs seemed good in theory, but the songs just didn't work. All in all, the film was frustrating- so much good, so much bad, so much wasted potential out of this remake (yes, this is a remake, of the 1969 film Cactus Flower).

  • britneyooo

    Bruh I loved this movie

  • Norahbora


  • Ovven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan Account
    Ovven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan Account

    Everyone knows Adam Sandler just does below average movies for an excuse to hang out with friends and make money doing it.

  • Ahmed Mohsen
    Ahmed Mohsen

    I was too excited for the bonus round than I should've been. Really missed those. Thank you!

  • Akhilesh Anand
    Akhilesh Anand

    Jesus Christ, can the guy stop watching at boobs? I mean, i'm a guy too, and i get that breasts can be attractive but what the hell man

  • Brandon Caulkins
    Brandon Caulkins

    WAT! That was DBZA in the outtakes.

  • Helen Travel
    Helen Travel

    13:18 *Death Note flashbacks incoming*

  • Calypso Newmo
    Calypso Newmo

    That nose looks so fake

  • NewsFromNY

    ''Ridiculously Beautiful and Smart Women attracted to Mediocre Men'' could be the title of any Adam Sandler movie.

  • Z P
    Z P

    They lost me when they were trying to imply that Jennifer Aniston is not a complete catch.

  • Boris Godzinevski
    Boris Godzinevski

    Aggressively stupid is right on the money.

  • Eternal Ankh
    Eternal Ankh

    ....did you just sin stuffed crust??? I'm unsubscribing.

  • Nikki Bonilla
    Nikki Bonilla

    Never laughed so hard in my life 😂 especially with that special bonus round

  • Richard Duran
    Richard Duran

    I love apples☹

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II

    Jennifer Aniston is hot one of the hottest Jennifer’s out there in Hollywood I love her 😍

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II

    I recently watched this movie on Netflix

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams

    The biggest sin is the fact we never saw palmers reaction...shame

  • flashisspeedy

    I love how good Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler work when doing a movie

  • Leo Mills
    Leo Mills

    Are you kidding me? That sin tally is insultingly low!

  • Samantha Truax
    Samantha Truax


  • Aanchal Das
    Aanchal Das

    Do Baywatch

  • Muhammad Anwar
    Muhammad Anwar

    This movie is a copy from the Bollywood movie Maine pyar kyun kiya Why is Adam Sandler still in the industry and how desperate must Jennifer Aniston be to accept this movie

  • Grim Sleeper
    Grim Sleeper

    If you don't like little nicky you ain't black. Can never finish any of these videos, after like 7 minutes either I'm tired of hearing you say just plain stupid statements or I get sick of the paper shredder you call a voice.

  • Orphan kicker
    Orphan kicker

    12:32 did Cinema sins just quote Heather's?

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel

    Wow. Maybe I'm ovvereacting? But it kinda makes you feel kinda disgusted by these Actors who put up with all this, including Stripping, yeah? Not to mention the Child Actors in all this, yeah? Do Child Actor have nothing they dont do, nowadays?!

  • Kat Fox
    Kat Fox


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera

    uzload.info/fun/eZqkdnynmYWjmKc/video uzload.info/fun/mmmgY4XU0ah-2Jc/video

  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


    • Vjekoslav Oškera
      Vjekoslav Oškera


    • Vjekoslav Oškera
      Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


    • Vjekoslav Oškera
      Vjekoslav Oškera


    • Vjekoslav Oškera
      Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Mavy Rosal
    Mavy Rosal

    Hey man i know that this is your job just please tone down the sinning. It was fun at first making fun of little inaccuracies in movies but you are over sinning the tiniest inaccuracies that make movies fun like the lego movie so please tone it down a little

  • Jor Tra
    Jor Tra

    You should have given at least one sin for the c.g.i. huge nose they put on adam sandler twenty years ago. At least one.

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American

    And it's 100% Hollywood that wrote, directed, acted in and paid to have this sexiest and body shaming movie made. Yet they call everyone else in America sexist racist and bigoted. NONE of these "Socially aware" activists actors refused to do this movie when they read the sexiest script. *Hollywood is projecting and name calling others for what they do themselves.*

  • Dennis

    +1 sin to cinemasins for that 11 second opening

  • skaterccchick

    Men having families is a turn off

  • pierre king
    pierre king

    Titty glancing? That’s titty starring my boy

  • Myrsini M
    Myrsini M

    Nicole Kidman wasn't in Aquaman :) that was Naomi Watts. Keep entertaining us, we need it, the world is a gloomy place.

  • Aaron Knighton
    Aaron Knighton

    you who are reading this watch my open mic stand up act on my channel

  • Lucid Dreaming
    Lucid Dreaming

    Oh my god it's terry from reno 911 tv show!😄

  • Evelina Metsovaara
    Evelina Metsovaara

    I love how good you are at Noticing sexism

  • Jackie

    How does he not get a sin for that ridiculous fake nose lmao

  • Shane Edmundson
    Shane Edmundson

    I wish there was a way to like/dislike the MOVIE w/o liking/disliking the video @Cinemasins posts!!!

  • Lizzie Dye
    Lizzie Dye

    Also thank you Cinema Sins for helping me avoid bullsh*t sexist nonsense like this! Please, Ms Aniston, stop being in these films. You are better than this!

  • Lizzie Dye
    Lizzie Dye

    Can I also add a sin for "woman allegedly walks for the first time in heels, then in the next scene is parading around perfectly without pain"?! No way that ever happens. Ever.

  • blackshuck1000

    I especially love the Sins videos where I quit halfway through (after Liking!) because the movie just looks painful. XD

  • Aaron Curd
    Aaron Curd

    What the tiddie glance bit made me realize is that A. Sandler is probably just having the actress in front of him hold line cards to read from. That way despite being too lazy to remember lines- he makes the laughter in his scene seem more genuine bc he's cracking up over a mix between the allowance to stare boldly at tits up close while said actress is probably making God knows what kind of funny faces & how dumb he feels for needing line cards.

  • shiva umesh
    shiva umesh

    Roy Orbinson's original is WAY better than Van Halen's cover.

  • вiтсн.тгттiэß

    The only good part of this entire movie is Kevin Neelin and i live by this fact


    This man takes movies I might want to watch and tells me why not too and why it’s a waste of time. Thank you cinema sins.


    Love the new intro. Looks great!

  • Jacob McCain
    Jacob McCain

    8:55 so Tommy Wiseau then?

  • kite606

    After giving Adam Sandler so much criticism, I would love you to Sin the only good Adam Sandler Movie "Reign over Me"

  • TheCumberCoIlective

    That bonus round made me cringe hard

  • Konninator K
    Konninator K

    That 3 seconds cinema sins logo for this video was just 3 seconds way too long. Cut the shits broody

  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace

    Why does Adam Sandler’s crusty looking ass always seem to land a beautiful woman in his movies?