Everything Wrong With Annabelle Comes Home In 18 Minutes Or Less
They are still making Anabelle movies. And Anabelle Comes Home is the third one. And it has LOTS of sins. Such sins.
Next week: 2 animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • MegasagaZ Gaming
    MegasagaZ Gaming

    I have been waiting for this video to come out Thank you Cinema Sins this is my favorite channel!

  • Dame55

    i love this movie to death.. i love ghost scary movies😃

  • Dirga nandika Rellik
    Dirga nandika Rellik

    it's kinda sin dude

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon

    Meetings ghost hTomas esruoC nohaMcM SERIA ♂️ 🔥♈🇬🇷🇨🇮🇾🇹🇻🇮Aren SDNIMOD kind barst🔥🔥🌑🌘 hi Asshold Doitis Friends Facebook Doitis Hackers firands dontins liers Firands

  • Daethalion

    What is the deal with so many recent horror movie series being so half-assed?

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • cmc212

    I think that suggestion about singing at 17:33 was supposed to be a nod to how Patrick Wilson is actually a great singer. He played Raoul in the film version of Phantom of the Opera. You should sin that movie next!

  • ben yates
    ben yates

    Can you just imagine driving down the road, and coming across two grown adults with a doll in the back seat of their car?

  • •Kim is a bean •
    •Kim is a bean •

    And I still got scared to the movie 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Lolli And pop channel
    Lolli And pop channel

    Can I put this in the small you tubers games you have to have a little subs to enter 1 sub all the way to 1k subs so UZload’s games are like for people with 1m subs but in this game no imma make it on oct 25 2020 hope y’all are there

  • John Baker
    John Baker

    The biggest sins of all of the "Anabelle" movies are that a) they portray the paranormal as something real even though there's no good evidence to indicate such, and b) they portray the Warrens as legitimate "paranormal researchers" rather than the frauds and con artists they actually were. The paranormal thing is necessary to the plot, so they get a pass on that, but whitewashing the Warrens is unforgiveable.

  • DBZProduction

    "Isn't this the kind of thing that proves you don't have faith in god." This statement has never been so true. You don't need any other barrier of protection once you have the lord Jesus Christ in your life, the whole reason them saying they need another barrier of protection, is for the viewers. It will get them to thinking Jesus won't cut and they will go off to try other things and slowly they put Jesus on the back burner.

  • Bepo The Bear
    Bepo The Bear

    Is that the same priest who was at school? Cause even for a dead priest thats f*cked up.

  • Dose of De’Ja Rose
    Dose of De’Ja Rose

    I watched this movie so much and I hated when the dad frickin jump scares you 👁👄👁

  • Justin Stanek
    Justin Stanek

    0:55 he said that same line in the Everything Wrong With Annabelle video.

  • Sourav Thakyal
    Sourav Thakyal

    Always watch these videos at 0.75x playback speed

  • Ryan Knutsen
    Ryan Knutsen

    10:14 it took me a second but that joke got me

  • • Salty_Alix •
    • Salty_Alix •

    Fun Fact: When The Actors And Producers Made The Films, The Actual, This Is An Idea, May Have Curse Them While Making The Film. They Even Had To Delete A Seen Just By The Dangers Of Making The Film. The Actual Doll Knows Everything.

  • mioafox

    Spirits taking over trucks and trying to run over people makes me wanna read Fool on the Hill again. Most horrible Sentient Truck scene ever...

  • Jake J Truemper
    Jake J Truemper

    That guitar hero line is iconic

  • Lark

    Annabelle comes home was pretty boring to me because it was just jump scare after jump scare, and some of the scares just made no sense.

  • Donald Tump
    Donald Tump

    Did you watch it alone??

  • Andreas Orphanou
    Andreas Orphanou

    The guitar hero line was hilarious

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl

    "ANY PIZZA LEFT?" Lmfao!!!!!!

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    That girl tapping the window outside looks like the girl playing with Garland Green in Con Air and that was 23 years ago!!! 😳

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    This film was so tame. I remember being more scared that my popcorn nearly fell on the floor. *I'm writing this at 3am in the dark... so bet I now spot a doll's shadow in the corner...

  • Natalia Washington
    Natalia Washington

    I was SO FRUSTRATED with Daniela this girl proceeded to touch EVERYTHING! In the haunted room, and we find out later on that she was trying to contact her Dad which means SHE BELIEVED IN WAS HAUNTED! If it hadn’t been for her stupidity they wouldn’t have almost died, a CHILD! Wouldn’t have almost died!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally. At that point I was like I don’t care if she dies, I understand why she did it I do I genuinely do, but she should’ve don’t the smart thing like anyone else with common sense would’ve done and WAITED until Ed and Lorraine cake home ya know LORRAINE THE MEDIUM. And why the HELL!!!!!! Would she leave her friend who’s having an Asthma attack ALONE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!! Like I get she was going after Judy to go in her place and I don’t agree with letting Judy go get the inhaler I don’t at all, but at that point by the time Daniela went after her Judy was halfway already out of the house so there was no point in going after her and especially LEAVING! Mary Ellen who WAS HAVING AN ASTHMA ATTACK! ON THE GROUND! While ghosts were terrorizing the house! Mary Ellen had to crawl her way up those stairs and she was struggling CAUSE SHE COULDN’T BREATHE! And Mary Ellen!! WHAT KIND OF PERSON LEAVES THEIR INHALER IN THE CAR!!?!?!?!?!?!?! AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S STUPID! It literally killed me how she just went in the hallway to get Annabelle and leave the girl there outside of the door praying, who the hell separates from the person with Medium powers that’s asking to die. Also WHY WOULD SHE TRUST DANIELLA TO BE IN THE HOUSE ALONE WHILE HER AND JUSY WENT SKATING! That’s stupid! You can clearly tell she’s going to snoop Also might I add that Ed and Lorraine made a stupid mistake, why the HELL weren’t the keys to THE MOST DANGEROUS ROOM IN THE WORLD! On them! Why would they leave them in open sight They have got to be the *STUPIDEST* people in horror movie HISTORY! Like there have been some stupid people in horror movies, but Daniela mostly beats EVERYONE! And poor Bob he ain’t deserve anything that happened to him, he just liked a girl that was it he ain’t deserve any of the shit he was put through, I’m honestly surprised he wanted anything to do with Mary Ellen after this Also Danielle could’ve waited until Lorraine got home. And the way she was just getting all up in their stuff kind of crossed a line with me, I’m surprised Judy wasn’t uncomfortable with all of Daniella’s too much snooping, she was just touching everything she’s like that one friend that doesn’t know personal space. And I do wish the Hellhound looked less like a werewolf and more demonic looking so he’s actually fit what some people might think a Hellhound looks like

  • Josué Garro
    Josué Garro

    I hate how the warrens were just okay with this girl who entered in their house without permission and released a high end demon

  • _Honeypie

    I need to hear the full version of those short stories you tell in between a sin

  • TheMythicPix Real
    TheMythicPix Real

    Now Why Don't You Put Holy Gum In The Lock #bestlineof2020XD

  • Juffin Hally
    Juffin Hally

    I am sorry, but I refuse to believe that the actress playing Judie can actually...well, act.

  • Vineet Kansotia
    Vineet Kansotia

    10:15 That's the doll they show as 'Anabelle' in the first Conjuring movie! (The one in the TV show)

  • SpookyBuz

    If in some bizarre universe I had to choose 3 movies to ever watch again, and I had to include this one, it would still come 4th.

  • TheArcaneExcalibur

    That reference from sixth sense though

  • Yoda

    Is it me or does it seem like they tried to combine ‘The Conjuring’ with a home alone shenanigans type movie like ‘Don’t tell Mom and Dad the Babysitter’s Dead’?

  • Sam D
    Sam D

    Any pizza left..... that was awesome

  • Fire Fighter
    Fire Fighter

    Amazing!! Great channel!!

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin

    I love these movies and the actual history, but i love cinemasins too, so idk what to do, ding for the movie and ding for cinemasins lol love both vids

  • The New Packed Entertainments Zone
    The New Packed Entertainments Zone

    Can y’all do everything wrong with Freddy Vs Jason now please?

  • Shiny Heart
    Shiny Heart

    "Forgetting about a pizza is a sin".🤣

  • Ovoid Wolfy
    Ovoid Wolfy

    I watched this and it was really boring for a horror movie

  • shabrina z
    shabrina z

    Discount Shipka??? Have you seen Grace act when She was knee high compared to Shipka in her Mad Men days? Grace is the SUPERIOR Shipka

  • stripe801

    so terribLe actuaLLy feLL asLeep in the theater. conjuring 2 is mediocre at best & AnnabeLLe creation is pretty damn good actuaLLy. horror been so Lousy for Like 15 years.

  • Sad Phantom
    Sad Phantom

    Movies are just not scary anymore..

  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • anik monette
    anik monette

    It feels like a video game movie...

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch

    You know the movies bad when Jeremy doesn’t add a bunch of filler sins. Like almost all of the sins in this are actual critiques, not “that’s racist” or whatever

  • nick nick
    nick nick

    cardi b

  • Detective Incognito
    Detective Incognito

    Annabelle Comes Home is based on true story. Everybody make mistakes.

  • Ali AL luaibi
    Ali AL luaibi

    I would have ultimately forgiven thus movie for every sin it had if that stupid girl that touched literally everything you shouldn't touch died !

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay

    This whole movie is a SKIP!

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay

    Congrats on 9 million!!!

  • Editwithmouse

    This legit made me laugh out loud so MANY times

  • Mr Mayor
    Mr Mayor

    This sounds like a great movie, and I’m young, and I’m not scared of this movie at all!

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Ahhh bruh you got my like with “guitar hero.”

  • Animie Action
    Animie Action

    Bro cinims suns make the best videos ever bro

  • Leonard Green Jr.
    Leonard Green Jr.

    Been watching Glengarry Glen Ross, have you?

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland

    When that girl said “I like your doll” holy shut that was so creepy how did Vera Farmiga not totally freak out?

  • speoon

    Im 12 and i watched this. It doesn't mean im badass it is just proof that im stupid

  • Kenichi2529

    Ok but you HAVE to sin Drag Me To Hell. It’s so much fun actually pretty good since Halloween’s coming and the horror realms seem to run dry lately

  • Daniel Weber
    Daniel Weber

    02:47 I wonder where Friday the 13th could have got the idea from?

  • ladycplum

    Can't believe you didn't make a joke with the Chris DeBurgh song "Don't Pay the Ferryman"

  • Andy Lloyd
    Andy Lloyd

    12:30 You gotta pay the troll toll if you wanna get into this boys soul

  • AKBeeyz

    "guitar hero" LMAOOO why did that get me

  • Zainab Al zangana
    Zainab Al zangana

    First time I watched annabelle was in class in 4th grade- 😂 was traumatizes n scared to death

  • jackjack mine
    jackjack mine

    It says in 18min or less but the video is 19min lol

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min

    i never watched this but i dont need to after this

  • Mary Joan
    Mary Joan

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  • Maamoon Samet
    Maamoon Samet

    I never thought i’d hear the guy from cinema sins say weed in my native language. very nice touch, it wasn’t overlooked, and don’t be shy to sprinkle some more arabic in the vids 🤝😃

  • WreckinPoints11

    At a certain point, I 100% thought I had dozed off and autoplay brought me to a different Everything Wrong With video and I didn't realize it because of how sharp of a left turn the movie takes before I realized that the issue is that the movie is terrible

  • Tina Da Turtle
    Tina Da Turtle

    Tip a whole bucket of holy water on the doll while ur at it

  • Eddie Mor Jr.
    Eddie Mor Jr.

    1:50 that fog looks like it's about to wrap itself around Ed and make some little fog babies 😂😂😂😂😂 I think that is the funniest sentence I've ever heard in my life!

  • Paul Huber
    Paul Huber

    Annabelle Creation didnt give us the introduction to The Nun... The Conjuring 2 did... Thaaats a paddlin... *DING!*

  • _Peak _
    _Peak _

    Me: *searches how to watch Annabelle comes home without being scared*

    • _Peak _
      _Peak _

      Marvin Gay no u

    • Marvin Gay
      Marvin Gay


  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley

    This is why I don't care about the Conjuring universe anymore. 😑

  • Walter Gutierrez
    Walter Gutierrez

    Can anyone tell me what the last audio outtake is? I don't know what he's saying or what the reference is...

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon

    On Feely Mealy to paraphrase, 'right, no one stacks board games that way'..."get her!"

  • Andrew Vishnevskiy
    Andrew Vishnevskiy

    This movie sucks @$$ since evry time the demons were up they looked like guys in terrible costumes or puppets

  • Andrew Vishnevskiy
    Andrew Vishnevskiy

    Bob is the demon who leaks pizza advice to the sinners of this movie

  • Andrew Vishnevskiy
    Andrew Vishnevskiy

    it is really rare to find someone named no one anywhere in comments

  • Cognito Justin
    Cognito Justin

    Reading. *Ding*

  • Shane Meyers
    Shane Meyers

    Buy his book the first two were pretty good

  • Alexander Rupert
    Alexander Rupert

    Alright guys. CinemaSins is coming back, BABY!!!

  • karanterus

    I would have totally given the doll to a as*hole and told the doll to go ham on the ba*terds a*s XD

  • Mr ChiefLoud
    Mr ChiefLoud

    Smoking aces

  • Hotpocket Moutaindew
    Hotpocket Moutaindew

    If clash and conjuring cross. They better make a movie where liam nissan brings ghosts back to life. Jist so he can kill them all again.

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore

    You used that SAME Glengarry Glen Ross clip with the other Annabelle movie!!!

  • Niccolò Bonucci
    Niccolò Bonucci

    interesting fact: at 10:15 on the Tv the real Annabelle doll is shown

  • Ida B
    Ida B

    So when are you guys doing Cats (2019)?

  • NH3-ammonia

    congrats on 9M subs

  • Arche TTV
    Arche TTV

    “Mcnna full of grace” lmao

  • CBCubr


  • Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley

    the puppet scene in polar express was scarier than the entirety of this movie.



  • MichaelJ

    This movie is more stupid than the first Anabelle they literally recovered by Creation and they just went back to stupid characters and less kills.

  • Wandrng Drifter
    Wandrng Drifter

    You should do Everything Wrong with the Sandlot 🥺🥺

  • Vidushi Batra
    Vidushi Batra

    Please do Exorcism of Emily Rose! Now that is a movie that will actually scare the shit out of anyone. No jump scares (Sin Removed!)

  • The Geordie Nerd
    The Geordie Nerd

    Sometimes I watch the sins videos before the movie... Yeah, I'm a rebel like that 😂

  • Judith N
    Judith N

    Imagine if Cinema sins and Alex meyers sat in the same room and watched a movie together

  • Sumanyu Sinha
    Sumanyu Sinha

    11:31 he said it & 16:43

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It Counts
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