Everything Wrong With The Addams Family (2019) in Creepy & Kooky Minutes
Did you know there was an animated Addams Family movie last year? Well, there was, and it was... not good. Full of sins. so we counted them, as usual.
Next week: Recent action sins and recent action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Chevelle Deal
    Chevelle Deal

    Extra sins, provided by me: 1. Wednesday's braids are nooses, that makes her extra edgy/creepy and kooky! 2. every character looks like my attempt to draw human characters, with little chin, extremely long neck and small hands.

  • xan carter
    xan carter

    Jeremy does not remove a sin for, "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood", proving he's dead inside, and that's a sin.

  • Vexron

    Should have just posted the entire film. Done

  • Joshia Mosby
    Joshia Mosby

    Wait a minute did he just play Daniel tigers neighborhood on the piano

  • hippie.wannabe

    brought to you by the "Industry Ruins Everything" association. with fellow funding from the "fuck you whoever let this movie happen" society.

  • Fuze

    Gomez looks like he got hit in the face with a baking sheet

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright

    They really should've started it at the cat wall fall. I bet that wouldn't have been a sin

  • Andrew the Last Airbender
    Andrew the Last Airbender

    Honestly thought this was better than the live action version. (Please don’t hurt me.)

  • Aaron Willcox
    Aaron Willcox

    Gomez is rich because of his ability to be incredibly lucky with his investments.

  • Garon Elliott
    Garon Elliott

    Why did they do this? I mean the original is still televised.

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis

    I found some parts enjoyable. But my main problem was the writers seemed to be getting the Addamses confused with the Munsters

  • Glyne Lewis
    Glyne Lewis

    Margo sort of thicc in them jeans 👖

  • Dannin Matthews
    Dannin Matthews

    Every character in this film looks either idiotic or ugly. Mostly just ugly. It can make Grendel look great. Grendel: What? As in you look great. Grendel: Oh, Thank you. You're welcome

  • StormCentral

    Did you not notice that Wednesday's pigtails are shaped like nooses? Edit: I'd like to point out that cousin It sounds like Professor E. Gadd from the Luigi's Mansion games

  • Sarah Heath
    Sarah Heath

    I think the biggest sin of this whole video is forgetting that The Addams Family is originally a comic series from late 30s.

  • Sam

    This movies really hurt my head

  • fearofdamoon

    While I liked the references to the old TV show and movies, I found the movie annoying as hell. Especially Uncle Fester, his voice was awful, the jokes around him were things he would almost never do. They used him to shoehorn in "adult jokes" that weren't even funny.

  • IngFM

    5:20 actually, it may be a mistake or exaggeration from Gomez since there are paintings of Morticia, Wensday and even Fingers with the masurka hat. In other words, even the women of the family do the masurka ritual, perhaps differently, but they do!

  • Mikoyo15

    Pugsly’s voice just doesn’t fit

  • MrEagleGaming


  • Ciara Eason
    Ciara Eason

    I saw the whole movie, forgot about it for a good weeks or so until I saw this video and dreaded the memory of it. And let's not forget about the charater designs, they speak for themselves and how "great" the movie is.

  • RubberDuck

    I feel like I'm the only one that actually likes the art style for this movie, it just works with them since they're supposed to look different and unique, it wouldn't look like the Addams Family if they looked all cutesy

  • EllieSparkles_ 436
    EllieSparkles_ 436

    I hate remakes SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

  • Kylan Tinnell
    Kylan Tinnell

    Nobody: Wednesdays forehead: _ { } { } { }

  • The Pug World!
    The Pug World!

    This video should’ve been 3 seconds I would say *EVERYTHING*

  • Dannin Matthews
    Dannin Matthews

    Correction: A fish out of water story would involve the character/characters be unfamiliar. The character/characters don't have to be uncomfortable. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a bit of a fish out of water story with Jack confused but happy to see and know of Christmas.

  • Bowman C.
    Bowman C.

    “Rinse off a dish before putting it in a dishwasher”? You do know the garbage on the dish has to go somewhere in the dishwasher right? I’m not cleaning that every week. So everyone better put clean plate in my dishwasher.

  • Glitched Morals
    Glitched Morals

    The mayor lady turned out to be like Debbie from Addams Family Values at the end

  • Red is imposter
    Red is imposter

    Every kid in this movie looks like a unvaccinated child

  • a

    the character designs hurt me (:


    I can list every thing wrong with this movie in one word. EVERYTHING

  • GeneralRyGy4532

    It’s funny how scary they got the characters 8 million miles away from the original movie. THEY DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE FUCKING ORIGINALS.

  • AchmodinIV SWE
    AchmodinIV SWE

    But aren’t the Addams family pretty much immortal in the first movie I think they cut each other’s arms of

  • Duolingo animate
    Duolingo animate

    Lets be honest, the 1991 version is like the older sibling and this is like the:"im gonna do better" younger sibling. Turns out the younger sibling ended up worse

  • Amber G
    Amber G

    Why does my best friend like this movie


    10:57 mazing

  • Blue Cloud
    Blue Cloud

    Gomez looks and sounds like a angsty teen at a school dance and I honestly hate it, I’m kinda glad I didn’t watch this.


    I bRouGht CaNdY

  • Jose Cortez
    Jose Cortez

    This movie came out 7 months ago?? Jesus

  • prom king
    prom king

    The only good thing about this movie is that Wednesday’s pigtails are nooses,,, that’s iconic tbh

  • Elijah Mclaughlin
    Elijah Mclaughlin


  • Laura Glynn
    Laura Glynn

    Nick krolls hat song was the only thing that made me laugh hard and it was only 4 seconds long

  • Bob The Human
    Bob The Human

    He shortened the time because he didn’t have enough time to put the whole movie.

  • Yellow Crusader
    Yellow Crusader

    it for fans of the original comic and my family loved it

  • ImaginationthatIamgone 465
    ImaginationthatIamgone 465

    Thanks for checking in. I’m still a piece of garbage.

  • Makayla Wheatley
    Makayla Wheatley

    You forgot the sin for “this movie exists”

  • DaniMaz

    Is margeaux voiced by a man?

  • Avplayer 01
    Avplayer 01

    The addams family was BOOOORING

  • Aidan Gonzalez
    Aidan Gonzalez

    102 that's rookie numbers

  • I love one piece
    I love one piece

    I watch and love the 1964 Addams family and it pissed me off when they said Wednesday was older than Pugsley when that's not true. Pugsley is older than Wednesday.

  • Sham Ram
    Sham Ram

    why is no one talking about how Wednesday has such a huge fucking forehead

  • No ooo
    No ooo

    Also Danny Devito

  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean

    There are two body types in this movie your either a skinny or fat no in between just those two

  • Hannah Okner
    Hannah Okner

    14:01 is that a jew joke im genuinely curious

  • Gustavo Ortega
    Gustavo Ortega

    At the end when it showed lurch reading and the thing said “they werent little girls...but little women” i sorta chuckled a bit

  • PaPi_XoXX

    this ain't the same family-

  • Jesus Galdos
    Jesus Galdos

    the least scene witht the car from the mist is good and made me laught ]

  • FinnThomas

    you know they are trying to stretch a 20 minute plot to 90 minutes when theres 53+ seconds of logos

  • Topaz s.
    Topaz s.

    10:05 Actually I think there's a law in when if you show something dating 5 years or more on the property proving you live there it'll be fine Idk I'm not a lawyer

  • sewing thread gem
    sewing thread gem

    If you look in the history apparently Gomez owns a crocodile farm that is used for leather encase you were wondering how the family has money don’t ask if it’s good money I couldn’t tell you

  • Ellie Nugent
    Ellie Nugent

    12:23 Or Wednesday and her New friend switched places and NOW this is her friend but in Wednesdays body ? +1 sin

  • what the hell?
    what the hell?

    Sins: 102 Please read this and move along, this movie is terrible.

  • david woodward
    david woodward

    Addams Family: Squatter's Rights

  • Venus Babenus Fefyfofenus venus
    Venus Babenus Fefyfofenus venus

    I may be late, but you forgot about when they had intestines and stuff on their table in those portraits/paintings.

  • Jack Klimsza
    Jack Klimsza

    Angelica Huston and Christina Ricci are probably crying in the distance knowing their franchise was done THAT DIRTY

  • Greg Zotter
    Greg Zotter

    Worst part is...it's getting a sequel in 2021.

    • shadowzach09


  • StrangeStrongs

    See what makes the Adam's family good is that they accepted everything but they prefer the dark and gloomy

  • Addie

    U really hate Comcast don’t u

  • R O X A N N E G I R L G A M E R
    R O X A N N E G I R L G A M E R

    Nobody: 10:50: Me: THE SANDLOT-

  • Topaz s.
    Topaz s.

    That new jersey joke made me laugh Cause its true

  • Yotam Assaf
    Yotam Assaf

    It is low cost hotel transylvania

  • Moth

    Look at her foorhead

  • Ouida Evans
    Ouida Evans

    TV show was classic.

  • Rittf GoinmBa
    Rittf GoinmBa

    Caroline pls

  • Chaotic brain dead Rat
    Chaotic brain dead Rat

    This movie had so much potential, but it failed so spectacularly and it was so disappointing

  • Privacy5oh oofers
    Privacy5oh oofers

    What I hate most is that this movie was remade

  • jayce baker
    jayce baker

    the whole movie is wrong I hated it so much I regret paying the four dollars I could’ve cured cancer with four dollars


    So, I got an ad and at the end, there was a use code CinemaSins

  • tatsukagemarou

    Ah, so Lauryn Hill and Kevin smith were the only good things to come from Jersey

  • I Allman
    I Allman

    Well in the original he was a Loire and also made money through the stocks

  • Starrynight edits
    Starrynight edits

    I like new Jersey ONLY because meryl steep was born there.

  • maiden wishes
    maiden wishes

    Instead of illumination making a stop motion movie with Tim Burton’s version we get this garbage

  • Yellow facedpink124
    Yellow facedpink124

    Morticia so old she got spiders coming outta her coochie Gomez is probably into that shit

  • Guy in a robe
    Guy in a robe

    god that movie sucked

  • Xanegoh

    I'm going to have to sin you for not prerinsing your dishes. No dishwasher can completely clean dishes and silverware. Not without you spending an arm and a leg on water and electric.

  • SpongeBob vlogs 9000
    SpongeBob vlogs 9000

    Plot twist: Everything is bad!!!

  • Mc. Creeper12
    Mc. Creeper12

    10:49 that is not an organ it is a piano. There is a difference between the two 14:46 well yes it is coming out of left field for the movie to introduce that the house is a spirit. You have to understand that the ADAMS FAMILY is group of people with unatural human ability and that the house would be hunted because that is what the ADAMS FAMILY IS ALL about freak stuff happening the seems to come out of no where.

    • Kylie Ash
      Kylie Ash

      The House was actually sentient during the beginning of the movie. When Morticia was making coffee and the house was groaning "Get out". She then flushes the coffee and the house 'breathes' a sigh of relief. Can't remember the quip Morticia made afterwards.

  • Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez


  • The Child
    The Child

    I don't like this movie, but it is a staple of the Adams family that their decently friendly to everyone. Even if they find 'normal' things strange and ingeneral ugly so Gomez and the others being relatively down with what's going on at first fits

  • RiverClay

    The only remotely funny thing in this movie is the New Jersey thing

  • Jada Rose
    Jada Rose

    I feel like Allison Janney being the villain should be a sin cliché

  • Gigi Rauchut
    Gigi Rauchut

    The character design in the movie is FUGLYYYYYY, it looks like an even worse version of The Lorax if it was trying to tell an Edgar Allen Poe story

  • Adelaide St. John
    Adelaide St. John

    And they had an amazing cast of actors and actresses and they still made this awful thing. Sad.

  • tymemaster

    As great of people you listed from New Jersey are unfortunately we also got the cast of the Jersey shore and its spin offs

  • Nicola Berry
    Nicola Berry

    I'm going to hurt everyone as much as this movie hurt my brain. The movie was originally supposed to be a stopmotion and Tim Burton was going to be a co-producer or possibly a director.

    • Your femboy bf
      Your femboy bf

      That makes me feel very frustrated.

    • Eldritch Abomination
      Eldritch Abomination

      I hope the original idea comes back

  • Never nothing Always
    Never nothing Always

    This movie would bs better if it were stop motion

  • Howlingofwolves _
    Howlingofwolves _

    I think that’s that point of the song I bit my head for u c s

  • Aubrei Husted
    Aubrei Husted

    *O I N K*

  • jonevat 77
    jonevat 77

    12:13 I just found it funny😂😂😂

  • hey there
    hey there

    2 biggest sins: 1. Wednesday's head 2. They said in the movie that the Addams family hasn't gathered for many years (13 I think, I'm not sure) but they gather for every Mazurka. EVERY Addams has this Mazurka, even women (we could see there were women and girls dancing as well) SO you're trying to tell me Wednesday didn't have Mazurka? Because if she had, the family would have gathered for her Mazurka as well, thus "they last gathered that many years ago" (possibly it was a reference to the wedding) is a total bullshit

367 ming
367 ming