Everything Wrong With Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 12/21/17*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is basically the first movie all over again, only less funny, less original, and more sinful.
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  • Gman87 X
    Gman87 X

    I saw that coming but to see Trump get 1 billion sins...... Well done. 🤣

  • Sundeep Kuntimad
    Sundeep Kuntimad

    Do Home Alone 3 please

  • Ali

    also 3:50 how did niether of them check his plane ticket or number before letting a kid who clearly said he was lost on the plane?

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez

    Movie sin tally is hilarious

  • Ethan Stoerger
    Ethan Stoerger

    6:09 my sins are STILL counting

  • apple cutter
    apple cutter

    Can you do home alone 3 sinns

  • emery 1515
    emery 1515

    Trump made a 90's cameo inside a hotel he used to own. Enter Jeremy: "Oh no, that's a billion sins."

  • Londa1027

    Soooooo....127 sins😂

  • eddie Lopez
    eddie Lopez

    What's the trump seat about 50 fives and It's still funny.

  • Cadence Rainbow
    Cadence Rainbow

    I love how Jeremy added so many sins when Donald showed up

  • Vinnie P
    Vinnie P

    I love how Donald Trump is a billion sins it seems fair


    I feel like of UZload channels got handed down to a successor like a business, this would be one of the most fun channels to be a successor of

  • Juha Huida
    Juha Huida

    am I the only one who thinks that 10000000 sin's is a little bit too much.

  • Alex Nicio
    Alex Nicio


  • Henri Miller
    Henri Miller

    Trump: Exists CinemaSins: *D I N G*

  • acresir

    Loads of chemicals poured on the criminals... Loads of birdseeds stuck on the chemicals on the criminals... Was there a single point for passive animal cruelty...?

  • LorenzoMii123

    This video: exist Everyone: OMG he added a billion sins for trump being in the movie

  • Khyros Cen
    Khyros Cen

    Ok, trump showing up wasn’t that bad

  • SomeHaloNerd 117
    SomeHaloNerd 117

    Wait most sins ever

  • Aguythat Youdontknow
    Aguythat Youdontknow

    Movie, Adding Trump as a simple Cameo, because he had a popular television show at the time: Cinemasins: I AM ABOUT TO RUIN THIS MAN'S WHOLE CAREER

  • Matīss Visockis
    Matīss Visockis

    actually its 126 sins

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    Trump: **appears** Sin counter: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move


    i didnt know trump was in this movie!

  • Joe Bennett
    Joe Bennett

    Rip world trade Center

  • Emmanuel Karavul
    Emmanuel Karavul


  • Noe Macias
    Noe Macias

    every comment here: DoNaLd TrUmP

  • Posty

    2e+20 sins

  • Jordan Hodge gg
    Jordan Hodge gg

    1 billion sins for the most hated person and you know this

  • Alex Zero
    Alex Zero

    A million sins for Trump made me a fan of yours for life. Thank you.

  • Daniel Mattock
    Daniel Mattock

    You can't have Tim Curry. We'll fight you.

  • Mariana Rodriguez
    Mariana Rodriguez


  • Heisenberg Breaking Bad
    Heisenberg Breaking Bad

    Stupid Trump. "I have Covid-19, I'm gonna go back to White House".

  • Dudewhat01

    11:26 fucking lol

  • Kkfox Pikavee
    Kkfox Pikavee

    I just pretend the trump scene doesn’t exist

  • JaggerHalversonMusic

    title has a typo, i think he means "everything *is* wrong with home alone 2"

  • mindy lawson
    mindy lawson

    I just found you and I'm obsessed 💓 😍 💗

  • Pat Moran
    Pat Moran

    It was so funny when you added a billion sins!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pat Moran
      Pat Moran


  • MoreInsane

    6:09 I laughed so hard, get one sin off

  • Dishant Seth
    Dishant Seth


  • JohnDoeHedgegg

    *OmG DoNaLd TrUmP iS In tHiS mOvIe*

  • princetlance

    I hate being an adult, I think too deeply about everything

  • Alex Winslow
    Alex Winslow

    I love Cinema sins!!!!!

  • Yitters The fox
    Yitters The fox

    Hold on a damn minute-! Your telling me that I’ve watched this movie a bunch of times but not once did I notice that trump appeared in this frickin’ movie!!? Also, I lost it when cinemasins added like a bijillion sins X3

  • Tobi Diaz
    Tobi Diaz

    6:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Sumling
    Joseph Sumling

    6:06 Me: confused * realizes* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bowling King 300
    Bowling King 300

    He just added a good 1 billion sins for seeing Donald Trump in this movie...! 🤣

  • General Heeves 1080p
    General Heeves 1080p

    225 sins without trump

  • Chase Wojnowski
    Chase Wojnowski

    5:07 at the beginning of the movie he wanted to go to New York. That’s why.

  • MrAmc1291

    You should do The Little Rascals and add a billion sins since Trump has a cameo in that movie too.

  • Matheo Cefo
    Matheo Cefo

    Do home alone three PLS

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    6:08 I’m just going to leave this here.

  • DJ Tile Turnip
    DJ Tile Turnip

    I know everyone is here for the 1 Billion Sins, but at 12:00 there's 1000000101 for a brief second

  • King Dazorian
    King Dazorian

    Why you got to be so Mean about movies

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      It's all in good fun, dude.

  • travis.is.win

    "Why is Trump looking back at Kevin?" Because he has a thing for young blondes. Just ask his daughter.

    • Muffin


  • Free speech or death Lock up Hillary
    Free speech or death Lock up Hillary

    Trump bashing ,oooh how brave and edgy ,typical beta leftards.

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      And yet Republicans are still whining about Obama to this day. 😆

    • mambda

      nice bait lmao

  • Crazy Gaming
    Crazy Gaming

    Donald Trump: *exists* Sin Counter: Have mercy! Please!

  • Scarthun

    Nobody: Comments: TRUMP Me: Who in the fuck does not intervene when a child is screaming for dear life against two shady looking men.

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis

      New Yorkers. Also, the bystander effect.

  • Wehrmacht soldier
    Wehrmacht soldier

    So you had to make it political

  • Jeffrey Hunter
    Jeffrey Hunter

    There's actually a reason why Kevin would not talk to any law enforcement when he said "I wanna go home". He was wanted for credit card fraud. So he was feeling really gun shy

  • AriThe Log
    AriThe Log

    Sees Trump Sin counter goes insane

  • adfasano

    “Where’s Mexico?” “Down the wall to the left”

  • Jeremiah Noar
    Jeremiah Noar

    6:21 this definitely deserves a "This Works" sin

  • ArtlygalKD

    Sinning the scene with trump cracked me up. XD

  • Levi McKinney-Best
    Levi McKinney-Best

    Donald trump: *exists in the movie* Cinema sins: one billion sins

  • robin sechriest
    robin sechriest

    In 2020 you should do home alone 4

  • Harlan Lamar
    Harlan Lamar

    Donald is now president add extra billion sins

  • toast

    *"Lets go on the same trip where we abandoned a child!"*

  • Adrian Delgadillo
    Adrian Delgadillo

    6:09 damn you speed up the sins at the speed of light!!!

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith

    Where's Mexico Down the wall to the left ... *dont' tell me i copied this comment because i did* ....

  • Endslayer 513
    Endslayer 513

    Donald trump: *appears* Sin counter: ima end this movies whole career

  • Nathan Platt
    Nathan Platt

    Sometimes I just return for the Billion Donald Trump sins and my day just gets better 🤣

  • Pillokcase

    Pigeons spread so many diseases. I would run away the instant the Bird Lady appeared.

  • Handsome Gentleman
    Handsome Gentleman

    Trump bad! You got problems lmao

  • Fortnite dude
    Fortnite dude

    Wow that’s ALOT OF DANG SINS if u want to know the sins it’s 1billion

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill

    Why are Kevin and Buzz singing in the same choir? 😆😆😆😆

  • Antonio De Arruda
    Antonio De Arruda

    Yea the reason the counter implodes when Donald Trump appears, it because he's a billionaire.

  • Dogdillon SIKE
    Dogdillon SIKE

    Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal 6:09

  • Emma Bishop
    Emma Bishop

    Trump appears I gag the Sin count blows up

  • Jonah Klevansky
    Jonah Klevansky

    6:07 *Best moment.*

  • Joedan Smellie
    Joedan Smellie

    I am dying with laugh 1000000126 wtf

  • Hit Man 91
    Hit Man 91

    Total sins 126

  • Yaddak Mela
    Yaddak Mela

    How do any of the staff not know what "Angel's with even filthier souls" sounds like? You're telling me not one of them as seen that film?

  • ZK Zainvu_HH
    ZK Zainvu_HH

    'Wonder what he's gonna do for the trump sce- *'shit, that's gonna cause political drama'*

  • The Giga Crusader
    The Giga Crusader

    Trump:exists in this movie Cinema sins:*ACTIVATES MEGA SIN*

  • Yaddak Mela
    Yaddak Mela

    I seriously with Krampus would just swoop in and take Kevin's family

  • Nock Nooty
    Nock Nooty

    Also, repeated scene? Angels With Filthy Souls (a parody of the James Cagney film, Angels With Dirty Faces) features absolutely completely different scenes with completely fucking different characters of different genders in both films. I'm starting to feel like you don't even watch the movie you critique. You're legitimately terrible at this. How did you get so popular?

  • Starcycle

    Trump: *Exists* CinemaSins: So you have chosen... *death.*

  • Nock Nooty
    Nock Nooty

    Do you honestly not know that letters in phone numbers were a thing all the way up to the 90's? How old are you? I'm curious in genuine actuality. I'm not asking that in a facetious manner. Until around 1996, a number like "855-7670" would be displayed, shown, and spoken as "TKL-7670". Did you do any research at all? Seriously, this is common knowledge. In fact, I've realized that the longer your channel exists, the more of your "sins" are absolutely and inexcusably ignorant of local hitsory and geography as well as national history and general understanding of basic things. It's like you try to go out of your way to be as wrong as possible about 80% of the shit you say. THEN, there's your complete lack of understanding of NYC. Having lived there for my entire adult life, it is blatantly, cock fucking suckingly obvious that you've never set foot in the City of New York a single time in your entire life, and just pontificate about it based on what you've barely read on the internet. For instance, Manhattan is only 25 square miles. You could walk the entire length of the island, bottom to top, in 2 hours. It's smaller than Toledo. It's smaller than Providence. For God's fucking sake, it's smaller than Scranton! Its smaller than Pittsburgh. I'm pretty sure that this channel exists solely to troll people who actually, you know, know what they're talking about and paid attention in school!

  • Irenethehotdog

    The "everything wrong with home alone" videos are my favorite ones

  • Fading

    I love how he adds 1 Billion sins without saying anything, then he casualy says also after doing so. 🤣

  • The Glitched Gamer
    The Glitched Gamer

    The line "Down the hall and to the left" should be feared by all filmmakers as CinemaSins will find that the most offensive line ever and come after them with 1 billion sins.

  • Noah reynolds
    Noah reynolds

    If Kevin just sits in a random seat then that means there is a person and ticket missing from this flight

  • Sad Pencil
    Sad Pencil

    According to CinemaSins home alone 2 is worse than Star Wars the phantom menace. How.

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin

    I was gonna comment about the 1 billion sins but all the good ones were taken.

  • gaming commander
    gaming commander

    I agree with the number of sins because trump is a HUGE FU%KING SH#$_TY A$$HOLE


    8:24 Because she knows that Kevin us able to handle himself,as shown later in the movie

  • Alec

    CinemaSins knows that the internet is loaded with Trumpanzees, but still added 1,000,000,000 sins on sight. *reverse ding*

  • Keiran Ganteng
    Keiran Ganteng

    6:07 Kevin: excuse me, wheres the lobby Trump: down the hall and to the left CinemaSins: add 1 billion more sins

  • Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel
    Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel


  • Dragon ball Z
    Dragon ball Z


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I'm a Youtooz!!
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