The Incredibles - What's The Damage?
Savings could be only a quote away:
Geico is here to help us revive our old series, What's The Damage?!, and today we point the price counter at The Incredibles.

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  • aeron aman
    aeron aman


  • Super Lawson 2020
    Super Lawson 2020

    Good vid.

  • Kayley199514

    WHAT WEDDING COSTS $70,000!!! The average is $24,000! Also, he specifically says "I gotta pay to fix the table" and you left that out.

  • Elliot Taggart
    Elliot Taggart

    Love you all, but jungle trees are probably free.


    Wow! An actual good video by CinemaSins! Who would've thought?


    You forgot the car Bob got for Helen.

  • Adrian martin
    Adrian martin

    I thought this series died

  • Miguel Almeida
    Miguel Almeida

    1:42 You mean Monorail??

  • kcuF dniM
    kcuF dniM

    With the damage bill constantly going up, it just makes me think. Who's the bill for the damage supposed to be going towards? The Parrs? Syndrome? The City? Why is there a giant damage cost if we don't know who it's going to?

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy

    Continue this make more

  • Zweewz the GSB Pope
    Zweewz the GSB Pope

    What's the name of the music ?

  • Andie Toth
    Andie Toth

    Bezos could pay for all of it!

  • Take over Squad
    Take over Squad

    More like this please add these in 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • yeah o k
    yeah o k

    Saddest death in the movie was the Palm Tree.

  • diamond miner 254
    diamond miner 254

    actually, one human life is worth $50,000 according to google

  • Wave Luke
    Wave Luke

    I am pretty sure that the Omnidroid values would be a lot lower, as most of the cost incurred is from research and development, safely stored as data back at the island and backed up offsite, most likely. The manufacturing costs would probably be 10% of the listed costs, bringing the total down from one billion to 200 million. Also, since the villain is by definition evil, and by destroying the villain's technology, the villain is less capable of doing evil, therefore the destruction is good. So only property damage against the Incredibles, city, businesses and random bystanders is the only thing that should count.

  • Susan Peters
    Susan Peters

    eww the croods november 17th

  • JW Simons
    JW Simons

    I love how the $3 plate is immediately followed by a 4 story brick building

  • bob george
    bob george

    if you can get a baby supersuit for $500 why does a repair cost $7000?

  • moon butt74
    moon butt74

    Hi, what's the tune after the wind-up from ?

  • JNeumy

    I like how the second movie represents politicians perfectly in the sense that even though the villains cause most of the damage, the supers get blamed since they fail to catch the villains. Stupid political logic as always

  • Silver Aru
    Silver Aru

    Two walls don't cost 25k

  • Mats Berglinn
    Mats Berglinn

    The tree damage doesn't count as Mr. Incredible puts the tree back where it was.

  • Gaz

    This was amazing, but 35 dollars for a doorknob?! You need to find a new hardware store my friend.

  • General Seretary Yuri
    General Seretary Yuri

    This is why the government banned superheroes and it was right to do so, keeping in mind that’s noting compared to what the avengers did.

  • josh aseltine
    josh aseltine


  • Andrew Sims
    Andrew Sims

    Lol i wonder what movie actually cause the most damage and cost in repairs?

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    the video: how much damage ever? my ad: Gieko insurance my second ad: aflack insurance

  • Tay's Tings
    Tay's Tings

    Can you do home alone 2? I've always scared to execute

  • Crystal_Wolf

    I would love to HAVE that much money

  • Location Denied
    Location Denied

    £3 or $3 is the cheapest thing

  • Mobile

    The property damage in movies is excaggerating

  • supershinigami1

    Get Jeff Bezos to pay for it.

  • Luna Sturgis
    Luna Sturgis

    *complains about product placement* *takes ads from GEICO*

  • soviet republic
    soviet republic

    350k for a tank +1 million for a helicopter. So a tank is less expensive than a helicopter, cool

  • Justin Ross
    Justin Ross

    do the sequel that would be cool

  • Ernesto Guevara
    Ernesto Guevara

    Yo,I just was thinking about a “what’s the damage” for this movie

  • H.P Lovecat
    H.P Lovecat

    Only $500 for a super suit? Hell I'll take 2.

  • AlexSB

    Daisuke be like "Alright pay it back at double the cost incurred" *Shrugs*

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II

    Awesome 👏

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II

    Ooh do incredibles 2

  • Mr. Eraser
    Mr. Eraser

    car x17: 500,000 tank: 350,000 makes sense

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    Includes $6,000 for having a baby and $1,000 for baby food. Ignores the cost of the 2 other kids. And food and rent for the family.

  • meep 1478
    meep 1478

    No wonder there broke

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra

    Jeez the font on the neon text is so obnoxious. Please change that in the future.

  • Unknown Classified
    Unknown Classified

    $500 for a supersuit? Where can I get one?

  • Renee Meyer
    Renee Meyer

    OH! Do pacific rim

  • SonicFan 91
    SonicFan 91

    Do What's The Damage with Incredibles 2 please.

  • Chris Nguyen
    Chris Nguyen

    Cinemas sins: sins movies for having 45 seconds of logos Also Cinema Sins: plays a 45 second ad at the start of the video

  • Simone Rodgers
    Simone Rodgers

    The knife went THROUGH the table, Jeremy or whoever. Freakin notice that already

  • Mehmet Esendemir
    Mehmet Esendemir

    Tamam p

  • Dinesh kumar soni
    Dinesh kumar soni

    1 ∆$ p 0%^

  • Casual Sleeping Dragon
    Casual Sleeping Dragon


  • Chilly Dogs
    Chilly Dogs

    Are you gonna do more of these

  • محمد سعيد
    محمد سعيد


  • Eagle of Zap
    Eagle of Zap

    Do endgame

  • Error ?
    Error ?

    I find it funny that the city tree cost 5x as much as other trees

  • Danny A.
    Danny A.

    Why is this an ad?

  • Lunar Komet
    Lunar Komet

    If you conted a marriage and a baby as "damage in the movie" you should've counted all the previous iterations ao the Omnidroids as well...

  • Xystem 4
    Xystem 4

    The ad was totally worth seeing one more episode of this old series

  • Chip n Dip
    Chip n Dip

    0:43 it starts edit: 1:00

  • Astra Angelo
    Astra Angelo

    Final destination

  • Muhammad AHAD Muhammad AHAD
    Muhammad AHAD Muhammad AHAD

    Kar dete Ho

  • Muhammad AHAD Muhammad AHAD
    Muhammad AHAD Muhammad AHAD

    Tum gandi video kyon banate Ho

  • dagon valdez
    dagon valdez


  • Sanzu Magante
    Sanzu Magante


  • Brady King
    Brady King

    Jurrasic Park or Speed

  • Frederer Power
    Frederer Power

    Do Titanic

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro

    We not gonna discuss how 20% of the items mentioned just cost a lot,but weren't damaged in any way?

  • Jule

    Thats alot of Damage

  • KW boiii
    KW boiii

    Lol let's go to the description

  • Stefan Fredin
    Stefan Fredin

    Hold on, muricans gotta pay to have a baby? O yeah, land of the free, pay for everyting..

  • Dan Panah
    Dan Panah

    When he breaks the plate he also cuts through the table can we add $120?

    • katherineamelia98

      the table is still usable

  • AyaANdAsWag

    Wow. Just wow.

  • VeteranRedBeard

    Do man of steel!

  • VeteranRedBeard

    So a super suit is $500, but the repair is 7,000? Lol Also earlier a tree was 2,500, but three of them were 1,500?

  • Isra Somanas
    Isra Somanas

    What's the cost of the parking meter at 4:50?

  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming

    *Game Over* Me: Reaching in my pocket for an extra quarter.

  • Dian M. Khan
    Dian M. Khan

    please do clue 1985

  • empire 3
    empire 3

    (slaps bucket) *now that's a lot of damage*

  • Mindless Worm
    Mindless Worm

    19 more minutes of loading screens *ding*

  • Mindless Worm
    Mindless Worm

    41 Seconds of Sponsorship *ding*

  • Super_ Lemons
    Super_ Lemons

    Oh it's ok just use flex tape!

  • Smells_like_meme_spirit_

    I'm confused, a window and a bridge getting destroyed is damage, having a baby is not damage. You should stick to property damage

  • Evelyn Orwell
    Evelyn Orwell

    Needed a VA.

  • vash121086

    Ah game over, but I want to see more. Who's got quarters?

  • Brad Mitchell
    Brad Mitchell

    Oh my god yes this series was amazing. Please at some point do any of the Avengers films. I would imagine Age of Ultron would be in the trillions of dollars, possibly more.

  • Dillon Moakley
    Dillon Moakley

    Geico product placement *ding*

  • Halite G
    Halite G

    0:57 So...You're not economists?

  • Tony MG
    Tony MG

    You telling me… I can get a tank for only 350,00!!!!!!!!!

  • Coecoo

    How do you fùck this up in the first 5 seconds by not including hospital bills, insurance, possible therapy etc from the two guys crashing into the tree?

  • Stupid Mango
    Stupid Mango

    "Rise of The Guardians" "Rise of The Guardians"

  • PunishThe Evil
    PunishThe Evil

    Do either Dredd or Judge Dredd!!

  • 式自走高射機関砲87

    Wait a moment.. 350,000 for an M46? Last I checked, it was 260,000 Silver Lions for a M46 Patton?!

  • The F0x
    The F0x

    Tree: 2,500 dollars Wait a minute, pal, dont they just grow by themselves?

  • godspeed 11073
    godspeed 11073

    2:23 um are you sure that’s not some really expensive plate

  • Donald W Rissler
    Donald W Rissler

    I Feel a little Dirty Now.... How do you get corporation cooties off your soul?

  • Recreational Hobo
    Recreational Hobo

    How does being fired cost $20,000? Did he get fined as well?

  • Eugena Williams
    Eugena Williams

    Well it look like bob broke the forth wall

  • eli dary
    eli dary

    Pacific rim