Everything Wrong With Rio 2 In 17 Minutes Or Less
Rio 2 is a real movie you probably forgot existed. But yes, they did make a sequel. Something about the rain forest, I don't know... I forgot it already. But it was sinful as hell!
Thursday: '90s action/thriller sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • YaMumsRollingPin

    Everything wrong with Stan and Ollie Or Everything wrong with The Grinch. Illumination version. Perfect for Christmas time.

    • Baa Sisk
      Baa Sisk

      I believe everyone that watches this channel will watch a full all out movie made by this channel and of course they sin it

  • Kigut

    'last blue spix macaws on earth' yeah thats true, how do you even intend to continue your species if you and your mate made the only three other members of your species? do you expect them to screw each other? gross

  • Gaming Variation
    Gaming Variation

    If Rio and his family are the last species, how the heck would their children reproduce? “Sweet home Alabama”


    We need barnyard

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • canded pizza
    canded pizza

    I looked it up birds can’t fart

  • Firerealms13yk

    You should sin The Descent

  • Dmitry Bahrt
    Dmitry Bahrt

    Cinema sins is just jelly because they couldn’t make a movie because they would criticize everyone and everything

  • Frank John
    Frank John

    It's very American to label everyone who use the correct nomenclature a communist. Couldn't you be wrong? I'm not communist and the sport is football. Rightly so because with the exception of the goalie and throw in, the ball is mostly played by foot. Unlike what you call football where the ball is mostly carried in hand.

  • king_ jay
    king_ jay

    Cinema sins should get paid to edit movies oh wait.......

  • I like Primarina
    I like Primarina

    Nigel and, I forgot her name but the frog should've gotten one for the ending being heavily implied they f*cked

  • Shashibhushan M
    Shashibhushan M

    I feel so sorry for this guy cause he has to see a movie in a non enjoyable and completely different way to keep making these kind of videos

  • Shane Lamkie
    Shane Lamkie

    Hi Exotic Waffles! 🧇🧇🧇

  • ixNoah

    It should've been 0 seconds long. And its more than 10 minutes.. oh god

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Like this movie is Rio 2 2014 DVD

  • the nerf nerd
    the nerf nerd

    3:28 I'm American and I still don't understand why we don't call it football. It makes less sense then that tv showing news and sports.

  • Stanley McNary
    Stanley McNary

    blue's wife was kinda a asshole in this movie the writers kinda just excused the fact she lied to him about a "vacaiton" and dragged him out of his comfort zone and then tried to make him look like asshole in soccer something that it's even in his comfort zone I didn't expect him to when nether should his wife which she didn't but yet gets pissed when he looses it's like me getting pissed my son made a shit score a unit pre assesment I expect your score to shit due to the fact you don't know the content I agree there so conflicting the character shouldn't be married

  • Juaquin Ochoa
    Juaquin Ochoa

    The bird rio is now extinct 😔

  • Snake Bitten
    Snake Bitten

    Those are alligators, not crocodiles.

  • trethestar

    16:02 I guess you can say he got defeated by a "SNAKE EATEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR" Oh come on there's a character named "Big Boss" in this, how can I not make that joke?

  • Darius Nightflare
    Darius Nightflare

    Rio 2 is a Jojo part 3 reference

  • CyclicGalaxy5 :D
    CyclicGalaxy5 :D

    when your to poor to buy this movie then watch this

  • David Klemen
    David Klemen

    Wait theres a second rio?

  • SMI7

    I actually coming up with a theory of why blu and his family would still be alive even after extinction . Heck even after the amazon fire !

  • Brian Galvan
    Brian Galvan

    He forgot to mention how the birds even have a tv with cable

  • Heather Owen-Jones
    Heather Owen-Jones

    This movie has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sin’s

  • Joshua Thomson
    Joshua Thomson

    Did he just indirectly call Brits commies?

  • aaron adamson
    aaron adamson


  • Roopnarine Deonarine
    Roopnarine Deonarine

    9:00 cliche

  • Nolan Joseph
    Nolan Joseph

    3:11 What about two European Swallows carrying it at the same time?

  • Jaiden YT
    Jaiden YT

    1 sin for Cinema Sins because the first sin would always either be ‘Roll Credits’ or ‘COME ON THE CLEVER TITLE IS RIGHT THERE!’

  • 2-D

    7:22 bro go travel down to New England in the summer and everywhere you look down there’s an ant hill even on the side of the road

  • Sleepy_landon

    I never knew rio had 2?

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin

    I don’t know how I feel that a frog has a crush on a cockatoo with my name.

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry

    14:40 He already does 🤣

  • Rikka Takanashi
    Rikka Takanashi

    Its funny bc they're extinct

  • Cardboard Cape
    Cardboard Cape

    1:31 spix lol

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris

    I love this channel

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris

    "No other person is more responsible for 200 thousand American deaths than Donald Trump" - Ben Dixon

  • Cali&Lewis Lowry
    Cali&Lewis Lowry

    Ooooooohhhh-yyaaahhhhhh some were close to -5:00

  • Cooper Hudgins
    Cooper Hudgins

    Nigel: Good, now go 10 times faster. Cinema Sins: +10 sins for every mile faster he goes. (+1 sin) DING!

  • Killer

    hey get better at explaining what's wrong with it, you arnt even explaining what is actually bad or what is the problem with any of it, and all your doing is litterally hating on everything, also all of u who are this guy's fan stfu it isnt satire, this man his human garbage and needs too shut up and learn too be a real critique

  • It'sLiam20202020

    3:55 who exactly is Andrew Wheeler and what does he have to relate to that

  • Harold Mott
    Harold Mott

    he should have said "a giANT jar of ants"

  • Evcorp Vlogs
    Evcorp Vlogs

    Jules line at 14:38 is exactly what my mom said before divorcing my dad

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    1:46, the most relevant joke they've made in a long time

  • Karma

    6:11 wasn't expecting to hear a wap reference in a rio 2 video

  • Toxic_ Fllowers
    Toxic_ Fllowers

    Chanel's change like the channel lol

  • Jake Kaiser
    Jake Kaiser

    The wife bird, who's name I forgot, sounds like my wife. "Oh yeah, we totally want the same thing. *gets married* just kidding, I'm going to use every manipulative tactic in the book to make you uproot your life and desires to get only what I want. And _that's_ fair."

  • Lorenzo Gabriel Cabellon
    Lorenzo Gabriel Cabellon

    Imagine he did Everything Wrong With Cats

  • Eric Hart
    Eric Hart

    I'm all good with the hate on Bruno mars, hell Bruno mars prolly loves the hate, but his intro to this movie was funny as hell and was a self parody, well worth a sin remove

  • HoneyC00mb

    I remember this movie, my cousin loved it tho lol

  • Tia Elago-Oretu Kaumunika
    Tia Elago-Oretu Kaumunika

    this movie was so forgettable i only remembered having watched it 14 minutes in

  • otto walkes
    otto walkes

    This movie may have a lot of flaws, but I remember really enjoying it when I watched it at the age of 10 or something like that.

  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • Xavier Block
    Xavier Block

    “First and only three some” I’m dead

  • Ali E0420
    Ali E0420

    How the fvck did that bird know how to fvcking read?!?!

  • SuperHankinsBros

    Rio 1 was mediocre , but it's sequel was dreadful! It was the Alpha and Omega 2 to the originals' Alpha and Omega. A worse product that should have gone direct to video, so no one has to put up with this shitshow. The ONLY redeeming aspect is the update for Angry Birds Rio, the ONLY good aspect of the original film, but then the OG portions of the app went away, so point taken off

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

    1:56 BRUH

  • Drowning Anathema
    Drowning Anathema

    "or soccer if you're not a commie" lmao

  • Escaia McMillan
    Escaia McMillan


    • SuperHankinsBros


  • Will Davis
    Will Davis

    These blue birds are now extinct in real life

  • J CoolStar
    J CoolStar

    3:35 the bird changed the TV

  • SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
    SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter

    If this guy made his own movie he would have had to sin his own movie then he can insult the movie he was in

  • TheZestyMan

    5:54 *Sticky Bandits

  • Austin Durfee
    Austin Durfee

    Can't believe netflix copystruck the last video 😒

  • DarkDingle

    Video sin counter 1 Over 17 minutes smh

  • nicole lr
    nicole lr

    when i saw "rio 2" in the title i was like Ahh shit here we go again

    • SuperHankinsBros

      Worse than the awful original

  • Asian Jesus
    Asian Jesus

    2:42 voice crack

  • Asian Jesus
    Asian Jesus

    2:42 voice crack

  • Panda Club
    Panda Club

    He said she could find thousands of Brazilian nuts. I had just drank water. I will let u piece the rest together

  • BaskiddyballBoyz

    Anyone remember when this guy was actually likeable and not a total a hole

  • Jean Carmela
    Jean Carmela

    it's been so long since i've watched from this channel and so much have changed!! i love the intro

  • Scorpionstrike7

    11:17 lol

  • J CoolStar
    J CoolStar

    4:16 why does the big boss even feed his fish lollipops I mean they could easily eat sticks and get choked to death

  • Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro
    Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    "This TV was Just showing football, or soccer If you're not a commie" had me chuckle. Good job

  • Tiger 2 Tank
    Tiger 2 Tank

    1:59 welcam to green hell

  • J CoolStar
    J CoolStar

    One time my magpie had the hicups

  • SuperMarioLuke SML
    SuperMarioLuke SML

    Also the humans were stupid because they fought Gabby was poisonous but we find out later she wasn’t

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot

    *Or soccer if you’re not a commie* Lol

  • Demetrios Anagnostopoulos
    Demetrios Anagnostopoulos

    7:46 I'm with you, CinemaSins Guy. Yeah, movie, I'm on vacation, can't you lecture me about the environment on a work day? :P

  • Yako

    2:46 Recycled pancakes assets. + 50 sins. At least.


    Just realized if there the only blue whatevers the son has to mate with his sisters ಠ_ಠ

  • Jordanhi

    I feel bad those birds are extinct now

  • Luke Galeston
    Luke Galeston

    I personally hated Rio 2

    • SuperHankinsBros

      I hated both films but more power to ya if you liked the 1st one

  • Sezuin _
    Sezuin _

    This film is already 6 years old???? Wow I feel old and I’m not even 18

  • Not Today
    Not Today

    Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo

  • Emilia lol
    Emilia lol

    If this would be called "welcome 2 rio" you still would give this a sin because of roll credits sin

  • The rawring dog
    The rawring dog

    Anything: exists Cinema sins animation sins and a few other sins: *visible disappointment*

  • Mama Phrög
    Mama Phrög

    I saw this and was straight up like O M G R I O-

  • One Of Rainbows
    One Of Rainbows

    Rio: Favorite animated film Rio 2: Least favorite modern sequel

    • SuperHankinsBros

      I respect your opinion on Rio 1. I dislike it heavily, but hey! At least Rovio salvaged it

  • Jason S.
    Jason S.

    Id like to see you sing his part sense you like to talk crap about others who worked hard on their songs

  • ShapeShyfter

    They really missed the "Character explodes into their respective color" cliché 1:40

  • Mermaid Mike Vids
    Mermaid Mike Vids

    I have been waiting for this one

  • Maceo Mobley
    Maceo Mobley


  • e e
    e e

    4:54 ignors floating bird

  • The Devine
    The Devine

    Logo: exists Cinema sins: UNEXCEPTIONAL

  • John ship
    John ship


  • Shannon McGrath
    Shannon McGrath

    The bluebirds in this movie

    • Shannon McGrath
      Shannon McGrath

      These types of bluebirds are all assistant

  • CanalPandorga2 Animations Studio
    CanalPandorga2 Animations Studio

    Yay A Brazilian Movie!