Everything Wrong With The Muppet Christmas Carol In Adorable Minutes
Say hello to one of the best Christmas movies ever made, The Muppet Christmas Carol. It's cute, emotional, inspiring, and goofy. And it has sins, like all movies. So celebrate Christmas with SINS!!

Thursday: A video, I think. Not sure what it is.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Beth Di Bartolomeo
    Beth Di Bartolomeo

    I lived near an Orthodox church that had bells going off during the night, and I slept. Most of the time, anyway.

  • British Guy
    British Guy

    NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS ESSENCE OF PURE JOY!! I watch this every night of Christmas Eve lmao

  • Drexel Gregory
    Drexel Gregory

    7:42 hahaha

  • PlatinumRaven11

    So many sins were taken off this movie,. It reminds me of the Nostalgia Critic going "I can't tear apart Sesame Street! It's childhood!"

  • PlatinumRaven11

    I know that it's a joke, but because the story is close to my heart, I still want to talk about this. Greed and Hate were scrouge's sin. Not having money, but hordeing it. he does not buy goodness, he gives away that which he has to those less fortunate. Also, he hires the young boy to get the turkey cause he is old as fuck and has other things to do. Delegation is not evil, as long as your workers are properly compensated.

  • That Sodding Gamer
    That Sodding Gamer

    In regards to the Kermit and Piggy offspring, it does seem like the sex of the child determines the species (or vice versa). There are some cases where expressed qualities depend on the sex chromosomes X and Y. So, it could be that somehow XX (female) = pig, and XY (male) = frog in this case. Awfully nonsensical fantasy reproduction, but from the sample case it seems to be how it works....Or strongly implied that it is so. Makes about as much sense as two completely different types of animals from different (biological) classes anyway.

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird

    Jeremy's peptalk, lmao

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    I say chineses

  • Nius Matthias
    Nius Matthias

    The muppets Christmas Carol is the greatest movie of all time. Michael Caine should’ve won an Oscar. It is impossible to fault and yet somehow you managed it. Bravo cinema sins... Bravo...

  • Mason Puzara
    Mason Puzara


  • Partymangle 2018
    Partymangle 2018

    Say whatever you want, but the Marley and Marley song slaps hard

  • Cheese Queen the Lord of CHEESE
    Cheese Queen the Lord of CHEESE

    10:14 alcohol........ lot of it

  • drewpamon

    They should have ended with zero sins.

  • Mickly The loving lapis
    Mickly The loving lapis

    10:34 his laugh is rare and we should cherish it

  • Max Selcow
    Max Selcow

    11:31 well...um uzload.info/fun/f3uJnpPduqqo23E/video

  • Daniel Fortier
    Daniel Fortier

    0:51 "Get it? Because they're pigs." That's RACIST :-)

  • Darth Goldust gaming and vlogging
    Darth Goldust gaming and vlogging

    Tbh, the only part of this movie that freaks me out is the door knocker scene.

  • FLaSHy_ pAiNT
    FLaSHy_ pAiNT

    This movie is amazing and will forever be the best Christmas movie ever

  • RavenMatthew

    Maybe you put in the next video: Everything wrong with Steven universe the movie! ________$$$$_______________ _______$$__$_______________ _______$___$$______________ _______$___$$______________ _______$$___$$_____________ ________$____$$____________ ________$$____$$$__________ _________$$_____$$_________ _________$$______$$________ __________$_______$$_______ ____$$$$$$$________$$______ __$$$_______________$$$$$$ _$$____$$$$____________$$$ _$___$$$__$$$____________$$ _$$________$$$____________$ __$$____$$$$$$____________$ __$$$$$$$____$$___________$ __$$_______$$$$___________$ ___$$$$$$$$$__$$_________$$ ____$________$$$$_____$$$$ ____$$____$$$$$$____$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$____$$__$$ _______$_____$$$_$$$ ________$$$$$$$$$$

  • William Schofield
    William Schofield

    Do the sins of 1917

  • Musefan

    Been binge watching these videos and it’s only now that I realised Jeremy sounds like Kermit the frog.

  • Intactbjörn

    10:02 "Why is Martin Short so young? How old is this movie?" Then I realized it was just a discount Martin Short.

  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • Robo Mcfee
    Robo Mcfee

    It comes to something when you watch Kermit criticizing his own movie. Sorry this isn't being criticized by a frog on a lily pad yanking at his banjo string watching this movie? What the hell am I watching here? Come on Kermit Your film isn't that bad.

  • gameroftheyear1000

    10:32 cracks me up every time 😂

  • JayHog1992

    "bob likes to have his cloaca stroked counter clockwise!" Thanks for the pic that I can't unsee now...

  • Nathan Conway
    Nathan Conway


  • Ethan Fleck
    Ethan Fleck

    Anyone still watch this on VHS? Anyone else still have a working VHS? No? Wow, I feel old now...

  • TV MAN
    TV MAN

    If you see this man in public slap him

  • FreeSpiritPaulette

    How was 8:42 a movie sin... that’s your personal experience.

  • FreeSpiritPaulette

    How was 7:41 a movie sin

  • FreeSpiritPaulette

    How was 7:22 a movie sin??...

  • FreeSpiritPaulette

    *He sounds like Kermit the Frog I wanna her his impression of the iconic muppet amphibian...*

  • Taner Archibald
    Taner Archibald

    Can we be honest statler and Waldorf are the fucking best!

  • scoopishere

    Roll Kermits. *Roll Kermits was right there.*

  • J A
    J A

    Fantastic movie. Glad to see it get so few sins. I do feel like some sins should have been taken back! Like when Rizo went back through the gate for the jellybeans! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcus Anderson
    Marcus Anderson

    I keep replaying 10:20 sin time and laughing with you I pissed my self


    Hey Jeremy,if you want a real sin for this absolute masterpiece of a movie,how about the fact that that tiny bunny somehow is miraculously able to carry a turkey that he says “is twice as big as me.” Cause how the heck does that happen. But even logic won’t change that this movie is a masterpiece. Just thought I’d throw in a missed sin.

  • Izbel

    Kermit is the only frog i like

  • Meilan Huang
    Meilan Huang

    Hearing jeremy laugh is so funny

  • Captain Jack Harkness
    Captain Jack Harkness

    I know what I said

  • Captain Jack Harkness
    Captain Jack Harkness

    This time you have officially carried it too far Jerry

  • Michael Noble
    Michael Noble

    Dimensions on Muppets from space please.

  • CEO Crossbow demon
    CEO Crossbow demon

    Funny when you say people hate you I don't and my Bros o oooooooooooooohhh

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
    Mount Kilimanjaro

    You should have sinned the original Muppet Movie first. You should also sin the Muppets 2011 and the Muppets Most Wanted.

  • Unathi mag
    Unathi mag

    I love cinema sins you can do any movie but muppets fricken muppets there is a line you just crost it

  • Unathi mag
    Unathi mag

    I love cinema sins you can do any movie but muppets fricken muppets there is a line you just crost it

  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning

    "I'm good enough, I'm Smart enough, and doggone it, people hate me!" How to sum up my life

  • Allison Michelini
    Allison Michelini

    15:50 Couldn't agree more

  • Nathene Wendzel
    Nathene Wendzel

    Everything Wrong With This "Everything Wrong With" Review • Criticizing the old Disney logo just because you don't like the new one as much •Complaining about multiple logos. •Complaining before movie starts • Criticizing movie for your choice to watch it •Commit: The "alien" is actually a bug. By the way, you do know that Gonzo's an alien, so another alien in the movie shouldn't be that surprising? Right? I won't count this one though because I sometimes have trouble telling Muppet creatures. •Assuming a mouse should be able to attain cheese because there's plenty in the movie despite the fact that this mouse is poor in a universe where mice are people too. •Swearing •Inappropriate puns on the name Dickens •Not understanding that Scrooge is supposed to be a jerk in the beginning despite seeing multiple versions of A Christmas Carol •Assuming that all the places Scrooge walks in the movie is the entire size of the city. •Complaining about you liking something Total: 10

  • michaelkarwin07

    Damn straight it is the best Christmas Carol version made and Michael Caine, the best Scrooge.Also, how did Sam as Scrooge's teacher in the past not get a mention?

  • K C
    K C

    Scrooge donating his money to the poor shows he has learned because at the start he was so greedy, refusing to give away his money. He now understands that he doesn’t need it as much as others.

  • yotadaze

    his laugh tho

  • Origional Temple
    Origional Temple

    Ya’ll this is my 62 year old Nana’s favorite movie :/. I kid you not.

  • CFS

    Here’s my sin. The turtle of this video ends in adorable minutes but the logo is on 16 minutes, aaand logo

  • Garth Davis
    Garth Davis

    The Ghost of Christmas Present reminds me of Pa Gorg, especially since they both had the same voice actor.

  • Braden Juengel
    Braden Juengel

    Calling this the best muppet movie ever made when The Muppet Movie exists: 1 sin

  • Discord’s Apple
    Discord’s Apple

    You’re sinning CHRISTMAS MUPPETS?!? DO YOU HAVE A SOUL?!?!? *faints*

  • DaveK

    Sugar, the point about Gonzo and Rizzo not being able to interact with the shadows of the past is devastating...

  • i WiLl MoCk YoU
    i WiLl MoCk YoU

    Can’t you do muppet most wanted

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke

    sin muppet reasure island

  • Davis Hueter
    Davis Hueter

    By the way sin more Muppet movies they're f****** hilarious

  • Davis Hueter
    Davis Hueter

    Also you bastard. You're willing to send it out f****** Muppets and yet you won't do Austin Powers. you bastard

  • Davis Hueter
    Davis Hueter

    Muppets shouldn't do more books. Like Robinson Crusoe, David Copperfield, or f*** how about a Hardy boys book. If anyone is working for Disney and is somehow reading this ad please give someone this idea. And in that way we don't have to deal with trash remakes.

  • Davis Hueter
    Davis Hueter

    I think it's because Gonzo is a omniscient narrator is that it he can do whatever the f*** he wants in the story. It's kind of like Deadpool.

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith

    Sin total should be 0

  • John B
    John B

    Greatest Christmas movie

  • Jinx

    Meeces are a group of mice. like how a group of ferrets is a business, a group of crows is a murder, or a group of lobsters is a risk. So if you are gonna sin the movie for a made up word, make sure it isn't actually a real word.

  • Katie

    I'm disagreeing with the premise of your 22nd sin: in the song previous, they sing about how "He charges folks a fortune for his dark and drafty houses". I can only assume that the houses he seizes from people who default on their loans get rented out to other poor people who can't afford a proper house that is not dark and drafty which costs even more than what he want for the crap house.

  • Quinn Hufnagel
    Quinn Hufnagel

    Honestly. If I had any control of the sinning for them taking out that one song? It would have never stopped. I remember having it on VCR and my mom was so excited about getting a DVD version and tossed the VCR. Therefore that scene. She cried she was so heartbroken. This is her favorite movie.

  • WarKeybladeFenrir

    My headcannon for Scrooge not knowing he was the dead guy everyone was talking about in the future was more him in denial. But when he got to the grave, he couldn't deny it anymore.

  • joabie

    hold up Marky Mark did what?? wtf kinda bs is that shit

  • Sue Flay
    Sue Flay

    They had morphine back then and a doctor or illegal person.

  • night slayer 242
    night slayer 242

    Why the muppets I love it

  • Friedtwizzler

    I probably should used to it having watched a sizable fraction of his videos, but is it me or does Jeremy calling All the Money in the World “average” during the Bunsen/Beaker scene come off as super petty? I’m probably saying this mainly cuz I was lowkey fond of it myself, but given that he hasn’t even COVERED that film yet,(And I legit hope he does!) it seems rather a diss of sorts that he knocks it during a cursory reference to Wahlberg and Williams’ salary squabbles.

  • Dan White Drumming
    Dan White Drumming

    One if my favourite cinema sins

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore

    You guys are really silly sods. And I love it.

  • Ryan Bearse
    Ryan Bearse


  • T Lebron
    T Lebron


  • Jman Productions
    Jman Productions


  • PecanSandees23

    I thought the shooting star was in honor of Jim Henson. It's in most Muppet movies.

  • James Van Gorder
    James Van Gorder

    You seem to have missed Beaker flipping off Scrooge as he and the Professor are leaving Scrooge's office. Gotta take at least 5 sins off for that!

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
    BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    0:24 Aww.

  • TSrikeTWM

    Why isn't anyone suspicious about or at least creeped out by scrooge's 180? Often this is a sign of being up to no good

  • Trunt Fundle
    Trunt Fundle

    After keeping a straight face for 3 amazing episodes of cinema sins. When the joke about Molière at 8:48 came, I tried to contain myself, but couldn’t help letting out a genuine childish giggle.

  • vubhuhjkbhubohjb

    There is nothing wrong with Muppets Christmas Carol it's the definition of a perfect film......

  • Kitt Monroe
    Kitt Monroe

    absolutely loved Jeremy's tone on "Get it?? Because they're pigs?!"

  • King of Coolness
    King of Coolness

    "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" Why is hearing that line with no context so hilarious to me?

    • SuperEvilScientist Gamer
      SuperEvilScientist Gamer

      Oh, you've watched the St Trinian's movie of 2007?

  • Broadway Bibliophile
    Broadway Bibliophile

    I just realised that this is Paul from TGWDLM

  • Cheshire Cat 5732
    Cheshire Cat 5732

    Michael Caine specifically said when he was auditioning for the movie that he wouldn't do anything "Muppet-y", that he'd play Scrooge as authentically as he would on stage.

  • J Bizzle
    J Bizzle

    They should never have cut Belle's song :'(

  • Adam Foxton
    Adam Foxton

    The is ONE Sin with this movie. They removed 'When Love Is Gone' from the DVD version and ruined the movie. That's it. I look forwards to seeing "Everything wrong with... Everything wrong with Muppets Christmas Carol"

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    It’s good to see a movie that this guy had a hard time to sin.

  • Alex BOWER
    Alex BOWER

    Even if he changed, Scrooge here is still a dick

  • Alex BOWER
    Alex BOWER

    14:10 also scrooge is a *dick*

  • Alex BOWER
    Alex BOWER

    2:50-2:55 It’s from the book dumbass

  • AJ

    If I can "um actually" the sins about Scrooge using his money for good, I see it as Dickens saying to rich people, "Oh, you have money? Well, use it to do good, asshole! Or these spirits will haunt you!" (Okay maybe not the spirits part, but I'm sure they have some kind of symbolism.)

  • Matt Z
    Matt Z

    why are you attacking my childhood in such a humorous way?

  • lm_The_Redhead

    6:30 killed me

  • Wizardtroll Games
    Wizardtroll Games

    These are puppets after all. Not mean to be taken too seriously.