Everything Wrong With Bad Boys II In Woosah Minutes
This movie sucks. It's terrible, unfunny, and awful. We hate it. Additionally, it also has a bunch of sins, so we counted them.
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Thursday: Animal sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Money Mane
    Money Mane

    Tha see no evil segment killed me 🤣🤣🤣 1 see no evil frog or is that speak no evil awe fuck it 1 speak no evil frog Well this is taking all tha evil shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SG Castle
    SG Castle

    All the cliché; you pointed out were not at time the movie came.

  • Bill Cooke
    Bill Cooke

    Why don’t you just sit here and get drunk ha

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    Sin for the Dell computers product placement. Those things can be kinda schizophrenic at times, especially running Windows. (Which is 95% of the time.)

  • Carolina Davis77
    Carolina Davis77

    Watched this movie last night. Had to come here for the logic gaps.🤣

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    Just realized in part 3 they tell us Marcus and Michael didn't meet until Mike was already a cop. Mike was working undercover in Mexico for some drug lord and start sleeping with dude's wife. He never even told Marcus about her for over 20 years. But this movie tells us they've been best friends since high school.

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    I did not care for this movie. Gratuitous nonsense.

  • TripleMoya Games
    TripleMoya Games

    Certain movies just can't be touched

  • Cj Kalandek
    Cj Kalandek

    Sin 61, about Bay "Bay-ifying" David Fincher's _Panic Room._ You do know Michael Bay and David Fincher were friends, or at least colleagues, when they went into making music videos, right? I mean, heck. Both their first hit feature films (excluding _Alien 3_ because even though Fincher "directed" it, he really had no say in the final product) were buddy cop movies, with Fincher making _Se7en_ and Bay making _Bad Boys._

  • Jo Zaddy
    Jo Zaddy

    John Salley was never the 4th best player on any team 😂

  • Swordterranean40

    Okay, this was probably one of the most bulls**t everything wrong with videos I have seen. I enjoy watching these videos, but I was not entertained from this one.

  • Your British Narrator
    Your British Narrator

    This is crossing the line

  • Nimbus 93
    Nimbus 93

    Why do Imagine Jeremy( narrorator dude) as a person who’s body is just a human shaped black background with the words cinimasins written across the middle of his face in white

  • Lou Sirls III
    Lou Sirls III

    These niggas really did invade Cuba and start killing their military 😂🤣. The 3rd movie should've literally been the us at war with cuba lol

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C

    Mike can somehow afford a Ferrari on a cop's salary.

    • AllBLKEveryting

      He has a trust fund. I think Marcus mentioned it in the first Bad Boys movie.

  • e - vilmonkey
    e - vilmonkey

    7:30... the box of incense

  • Sokka2Me

    Was that fucking Henry Rollins as the leader of the ambush squad??

  • Motion Clips SM
    Motion Clips SM

    Dude this is a classic me made Jeremy

  • Benjamin

    Swear he was going to talk about them blowing up a 40 Million dollar house because the HEIR to the COCA-COLA FORTUNE didn’t want to finish it.

  • Just Me K
    Just Me K

    Dick no evil lmao

  • BlackShadow935 gamer tag
    BlackShadow935 gamer tag

    Damn who raise you. Ik it wasn't no country folks bc then ya be lyin

  • BlackShadow935 gamer tag
    BlackShadow935 gamer tag

    Wow you really had the balls to do that to this movie I fucking love this franchise. And ya put it down like it's nothing bet ya probably don't even like action comedies because that's what this is. As soon as ya started I got pissed

  • whiskey jack
    whiskey jack

    Everything wrong with bad boys 2 TLDR: everything

  • Sterling Williams
    Sterling Williams

    My man just randomly sinned Alonzo Mourning I can't deal 😂

  • grkyiasou33

    Cloaca no evil? LOL

  • MrPrajitura

    OK, I see pretty much everybody here is talking about the Reggie scene. here;s my 2c: I'm gonna go on a limb and assume Jeremy has no kids, because that scene is EXACTLY how the father of a girl would react, especially considering he;s a cop who has been through a lot of shit. Look, I know you;re assholes and your whole channel is based on jerking off on movies and shit, but this video has been out for over 6 months now, and considering it's about a pretty big and known movie, the fact you barely reached 600k views should be some food for thought for you guys...these movies are not meant to be taken seriously, it's Bay for crying out loud. You dropped the ball on this one, like you did with the OG Predator.

  • Salam Colin
    Salam Colin

    There’s a difference between sinning nonsensical movie scenes than being a snowflake.. it’s not funny if you’re offended Jeremy .. if this was so offensive you should’ve never did a segment of this movie


    Why the hell did i see Michael Shannon in this movie

  • wildcardNS

    Let me get this straight, you open with fully ignorant racist/homophobe president joke and then sin the Reggie scene? Worst EWW ever. EWW... Everything Wrong with Woke.

  • The Lego Guy
    The Lego Guy

    nah black dr.phil is steve Harvey

  • EyelessPulse

    Who hurt you as a child?

  • Arianna Richardson
    Arianna Richardson

    I keep getting Kettle Brand chip adds as the mid rolls and it's hilarious. Video "sarcastic laughter" Add "sudden crunch" Me 😳

  • G

    Best movie ever !! Fukk 2020 !

  • BlackGypsyCharm

    This movie is still ten times better than the new bad boy for life 2020 bad boy is trash compared to this its amazing people think its better compared to the 2003 bad boy smh

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson

    I know these videos aren't meant to be taken serious but come on who doesn't like the Bad Boys movies?! Not removing a sin for the Reggie bit was just plain bullshit

  • Confirmed Squishy
    Confirmed Squishy

    Wow someone doesn't like black moviess.... lol

  • hitter 31
    hitter 31

    Yeah as psychopaths they r funny especially with them yelling at Reggie

  • Brad Aiello
    Brad Aiello

    You went from funny to just a whiny liberal in this video

  • FL1PN0S1S

    good movie. great PS2 game.

  • Kelly B. Smith
    Kelly B. Smith

    Dick no evil? LMAO

  • Di Cacci
    Di Cacci

    Lol fam this movie isn't for you...that's just it

  • Di Cacci
    Di Cacci

    Lol yo cinema sins you just hate the franchise... you're bias as hell

  • Erin Toney
    Erin Toney

    The Reggie scene was hilarious.

  • TheLiquidKnight

    2003 America does not negotiate with terrorist. 2020 Sure BLM whatever you want.

  • Joseph Rivera
    Joseph Rivera

    You gotta reevaluate everything if you can’t find the humor in the Reggie scene lol

  • John Fulton
    John Fulton

    Ok.. Reggie was funny but this movie is a piece of shit...they do the same hack shit from the first one and the first was good but having them wink at the camera every time is terrible

  • minh vu
    minh vu

    Fucking snowflake

  • mahatma1989

    You are ruining this masterpiece. Stop it now.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Bro based on my “research”, anybody who ingest more than half a pill of ecstasy at one time should be dead. Marcus should be dead he had two.

  • hoop dreams
    hoop dreams

    @7:46 LMFAOO

  • Geordiie Dave
    Geordiie Dave

    Cinema Sins has totally lost it over this movie! Great Movie.... Stop Bitching!

  • Clint Reeves
    Clint Reeves

    You are a super douche on this one. Movie is great and the Reggie scene is hilarious.

  • TheRiddick27

    Jeremy: "racist, racist, racist!" Then goes on to say 'redneck Klansman' without the merest hint of irony! All the sins for people who can't go a whole day without accusing someone else of an 'ism or 'ist.

  • Treefrog Johnson
    Treefrog Johnson

    It's funny that everyone is so angry that he didn't like this movie, yet the only scene anyone can reference as to why it's a good film is the Reggie scene. I think this film is really funny, but i can totally understand why someone wouldn't like it. It's way too long, the action is over-the-top and often not really in a fun way, most of the humour is silly and kinda childish which isn't for everyone. Give him a break. It's not like this film is actually objectively good.

  • MrHavcat

    It’s not funny because you’re white. You don’t understand.

  • Shaun Marshall
    Shaun Marshall

    This film is went over his head. The film us suppose to be silly. Loved this film, cinema sins +20sins

    • Kye Dysarthria
      Kye Dysarthria

      He never said it wasn't suppose to be silly.

  • Fluffy Unicorn
    Fluffy Unicorn

    It's See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Do No Evil

  • Terry Power
    Terry Power

    He sinned the weirdest line in Shake Ya Tailfeather. I'll accept the trade for the Reggie scene I suppose

  • Eunuch Provocateur
    Eunuch Provocateur

    You can sin it all you want, but that scene at the door with Reggie is funny as hell.

  • Brandon Mayo
    Brandon Mayo


  • Triston Tharp
    Triston Tharp

    I can get behind most videos but I LOVE this movie 😂 Reggie is the best

  • Caolan Kelly
    Caolan Kelly

    I fucking love the bad boys trilogy don’t diss it

  • Brad Spar
    Brad Spar

    Did you not see that guy's hair? He clearly is an NFL QB.

  • Lanre Oladejo
    Lanre Oladejo

    I think the age you watch this movie determines alot, secondly I think rewatching some movies damages them memory and feel you initially got from watching them the first time. I watched the movie yesterday and had a few reservations about the conversations and some aspects of acting too. But not as anal as you’ve done in this breakdown. For the time this movie got released(2003), it was the best thing since sliced bread back then.

  • Calvin 7
    Calvin 7

    The think the channel itself jus kinda sucks cause there rambling about good movies to get views

  • Don Eby
    Don Eby

    Not loving the Reggie scene is a major sin on cinema sins lol

  • Gee

    11:03 mark..I've been saying that exact same shit since day one

  • El Cee
    El Cee

    Movie waa simultaneously entertaining and cringe worthy. Absolute train wreckbut coukdnt look away

  • Wile E Coyote
    Wile E Coyote

    This movie was funny dude, Its a little low brow sure but loled a lot. My main problem was the movie could have ended when they got the drugs etc. You HAVE to suspend disbelief for this movie and thats ok but it got way too stupid when they let 2 miami cops invade cuba....wtf dude...wtf

  • Eloy 89
    Eloy 89

    speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil, feel no evil?

  • Roblox Law
    Roblox Law

    13:56 man that is only a coroner office

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


    • ikho Onyejelem
      ikho Onyejelem

      Watch the movie

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    WOOSAH MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skyseller automatic
    skyseller automatic

    damn this comment section is sooo one sided , something i have never seen

    • ikho Onyejelem
      ikho Onyejelem

      What do u mean lol

  • william hess
    william hess

    you sure the 5 cents Lucy charged was really for therapy or is that just what she called it.

  • BlakkLyst

    Dare I say the cinemasin guy is losing "it"? Watching this like "Damn Will Smith hit your puppy or something"?

    • BlakkLyst

      BTW different Dan Marino car.

  • SirHabanero

    everyone saying "this film is good because the reggie scene is funny" like it was okay? pretty funny? had a chuckle? The film is garbage, and that scene aint gonna change it!

    • ikho Onyejelem
      ikho Onyejelem

      Good thing people have opinions about which movies are good and which aren't

  • It’s Mr Lone Wolf
    It’s Mr Lone Wolf

    16:38 Syd nip slip, sin removed! Seriously though this film was pretty good! If it was supposed to be some gritty serious cop movie then I get it, but it never was, it’s an easy watching tongue in cheek comedy action movie and it did that well! The Reggie scene was good, the car chases were mostly good, the compound destruction was cool, the hummer flying down a hill through little shacks was cool! And Johnny Tapia isn’t discount anyone, films get discount versions of him when they can’t get him! He’s the classic Cuban baddie and a good actor as well! You’re sinning this movie like a woman on her period trying to be mad at anything/everything her boyfriend does/likes just for the sakes of being a cunt lol!


    7:45 _we have identified the real Slim Shady_

  • k plus
    k plus

    at 8:50 I see the guy from the salon in Baby Boy that says “$40!!???” in a cameo and I’m just noticing, I’ve seen both movies like 20 times in my life and this is for some reason satisfying lol

  • TheClit Commander;pX
    TheClit Commander;pX

    The amount of butt-hurt weenies in this comment section is funnier than the entire Bad Boys trilogy.

  • face204

    This entire movie is a classic no sins

  • Jean Vieira
    Jean Vieira

    Saw this after seeing Bad Boys 3, and it was still just as funny and entertaining. Michael Bay made this movie for his fans, not for the critics. Was it perfect? Of course not, but his fans know they're not going in there for a serious plot. Oh and that Reggie scene is still funny! If he didn't like it then he wouldn't have made a cameo on the third film

  • pheonix6321

    Really the part where the Captain says "Righteous bust" didn't get at least 100 sins added? I mean I know dude was happy they took a bunch of X off the street and got a shit ton of cash to boot, but as you have pointed out why does the PD, not try to take him down in a legal manner. There is no way this case is holding up in court, and dude is suing the shit out of them yet again, and winning. Reggie scene on the other hand no sins, in fact sins off, even though in reality Reggie would have complained, and sued, and won. Really this is the movie every cop watches, and wishes could happen, but can never happen, because of laws, rules, and shit. Total sin count 2020 because this shit is like Covid 19.

  • D G
    D G

    The cigar box wrapper thing as you called it is a box of incense for his two burners

  • Myztro's World
    Myztro's World

    I love this channel😂

  • Nazurath

    Kentucky Snowplowin HERE!!!!

  • startingQB

    He sinned some of the best sins in the movie. Will spinning the car and shooting. "The Devil is not welcome here." The Reggie scene I feel like cinemasins was being EXTRA petty. If you don't want to do a movie don't do the movie.

  • Derek Bates
    Derek Bates

    I'd watch any movie from the Bayverse than 1 movie from the Disney-verse!

  • G.O.D Productions
    G.O.D Productions

    fan of your work but you don't understand black people well

  • DrPlatypus1

    Jesus you are such a BITCH. You have absolutely no sense of humor and you're a pussy virtue signaler. Jesus, get off your soapbox, pussy.

    • Splay Chunk1
      Splay Chunk1

      Have you ever heard of comedy you dumb piece of shit

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf

    I wanna rant cuz this was my favorite Action movie in highschool but dammit is he on point!!! Sin on me *ding*

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson

    3:47 Alonzo Mourning 🤨 Nothing wrong with Alonzo Mourning

  • EvilEjXD

    13:45 not funny? Have you lost your fucking mind? You’re fired. Get someone else to sin.

    • EvilEjXD

      Splay Chunk1 don’t care. He’s fired.

    • Splay Chunk1
      Splay Chunk1

      He technically owns the channel

  • ZBP Tarachi
    ZBP Tarachi

    Even by today's standards this movie was and always will be rubbish.

  • unkown

    why is jeremy hating these movies so hard?

  • unkown


  • Akif

    It sucks cos this guy decided to “expose” a movie instead of enjoying the movie🤣 it’s his loss

  • Bubz Ben Lurkin
    Bubz Ben Lurkin

    The frog is accepting evil 😂🤣

  • Pannemat

    Sadly, not enough people here know who he is but the Scott Stapp thing was spot on! I mean: "discount raged-out Central-American Colin Farrell" just doesn't have the same ring to it.