Everything Wrong With Hercules In 17 Minutes Or Less
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Hercules is the Disney movie that time forgot. It's in between the good ones and the not-as-good ones... but it's pretty good! memorable songs, fun villain. Oh, and plenty of sins.
Thursday: Horror lady sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Chevelle Deal
    Chevelle Deal

    at 3:14 one of the planets isn't lined up so it's ever so slightly off. _you're welcome._

  • CanIhave10ksubs

    I love how the whole comment section is just everyone showing off everything they know about greek mythology

  • Jamel Ramseur
    Jamel Ramseur

    1:11 I'm a Colts fan, and I couldn't agree more

  • Robert Plissken
    Robert Plissken

    3:08 Maybe because Uranus and Neptune can't be seen with the naked eye and weren't discovered until long after the time when this movie takes place?

  • Ni33erman

    Didnt loki fuck a giraffe

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    2:27 Contra to actual Hades. 2:48 Heresy! 7:29 How is Hercules not ripping that leg off? Equestrian legs don't go back like that, so he definitely caused a serious injury. 9:08 What's your source? I've never heard about Satyrs and erections being related. 14:51-14-59 I recall that Zeus only had the one, not several, and in some depictions is identical to Vajra, Mjolnir and others. And, didn't Aladdin and other old Disney movies makes references to other movies and shows?

  • QGacha_Katlyn_GachaQ

    "they probably need a bucket and a mop when Herc passes by." Nobody: Not even Hercules: Me: WAP?

  • little Eggy
    little Eggy

    Perhaps I love you

  • Kangaroo Monkey
    Kangaroo Monkey

    Sin for everyone in the comments. Why do you expect a DISNEY movie to be accurate to a story with more blood, gore, incest, tragedy and death than game of thrones, and a sin for Jeremy for complaining about people bullying Hercules for something he can’t control? Has he ever been bullied before?

  • Christian Morrow
    Christian Morrow


  • Casey Prendergast
    Casey Prendergast

    This video should be 15 seconds where he says nothing.

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez

    You didn't do the "2 words; I Am Retired" joke

  • Jeffow ?
    Jeffow ?

    Do catch me if you can

  • Art ?
    Art ?

    I am a nerd for mythology, and this movie made me SCREAM!

  • Ruby Newman
    Ruby Newman

    - His name is actually Heracles - He was trained by a centaur named Chiron, not a satyr named Phil - Hades being the villain - Hera not being the villain - Pegasus belonged to Perseus not Heracles

  • Jaiden Garcia
    Jaiden Garcia

    Hercules is actually Roman haha, Heracles is Greek

  • Rushingwater

    Not taking a sin off for Meg’s amazing song is a crime

  • SomeDumbGamer

    The six planets thing is actually historically accurate. Because in antiquity there were only five planets known besides earth. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

  • Caßey Chu
    Caßey Chu

    This movie is great but this entire movie should be a sin as most if not all the mythology is wrong lmao

  • David Bakke
    David Bakke

    3:15 the Greeks only knew about 6 planets at this time (if you include earth)

  • BoredYoutuber

    i mean you said there are only six planets huh but when you see all of those planets with a naked eye you don't see them all eight earth is a planet and mercury is nearest to the sun i don't know about pluto but idc

  • Negitivebike316 v.
    Negitivebike316 v.

    Only took you 7years

  • Bethel Derege
    Bethel Derege

    NeeD a BucKeT AND a MoP ThaT's SoMe.... GOSPEL TRUTH huNnY.

  • X-ray

    Did he just call the goddes of love a nymphe ?

  • Starcycle

    I'm looking through all the comments about the inaccuracies in this movie, and let me tell you I had no clue Greek Mythology had such bad parents. I mean, I'm working on Percy Jackson, but I'm actually confused in that, too...I think I need to do some research. Although I did have a hunch Hades was the chill one since that's usually how these things end out in movies, with the chill ruler of the underworld actually being the villain in the movie. I've rambled on and on about nothing important, thanks for reading, goodbye -

  • Norton Hatfield
    Norton Hatfield

    It feels like Disney is enhancing Medieval and renaissance ideas into a Greek mythology story.

  • Norton Hatfield
    Norton Hatfield

    ancient Greece is the birthplace of western civilization.

  • Colin Boice
    Colin Boice

    Happy Gilmore

  • redscreen

    Plus, Hercules is what romans called him, Heracles is the Greek version

  • thecool husky20
    thecool husky20

    Suggestion pets united

  • Jiyu

    There are only 6 planets because the others hadn’t been discovered yet in Ancient Greece

  • Haystack Productions
    Haystack Productions

    0:36 im sorry if this annoys anyone, but I thought the Greek version of him was Heracles

  • KemkoKaoKameo

    the 6 planets is because the ancient Greeks didn't know about Neptune or Pluto or any of the other Dwarf planets. so they counted 6 not including Earth. Neptune was only discovered a few hundred yrs ago after gravitational calculations predicted that another larger mass was out there

  • Anatak Nevar
    Anatak Nevar

    14:22 It’s actually true that Hephaestus (the „Underling“ aka his son) forges the lightning bolts for Zeus :) so that part‘s pretty accurate

  • AJ Manley
    AJ Manley

    Hercules should have done some 'la la' s, it worked for someone else.

  • Panic! In The Space Station
    Panic! In The Space Station

    Don't care what you say, no teenager acts like this when their parents say they were adopted and they turn out to be a god. If it were me, I would cry, then shock people. *Simple.*

  • Panic! In The Space Station
    Panic! In The Space Station

    No one: Not even Persephone: Percy Jackson fans coming in with facts:

  • Stuart Forbes
    Stuart Forbes

    Why six planets? They only knew about six planets in Ancient Greece. Film knows more about history than you do, deduct a sin!

  • αlpha ßeta
    αlpha ßeta

    Hercules is roman. Heracles is greek.

  • J R
    J R

    List of lost sins: 1. He shouldn't even be named Hercules, that was his romanisation name. His Greek name was Herakles. (This one is especially unforgivable because every other character uses the Greek version of their name) 2. He wasn't the child of Zeus and Hera, his real mother was a mortal woman that Zeus grew attracted to so he disguised himself as her husband whilst the real husband was off at war. 3. The snakes sent to kill baby Herc were actually sent by Hera to kill the evidence of her husbands infidelity. 4. It's beginning to feel a little mean to continue making Hades the villain considering he was a pretty chill god. 5. Where's Persephone? 6. Megara was a princess (and fun fact was related to Oedipus) And here's another fun fact for good measure but after the birth of his three sons the hatred Hera had for Herc caused insanity and leading to him killing his wife (Meg) and children.

  • Nekusa

    people in the comment section literally complaining about why a kids version of hercules doesn't have violence and beastiality. like isn't this literally every movie that does a modernized take on an old story? hell. even lotr wasn't accurate to the books

  • Jack Horn
    Jack Horn

    Anectdotal quote from ancient greece "Only in Sparta does it pay to grow old"

  • Tuna Man
    Tuna Man

    Greek is Hearacles not Hercules

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard

    The hades in Greek mythology is actually a pretty chill dude. But people get weird about death and Disney needed a villain. The real villain in the legend of Heracles was Hera but I guess they didn’t want to show that for some reason.

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird

    Can't help but feel sorry for Hades. In what feels like EVERY Hollywood film he appears in, he's always the bad guy simply because he's the god of the underworld and we associate death with evil. In actual mythology, he's passive, stern yet fair, holds every subject he judges accountable to his laws, punishes wrongdoers with justice rather than cruelty, allows his wife to spend nine months of the year away from him as part of a compromise and doesn't complain, had a genuinely 'good' marriage despite a rough start, and was literally the one god who didn't continuously have affairs.

  • ThiccSeal Foodie
    ThiccSeal Foodie

    Who's gonna tell him Hercules went to the Prometheus academy.

  • henry moore
    henry moore

    This is ignoring the mythological inaccuracies, and the fact that maybe the story of Hercules, being a gory one and one generally not suitable for kids should not have been made into a kids movie, right?

  • Lexa The Snake
    Lexa The Snake

    2:55 Wait a second so I can wrap my head round this. I know this movie isn't good at mythology, like, at all. But these three appear to be the three who have the chariot of damnation (who's names I've forgotten so if you know, can you tell me pls) as they can see the future and only have one eye between the three of them. However, they're also cutting a string so are they meant to be the Fates? And I'm pretty sure that cutting a string of fate doesn't instantly murder that person. And to top it all of, this video just called them witches

  • Eleanor Grey
    Eleanor Grey

    If you did Hubie Halloween I bet you could get over 1K sins.

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Pugglen

    The first sin is Charlton Hestaration? Wtf does that even mean? Google doesn't even have a result for that phrase Edit: Oh I see, the narrator is "heston" hes saying "Heston-narration" and the editor decided to make up a word in the caption

  • cmsully1

    Also added sin- Why wasn't Meg offered a place in Olympus? If heroes are measured by the strength of their heart, then I think PURPOSEFULLY putting yourself in harm's way so that Hercules could get his strength back certainly qualifies...

  • cmsully1

    ... Hercules is a textbook definition of a himbo.

  • Amy Wells
    Amy Wells

    I full on choked at "wonderboooooy"

  • Luke O'Reilly
    Luke O'Reilly

    Seriously underrated out of all the Disney movies

  • Jorge Deaño Pérez
    Jorge Deaño Pérez

    "These are spiritual, probably immortal characters that aren't even meant to be seen, but apparently they need a bucket and a mop whenever Herc walks by." *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* The greek gods, titans, nymphs and various spirits and divine and semi divine beings are the horniest bunch to ever populate a mythology. Zeus alone fucked half of the Olympus, two of his three sisters, several of his own sons and daughters, the wife of his great grandson and everything that fucking breathed. Why should the Muses - the product of Zeus banging his aunt for nine days straight - be immune to Herc's charms? Even Zeus is said to have lusted after Heracles, and gave him his own daughter - Herc's half sister - as wife when he arrived in the afterlife. Herc himself banged at least a dozen men, according to Plutarch, including his own nephew. Everyone is so bloody horny in greek mythology! Sin for you for sinning them for being aroused by Hunkules

    • Jorge Deaño Pérez
      Jorge Deaño Pérez

      I wish a certain Blanka lookalike got on with this, because I think I don't have the patience to do this

    • Jorge Deaño Pérez
      Jorge Deaño Pérez

      And maybe he was a beanpole in his teens because he had to be nourished by piss poor ancient greek peasants?

    • Jorge Deaño Pérez
      Jorge Deaño Pérez

      And yes, greek gods got together for partying ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Some myths revolve around these parties alone

  • Jack Napperino
    Jack Napperino

    I thought this was Greek mythology not Roman. Shouldn't it be Heracles?

  • carlotta robbins
    carlotta robbins

    Cinemasins: *makes Everything Wrong With Hercules* Gen Z and millennials: So you have chosen death...

  • gay ass
    gay ass

    Hercules and Zeus cant exist in the same film thEY'RE FROM DIFFERENT PANTHEONS DISNEY WHY

  • Don Elliott
    Don Elliott

    tornado nipples

  • Rich D
    Rich D

    "They need a bucket and mop Hercules walks by" ha love it

  • Paola Nuno
    Paola Nuno

    Hades isn’t really evil :,3

  • Tanya Flanagan
    Tanya Flanagan

    There's nothing wrong with this film. Nothing at all

  • a geometry dash gamer or something idk
    a geometry dash gamer or something idk

    Sin - pain and panic, Hades "assistants" in this movie, might be used to represent Phobos and Deimos (fear and panic). But, if that is the case, aren't Phobos and Deimos Ares's children and assistants?

  • Bisexual Ichigo
    Bisexual Ichigo

    11:05 “Pimping” Butters: “Do you know what I’m saying?”

  • Kidflash45

    Titans are amazing this year

  • παναγιωτης Φραντζεσκάκης
    παναγιωτης Φραντζεσκάκης

    the biggest sin was the one that said stairway to hell EVERYONE knows that it is stairway to heaven and highway to hell

    • The God Of Imagination
      The God Of Imagination

      Very very ture and underworld is a cruise

  • Dom Vasta
    Dom Vasta

    There are only 6 planets, because those are all the planets that the Ancient Greeks knew of, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

  • Austin Chisholm
    Austin Chisholm


  • Cameron Estes
    Cameron Estes

    Well that titans quote has aged well

  • wolf holo
    wolf holo


  • Bovine Lubbux
    Bovine Lubbux


  • Ethan Locke
    Ethan Locke

    More like everything wrong with HUNKULES in 17 minutes or less

  • Plot Bunny Productions
    Plot Bunny Productions

    Damn. That alliteration. Well done, sir. Well done. 😁😁😁

  • keyblader007

    Superman crossed with Urkel was something I didn't know I needed to hear!

  • Ahmad Nasser
    Ahmad Nasser

    Yep, go ahead and give me your own Cinema Sins! I wanna do this one day!

  • Christina Williams
    Christina Williams

    **Hercules walks by** Every Woman in a 10 feet radius: *GRAB A BUCKET AND MOP, THATS SOME WAP.**

  • Chronowolf

    there where only 6 planets cuz the view is from earth and the other 2 are in the opposite direction towards the sun :P

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon

    MA🔴RS🇻🇮🇬🇷🌿🤴🌿♂️🌌☀️♈Olampas Aren Defeat me AIERS Thomas McMahon Flate🔴Earthe 🔴war too Zicdes we Pacterd Jupiter Suterday Veuns Murray Nations Urnsus plout HOBIS ♐♏♎♍♌♋♓♒♊♑♉ firands lies Rurmers Mathew uk Marry Aiffrss in school fatboy >3

  • Hayden M.
    Hayden M.

    “Thanks, Disney. My kids were just getting over the dark sex song from Hunchback, too.” Me: *Memories flooding back at an alarming rate* aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHH-

  • Arty Munoz
    Arty Munoz

    They sing about how the titans used to rule the earth but they haven’t even ruled the AFC south in over a decade Duuuuuuuude. That was awesome! Lol. Irrelevant but awesome

  • purpleicicles

    Dude, you missed the one I spotted when I first watched this film... There is literally no way the frisbee accident scene works when you watch how the columns topple - it starts and ends in the same place!!!

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    "Zeus has to wait for some underling to forge lightning bolts" ...that would be Hephaestus, the god of the forge and fire

  • L. Tiller
    L. Tiller

    I laughed so hard at this! "Fucking a giraffe"

  • Heidi Fedor
    Heidi Fedor

    I’m sinning you for calling Aphrodite a nymph.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      FYI, that “nymph” at the end was Aphrodite. The goddess of sex. Not really surprising that she wanted some lol.

  • DarthLiam1999

    the seventeenth sin is actually kind of correct considering that the Greeks only ever knew about Uranus or Neptune, and the sixth one could just be the Sun

  • DarthLesbian420

    It didn't feel like they feel in love over night. Felt like months had passed. They had a montage of Hercules going through the trials didn't they?

  • DarthLesbian420

    Lots of kids have that beanpole era in the middle lawl. It's growth spurts.

  • Luke Plunkett
    Luke Plunkett

    Sin 1: you waited this long to make a video on this movie.

  • Sarah Wilkerson
    Sarah Wilkerson

    Oh. My. GOD. I love Greek mythology so this movie pisses me off! 1) this is Greek, so his name should be Heracles 2) HERA was the one who wanted to kill him because 3) She was mad at Zeus for cheating on her 4) He was never a god 5) Hades didn’t do anything because it doesn’t matter to him 6) Hades didn’t want to release the titans because they’d kill him too 7) Pretty sure Poseidon doesn’t look like a fucking fish 8) Zeus didn’t care about him 9) He tried to hide him from Hades and Poseidon because they agreed not to have demigod children!

  • MoKuZai


  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    The reason why Aphrodite kissed Phil was because he was played by Danny Devito and he is irresistible in every form

    • DarthLesbian420

      Now I'm just imagining the Penguin Devito eating raw fish

  • zEscOOt

    they say that Hercules is a god but isn't he their messenger?

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad

      No, that's Hermes

  • ObjectOS

    So where does it say “Made in china”?

  • The Senate
    The Senate

    Movie:Exists CinemaSins:I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      That's not a nymph kissing Phil that's APHRODITE.

  • Coda

    so he hates every movie?

    • DarthLesbian420

      No, u dumb

  • Ed Bartlett
    Ed Bartlett

    the last time i watched this movie is in 2011

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon

    Ho ♌♂️leo didn't Very good Pacterd us sty Bevin lies Sarttras♂️♐Explain lies Haven God's Hurlers Jess course Flivesss Olampas wife HOBIS🔴🌖♀️🌌🇾🇹🇺🇲🇬🇷🛡🐴☀️♈🇬🇷🇾🇹history🇻🇮🇬🇷 MA🔴RS🇬🇷Thomas McMahon🛡🐍gold Olampas hubes DOMINDS🔴🌒♂️🌌☀️♈🇨🇮🇮🇹🇺🇲🇨🇾🇬🇷🤴Aren🟡AIRES Antertys graces Sperten in history Name graces new Haven Hirzoion✨ newEarthe

  • Reina Alexis
    Reina Alexis

    All Percy Jackson stans really hated this movie

  • ice3oy

    Several points: one to all you people in the comments complaining about how they changed the story of Hercules's parentage and how this is all totally not in line with the myth: This is a disney movie from the nineties, they wouldn't show a broken family with cheating, so this was the choice they made myths are changed all the time. If this upsets you you should also be upset about everything Marvel that has Thor in it, cause Thor and Loki aren't brothers Laufi is Lokis mother. Thor is the son of Oďinn and a giant called jorďr literally earth and Hel is the daughter of Loki and bonus round Sif is Thor's wife not some random nurse from midgarďr. Oh and one more thing: I would love for them to ne consistent with their naming however, there hasn't been a Heracles movie ever, the collective conscious knows him as Hercules, because that is the name commonly given to him in films and tv shows. Next for Cinema Sins, being bullied for being clumsy despite being strong does happen, especially if you are strong clumsy and generally nice. I did have a bit of a temper, but my clumsiness was still something I was bullied for despite me thrashing some of my bullies on several occasions. Also side note he is being bullied because of his tendency to wreck stuff because of his strength. So it's you are strong, you are clumsy therefore you break things therefore we don't like you. Lastly I find it interesting that the entire underworld journey is missing from the video, guess there is nothing overly wrong or right with it.

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